Moving on

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Moving on

Post by sparkal » 23 Sep 2006

This post has nothing to do with others as such and is a personal internal decision.

Sweet brothers and sisters. I think I mentioned something about moving on from the BKs in a previous post. This forum is not helping me to do that. I hope that I have contributed something of value, as have many others. There are many seeds planted so I hope that others will come along and water them. Water the plants while I am gone. I don't think I have much more to say than I already have. To hear the truth is the birthright of all God's children. I know all Brahmins think that.

When I say move on, I mean move on. I have a role to play and so may not be making many more posts on this forum if any. It is not getting away from it at all, it only reminds me of the past 25 years and no doubt beyond. It is about embracing the good and positive aspects, and letting go of the not so good, yet things we may have had to face. I must move on now.

Keep up the good work, but don't go too far, they are your brothers and sisters, we are all playing roles, indeed, it may be good for the BKs for ( ... hold on a sec. the guy at the CIA has nodded off ... HEY! ... Kowalski! ... that's better, you won't catch the MI6 dude doing that) ... this forum to exist as it makes the BKs look as if they do not tolerate certain types, which they don't. The organisation was set up to give spiritual charity. In some/ many ways, it appears to have become, over time, an organisation which is set up to take. I could say Male= give female = take, but then, what of the brothers in the background? In the bigger picture, if you are dealing with a pack of wolves, it makes sense to take out the leader of the pack.

The two cats who fight, are they even on this material plane?

It could even be said that, if you are on this forum, you may have more to take, but find that what is on offer is not palatable. May all receive what they need (which is not always what they want). There is nothing wrong with being wealthy, it is every souls birthright, it is poverty which is the scurge of the earth. Compared to many others on this wonderful planet , BKs are angels. Perspective.

Consider the subconscious mind which chatters away when we try to meditate, and not. A mind which we have no control over unless we do so consciously, a mind with a mind of its own. We must try to control this seemingly other mind, or someone else may. We all need to be careful with our thoughts and vibrations and understand the game that is being played. Some of us have other things that must be done. There are one or two visions that I cannot talk about here. If I don't see/hear you before, see you after.

And Mr Green, see about getting those eyes of yours tested. Big hug Mr Green.

Have faith in God, the universal spiritual Father of all souls.

Your brother Al, a spark. 8)

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Post by mr green » 24 Sep 2006

hey sparkal.....if you see this, all the best man

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