March Equinox Celebration

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March Equinox Celebration

Post by paulkershaw » 19 Mar 2008

Wanted to share this new project suggested by Ascended Master Kuthumi:

Beautiful Me, Beautiful You Equinox Celebration

The Lightweaver, a leader in it's field in providing and distributing empowering information globally, channelled through world renowned channel for the Ascended Masters and others, Michelle Eloff, is proud to present this soul uplifting project. Get the free transcript right now, and listen to the audio, for free, on on the 21st of March 2008 ONLY!

To quote Lord Kuthumi:
"There is an exercise we want all of you to perform and this I suggest you do with everyone that you know. Every person you know needs to sincerely write down everything about you that is beautiful, nothing to do with your physical body, the you, that inner soul quality. What is it about you that attracts them, that keeps them in your space and you are to do the same with them, this is to be a joint project and those of you here please ask this channel to make this a worldwide project for everybody to do this. It is not just limited to the group we are working with right now."

In light of what Lord Kuthumi has said here, we are going to make this entire transcript freely available to everyone and anyone. We invite you to mail this to your friends and family. Furthermore, we will make this channelling available for you to listen to, for free, on the 21st of March 2008. Please send this to your friends and invite them to join us on the 21st. This free audio file will only be available on The Lightweaver website, and only on the 21st of March 2008. We would like to monitor the benefits of this project suggested by Kuthumi, therefore please mail us and tell us about the transformation and healing that is occuring as a result of living up to the challenge of seeing how beautiful you and those whom you love are!

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