Psycho-spiritual preparation for and response to disaster

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Re: Psycho-spiritual preparation for and response to disaster

Post by fluffy bunny » 05 May 2008

Just so as not to be deliberately misrepresented, I am completely happy to make my entire private correspondence with ms orange in public here ... if she gives me permission. I will, of course, not publish her comments without it.

However, I do draw her attention to the fact it was her that actually used the words "slamming the BKWSU" not me in her own message ... It is working very hard to try and find anything to misconstrue against me by misquoting me. My critique lay with the scale of historical revision.

I enclose for others to see what I actually said regarding "exorcism" in its full context, with her message otherwise removed, in order that you may gauge its tone and how I conduct myself. I offered to share with her other sources of original documents IF she was willing to share back with those from Mount Abu or the BKWSU's official response. She did not reply to that.

I asked on more than one occasions, again without any reply, how and when Tamasin gained copies of the original documents from the 1930s because I wanted to know if the BKWSU was making them public to all and responding to the anomalies. It appears to have been only after their publishing on this website, as indicated by other misquoted comments taken from our discussion here. It appears to me that we are having more of an influence than the Brahma Kumaris care to admit.
ex-l wrote:Have you tried Madhubhan for it and the rest of the Divine Decrees etc? If you have any luck, I have other things that you ought ask for and note their response. Without wishing to offend, I cant afford to spoonfeed and I am looking for some serious intent and goods delivering back from you.

To be honest, if you are truly going to do the academic thing on the BKs (and I appreciate that historical revision is not your special interest) then you really ought to do 'due care' over all this sort of stuff and get official statements from them otherwise it will back fire academically. Historical revisionism is actually a really big issue with the BKs.

What is the focus of your thesis? I cant square ethography with disaster preparedness. Nah, this is all vague stuff taken derivatively from our site. There was a copy missing from some US library. There was never a copy in the British Library.

I asked 'how and when' because I was interested to hear if the BKWSU was not telling folks about all this stuff.

You did not answer twice.

Consequently, my feelings are that, no, it was all because of our work here and on the WIkipedia that they HAD to tell ... may be the IT team guys? There are still other very good leads for you but I am looking for evidence that this is a clear, two way relationship.
Historic revision, and I have to say plainly deceit, of its scale is slamworthy and should be exorcised immediately. Love the sinner, hate the sin etc. I will look forward to peer reviewing it when it is published.

How do you assess the ethics of promoting a false history? There is a very strong need within the BK community for reality. I provide discussion around that. It is not negativity just because it does not fit in with the current PR tack. There is nothing to know about me that would be beneficial to you. I am not noteworthy nor have I any achievements. Really, I am as good as my last research or critique (and they are not all mine as many others provide them). I, thankfully, have never sought public recognition.

Tamasin ... please do talk as a human being. But really talk. I know BK talk too well and I am well past it now.

If you want to do something good for yourself and the BKWSU, you and they have to address the issues we raised here. If you ant to keep yourself clean, then you have to take a position on them. We are getting very close to some very serious breakthroughs and if the BKWSU thinks that it can carry on at the same old game, it really has news coming. Transparency and accountability. Its not personal.
ms orange wrote:I wish you no ill will. In fact, now that I know who you are, I feel more for you than before.
Thank you for the confirmation that the BKWSU spy or gossip ring is as active and healthy as ever. There are so many BKs having Yoga with me, they must be my Silver Aged subjects. I would call 'The Tao of the Traveler' BKWSU PR and so perhaps, in all fairness, you ought modify that comment to "some interest"?

We will look forward to accessing your paper when it comes out. In the meanwhile, will you give us a copy of your previous paper on the BKWSU for free ... if I promise to donate $10 to a charity, say, stopping child abuse in India?

Or do I have to pay the capitalists with their online website?

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