Discussion on 'Extracts of PBK Murlis - as narrated to the PBKs'

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Re: Discussion on 'Extracts of PBK Murlis - as narrated to the PBKs'

Post by destroy old world » 22 Mar 2018

As usual, the shameless stupid son of the terror rapist pretends to slyly slink away like a vicious and venomous snake, camouflaged by the green grass, while at the same time craftily attempting to subvert any reports or documentation which go against his bodily guru, terror rapist Virendra Dev Dixit, by cunningly drawing upon the innocence of the general public, and solicit their sympathy, by fooling them into believing that all such reports which are against his bodily guru are baseless and false, and only meant to defame his bodily guru, who is indeed, very innocent and God fearing person, whose only interest is to do good to humanity and nothing else, while all those who thus speak or go against his bodily guru are crooks, rogues, cheats, defamers and the like, who are only like barking dogs condemned to eternal hell fire . .

In actual fact, the most vicious and most cunning spiritual terrorist, Virendra Dev Dixit, has been doing nothing else than hurling all kinds of abuses on the Godly university and the official caretakers of the Godly university, and on God Himself, right from the time he was thrown out of the Godly university at Mt Abu, owing to his arrogance and lustful vision and conduct, after which he swore that he would take revenge against the BKs by raping them, if it was the last thing he could do, which he has been involved in doing ever since, by completely subverting the Murlis of God Father Shiva, and altering their meaning in such a way, as to completely deceive his innocent and ignorant followers, who are now hell bent on following him, even at the cost of their own lives, even when clear proofs have been shown to them, as to how he has been involved in manipulating the Murli points and deceiving them, by himself being the greatest barking dog of all times, but they pay scant regard to all such Murli points of God Father Shiva which are being continuously posted on this forum, owing to their growing arrogance, very much to their own disadvantage, which they simply refuse to realize, even after repeatedly pointing out their utter deception and treason in no uncertain manner . .

Whatever is being pointed out is for their own benefit, if at all they care and choose to listen, and for the benefit of all other unwary individuals who may be inclined to fall prey and become the unwary victims of confirmed spiritual terrorist and terror rapist, Virendra Dev Dixit, until the concerned authorities are in a position to bring him to book and make him pay for his crimes against woman, against humanity and against God, Himself . .

If the ignorant son of the terror rapist still feels that injustice is being done to PBKs, Baba Virendra Dev Dixit and Adhyatmik Vidyalaya on this forum, then he should be bold enough to take up each and every point of the Murlis being continuously presented on this forum, which go totally against their philosophy, and explain their point of view, with clear reference to each and every such point being presented herein, instead of keeping on barking like a dog and saying that they are being abused, when, in actual fact, they themselves have been doing the abusing of woman, of humanity and of God, Himself . .

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