Filipinos warned about health & safety risks of crucifixion

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Filipinos warned about health & safety risks of crucifixion

Post by fluffy bunny » 20 Mar 2008

I must have a warped sense of humour but this amused me, Filipinos are being warned about the health and safety risks of being crucified! (from BBC News). Yes, right ... !
the BBC wrote:Crucifixions are an annual event in the Philippines and Health officials in the Philippines have issued a warning to people taking part in Easter crucifixion rituals. They have urged them to get tetanus vaccinations before they flagellate themselves and are nailed to crosses, and to practise good hygiene. On Good Friday dozens of very devout Catholics in the Philippines re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is something that has become a huge tourist attraction, although the Church frowns on the practice.
There biggest joke is that the "real thing" almost 100% did not happen and certain did not happen like that.

To quote Obelix the Gaul, "These Roman's are crazy". I mean, what has a bunch of Italian pantheistic Pagans nailing up a Jewish dissident 2,000 years ago got to do with a load of culturally enslaved Chinese and Taiwanese living on a Pacific Island? That, folks, is the power of religion for you. And you thought 4 am for Amrit Vela was tough.
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