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Trimurti Advance Course

Post by arjun » 14 Jun 2006

Shiv BABA's Murli

Trimurti Advance Course (1 HOUR)

The pictures that were prepared by Baba on the basis of the divine visions of Sandeshis (Sisters who go into trance) were got corrected by ShivBaba through Brahma Baba. Those four main pictures are ---Trimurti, World Drama Wheel, KalpaTree and Lakshmi-Narayana. The first main picture among these four pictures is that of Trimurti, which was prepared first. The main topic, which is to be raised on the basis of advance knowledge in the picture of, Trimurti is Shrimat. What is Shrimat and whose is the Shrimat? As the word indicates 'Shri' means great and 'mat' means intellect. So, whose intellect/ advice/ intelligence will be the greatest of all? It will be said that nobody’s intellect can be greater than that of the Supreme Soul. He is the most intelligent among the intelligent ones. But when the question arises, who is the Supreme Soul?
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Then, in the picture of Trimurti, the form of Supreme Soul, which has been depicted, is formless, because the point of light above the three personalities (moortiyan), towards which their line of remembrance has been depicted, is the incorporeal unique point of light. His picture cannot be drawn. How can one, whose picture cannot be drawn, give directions? Baba says in the Murlis, "I do not teach by inspiration. I come in front of you and teach the knowledge.’’-(Mu-2.9.02, Pg 3) This has been said in the Murli because, “Trimurti Shivjayanti (Trinity Shiva's birthday) is famous. You children should not say just Shivjayanti. It becomes wrong”.(Mu-17.1.00, Pg3) It is wrong because birthday is only of a corporeal person. Birthday cannot be celebrated of someone who does not have a shape or a form. Three personalities are connected with my birthday, i.e., when my birth in the form of revelation takes place then I do not come alone, but three personalities are along with me at that time. So those three personalities are also shown here as Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar.

These three personalities are depicted in the three levels of the Subtle Region. First is the abode of Brahma (Brahmapuri) above that is the abode of Vishnu (Vishnupuri) and above that is the abode of Shankar (Shankarpuri). Why are those levels shown one below the other? Certainly it signifies the stages of the intellect. The stage of Vishnu is higher than that of Brahma and the stage of intellect of Shankar is higher than that of Vishnu. Otherwise, how should that stage of intellect be depicted in the picture? That's why they have been depicted as three abodes. Otherwise, the Subtle Region has been cut (i.e. sidelined) in the Murlis. “Subtle Region is nothing”(Mu-2.12.95, Pg4). “The Supreme Soul Shiva creates it in the Confluence Age for the purpose of divine visions for some time.”(Mu-12.3.80, Pg2) Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar-these three are considered as deities one greater than the other.

In the path of devotion (Bhaktimarg) also it is said- “Dev Dev, then Mahadev. (Brahma is deity, Vishnu is a deity and Shankar is the greatest deity) Brahma Devataay Namah (I bow to Brahma, the deity) Vishnu Devtaay Namah (I bow to Vishnu, the deity) Then it is said Shiv Paramatmaay Namah (I bow to Shiva, the Supreme Soul)”(Mu-2.4.01, Pg1) So from this only it is proved that the original form of Supreme Soul is not revealed to the world even through Brahma, among these three personalities. Had the form of Supreme Soul been revealed through Brahma in the world and had the world bowed before him then there would have been temples dedicated to him also, he too would have been worshipped in temples and his idols too should be present. But neither his temples are found, nor his idols. And his worship has not been mentioned anywhere in the scriptures.

As regards Vishnu, we have been told that Vishnu is not a separate personality possessing four arms. It is a combination of the feelings, nature and resolves of four souls. Which are these four souls? They are Brahma, along with Saraswati and Shankar along with Parvati. The combination of these four souls has been depicted as the four arms of Vishnu. The detailed introduction of this will be given now. This Vishnu is also a deity of the Golden Age. He is not a personality to be revealed in the Confluence Age as God, because when Brahma becomes Vishnu in a second, then at that time it will be the form of a deity. Deities are present in the Golden Age, and human beings are present in the Confluence Age. But, then, what is the form of the Supreme Soul?

The Supreme Soul is incognito (gupt). Among these three personalities, the personality of Mahadev (Greatest deity) is the eldest son of the Supreme Father Shiva, and in our Indian tradition all the kings of the past have followed the tradition that always the eldest son was given the kingship. Why? It is because the eldest son takes birth through more power of purity as compared to the other children. The first child is born through the power of celibacy (brahmacharya) of a long period. So he possesses more power. He has more power of purity. That is why the tradition of handing over the kingship to the eldest child has been in practice since the beginning.

Where from is the foundation for this practice also laid? Its foundation is also laid by ShivBaba in the Confluence Age. That is why it has been said in the Murli – “God is one. So God's son is also said to be one.”(Mu-9.4.01, Pg.2) There is a version of Murli, "Trimurti Brahma, Shankar is greatest among deities."(Mu-10.2.72) So who is the eldest child? Shankar is the greatest deity among the three deities. And the same deity is revealed in the world as the Father of the world, husband of the world (Vishwapati) or master of the world in the Confluence Age, among the world of the Confluence-Aged Brahmins. Just as there is a hymn, 'Har Har Mahadev, Shambhu Kashi Vishwanath Gange' (various titles of God Shiva).

So the Supreme Soul, the point of light is revealed in two forms before the world. Like in the world, Father is incognito before the children initially. Children do not know that it was Father who first took part in reproduction while sowing the seed. Whose introduction do the children get first? It is of the mother. Whose introduction did the Brahmin children also get initially? It was of Brahma, the mother. When the children are innocent they consider the mother only to be their mother & Father. When those children grow up then mother only gives a hint to those children, "He is your Father, your Papa." Then later Father gets revealed.

So similarly in our Yagya also the 18 chaptered Gita of 18 years from 1951 to 1968, i.e., the mother Gita, in her complete form came before us children. The complete 18 chaptered Gita of 18 years came before us through the mouth of Brahma, i.e., living mother Gita came before us. So during that period at last Father Shiva revealed the secret before us, "Children, the words - Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya - are wrong. One must certainly add the word 'Prajapita' to it.”(Mu-4.9.85,Pg.1) “You call yourselves Brahma kumar-kumari. That is why people get confused. You write your name as 'Prajapita Brahma kumar-kumari.” (Mu-10.6.87, Pg.1). This makes a point clear that in the beginning of the Yagya there was someone in the form of Father who was even greater than Brahma, and used to control him also. He was his creator too. That is why it has been asked in the Murli, "Who is Brahma's Father?" (Mu-19.8.68, Pg.2) So certainly there must be someone.

Only then this question has been asked, “Who is the creator who gave birth to Brahma also?” So, as is the word, Brahma means elder mother. So there is certainly a Father who creates the elder mother. The personality who was there in the beginning, became incognito in the middle and in the end the same personality who sows the seed of knowledge, who sowed the seed in the womb-like intellect of Brahma, gets revealed again in the end to give inheritance to the children. So the form, which is revealed, has been termed by the world as Shiv-Shankar. People of the world do not know that Shiva & Shankar are two different souls.

But we Brahmin children know this secret that “Shiva is the name of incorporeal Father, the point of light. He has only one name, which never changes. When the forms change then their names also change.” (Mu-24.1.75) For e.g. when He entered into the body of Dada Lekhraj, he was named as Brahma and when the same Supreme Soul enters into another Brahmin child, who is called Father's permanent Chariot, then He was named Shankar.

In this way, there are two chariots of Father Shiva. One is a temporary Chariot, which was present in the middle, but was neither present in the beginning nor in the end. And the other is a permanent Chariot, which was also there in the beginning [and] will be there in the end also. So Father gets revealed through the permanent Chariot in the end. So through that personality, the directions that Father gives by coming in front of us children, or his conversation is also Murli. It is only direction and it is only Shrimat.

There are three personalities. So, all the three cannot be greater than one another. Among them also there will be one who is the greatest of all. That personality has been constantly considered to be worship worthy and praiseworthy in the world. As a proof, in all the excavations that have taken place in the world, the maximum number of idols that emerged was naked idols of Shankar or Teerthankar (a Jain deity), the one who is called as Teerthankar among Jainies and as Shankar among Hindus. Phallus-shaped Shivalingas were also found. Wherever those naked idols were found Phallus shaped-lingas have also been found. But actually the phallus is also a reminder of the corporeal dress because Baba has said in a Murli that, “In the Shivlinga that are made in the temples a point is also placed in the centre.” Whose reminder is the point and whose reminder is the phallus, which is shown filled with light? In the Somnath temple there was a red stone and embedded in the centre was a white diamond.

So whose reminder is the big shape of light (casket) in the form of phallus? It is a reminder of the corporeal form and the point in it is a reminder of the Supreme Soul. So the combination of incorporeal and corporeal is called ShivBaba. In the temples of Jagannath or Shrinath also, the black phallus-shaped wood that has been kept has been marked with eyes, nose, mouth etc. and has been covered by a dress (jhangola). They have been named as Jagannath and Shrinath. Actually whose reminder is it? That is the reminder of that one form for which it is said in the scriptures, "Achyutam Keshavam Ram Narayanam Krishna Damodaram Vasudev Harim".

Many names have been given to one. In the path of worship it is said, "You are only Ram, you are only Krishna, you are this, and you are that." We could not understand at that time. But now we can understand that the same soul of Brahma who played a cool role, who gave the cool light of knowledge to us Brahmin children, the same soul of Brahma, after leaving his body enters into a Brahmin child in the form of half moon, and plays a combined role, in the remembrance of which, the form of Ardhanareeshwar is shown (half female and half male). It is a sign of the combination of the resolves of half moon Brahma and Shankar. It is a sign of loveful and lawful part. It is a loveful role as well and it is also a lawful part for those children full of wickedness who do not get reformed by the loveful part. It is a combination of both.

Mother is gentle and Father is strict. That is why here in the picture of Trimurti, Brahma has been shown to be sitting in a very lenient, easy posture and Shankar is shown to be sitting in a strict, stiff posture, because Father is the creator; Creator can never be in the control of the creation. So it is a matter of Shrimat that whatever is the highest direction is that of the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, God Father, but He is incorporeal. Through whose body is that direction received? One cannot even say that it is not received through the body of Brahma.

Direction is received through the body of Brahma, but the receipt or non-receipt of that direction is one and the same. Why? It is because the direction, which was received, was not understood deeply. One is, listening through the ears and the other is, understanding. When is it a clear-cut matter? It is, when it is understood. So whatever knowledge of Gita, which the Supreme Soul Shiva presented before us through Gita Mata Brahma, that knowledge of Gita was not clarified, and until it is clarified, it cannot be implemented completely in life. So the Supreme Soul Shiva is revealed before us children mainly in three forms - Father, Teacher and Preceptor.

The role of all the three forms is played through one personality only If someone says that these three roles were played through Brahma then it is completely wrong. Only a mother's role of giving birth is played through Brahma; the role of giving love is played. The role of sowing of the seed or the role of the Father of giving the inheritance of salvation & beatitude is not played. The experience of liberation of the intellect from the unhappiness and sorrows of the world should begin in our life - this inheritance is not obtained through Brahma.

Even if anyone says that we have obtained the inheritance, then within a short period, when the threat (vibheeshika) of destruction will burn in quick succession, then they will come to know how the inheritance of the heaven in the form of peace & prosperity has been obtained or who is going to obtain it. What is the only thing that is received by us Brahmin children [through Brahma]? We receive love. We take birth as children. As for the rest, the form of Father and the clarification of the prose or poetry through the form of teacher is yet to be received.

Our poetry is mother Gita. The song that God has sung through the mouth of mother Brahma, that Brahma mother is our living mother, and the song, that emanated from her, was named Gita. The role of the one who knows every detail of the living mother Gita, the role in the form of teacher who understands and explains the secret of each narration emanating from her mouth, is that of someone else. It is not that he only is both the husband and the wife.

We are Brahmin children; so, are the Brahmins in corporeal form or incorporeal form? (Someone said-in the corporeal form). So “When the Brahmins & Brahmanis are in corporeal form, when they are brothers and sisters, then how will their mother and Father be? They should also be in a corporeal form.” (Mu-6.11.97, Pg 2). So mother's form is Brahma and Father's form is revealed before the world in the end. Now he is incognito.

In the beginning he is incognito, but he should be revealed before us Brahmin children even now. Why? Because when it is the Confluence Age, then certainly Father should also be present. If Father Brahma is not there then what is the use of Confluence Age? That is why Baba has questioned in the Murlis, "Ask those false Brahmins- if you are Brahmins, if you call yourselves mouth-born Brahmins, then who is your Father Brahma?” (Mu-8.12.84, Pg1) Actually you are not mouth-born but womb-born Brahmins. Why? It is because they have received the love of womb i.e., lap. They did not follow the path of knowledge by getting attracted to the narration that emanated from the mouth.

If they had followed the path of knowledge, by being attracted to the knowledge emanated from the mouth, then they would not have remembered the lap i.e., the bodily human being, whereas in the Murlis it (i.e.keeping the photos of Brahma) has been strictly prohibited. ”There is no need to keep photos of Brahma” (Mu-8.2.69, Pg.3). ”Destructible things are not remembered.”(Mu-28.3.76, Pg.2) It has also been said in the Murlis, “If you remember this Brahma then you will become sinful”. (Mu-28.1.84,Pg3). It has also been said in the Murlis, “Nothing can be achieved by the remembrance of Brahma or Christ” (Mu-2.11.01), Pg.3). So it means to say that the Supreme Soul Shiva is revealed to the world, in the form of Father, in the form of teacher and in the form of true preceptor only as that third personality Shankar, who has been depicted in the naked form.

Naked form itself means incorporeal stage. It is a stage of intellect, which has been depicted. Just as Abraham, Buddha, and Christ; when these religious fathers descend directly from the Soul World, then they are also depicted in an incorporeal stage. Just by looking at the pictures of their faces which have been painted by artists, one can make out that even while living in this world, it is as if those souls do not exist in this world. As if their intellect is always attached to the Supreme Soul Father. So that is the incorporeal stage, but they are religious fathers. But the one who is the Father of all the religious fathers, Father of all fathers is depicted in the pictures in much more incorporeal stage and that picture is printed in large numbers in the region of India.

They are the pictures of Shankar. How can that incorporeal stage be clarified? So it is clarified here by depicting the naked picture. Naked means that he is not conscious of the cloth-like body, whereas Brahma has been depicted with clothes. What is the meaning of showing clothes? The meaning is that until he was alive, he could not shed the consciousness of the cloth-like body. That is why he has been depicted with clothes. This is the reason for showing two types of sages in Jain tradition. Two types of Jainies are shown; they are Shwetambar (white-clad) and Digambar (naked).

The Shwetambar are reminders of the souls who specially follow Brahma's corporeal form and their memorial temples are also situated in the lower regions and, the Digamber Jainies who walk around in the naked form are a reminder of that naked form of Shankar, who lives in an incorporeal higher stage, who is not at all conscious of the cloth-like body, their temples are also situated at heights.

So both as Father and as teacher and also as a true preceptor who gives true salvation, there it is only one Shankar's naked idol. True salvation (Sadgati) is caused in two ways. Every task of the world is accomplished in two ways. First in a subtle way and then in a physical form. Whenever a house is constructed or a plan is prepared, or any big project is prepared, then first an outline is prepared in the intellect. This is the subtle form. Then, when the design or map is drawn on the paper, then it is more of a physical form and when the building is ready practically, then it is a completely physical form. It is not that the plan will directly attain a physical form.

True salvation cannot be caused directly, that one's body will at once attain true salvation, or the body becomes disease-free and gold-like. No, whose true salvation will be caused first? The true salvation of a soul (consisting of mind and intellect) should be caused first. So, even that Father, the one who bestows true salvation, does not cause the true salvation of the soul (consisting of the mind and the intellect) by coming to this world in the form of Brahma.

What is the sign of true salvation of mind and intellect? The sign of true salvation is that the intellect should not wander among the ostentations of this perishable world. The intellect should start becoming detached from the body and the bodily relationships. Where should it wander? It should feel comfortable in wandering in the thoughts and churning of knowledge. It should feel good only in thinking and churning (of knowledge). It should be busy in the matters of Godly service and (should) wander in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul and in the planning of new world. So this is the true salvation of intellect.

If the worldly thoughts are going on in the intellect, thoughts of body and bodily relations are going on, thoughts of the worldly business done for the sake of stomach are going on, then, such an intellect will not be called an intellect, which has attained true salvation. That soul is not towards true salvation. Each Brahma kumar and kumari should in this way check himself or herself that, in how much percentage has my soul (consisting of mind and intellect) attained true salvation and in how much percentage is it going towards degradation. So that true salvation is first attained by only one. And if one (soul) does not attain true salvation, then how will others attain it? That is why a story has been made in Indian tradition that Bhageerath brought river Ganga to the earth.

There is a story of Ganga's incarnation, that Bhageerath performed penance and river Ganga came down i.e., the river Ganga of knowledge came down but she merged in the intellect of Shankar. Even then benefit was not caused to the world. What does it mean? It means that the river Ganga of knowledge, which came, did not cause much benefit to the world. But there is a Brahmin child who is a true bearer of yagyopavit (one who knows who the three personalities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are in practical), who in a stage of thinking and churning, imbibed the essence of the Ganga of Knowledge, i.e the Murlis of the 18 years. And Ganga permeated in the brain and in the locks of hair.

It is not a question of permeating in the hair. It got permeated in the intellect. Since when did it permeate? (It permeated) since 1969. Since that time the incarnation of the Ganga of knowledge on the stage-like world took place, but still the benefit of the world was not caused. Then Bhageerath has to make efforts once again for the benefit of the world.

He is but obvious, the one who assumes the lucky Chariot, who enters in some Brahmin child and once again gets the efforts done and in 1976 the river Ganga of knowledge in the form of advance knowledge, flows down from the locks of hair on to the earth and starts causing benefit to the Brahmin children. So this matter of churning the Ganga of knowledge in the intellect is the beginning of true salvation. If thinking and churning does not take place in the intellect, then one can consider the soul to be still diseased. It is not going to achieve true salvation. So this is the form of true preceptor.

‘B’ Side (cassette)

Tell the point of Shrimat to any person that this is Shrimat of the Supreme Soul Shiva through Brahma. He (Brahma) is our mother Gita and if that mother Gita also gets revealed by entering into Gulzar Dadi, and narrates the Vani of knowledge, then it is also a high direction for us, because in the path of household, mother and Father, both are respected. The Murli i.e., the knowledge that has been narrated by the Supreme Soul Shiva through Brahma is our poetry Gita in the form of a song and the knowledge narrated through Gulzar Dadi is our prose. But Father comes in the form of teacher through some other Brahmin child and clarifies both the kinds of narrations.

So Brahma's narrations through Gulzar Dadi or Supreme Soul Shiva's narrations through Brahma, both are Shrimat for us. But due to the lack of its understanding the dualistic clash began between the deities and demons (Kauravas and Pandavas). Baba has spoken scores of Godly sentences (mahavakya), but when we are not understanding them at all, when we do not know their secrets, then it is as if we have not understood it. Even Brahma himself couldn’t understand the meanings of the Godly versions. Otherwise, the Godly versions, which the Supreme Soul Shiva had narrated about the destruction in 1976, should have been completely clear in the intellect of Brahma.

Those versions should not have been proved false. But the meaning, which was derived from those Godly versions, was proved wrong. Whereas it is not so, the versions of the Supreme Soul are very accurate at their place. Only fools speak without meaning. Supreme Soul does not speak so. On one side, the Supreme Soul has been telling in his versions, ”The flame of destruction was ignited from the Rudra Gyan Yagya Kund (the altar of the sacrificial fire of knowledge).”(Mu-14.2.01, Pg.3).

So if the flame of destruction will be ignited from the Yagya kund (here the Godly family) then where would have the destruction begun from since 1976? Was it from the outside world or from the Yagya Kund (the Godly family)? It was from the Yagya Kund only, is not it? So the Supreme Soul Father Himself comes and narrates the co-relation between the Godly versions. So it is not that the versions of Brahma spoken through Gulzar Dadi are not respectable for us. But in spite of being respectable it is out of our comprehension. Until the Supreme Soul Himself comes and clarifies them they are not Shrimat for us, because in respect to Shrimat also it has been said in the Murlis that, “Father comes in front of you (sanmukh) and gives Shrimat.”(Mu-6.10.01.Pg1). So where is the Shrimat sanmukh for us?

Sanmukh means face to face. So the Shrimat, which the Supreme Soul gives by coming in front of us, is given in the form of teacher and sadguru (true preceptor). That is why it has been said in the Godly versions that, ”You children have to follow the Shrimat at every step”(Mu-11.4.03, Pg.1). What is the meaning of ‘every step’? That means we should take Shrimat from the Supreme Soul Father before we take a step to accomplish any task in our life. When can this be possible? We can take Shrimat when the Supreme Soul is present in this world in front of us. Otherwise how will we obtain?

So the very first thing regarding the importance of Shrimat that one should fix in someone’s intellect, is that through whom is Shrimat given and what is Shrimat? The Second point is, whether it (i.e. Shrimat) is of the Father, teacher or sadguru? The Supreme Soul played the role of big mother through Brahma. The Supreme Soul Shiva plays the role of Father, teacher and Sadguru later on, by getting revealed through some other Brahmin child. Their clarification has also been given, as to what is the task of Father? What is the task of the teacher and what is the task of the Sadguru? Those names will also get cleared on the basis of actions.

The third point comes that if Brahma is mother, then whether the mother is first or Father is first? Father will be first. When was it? It has been told in the Yagya that Brahma had divine visions in 1937 and the Supreme Soul entered in him but this is just a hearsay talk. There is no clear-cut mention anywhere in the versions of the Supreme Soul, that the Supreme Soul Shiva entered in Brahma i.e., Dada Lekhraj in 1937. These versions have come in the Murlis, “There were such children who used to give directions to Mama and Baba, they used to sit like their teachers; they used to make them perform the drill (of meditation).

ShivBaba used to enter into them and give directions; we used to follow their directions i.e., Mama and Baba used to follow their directions. Today those children are not present in the Yagya”
(Mu-14.5.94, Pg.3). Similarly, it has been said in another sentence, "The one who used to live together since 10 years (indicating that there was some male personality); she used to go into contemplation (indicating that there was female person also). They used to teach Mama and Baba the drill (of meditation). Baba used to enter into them (unmey) and give directions. ('Unmey' means there were two persons). They commanded so much respect. They also vanished”.

What was the reason? Why did they get vanished? It is because at that time so much knowledge was not there. This is the special difference between Mother and Father. Mother is emotional and Father is intellectual (i.e. logical). Father has a broad intellect. Mothers live within the confines of the four walls of the house. They possess a heart (emotions); but their intellect does not become so broad. So this applies to the unlimited mother and Father also. In the beginning of the Yagya, though Brahma Baba had divine visions - he had the divine visions of establishment, visions of destruction, visions of Vishnu Chaturbhuj (four-armed Vishnu) and Vaikuntha vaasi Krishna (the dweller of Vaikunth, i.e., the place of Vishnu), but he could not understand the meaning of those divine visions.

It has been mentioned in [the Murlis] that, ”Baba got confused. He was not able to understand. He went to Varanasi. He used to sit there and draw pictures on the walls. Even then he did not understand anything.”(Mu-3.7.99, Pg2) Baba asked his Guru in Sindh Hyderabad - "Did you cause these divine visions?” But he expressed his ignorance. At that time Baba lost faith in his Gurus; but human beings have various kinds of experiences with many people in their experienced lives.

So Brahma Baba had seen and judged such a person in his life who proved to be the most truthful towards him. That person on whom he had maximum faith in his life was his partner whom he had entrusted Calcutta’s entire shop of diamonds and jewellery. Initially that person was a simple ordinary servant in Baba's shop. That is why it is said (in [the Murlis]) "The one who used to live together since 10 years." Since how many years was he living with Baba? Since ten years.

Baba considered him to be trustworthy, clever and sincere and entrusted his entire shop to him and said that the entire hard work will be yours and the cost shall be mine, just as people do in the world. People give their fields to some person engaged in agriculture and tell them that whatever grain is produced in it, half of it will be for your hard work and half part will be for my property.

So in this way both became the partners of each other. So Brahma Baba was reminded of that partner. When? It was when he was confused. So Baba went to (meet) him in Calcutta. That is why it has been said in the Avyakt Vani. They can hide [the Murlis], but where will they take the Avyakt Vanis which they have printed and published and has reached hundreds of hands? In that Avyakt Vani Baba has told, "Where was this Chariot searched from? It was found from East Bengal”. (Someone said that it is Brahma only who is said to be from East Bengal).

Sometimes it is said that he had divine visions in Hyderabad Sindh, there the Supreme Soul entered into him and he started uttering Shivoham Shivoham, i.e., I am Shiva. (Somebody said, "No, It was the partner who was there. The shop belonged to Brahma only"). What has been written in the biography (of Brahma)? That Brahma Baba had divine versions in Sindh, Hyderabad. He left the spiritual gathering and went to his room and started telling "Shivoham, Shivoham" (Somebody said, “It has been written like that also").

If it is like that also, then where did the Supreme Soul enter into him? (Somebody said that it is said that he had a home in Calcutta also). How can two things be proved simultaneously? The Chariot was either found in Sindh, Hyderabad or in Calcutta. Tell one thing. By speaking two things, it is proved that you are speaking differently. (It has been said from both angles, it is a matter of both chariots-one temporary and the other permanent). Baba has said in the Murli- “Having divine visions and entering into a body are two different things”. (Mu-19.1.01,Pg,4)

One should not just accept everything that has been spoken by anyone. It is the bodily human beings who have said that the Supreme Soul entered into Brahma in 1937. Baba has not told so anywhere in the Murlis and it is not proved by the Murlis. But this matter is proved by the Murlis that earlier Baba did not used to narrate Murlis. This version is there in the Murlis, ”Earlier Baba did not used to narrate Murlis. The Murlis began to be narrated from Karachi”(Mu-13.6.01,Pg.1). Where did the narration of the Murlis begin? So did the spiritual gathering first begin from Sindh, Hyderabad or Karachi?

The spiritual gathering began initially from Sindh, Hyderabad, is not it? (He) had divine visions there. They reached Karachi later on. The spiritual gathering took place in Karachi in 1947-48, when the country was divided into India and Pakistan and after the partition, the spinsters, mothers who were living in bondages in Sindh - Hyderabad, who were prevented from attending the spiritual gathering, got a chance, they formed groups of 5-8,-10-15 and they came running to Baba. So the entire fraternity (gathering) gathered there. Where? In Karachi.

So when the entire fraternity gathered, then the Supreme Soul Shiva entered into Brahma and started narrating Murlis. That is why it is said in the versions of the Murli, "How do we come to know that God Father is in him? It is when He narrates Murlis, when He narrates knowledge"(mu-16.10.84,Pg.2). So the Murlis began to be narrated from Karachi through the mouth of Brahma. The entry of the Supreme Soul in him is proved from that time onwards. There is another proof for this. “Brahma's age is of 100 years”(Mu-13.2.91, Pg.2). It is said so. “The entry (of Supreme Soul) at the age of 60 years is proved” (Mu-1.11.99, Pg2), Baba has said so in the Murli.

So in 1948 Brahma Baba's age should be 60 years. Brahma Baba completes the age of 100 years in 1988. If it is said to be 76, then the age should be completed in 1976. If the age is completed in 1976 then his role through the subtle body should have been completed in 1976. But the role of 100 years age of Brahma including the physical and subtle body is not completed in 1976. Its hint is given in 1987-88 when Baba did not come (in Gulzar Dadi at Mt. Abu). Now this is the period when on the one side the Sun of Knowledge rises and on the other side the moon of knowledge sets.

So the entry of Supreme Soul is proved in 1948, when the entire fraternity gathered in Karachi. Was the role of Supreme Soul not played prior to that? The role was played but not through Brahma. The personality who sowed the seed of knowledge even in Brahma played that role and he was his partner. “Alaf got Allah and Bay i.e., entire Baadshahi (i.e., kingdom) was given to the partner”(Mu-21.5.02,Pg2). Who is Alaf? And who is Bay? The same personality of the beginning of the Yagya in whom the Supreme Soul Shiva entered and gave the clarification of Brahma Baba's divine visions becomes Alaf and Brahma Baba, who took over the controlling power of the entire gathering becomes Bay. So to whom was the Bay Badshahi (i.e., entire kingdom) given? It was given to the partner, Brahma. So, both became each other's partners.

In the beginning of the Yagya there was a friction between both of them, which has been referred to by Baba in the Avyakt Vani as, "When was the flame of destruction ignited? From the beginning of Yagya itself the flame of destruction was ignited from the Yagya Khund along with the flame of establishment. Who were instrumental for this? Brahma, Father and Brahmin children also became instrumental in igniting this flame of destruction” (A.V-3.2.74, Pg173). So those who become instrumental in igniting this flame will also have to complete it at the end now, because the destruction is beneficial.

Until that flame of destruction is not completed, the beads of the rosary cannot be revealed. Just as when offerings are made in the Yagya (Sacrificial fire), then those who are weak in making offerings, those who have not practiced well, pull out their hand (from the flame). Half of their offering goes into the flame and half of it falls outside the flames. They are not able to sacrifice their body, mind and money completely. So when will those, who are strong Brahmins, whose rosary is going to be prepared, get revealed? It is when the flame of destruction is at its best.

There is no question of getting frightened of that. It is something to be even gladder about. The weak souls will get frightened and the powerful souls will obtain power. So in the beginning of the Yagya itself friction was created between Brahma and Father over some matter regarding the Yagya. It was some children only who created the friction. A soul of some other religion started entering into the Yagya and Father did not like to allow such a soul to enter and sit inside. Even now the same fight is there. Some such souls entered the Yagya who can be allowed to come into the spiritual gathering but should not be allowed to enter inside and made to sit. But the same thing happened.

Mother's heart is gentle. Mother cannot separate her blind, lame, deaf, hunchbacked, thief, bandit and even the immoral children also from her lap. Brahma Baba refused to separate that child, send out that child, from himself. Father did not like this. So a friction was created between them. Children supported the mother (Brahma). They fought on behalf of the mother. The gathering of Father and his followers left the Yagya. That fraternity was of the souls like Father Ram. It has been mentioned in the Murli about them, "Ram failed”(Mu-11.10.87,Pg.2). It has never been said, ‘Ram will fail’. In the Murli it has not been said for the future. Ram failed means it is past.

So the Brahmin child failed while studying. Even though he failed he became experienced. So his result was declared that, “He would become a member of moon dynasty in the Silver Age”. Sometimes it happens like this also. Nowadays in the course of law, those who are not able to complete the last year’s study are also allowed to practice in the Income Tax Office. Those who did not pass completely are called ‘Ex’, is not it? But that does not mean that they are completely useless. So those who failed first of all took the post of moon dynasty in the Silver Age.

Now Baba says, ”The efforts of those children who leave their body after becoming Brahmins once, does not go waste. They will take birth again and make efforts”. So the same souls of the beginning, Ram and followers of Father Ram, the special souls of Kshatriya class (warrior class), who have especially ruled India; Brahmins did not rule, Shudras (the lowermost class in Hindu society) have not ruled so much; which caste has especially ruled India? It was the Kshatriyas. The same special souls of the Kshatriya class take birth again and in 1976, when the Brahma of the beginning (Aadi Brahma) completes 100 years age, then again they start getting revealed. Who is Aadi Brahma (i.e. the first Brahma)? It is the same Prajapita.

After the soul of Brahma leaves his body, the soul of the partner (Bhagidar) enters into the Yagya. The same soul who accompanied Prajapita, who was recognized as Yagyamata (mother of Yagya or the Godly family), also leaves her body and enters into the Yagya again, after Om Radhe Mama leaves her body. Just as a jungle never remains vacant, there should be a lion and lioness in the form of king (and queen) in it. So when Brahma and Saraswati leave, then two other souls that cannot be equalled by anyone in knowledge, meditation, inculcation of virtues and service, take their place. It is a different matter that initially she remains incognito and later gets revealed.

So from 1966 to 1969 when Baba got the word 'Prajapita' added, you will see that in the old picture of Trimurti it was written, "Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalalya." In this [picture] the word 'Prajapita' has not been added because this picture had been prepared earlier. Similarly, in the picture of world tree, the words "Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya" are written, because this picture had also been prepared earlier. The word 'Prajapita' has not been added in it. This word 'Prajapita' has been added only when Mama left her body and the soul of Ram entered the Yagya.

At that time this word 'Prajapita' was added. In the lower portion of the picture of Lakshmi Narayan and the picture of Ladder it has been written-"Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya". When those souls were not present then it is useless to remind the children of them, and when those souls entered the Yagya then God Father Shiva also started reminding the children of them. 6-7 years have passed from 1969 to 1970. You can consider up to 1975. In 1976 the year of revelation of Father was celebrated in a big way in India. Directions were issued in foreign countries also that 1976 is a year of revelation of Father.

So if anyone asks, "Why was the year of revelation of the Father celebrated in 1976? Did the task of revelation of Father not take place earlier in 40 years? Was the task of revelation of Father not undertaken after 1976? Why was the year of revelation celebrated only in 1976?" Its secret is that in 1976 that Father was revealed in the form of Father, for which a hint has been given in the Avyakt Vanis that, ”The foreigners will recognize Father first.

Revelation of the Father will take place through the foreigners
” (A.V.17.5.98.Pg.3). Even this was inferred in a wrong way. They thought that Father would be revealed through the worldly foreigners who are rich and those who travel by air. But it is not so. Revelation of the Father takes place through those great souls, who are the 108 children of the Father, who are going to become the beads of the rosary and who are kings for many births. Any worldly personality cannot reveal Father. How can those worldly people who are rich and affluent reveal the spiritual Father? The poor children of Father can only reveal the Father. They are actually the seed-like souls of our Brahmin world who were present in the beginning of Yagya, left the Yagya in between and then came back into the Yagya once again.

Will those seed-like souls, who did not obtain the sustenance of Brahma in his corporeal form in this birth, remember his corporeal form or remember the incorporeal point? Whom will they remember more? They will remember the incorporeal point of light more. And those who have received the sustenance of the corporeal (Sakar) Brahma, who have played in the lap of the corporeal; will they remember the corporeal more or the point of light more? They will remember the corporeal more.

So will the intellect of those persons who have been in the company of the point of light through their intellect, become subtle or will the intellect or those who have remembered the physical form become subtle? Those new children who remember the point of light and have entered the Yagya once again, those who have not received the corporeal sustenance, will be reminded of the point of light automatically and their intellect has become fast (teevragaami) and subtle (sookshma). And the intellect of those who remembered the corporeal form has become gross (sthool) by remembering the corporeal form. The subtle secrets of knowledge cannot fit into the physical intellect.

That is why this drama is without any beginning. Those children of the beginning, who were present first, take birth again and come in the last and make fast efforts and become first (Mu-19.12.01, Pg2). Those children who come first, who become the beads of the rosary of 108, they are those children of the Father who reveal the Father in the world, and those children through their subtle stage of intellect, through their subtle stage of thinking and churning, possess the capacity to give message to the souls of the entire world through their mental service. But until all the secrets become clear in their intellect, this task remains to be completed.

When once all the secrets become clear, then there will not be delay in the completion of the task. So in 1976 after the revelation of the Father, those foreign (videshi) seed-like children for whom Baba has given hints in the Murlis and Avyakt Vanis, "Four sons of Brahma are famous as his manas sons (born through thoughts) - Sanat, Sanatan, Sanandan and Sanat Kumar”. Out of them Sanat Kumar is shown be of the age of 5-6 years. This is their other worldly (aloukik) age. From 1969/70 to 1975 those children of 5-6 years age reveal the Father in Delhi.

Among them one is the seed of Aadi Sanatan Devi Devata Dharam (or deity religion), rest of the three are seeds of Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. The foreign children understand the depth of the matter first and reveal the Father in the Brahmin world. So the year of the revelation of Father was 1976. The Father gets revealed through foreigners. Actually, it was a period of midnight 12.00 ‘o'clock.

Foreigners consider the beginning of the day at midnight 12.00 o'clock and the Indian people believe the beginning of the day, beginning of the new date from the time when the sun is revealed out. That is why Baba has said, "Who will be born earlier-Father or child? Shivajayanti is Geethajayanthi (Shiva's birthday so is Gita's birthday), then next is Krishna's birthday”(Mu-14.2.01, Pg.2).

So along with Shiva's birthday, Gita's birthday also takes place. As soon as Shiva enters, He starts narrating the Gita knowledge; as a result of this, the aloukik (other worldly) birth of Brahma Baba takes place. In the beginning itself Brahma Baba recollected his own self that, ‘I am the soul of Krishna, in this birth I have to play the role of Brahma, The establishment of the new world will begin with me, the establishment of the Brahmin clan will have to take place through me’. Baba developed strong faith because he had divine visions practically. Prajapita did not have divine visions.

The Supreme Soul played the role of Panditji (a scholar who just narrates, but never practices himself) through him (Prajapita), who did not have any experience of divine visions. So when friction was created in the Yagya then the emotional Brahma remained stable and the soul of Prajapita separated from the Yagya, because being intellectual at that time, the intellect of Father could not get the complete dose of knowledge. The complete dose of knowledge can be said when one gets the complete knowledge of the world drama wheel.

Om Shanti

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Post by clay » 14 Jun 2006

Om Shanti,

Just to mention that if anyone is going to study the Trimurti Course it should be done in conjuction with the original picture of the Trimurti.

I believe Jimbhai has offered to send to anyone, actually there is a link on the forum but I cannot remember where.

Good Wishes


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Post by arjun » 15 Jun 2006

admin wrote:There is one edition here : ... rti_A4.jpg

Is this the correct one?

If one clicks on the small image, it will link to or download a larger one.
Dear Admin,

Hello and thanks for providing the link. I think the picture is correct. But the write-up of this picture is being revised by the Advance Party because, the write-up of the original BK English version is not the exact translation of the original BK Hindi version.

We all know that like the present corporeal medium (Baba Virendra Dev Dixit) Brahma Baba (Lekhraj Kirpalani) was also not so fluent in English. So the original write-up must have been prepared and approved by ShivBaba in Hindi which was not exactly translated by the then (pre-1969) BK translators. Many words/lines which appear in the Hindi write-up are missing in the English write-up. So, the Advance Party (AIVV) is revising the write-up of all the four original English pictures which are used for giving the Advance Course. Once the revision is completed, the new English pictures could be uploaded.

With regards,

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