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by mr green
11 May 2006
Forum: For Ex-BKs & Common Room
Topic: Birth of Krishna / Reproduction in Heaven
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The Murlis are full of contradiction, if you want to see them.
by mr green
11 May 2006
Forum: Newcomers backup
Topic: Why do BKs leave their Children?
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The reality is (as I experienced it) you are encouraged to cut off all ties with your family and to see them only in a sort of sevice manner, I was given direct instruction by jayanti to cut all ties on all levels with my family as i was 'surrendered'. It really depends how deep you are in the inner...
by mr green
11 May 2006
Forum: For Ex-BKs & Common Room
Topic: The Cycle of Time.
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i feel glad to say in all my time as a bk i never felt convinced by the cycle, what a load of twaddle
by mr green
08 May 2006
Forum: All & Everything
Topic: Celibacy - is it necessary for spirituality?
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No, in a word :lol:. To live a renunciate live is not even that spiritual imho, it's more of a religious affair. Spirituality is just an outlook, personal and unique to all of us. 'That's my excuse anyways' :lol:. Not sure i believe those stories about Janki's past. She doesn't always tell the whole...
by mr green
08 Apr 2006
Forum: Ex-BK
Topic: So what happened to
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hi all, 8)