Funky BK Youtube videos

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Funky BK Youtube videos

Post by fluffy bunny » 01 Aug 2008

So ... you have never been on a peace march or argue that the BKs not a 'little' cult-like!?! Natty scenes of mass destruction and, heck, they even have young brownshirts leading one of these marches.

Please tell me ... are the BKs spending their donors' money on producing "approved" entertainment now or where do these come from? They are appear to be on a media overdrive whilst only the PBKs actually have copies of their Baba speaking their Murlis.

I liked the ejaculating fountains that start this one off and the dancing girls with Brave New World red sashes on their hips. They have the lot going on ... camels, elephants and sister with pots on their heads. (Yes, I too did stuff as crazy as this once in my time and blush to think about it now ...)

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