What is BK - Honest interview

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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What is BK - Honest interview

Post by faisu » 29 Aug 2008

Interviewer : Captain
Answer by : Indian BK abcd

Q. Who are you?
A. We are BKs, Brahmakumaris.

Q. What do you mean by BKs?
A. We are doomsday cult from India. Like all other Babas in India, We have a new baba. His original name was Lekhraj but we named him BapDada.

Q. Cool.
A. Yes (goes to a trace meditation for a minute ...)

Q. How are you spreading, while all other Babas are facing problems?
A. The trick is, we won’t show Baba in the beginning. Yes. We introduce ourselves with ... Positive living, Peace of mind, Meditation, Values of life ... etc stuff. Also we are being very successful because we kicked aside all the original teachings which are worthless and made our own teachings that match the present world situations!!

Q. Very creepy. OK. Please tell me about Baba.
A. Our baba is so powerful. He gets knowledge directly from God. But our baba failed several times. He predicted end of world in 1945, 1950, 1975 and 1985 and then in 2000. But, they all failed. But many people don’t know this. So we can easily cheat. We can cheat that is the reason we are still thriving. Indians are fools as you know.

Q. Oh sad. Then?
A. But still we teach that baba spoke with divine knowledge. We also tell that all other knowledge is corrupt and filthy and wrong. Only our BK knowledge is the perfect one. This is what we teach all others.

Q.Funny ... !!! World population is said to be 6.2 billion ...?
A. We know. But baba said it is 5 billion. So we call your statistics as ignorance. Our baba said it is only 5 billion and it has to be true ... that’s all. Everything baba says is true ... even if it is not true ... we believe it. However illogical it may be.

Q. Funny ...
A. That is what intelligent people think about us. But we don’t care ... We have no proper education ... no scientific knowledge. But still we consider the rest of the world to be fools.

Q. So you say, the earth is going to be destroyed soooooooon ?
A. Yes that is what our baba says.

Q. What will you do with that money ?
A. We will make Brahmakumaris more popular and build more buildings.

Q. Why do you need more buildings ? See India is suffering from severe poverty, nearly seventy million kids are orphans and several millions of people in the world that don’t have food to eat.
A. Well, that is their problem. Their karma. We are more concerned about our conferences and getting more followers. We don’t have time to help the poor and needy.

Q. Does your baba say anything about the suffering world?
A. Yes, he said that they were filthy people that deserve suffering. We are told only to look at VIPs but not at poor people. Poor people do not have any money ... but still we need them. They are mainly in number and bring a great fame to our cults because of their number. Poor people are all fools lost in the world and don’t have enlightenment. Their Karma. Their will suffer and die. Nobody can save them. And we don’t care.

Q. Thank you
A. Om Santi.

Courtesy : immi712

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