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for ex-Brahma Kumaris, to discuss matters related to their experiences in BKWSU & after leaving.
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BKWSU PR Lynne Franks

Post by fluffy bunny » 01 May 2007

Lighthouse Studios wrote:Client links lists the usual BK suspects; Bliss, Mike George, Relax Kids, BKIS ltd, Lynne Franks etc ...
My every sympathy with David if he shelled out £ 100 k ... and my interest at how much the BK Information Service, ltd put into this?

Do you think they charged high profile BK supporter Lynne Franks for using it?

I mean, on one hand she is stinking rich by ordinary standards but knows how to pull PR favors and funding, so she could pay. On the other hand, I could see the BKs greasing her palm with free services. I wonder what the money deal between her and them is?

Lynne Franks is doing her own Leadership seminars now, £1,950 ... £2,250 a week at her own home in Mallorca, here. I wonder is she has paid her license fee to Brian Bacon or uses any things she has 'picked and mixed' at the BKWSU Supermarket. It says, the retreat will equip customers with:
Lynne Franks wrote:* A deepened sense of purpose
* A sense of balance when facing life’s challenges
* A set of tools for decreasing stress, anxieties and fears
* Increased creativity, and an advanced capacity for enjoyment
* Improved concentration and mental clarity for decision making, planning and action
* Practical tips to apply the BLOOM methodology on an ongoing basis
* And an effective action plan to ensure your future in the present moment
Here is where Lynne Franks mentions the BKs in a recent interview. PBKs, if you only knew how tacky this association is you would rise and tear down the gates of Madhuban today.
The Independent on SundayMar 7, 2004 wrote:What does money mean to you?

A means to an end. Energy, a way to have freedom, a way to buy business class if not first-class tickets when you travel long distances - in fact, that's its main purpose for me.

What's enough?

Good question - there's never enough is there? About 100K a year?

Do you think money can make you happy?

Of course not. I had an enormous house and all the material possessions that I thought I could ever want and I wasn't happy at all. I was stressed out in my mind. I wasn't happily married. It was crazy. There were no boundaries because it was just spend spend spend.

You talk in your book about the insecurities that follow the break- up of a marriage. Have you got to the other side of that?

I certainly don't feel needy; that has passed. I feel open that one day I might meet someone who would be a true live-in or live-out partner. But like many women my age, we get a way of life that we really enjoy and incorporating someone else fully in your life when you're not looking to nest and have babies is a big, big decision. It's going to have to be somebody very special.

You have a sex life?

Yes! The old myth that you have the menopause and you lose it - you absolutely don't. But you get more selective with your time. The one-night stands are over because what's the point? But for me sex gets better and better. I know myself better, know my body better, I know who I want to be with better. It becomes much more sensual, tactile, loving - no desperation, no nervousness, not looking for a husband or baby, just enjoying it.

You meditate with a celibate order - are you ever tempted to go all the way?

I am tempted. I go through stages when I spend a lot of time with them and we have such fun and there's no sexual friction which makes it so relaxing. But the other times I want that sexual friction

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