Leadership and Love - every house in Chile by 2010

for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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Leadership and Love - every house in Chile by 2010

Post by fluffy bunny » 18 Mar 2007

In Spanish; http://www.muu.cl/
BKWSU Chile wrote:A project in Chile to inspire to the world

Our world is a world in imbalance. We needed a new type leadership that guides us to return the beauty and the dignity of our humanity. A leadership impregnated with a strength and kindness, strenght of guidance, determination and order and love, balance and flow, taken care. A leadership that is not for few that they have a position of being able in business or politics, but a leadership that can and will happen at all levels and in all places within our community.
If I translate that from BK PR, it means;
  • it is the end of Kali Yuga
    the world needs the Brahma Kumaris to lead it back to the Golden Age
    that are empowered by God Shiva
    that uses the Self Management Leadership course invented by Brian Bacon
The bit about, "A leadership that is not for few" I am a bit gobsmacked about.

So they don't mean the 8, the 108, the 16,108 then?

They pitch the usual "anceint wisdom" number. Not true but 1937 is ancient for the internet, I guess ... and there is an interesting gender stereotype casting going on that supports the corporate policy of "women upfront".

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