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Post by Anjaneya » 04 Feb 2017

Why did SatYuga called as Ramarajya ?

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Re: Shreerama

Post by trueshaiv » 05 Feb 2017

Om Shanti,

All of us are aware of the epic Ramayana wherein the term "Ramarajya" comes.
We know that Satyug begins with Deity religion and Dieties in corporeal form like Radha and Krishna can only take birth from corporeal parents who would be more than or equal to 16 celestial pure beings. Just like parent Elephants give birth to baby elephant of same form and build or consider any other example of births. Its the rule of mother nature that the child inherits the qualities, name, title and later on property and responsibilities.

Similarly the Shiv Supreme Soul through the Chariot of Ram establishes the kingdom of one truth, one religion, one language, one thought and hence brings everything to peace and harmony. Also the same Chariot in actual Golden Age gives birth to Radha Krishna 16 celestial degrees pure beings.

The name is given to a practical being based on the deeds done through that practical corporeal body. Since Supreme Soul establishes such kingdom of peace and happiness through the Chariot of Ram, its been sung in Indian epics about Ramrajya.

All puranas, shastras and epics are written on the basis of incidents that take place in Confluence Age itself. These 100 years are the only ones in which Supreme Soul and other prominent souls become medium in playing such parts and hence they get their names on basis of practical deeds done.

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