Similarities between "Kryon" and "Bap-Dada"

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Similarities between "Kryon" and "Bap-Dada"

Post by in the night » 20 May 2008

Just recently I encountered the "Kryon" site by chance as I was browsing through the net. I was amazed by the similarities to the Brahma Kumaris messages from "BapDada".

A human named "Lee Carroll" is allowing an entity named "Kryon" to give messages through him, sounds familiar?? Also this "angelic" or as they describe; "magnetic being" is talking about the soul, karma, origin of world religions, a new era dawning, and so many other parallel concepts, even the tone sounds at times like BapDada.

Is the medium at all aware of the Brahma Kumaris; surely. Does anyone have any personal experience with "Kryon"?

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Re: Similarities between "Kryon" and "Bap-Dada"

Post by paulkershaw » 21 May 2008

Hello 'In the night" - I refer to your postings about Kryon and BapDada, perhaps you want to search earlier threads and postings from last year about channelings and mediumship.

I did post an article delivered by Kryon (through his South Africa channel) two weeks back. At any rate, although I perceive that many people see things in different ways, I can see that the only similarity that exists between Kryon and BapDada is that they are both channeled through a medium, despite how the BKWSO 'advertise' it. I personally don't see much similarity although there is certainly a synchronicity in the processes. As to your comment that Kryon sounds like BapDada at times; I'll go have another lsten to some of the recordings I have again. Again it may be my perception against yours, which is fine, we all hear what we need and want to hear at any time I am sure.

However, you have answered a question which has been posed on this forum a while ago as to "Do the BKWSO channel or not?". Your answer seems to be in the positive.

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