Dadi Janki and the Janki Foundation

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Re: Dadi Janki and the Janki Foundation

Post by arjun » 05 Oct 2008

Quoted from the BK section:
“Toh jitnaa tum Yoga may rahengey utnaa shuddh bantey jaayengey. Baba yah sab aapkaa hai. Ham toh trustee hain. Aapke hukma bigar ham kuchch nahee karengey. Shareeer nirvaah kaisey karnaa hai, vah bhi mat leni hai. Aksar karke gareeb hee poora potamail detey hain. Saahookaar dey na sakein. Surrender ho nahee saktey. Koi virlaa nikaltaa hai. Jaisey ki Janak ka naam hai. Baal bachchey hain, joint property hai toh alag kaisey hon. Saahookaar log property nikaalein kaisey jo surrender hon. Baap hai hee gareebniwaaz. Sabsey gareeb maataaen hain, unsay bhi jaasti kanyaaen gareeb hain. Kanya ko kabhi varsey ka nashaa nahee hoga. Bachchey ko Baap kee jaageer ka nashaa rahtaa hai. Toh vah sab chod fir Vaikunth ka varsa lena padey." (Brahmakumariyon dwara prakaashit revised Sakar Murli, dinaank 14.04.08, pg 3)

“So, the more you have Yoga, the more you will go on becoming pure. Baba all this belongs to you. We are trustees. We will not do anything without your order. One should also obtain the directions as to how should one earn one’s livelihood. Generally, it is the poor ones, who give the complete potamail (life story). The rich ones cannot give. They cannot surrender. Very rarely someone emerges (who is rich). For example, Janak is famous. She has children, there is a joint property; so how can she separate? How can the prosperous ones take out their (share of the) property so that they could surrender? The Father is a friend of the poor ones (garibniwaaz). The poorest ones are the mothers; poorer than them are the virgins. A virgin will never be proud of the inheritance. Sons are proud of the Father’s property. So, one has to leave all that and obtain the inheritance of heaven.” (Revised Sakar Murli dated 14.04.08, pg 3 published by BKs in Hindi, narrated by ShivBaba through Brahma Baba; translated by a PBK; the words within brackets in the English version have been added by the translator to clarify the meaning)

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