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by jiri
05 Nov 2007
Forum: For BKs - to discuss BK experiences
Topic: BKWSU Australia
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So much money ... None of it has gone to the poor and needy. My visons of the Golden Age is a pure socialist state where everyone is equal. If there is the position of Emperor/King, its is just a title. There is no subject or ruler. Inequality gradually comes about when the earth becomes less fruitf...
by jiri
05 Nov 2007
Forum: For BKs - to discuss BK experiences
Topic: World Renewal Trust Deed
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A key point in the decline of Brahmin organization

The point seems to be that these souls engineered a legal take over of the physical wealth and administration of the Yagya in 1969 when Lek Raj was close to death. They justified their coup via trance messengers. Then after Lek Raj's death the same trance messenger clique took over the teaching side...
by jiri
11 Sep 2007
Forum: For Ex-BKs & Common Room
Topic: BKWSO commence legal action against BrahmaKumaris.Info
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The BK's are finished now Heaven can come

This forum is for truth and shiv baba. The current corrupt BK leadership is already defeated. They have no power so turn to worldly power for support.
by jiri
11 Sep 2007
Forum: Questioning, Discussing & Debating
Topic: Accurate remembrance
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When i heard Baba Dixits Murlis' i also heard a voice behind my head saying. "You have now been explained". Through this mystical experience i recognized this truly was Shiv Baba speaking. I feel I am both BK and PBK and all my Brahmin family is has adjusted to my part very well. My Brahmin life has...
by jiri
29 Aug 2007
Forum: Newcomers backup
Topic: Hi From Jiri to all Godly Family
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Hi From Jiri to all Godly Family

Om Shanti My Name is Jiri (previously listed as Gerry). I am a pukka morning class student for 24 years with BKs. After all that time discovered the advanced Murli's spoken via Baba Dixit. Shiv Baba has always protected me from all the goings on within BKs. When i first came into Gyan, i was designa...