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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 14 Jan 2015

Disc.CD No.1243, dated 28.10.11 at Tirupati

Time: 28.27-30.29
Student: Baba, couples are going to become famous in future; but kumars (bachelors) don’t become famous.

Baba: Are the kumars bringing fame [to Baba] now or are they getting married? Or do they get married stealthily and nobody even comes to know of it, nobody can even point a finger [at them, saying:] ‘What have they done!’ Are kumars committing more sins in kumar life or are the couples committing more sins? Do speak up. Arey, you shouldn’t feel ashamed in speaking.
Student: Kumar.
Baba: Kumars commit more sins. So, will those who commit sins for a long period in the purushaarthi life become famous or will those who bring fame for a long period in the purushaarthi life become famous? The purushaarth of a long time is taken into account, isn’t it? This is why it was said that when the result comes out in future, then the couples will become famous.
Student: All kumars will marry and become couples.
Baba: Every kumar?
Student: They will marry and become couples.
Baba: Should every kumar get married?
Student: They should become couple.
Baba: They should become couples? Does it mean you have not undergone engagement after entering the path of knowledge? [It means] you did not like the one with whom they have undergone engagement.
Student said something.
Baba: You liked Him and you want to remarry as well? What is this?

Time: 30.35-32.56
Student: Baba, Baba has said in many Murlis that the Abode of Happiness (sukhdhaam) is established on the banks of Yamuna, but the Indians give a lot of importance to the Ganga; they give respect to her; they also say the Ganges of knowledge; so, why isn’t the Abode of Happiness established on its banks?

Baba: One is the fair river and the other is the dark river. Dark means sinful and fair means pure. Do the householders (grihasthis) become darker or do the sanyasis become darker? Is the Ganges among the householders or among the sanyasis?
Student: Sanyasi.
Baba: She is among the sanyasis. So, is God the Father revealed amongst the sanyasis or among the grihasthis?
Student: Grihasthi.
Baba: He is revealed among the grihasthis. Only those who are grihasthis lead a dark life like Yamuna.
Student: Saraswati, the river Saraswati spends more time with the Father, doesn’t she?
Baba: But she also vanishes. Has Saraswati Jagdamba vanished now or is she visible? Even in the basic [knowledge] she comes in between and vanishes in between. Even in the advance [party] she is revealed in the middle and vanishes in the middle. This is why the Ganges and Yamuna are visible.

Time: 33.15-34.46
Student: In 1951-52 the virgins were sent home to do service. Will whatever happened in the beginning happen in the end as well?

Baba: Shouldn’t they be tested [to see] how much power they have? Should an examination be held [to see] how much power of confrontation they have or not?
Student: It should.
Baba: And does a test take place throughout the life or does it take place for a little time? Does a test take place for a few days or does it take place throughout the life? There is test for a few days. So, should that test for a few days take place or not? It should take place. If you do not pass in the test, how will you achieve a high position? The world asks for proof, [they ask:] what specialty do these souls have so that they achieved such a high position in the rosary? Why didn’t we get a number ahead [of them]? So, what proof will they be given? This is the proof that they will be provided. The one who is true remains stable for a long period; the one who is false does not have legs; he runs away, he vanishes.

Time: 34.54-40.07
Question: Bhog of rice is offered in the temple of Balaji, but why does every soul give importance to the laddu (a sweetmeat offered to the devotees at the above temple)?

Baba: If the rice becomes like a laddu (sticky ball) after being cooked, does it look good or does it look good if the grains are separate? Which rice feels good to eat? The rice in which the grains are separate feels good. This soul is also rice. When the peel of body consciousness comes off completely and the soul bakes in purushaarth, then the sanskaars of every soul appear different from each other. The sanskaar of one soul will not appear to match with the other. God likes the Bhog of such elevated souls, but people like laddus. Laddu means sangathan (gathering). Does a human being like to live in a sangathan or does he like to live alone? He likes to live in sangathan. The souls who assimilate a soul conscious stage remain independent [in that stage]. They do not take the support of each other. In a laddu, everyone stays stuck to each other. They remain together. Human being, a social animal likes such life of gathering.
Student: There is a greater gathering of the people of Islam…
Baba: Yes, the souls of Islam are ahead of everyone in living in a gathering. [The souls of] other religions do not remain so united. Is their gathering revealed in the Golden Age and Silver Age or in the Copper Age and Iron Age?
Student: Copper Age and Iron Age.
Baba: Why?
Student said something.
Baba: No. The purity of unity of their gathering is revealed in the tamopradhaan age. There is a rule among them that any Muslim can marry four times at the most. If anyone marries more than that limit, then the government punishes him; and there is no such rule among the Hindus. So, who is more impure? Do the Hindus become more impure or do the Muslims become more impure? Who?
Student: The Hindus.
Baba: The Hindus become more impure. More impurity proves that they do not have purity. So, the unity of the Muslims is of the Iron Age and the unity of the Indians is of what kind? Of the Golden Age. God comes and establishes that unity of the Golden Age. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 15 Jan 2015

Disc.CD No.1243, dated 28.10.11 at Tirupati

Time: 45.05-47.46
Question: Baba, instead of the name of the Father the name of the child has been inserted in the Gita. Krishna's name has been inserted instead of ShivBaba. So, how does its shooting take place in the shooting period? Did the shooting take place when those who follow the basic knowledge inserted the name of 'Pitashri' [in the Murli]? So, those who follow the advance knowledge are the seeds of even those people; so, what mistake is committed in the shooting period of those who follow the advance knowledge?

Baba: Arey, will mistakes continue to take place or will even the mistake prove to be correct? The Confluence Age Krishna is proved to be God of the Gita in the advance [party], but it has also been mentioned that next to God is Krishna, next to God is Narayan, next to God is Prajapita, next to God is Shankar. So, is this Shankar, Narayan, Krishna, Prajapita different names of the same personality or are the personalities different? The same personality has been given four names and the same personality is proved through all the four names and ShivBaba is also revealed through that personality. This is why that mistake of the advance [party] is not a mistake. It proves to be correct.

Time: 47.51-52.11
Student: Baba, [people] have defamed God saying ‘God is omnipresent’. So, how are the eight deities, the children equal to the Father, defamed?

Baba: What do you mean by ‘what defamation of the eight deities will take place, what defamation of the 108 will take place, what defamation of the 1008 will take place, what defamation of the 16108 will take place or what defamation of the 900 thousand take place’?
Student: Whatever has happened with the Father will happen with the children as well.
Baba: The Father has been called omnipresent; this is how the Father’s defamation takes place. So, in the path of knowledge how does the shooting for everything that is said in the path of Bhakti take place? This question can be asked. In the path of knowledge the Father Shiva remains present only in one [being] (ekvyaapi); He is present only in the permanent Chariot (mukarrar rath) but the permanent Chariot in which He comes, the power of remembrance of that permanent Chariot merges number wise (one after the other) in every soul and it proves useful till the end of the Kalpa (cycle). This is why it is famous in the world that God is omnipresent. It means ‘is the remembrance of the corporeal one easy or is the remembrance of the incorporeal One easy?’ As the remembrance of the corporeal one is easy, that remembrance merges in the intellect of every human being of the world and the vibrations of remembrance of every human being merge in the five elements of the inert nature. This is why it is said in the path of Bhakti that He is present in every particle. Those particles as well as the five elements are imperishable; they just keep changing forms. For example, the souls change from satopradhaan (pure) to tamopradhaan (impure). God is not omnipresent, but actually the remembrance of the body in which God enters spreads in the entire world. That itself has been termed by the people of the world as ‘God is omnipresent’; then it has been said that the soul is equal to the Supreme Soul. Actually, every soul is not the Supreme Soul. The [body of the] soul in which the Supreme Father enters in a permanent way, that soul itself is the hero actor; it plays the part of the Supreme Soul. But as people don’t have the recognition of the Father, every soul has been considered to be equal to the Supreme Soul in the path of Bhakti.

Time: 52.20-54.03
Student: Saddam Hussain was hanged to death, Osama - Bin - Laden was shot with a gun and recently, there was a king… he was also shot. How do we tally this in knowledge?

Baba: The one who gives more sorrow will die being sorrowful. This is the Divine law that those who give more sorrow to others, their end is also sorrowful. It is not that they will die smiling. If someone uses violence, he will get just violence in return.

Time: 55.35-56.57
Student: Brahma Baba had the desire to travel to foreign countries.

Baba: Brahma Baba ... travel abroad?
Student: He wanted [to travel] but he lost his physical body, his subtle body is entering and performing its task. So, will that soul (the one whose body Brahma Baba enters) take it abroad?
Baba: Do you mean to say that his physical body could not go abroad, but the subtle body is travelling in the entire world, within the country and abroad?
Student: Will he travel through the permanent Chariot?
Baba: He will. He will travel because he played the part of a mother through the corporeal body. Does a mother take care of the house or the outside? She takes care of the house. This is why he does not have a part of travelling abroad, the foreigncountries through the corporeal body. He played a part while remaining in [India]. Then he lost his corporeal body; the part of the mother was over. Now in the form of the Father, in the form of Ardhanaariishvar he will travel in the entire world. The Father takes care of the outside affairs and the mother takes care of the home.

Time: 01.00.12-01.01.52
Student: Baba, Vishnu's part is that of the balance of love and law. There is balance among the Buddhists as well. They neither give more hapiness nor give more sorrow.

Baba: Do they give sorrow or happiness to their family members? They make their wife and children into slaves, they themselves run away, so do they make them sorrowful or do they make them happy? They made them sorrowful. So, if someone brings benefit to the entire world but does not give happiness to his family members, then is he the one who gives sorrow or happiness?
Student: Vishnu maintains the balance of love and law with the power of purity...
Baba: Neither softer nor stricter. To use the power of tolerance when tolerance is required and to confront where confronting it is required - this is called Vishnu, maintaining balance. (Concluded.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 23 Jan 2015

Disc.CD No.1245, dated 2.11.11 at Sehore

Time: 10.54-12.21
Student: Baba, the pictures that tear, for example, [the pictures of] the advance [party] in calendars, we certainly cannot throw them away. So, what should we do with them?

Baba: Why can’t you throw them?
Student: Baba’s points are written on them.
Baba: Arey, till when will you not tear them? They have to tear, rot anyway. When destruction takes place, all the things of the world will tear, they will rot. These are the beliefs of the path of Bhakti (devotion). They keep worshipping non-living pictures. They give regard to non-living pictures. And when God has come in practice now, no one gives regard to Him. All the beliefs of the path of Bhakti end here. Pictures are non-living. We have found the living One. So, should we first care for the living One or should we care for the non-living one? We should first care for the living One.

Time: 12.23-13.08
Student: Baba, we should apply a double lock to Maya with remembrance and service.

Baba: Yes.
Student: Maya creates obstacles only in remembrance.
Baba: Let it create [obstacles]. You are doing service as well. The Father remembers the children who do service. So, will you get power in remembrance by doing service or not? This is why it was told that apply a double lock. When you get power in remembrance, when the remembrance is not weak, then Maya will also become tired. This is why it was said that you should apply a double lock.

Time: 14.18-16.33
Student: How should we attain a thought free stage?

Baba: You should attain it through practice. This world is going to be burnt to ashes. Whatever we see through these eyes is going to perish. Then nobody will settle in the eyes at all. Who will settle? Only one ShivBaba will settle. When we see the world through the eyes then it comes to our mind. When the world comes to the mind, the intellect wanders. It comes to the mind because you have not developed detachment for the world. You are unable to leave the attachment; there is a desire to obtain pleasure from the world. When this sits in the intellect : we are not going to get happiness from this world, from the things related to the world, from the relationships of this world now, when we are going to get sorrow and only sorrow, then the connection of the intellect will break. It will sit in the intellect that one ShivBaba alone is the Giver of Happiness; He alone is our support (sahaaraa) till the end; all the others will deceive us. For example, we saw a scene in the beginning of the Yagya; the shooting (recording) of the small world of Brahmins took place. It sat in the intellect of those whom people had kept under seven locks due to love that those who kept them under seven locks were just showing off [their love], but when the situation came, when their life was at risk, all of them ran away leaving everything behind. God alone saved them.

Time: 16.42-17.14
Student: How many people helped the soul of Father Ram in the beginning of the Yagya?

Baba: Didn’t you still know?
Student: I mean to ask: How many helpers of Father Ram left the Yagya with him?
Baba: You have come to know now, haven’t you? - That how many arms Brahma has.
Student: One thousand.
Baba: He has one thousand arms. So, there will have been thousand arms in the beginning. They are revealed in the end as well.

Time: 18.35-19.23
Student: How will the karmic accounts of thoughts be cleared?

Baba: Become constant in the form of the point; all the thoughts will gradually stop; a full stop will be applied [to them]; you will stop having thoughts. Break is applied to a vehicle, is not it? When a train runs, a break is applied to it, is not it? For some time it will make a creaking sound and then it will stop. If your practice is good, if the grease is applied well, then even that sound will stop.

Time: 19.29-21.41
Student: Baba, there is no head among the people of the basic knowledge. …The Brahmakumaris are managing the affairs there.

Baba: Aren’t the Brahmakumaris the heads?
Student: For example, you are here. You are the protector for all of us; there is no one like this there; Brahma Baba left his body, did not he?
Baba: Here, which Father has come as a head, as a protector? So much disturbance took place now in Farrukhabad; so, did the Father go and give protection there?
Even here there are the shaktis themselves. Just as there are shaktis there, there are shaktis here, too. Shivshakti Pandav Sena (Shivshakti Pandava army) was famous there as well. Now, the Father is not present there. So, where there is the Father the shivshaktis become form of shakti (power). The Father remains hidden. Even in the Mahabharata He is famous as Ranchod . Does He come in the front in the battlefield?

Student: No.
Baba: He doesn't come.
Student: No, I mean to say that everyone sits in a line [there], but here all are not able to sit properly.
Baba: Are you not sitting properly? Do you want to sit with your legs stretched out?
Student: They don’t sit in a line, do they?
Baba: In a line/row? Is this a family or a school? Or is it both a family as well as a school?
Student: It is both.
Baba: It is both. You can sit with your legs spread out if you wish. Come. Nobody will say anything.

Time: 21.49-23.36
Question: Baba has said that among the eight deities, four beads are Suryavanshis and four beads are Chandravanshis . So, the Chandravanshis will not come from the Vijaymala (rosary of victory).

Baba: Where was this said? The Vijaymala has not yet been formed. But the Chandravansh (the Moon dynasty) does exist. Does the Chandravansh exist or not? Was there chandrama (the Moon, i.e. Brahma) or not? There was the Moon; so his dynasty also continues. There are the Chandravanshis. So, four are taken from the Chandravanshis and four from the Suryavanshis. Four couples are formed. In this way they are called the eight deities. It is not that they should be only from the Rudramala . Rudramala includes [souls] from all the dynasties. It is not that all the seed form beads of the Rudramala are Suryavanshis and they will remain just Suryavanshis. No. In the end, when the peel will come off completely through beating and pounding, then everyone will become Suryavanshis. Until then all the rosaries will be revealed because the entire world is Rudramala. So, the seeds of the entire world are also in the Rudramala.

Time: 23.42-24.26
Student: Baba, heaven will be established here in the midst of the world of hell. There Maya Ravan and mayavi (illusive) thoughts will not be able to come. Maya is the Father's daughter, so she will come there as well.

Baba: She is the Father's daughter, is not she? She is not the daughter of Vishnu. Will there be the kingdom of Vishnu there or will there be the Father's kingdom? Does the Father rule? Does the Father rule? Has Shankar been shown in heaven?
Student: No.
Baba: He is not shown. Indra is shown in heaven. Shankar is a langotiaa. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 24 Jan 2015

Disc.CD No.1245, dated 2.11.11 at Sehore

Time: 30.10-31.23
Student: Baba, Shankar is considered to be an incarnation of Hanuman.

Baba: He is not considered to be the incarnation of Hanuman. Hanuman is considered to be the Rudra incarnation of Shankar.
Student: Baba, then the soul of Brahma itself plays the part of Hanuman.
Baba: All the three souls together constitute the form of Shankar: The soul of Brahma, Shiva and Ram. Even among them who has a subtle body now?
Student: Brahma.
Baba: Brahma. So, Brahma can be called Shankar, but he cannot be called Prajapita. Why? Will Prajapita be with prajaa (subjects) or will he be in the Subtle Region? Yes, so, Brahma's part is a part of Hanuman as well. His is a subtle bodied part; it is a more powerful part.

Time: 31.29-34.46
Question: Baba has said that the root (aadhaarmuurt) soul of the Muslim religion became instrument to give basic knowledge to Baba. So, hasn't that soul grasped the advanced knowledge yet? Who is that soul? Can you give a hint?

Baba: Acchaa, who is Baba? Is it the soul of Ram, the soul of Krishna or is it the root soul of some religious Father? Baba, who is called ShivBaba ... Shiva means soul; baba means the body, the bodily being. So, who is Baba? Is it Ram, is it Krishna or is it the root soul of some religious Father?
Student: Ram.
Baba: It is the soul of Ram. So, look at the picture of the Tree carefully. The place where the Muslim religion is shown, the place where its branch has emerged, the place where Mohammed has been shown, the soul of Ram is standing with bows and arrows in front of his face. It proves that who are our biggest enemies? The Muslims are our old enemies. Ever since these Muslims have come in India, it has become a slave; ever since the attacks of Muslims have started, the Iron Age, the sinful age has started in the land of India. The Brahmins who were deities became Shudras through the colour of the company. So, those who made us Shudra, ignorant become instrument in giving knowledge. Do the foreigners recognize the knowledge first or do the swadeshis recognize the knowledge first? Who recognize [first]? The foreigners recognize. So, the aadhaarmuurt soul of the Muslim religion, who has been shown in the form of Mohammed becomes instrument in giving message to the soul of Ram.

Time: 36.18-38.05
Student: Those who bow in the Confluence Age become instruments in making others bow.

Baba: It is correct.
Student: But Baba it has been said that the Suryavanshi children will not bow before anyone.
Baba: Where was this said? 'Will not bow' does not mean that you should not pay homage to your family. Do you have to tolerate or confront in your family? You should also decide where to tolerate and where to confront. Should you establish your religion, the members of your family or should you destroy them? You have to establish. So, when the aim is to establish, then… a mother aims to promote, increase, sustain her family. So, it happens only when the mother tolerates. Similarly, we too should sustain them by becoming Brahma, we should assimilate the power of tolerance by becoming Brahma; then this family will be established; then we will change from Brahmins to deities. Yes, we should not allow the other religions, the people of the other religions to prosper. If we allow their principles to prosper, then this world will continue to be a hell. We should confront them. To confront does not mean that we should indulge in violence; we shouldn't accept the points spoken by them.

Time: 38.59-40.42
Question: One is Rama (green) Tulsi and the other is Shyama (dark) Tulsi. The leaves of the Shyam Tulsi fall in the summers and the leaves of the Ram Tulsi also fall, but the new, green leaves also grow at the same time. The old leaves fall and simultaneously the new, small leaves, buds grow. What does it mean?

Baba: It means that the Shyama Tulsi breaks from the knowledge completely and she does not give birth to children either. And the Rama Tulsi, i.e. Jagdamba does fall, she does break from the knowledge, but numerous small daughters continue to be born. Are the arms of Jagdamba having birth now or not?
Student: They are.
Baba: Are the arms of Jagdamba being born in the Rudramala or are the arms of Vijaymala being born? The arms of Jagdamba are being born. So, the leaves of Shyam Tulsi do not grow; they fall; they dry and the leaves of the Rama Tulsi keep on growing; they do not stop growing.

Time: 42.30-43.42
Student: Baba, we have to show kindness to even the harmful ones; otherwise, we will suffer a lot of punishments.

Baba: It is correct.
Student: For example, the BK sister told us: Don’t come to our class. She pleads with folded hands.
Baba: Alright.
Student: So, how should we show kindness to them?
Baba: Acchaa, cannot you show them kindness through your mind? cannot you have good feelings, good wishes for them through the mind? When you are Suryavanshis, are you world benefactors or are you the benefactors for only the Suryavanshis?
Student: We are world benefactors.
Baba: You are the fathers of the entire world, aren't you? You are the seed form souls of the entire world, aren't you? You are ancestors of the entire world, aren’t you? So, those who are ancestors have good feelings, good desires for their entire geneology. Those who are not ancestors, those who are born of the later generations, they keep on fighting with each other. They do not have good feelings, good wishes. They are called Kshudravanshis .

Time: 43.55-45.53
Student: In the race between the tortoise and the hare the tortoise wins. The hare is defeated. Even though the hare runs fast, the tortoise wins.

Baba: Yes.
Student: What does it mean?
Baba: The hare runs fast and also takes a high jump and the tortoise neither runs fast nor takes a fast high jump. But what is its specialty? Does it have any specialty or not? What?
Student: Continous…
Baba: No. It has the specialty of withdrawing its indriyaan . When Maya attacks, it withdraws the indriyaan. So, similarly, the queen bee of the Rudramala or the queen bee of the Vijaymala goes ahead of everyone in purity, but she is not fast in the race of remembrance. Why? It is because she hasn't received the complete introduction of the Father. As she does not have the complete introduction, she does not have complete faith; this is why she does not walk fast, run fast, but on the basis of the power of purity, she remains in joy continuously. There is inner happiness; this is why she wins. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 25 Jan 2015

Disc.CD No.1245, dated 2.11.11 at Sehore

Time: 50.23-51.54
Student: It is believed in the path of Bhakti that when someone remembers us, we get hiccups. So Baba, when we remember you, do even you get hiccups?

Baba: Acchaa, the one who has raised this question should first reply to a question that the one whom you remember, do you remember the corporeal Baba or the incorporeal Baba? Which soul do you remember? Do you remember the bhuttu (foolish) soul or the soul of God? Arey, which soul? Is it the task of the soul or the task of the body to remember?
Student: The soul.
Baba: It is the task of the soul. So, which soul do you remember?
Student: Incorporeal One within the corporeal one.
Baba: Incorporeal One within the corporeal one. You remember the incorporeal One, not the corporeal one. You remember the incorporeal One within the corporeal one. So, the one whom you remember, can there be a question of Him getting hiccups? How can He get [hiccups]?

Time: 53.30-54.35
Student: What is the height of the deities in the Golden Age? The height.

Baba: The height is same as the height of an ordinary human being here, in India. Those who belong to the body conscious religions are tall and sturdy because their soul is full of body consciousness. How can those who are body conscious for many births be very tall and sturdy? They are firm in their religion. Our religion, the greatest religion is to be in the soul conscious stage. Swadharme nidhanam shreyah. What is swadharm (religion of the soul)? The religion of the soul itself is the greatest religion. So, the body of the one who remains in soul conscious stage is not very tall and sturdy; it is just ordinary.

Time: 55.33-57.30
Question: Someone has asked, it has been said in the Murli that the beads of the Rudramala enjoy the spiritual happiness of the soul and the beads of the Vijaymala enjoy the happiness of the body. So Baba, when the beads of the Rudramala enjoy the spiritual happiness, how can they be called sinful for many births?

Baba: How can they be sinful for many births? Is there sinfulness in the 63 births or is there sinfulness in every birth? There will be said to be sinfulness for 63 births; but there isn’t sinfulness in every birth. As regards the spiritual happiness, some souls like to enjoy happiness while living in palaces; they do not like fights and some souls are such that they do not like to enjoy happiness sitting in the palaces. Even if they lose their body, even if they lose their life in the defence of their country, still they experience only happiness in the end and they are born in a prosperous family. As are their thoughts in the end so is the destination they reach (ant mate so gati). In this manner it is said that they enjoy spiritual happiness; they do not care about the physical hapipness. Those who care for the physical happiness have to remain subordinate and become queens and those who do not care even for the physical happiness become kings, they remain independent (swaadhiin); they do not like being under anyone. This is why this difference occurs.

Time: 57.52-59.42
Student: The Suryavanshi live in the Golden Age; the Chandravanshi live in the Sivler Age. So, in which heaven will those who have been given the message come? Will they come in the dynasty of kings or the dynasty of subjects?

Baba: Those who just listen but do not make progress… so, among the listeners there are subjects of many religions. There are the eight Narayans; do they belong to one religion or do they convert to different religions?
Student: To different religions.
Baba: So, all the subjects of all the eight Narayans take the message and after obtaining the message they go to the subjects’ category.
Student: In which category?
Baba: In any of them. As is their behavior so shall they become as subjects.
Student: So, Baba can they have 84 births?
Baba: Yes, [they can also have] 84 births. Those who are like Brahma; those who listen and depart, who do not accept, who do not become regular students, then they remain just Brahmakumars. So will they have 84 births or not?
Student: They belong to an elevated dynasty among the Moon dynasty… in the world.
Baba: Among the worldy Chandravanshi they are elevated because they are the one who achieve the post which is after four and a half lakh (450 thousand) and up to nine lakh (900 thousand). They are just subjects. They are the No.2 subjects, aren't they? They are not the No.1 Confluence Age subjects. The Confluence Age No.1 subjects will become subjects here itself. They will experience happiness here itself; [they will enjoy] heavenly joy in this very life.

Time: 01.00.33-01.01.35
Questoin: The eight deities are called Suryavanshi, but the Vijaymala are Chandravanshi, aren't they? So, how will they come in the eight deities?

Baba: For example, virgins belong to a low clan; they become daughters of the Brahmins from a lowclan; then they are married to the Brahmins from a high clan; so, they are considered to belong to the category of a high clan. If there is a virgin of the Kshatriya clan (warrior class) and she is married to a Brahmin, then she is called a Brahmin. Similarly, when Chandravanshi virgins marry the eight deities, they will be called Suryavanshis, too. As is their company so shall be the colour that is applied to them.

Time: 01.01.36-01.05.05
Student: Baba, all the traditions of the path of Bhakti pertain to the Confluence Age... So Baba, for example, people do not wash their hair on Thursdays, they do not cut their nails, etc. So, how does its shooting take place in the world of Brahmins?

Baba: Are nails and hair formed from impure blood or pure blood? Are nails formed from impure blood or pure blood? It is impure blood. For example, we sweat, etc. So, the dirt comes out. That dirt is not removed on Thursday (Sadguruvaar). Now we are under the influence of the Sadguru; so it is good if we do not bring out the dirt [from our body] by indulging in vices.
Student: In the unlimited?
Baba: This is already in the unlimited. Arey, when we become vicious then does dirt come out from the body or not? It comes out. Do you lose vigour or not? All the blood that comes out, does it go into drain, does it turn into dirt or does it turn into pure blood? Does it prove useful for us? Is it a useful thing? No. Even if children are born, they will be like scorpions and spiders. So, are scorpions and spiders useful to us? So, it is as if they are the nails that give sorrow; hair is the memorial of viciousness. What?
Student: Should we follow all this in the limited or not?
Baba: What in the limited?
Student: Washing hair, cutting nails.
Baba: This is about the limited. This is about the limited [traditions] of the path of Bhakti. That is the limited blood; this is the unlimited blood of our thoughts. If we stop the unlimited blood of thoughts, if we jam our thoughts, if we become constant in the form of the point, will this dirty blood come out? Will the dirty blood that is giving birth to children like scorpions and spiders come out? The power of human beings, the power that a woman and a man lose because of indulging in vices, [does that power] go into drain, does it turn into impure blood, does it becomes dirt ... is it something beneficial or harmful? That is a great loss. This is why we should not take out that dirt when we are under the influence of Jupiter (Brihastpati). If the dirt comes out, does it prove that we are under the planetary influence of Rahu or Brihastpati? Under whose influence are we? We are under the influence of Rahu. (Concluded.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 31 Jan 2015

Disc.CD No.1251, dated 20.11.11 at Hyderabad, Part-1

Time: 6.29-7.54
Student: How many births did Prakashmani Dadi have?

Baba: How many births did she have? To which religion does she belong? She will become the head of which religion?
Student: Islam.
Baba: How do you know?
Student said something.
Baba: Yes because her very goal was: I should succeed the throne of Brahma Baba. So, how many biirths does Brahma Baba have? He has 84 births. So, the one who becomes his son, the one who becomes the master of his throne, whether it is Kumarika Dadi or her companion in service, will they have one birth less or one birth more?
Student: Less.
Baba: He will have one birth less because the Father has one birth more and the child has one birth less. So, how many births will she have? She will have 83 births.

Time: 7.59-10.37
Student: Baba, how should we file a case in the court to prove God of the Gita?

Baba: How should you file a case in the court?
Student: I mean to say that in order to prove the true God of the Gita...
Baba: Present the shlokas (verse) of the Gita [and aks them:] In these shlokas has God been described as incorporeal, abhokta , ajanma or has He been described as corporeal, the one who is born? Is He born and does He die? So, who is proved to be God of the Gita? Is it the One with an incorporeal stage or is it the corporeal one?
Student: Incorporeal.
Baba: The incorporeal One alone can be proved to be [God]. This point from the Gita should be raised.
Student: I mean to ask: How should you file the case?
Baba: Arey, it has been said, hasn’t it? The very shlokas of the Gita should be quoted; their meanings should be explained that it has been written in the Gita ‘I am not omnipresent’. It has been mentioned in a complete shloka ‘I am a resident of Paramdhaam (the Supreme Abode)’, then how can I be omnipresent? He is revealed in this world being present in one (ekvyaapi) [person]; He always remains present in this world as ekvyaapi through His power. The power is of remembrance. So, is remembrance incorporeal or corporeal? Remembrance is anyway incorporeal. The incorporeal One can only be remembered. The corporeal one can be remembered and he can also be experienced in every way, but incorporeal One cannot be experienced. He is beyond both happiness and sorrow. You get happiness as well as sorrow from the corporeal one. Nobody will say ‘I get sorrow from the incorporeal One’.

Time: 11.57-14.49
Student: We all are souls; then why do the outsiders belong to God?

Baba: Does a Father have younger children as well as elder children or does only the elder child belong to the Father? The younger children of the Father who are born later are also the Father’s children and the elder children are also the Father’s children. So, this is the topic. The souls that come to this world later on, in the foreign countries, pass through the cycle of birth and death more in the foreign countries, those latter souls are also the Father’s children and those who come first are also the Father’s children. All are God’s children. Is that God incorporeal or corporeal?
Student: Incorporeal.
Baba: That God is incorporeal. Those children of the Point of light, the point of light souls, the five hundred crore human souls, all are God’s children, but do those who come in the first number, those who come from the Supreme Abode home first of all in order to take care of the shop like world of the Father achieve more attainments from God or do the latter ones achieve more? Those who come first of all achieve more happiness of many births from God. This is why it can be said: Whom does God belong to first of all? Even in India did the elder sons receive kingship or was the kingship given to the younger ones?
Student: The elder ones.
Baba: The elder ones were given [the kingship] because all the elder onse have more power of purity. Even here it is like this. India is an ancient country; the Indian children are old children. They are the oldest ones; this is why they achieve more attainments from God. So, this child gets a question that whecn He is our Father; how is He their Father? Why do they say ‘our God’?

Time: 15.49-16.54
Question: What should we do to find a place in Baba’s heart?

Baba: How many find a place in Baba’s heart and how many find a place on His head? Arey, is there any number or not?
Student: There is, Baba.
Baba: How many?
Student: Eight and above them is the Ganges.
Baba: The eight climb on the head. Arey, later on the Ganges climbs down as well. So, her climbing and descending is one and the same. So, eight climb on the head and one hundred and eight find a place in His heart. Only those who find a place in His heart become kings for many births. The very inheritance of the Father is kingship.

Time: 17.09-18.08
Student: What are the seven musical notes (sapta svar)? Radha plays the seven musical notes.

Baba: There are seven Narayans, aren’t there? So, will the seven Narayans narrate seven kinds of knowledge or will they narrate only one kind of knowledge?
Student: Seven.
Baba: They narrate seven kinds of knowledge; so they are the seven musical notes. Radha is the name of the perfect stage; it is the name of the Confluence Age purushaarthi (those who make spiritual effort) and what about Saraswati? Whose name is Saraswati? Whom did she follow? She followed the incomplete Brahma; so, will she speak in one tune or in seven tunes?
Student: Only in one tune.
Baba: Only one tune of Brahma. Saraswati will speak whatever Brahma spoke.

Time: 20.35-22.34
Student: It has been explained in the Murlis that the yogis do not suffer heart failure. And, Brahma Baba left his body due to heart failure. So, what will Brahma Baba be called?

Baba: What will he be called? Will he be called a yogi or a viyogi (separated)?
Student: He devoted his entire life to Baba’s service.
Baba: He devoted [his life] to Baba’s service. Did he recognize Baba? Is Baba present in one (ekvyaapi) [being] or is He present in five hundred crore [people]?
Student: Present in one [being].
Baba: So, did he recognize the ekvyaapi? Had he recognized, would he name the institution Brahmakumari Vidyalay or Prajapita Brahmakumari Vidyalay? What would he name it? He would name it Prajapita Brahmakumari Vidyalay. But he completely forgot Prajapita.
Student: It is very difficult to accept this.
Baba: Yes, it will be difficult for those who belong to his religion. It will be very easy for those who are the children of the Suryavanshi Father. Does the blood work or not?
Student: It works.
Baba: It works.
Student: Despite trying every moment...
Baba: Yes, the same thing. :D
Student: I mean to say Baba, that they want a proof for that.
Baba: There is proof, isn’t it there? Proof for what? Proof of what?
Student: Brahma Baba had a heart failure.
Baba: Did he not suffer heart failure?
Student: He did; they are asking a proof for that.
Baba: The proof was mentioned in the Murlis. The first bulletin was issued; it is written in it that the doctor was called; by the time he came… he said that he (Brahma Baba) suffered heart failure.
Student: What is the date of the Murli?
Baba: Arey, it is the first bulletin ... ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 01 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1251, dated 20.11.11 at Hyderabad, Part-1

Time: 23.43-26.58
Student: The mind will be wherever there is wealth and body. So, Brahma Baba's body and wealth was in the Yagya itself, wasn’t it?

Baba: Where was Brahma Baba's body engaged?
Student: In Yagya service.
Baba: In Yagya? Who is yagyapita (Father of the Yagya)? Arey! Arey, who is yagyapita?
Student: ShivBaba.
Baba: Who is the practical form of ShivBaba? Arey, in the beginning of the Yagya did Brahma Baba receive the seed of knowledge from someone or not, or was he simply born? The one from whom he received the seed of knowledge is his yagyapita. Arey, Yagya is the Yagya of knowledge, is not it? It is said Rudra Gyan Yagya (Yagya of the knowledge of Rudra), is not it? A house made of bricks is not called Yagya.
Student: But the versions that emerged from his mouth became the support, did not it, Baba?
Baba: What versions emerged?
Student: Murli.
Baba: The Vedas have also emerged. Do you understand the Vedas? Do you know the meaning of even one shlok? When you don't know the meaning at all, then will you make them your support? Arey, did the Vedas emerge or not? For example, it was said in the path of Bhakti that the Vedas emerged from the mouth of Brahma. Similarly, the great sentences of the Murli emerged from the mouth of Brahma Baba in the world of Brahmins. They are our Vedas.
Student: It is on them that the Advance knowledge is based, is not it, Baba?
Baba: Arey, then will you make another God? He doesn't know its meaning. When the meaning itself… there is a person; he learns the caupaais of the Ramayana by heart and narrates them, he learns the shloka of the Gita by heart and narrates them; he rememebers the shloka of the Mahabharata as well; he learns them by heart and narrates them; but he does not know its meaning. So, will people believe him or will people believe in someone who understands and explains their meanings by interpreting them? Is understanding called knowledge or is parroting (totaa ratant) [something] called knowledge? What is called knowledge? If a parrot keeps narrating a shloka, will it be called knowledgeable? No. Similarly, God came and narrated the text book through the mouth of Brahma, but if is not understood by anyone, then that text book is incomplete. This is why God has to take on the form of a teacher to make [the children] understand it. He is the Father as well as the Teacher; then He is also the Sadguru who is Karan-karaavanhaar .

Time: 27.37-28.38
Student: Will the kingdom be established after the part of the Sadguru has been played or…..

Baba: Acchaa! :D The guru's task is to show the path; the Sadguru's task is to show the true path. So, the Sadguru who shows the true path is Himself the Giver of sadgati (true salvation). Will He first bring the sadgati of the intellect or will the sadgati of the body and the karmendriyaan of the body take place first?
Student: Of the mind and intellect.
Baba: He brings the sadgati of the mind and intellect. When the sadgati of the mind and intellect takes place, then will you perform a true task or a false task?
Student: True.
Baba: You will perform true tasks through the karmendriyaan. If you perform the true task, the capital of the Golden Age will be established; if you perform false tasks, the Golden Age capital is not going to be established.

Time: 28.41-34.22
Student: Baba, who plays the part of Prajapita beweeen 1960 and 68?

Baba: As regards Prajapita's part, one is original and the other is just like a principal goes on leave for a year or two, then the vice principal is given importance, he is given the post. Similarly, when Prajapita departed in the beginning of the Yagya, who received his title? Brahma Baba got the title. For how long did he get the title? He got the title till 68-69 as long as he was alive; so he was Prajapita. Was he the acting (kaaryavaahak) Prajapita or the original one? He was the acting [Prajapita]. This is why the name Brahmumari Ishvariya Vishwa Vidyalay used to be written. What was the name of the ashram written as? Brahmakumari Ishvariya Vishwa Vidyalay. Later on ShivBaba said in the Murli that you children call yourselves Brahmakumar-Brahmakumari. This is wrong.

If anyone is asked: ‘Whose child are you?’ And he says: ‘My mother's name is this’, then will people laugh, will they make fun of him or will they be happy? They will make fun of him [saying:] This one does not know his Father's name at all. This is not good. So, ShivBaba explained to the children. What did He explain? This Murli began to be narrated from 64-65 that you shouldn't write Brahmakumar-Brahmakumari. What should you write? Prajapita Brahmakumar-Brahmakumari. Do not write the ashram's name as Brahmakumari Vidyalay. What should you write? Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishvariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. This is why in the old pictures of the Tree and Trimurti, the name of the institution that has been mentioned; what name has been mentioned? Brahmakumari Ishvariya Vishwa Vidyalay. And what name has been mentioned in the picture of the Ladder that was prepared after 65? Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishvariya Vishwa Vidyalay. Still, they followed only half the Shrimat, they did not follow the other half. What? They did write Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishvariya Vishwavidyalay instead of Brahmakumari Ishvariya Vishwa Vidyalay, but they continued to write just Brahmakumar-Brahmakumari before their name. They did not add the word Prajapita. Even to this day they are not writing it. So, is it correct or wrong?
Student: Wrong.
Baba: How is it wrong? They do not know at all. They will write only when they have firm faith. So, how will someone who doesn't know [Prajapita] at all write [his name]?
Student: In future they will not use the word 'Prajapita' either, will they?
Baba: Yes, they do not even want to take the name. Earlier, they still took the name of Piu. Piu means Father. Now, now they have removed even his name and trace. For example, a sentence has been mentioned in the Murli that even the corpse was hidden so that the name and trace perishes.
Student: What is meant by laash (corpse) in the unlimited?
Baba: Unlimited meaning of every thing! :D Unlimited meaning of ears, unlimited meaning of nose, unlimited meaning of glasses, unlimited meaning of teeth. Laash means corpse.
Student: Are you speaking about the reality?
Baba: Yes.
Student: Was he murdered?
Baba: Arey, as regards muder… when a war takes place, are people murdered in it or do they achieve martyrdom? Are people murdered in a battlefield or do they achieve martyrdom (viirgati)?
Student: They become martyrs.
Baba: They become martyrs. Why [should it be called] a murder (hatyaa)? In 'hatyaa', there is the word 'hat'; hat tere ki. That is something bad. He achieved martyrdom for the sake of truth. This is an unlimited war. In that world the limited wars were waged from the Copper Age and which war do we children fight? We fight a war for truth. This is an unlimited war. What unlimited attainment do those who fight this [unlimited] war achieve? They achieve martyrdom (viirgati). ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 02 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1251, dated 20.11.11 at Hyderabad, Part-1

Time: 34.37-35.36
Student: Concentration is a method of treatment.

Baba: Yes, what is this healing that they do nowadays? Healing, reiki or what is it called? Two-four such therapies are in practice. That is nothing else but just concentration. Their concentration is limited and our concentration is unlimited because we do it in the Father's remembrance. But there is a difference in practice. Our practice is not for a second; our practice is life long. Will you remember for a little while or throughout your life? We have to remember throughout our life because there are karmic accounts of 63 births.

Time: 35.40-38.12
Student: Baba, it is true isn’t it? – That Brahma Baba sacrificed himself?

Baba: Yes, he did sacrifice… for example, there is a donkey. A donkey works hard from morning till evening. Does he [work hard] or not? (Someone said: He does.) Does he do it truthfully or forcibly? (Someone said: Forcibly.) Yes, the potter or the washerman beats him with a cane. So, he does [hard work] forcibly. Did Brahma Baba come under the control of Dadi Kumarka or not? He did. So, the one in whose control he came, did he do service for him or did he recognize God and do service for Him? Did He recognize the practical form of God? Will it be said that he followed the Shrimat of God?
Student: A direction to follow Brahma Baba has been given.
Baba: Follow him in actions but listen to My directions. [It was said] follow him in actions because Brahma Baba did not remarry. Did he remarry? He did not. So, you too, should not remarry. Don’t even bring such thoughts [in your mind]. Brahma Baba did not give inheritance to his children in actions in practice. So, what should we also do? We also shouldn’t give inheritance to even our children if they don’t follow the knowledge. Follow him in actions in such a way. It shouldn’t be that you do the opposite thing: Follow Shankar in actions and follow Brahma Baba’s directions.
Student: In which category will his service be included?
Baba: Second, No.2. Does he take the No.2 inheritance or the No.1 inheritance? Does he obtain the inheritance from the Father or from the deities? From whom does He take the inheritance? (Everyone said: From the deities.) Speak up. Arey, who is asking the question? The one who is asking the question, speak up. From whom does he obtain the inheritance? (Student: From the deities.) He obtains the inheritance from the deities; so, who is high? Are you high or is Brahma Baba high?
Student: But as regards sacrifice…
Baba: Again the same thing, sacrifice. A donkey sacrifices himself for the potter. If you speak to the important officers of today they will say ‘We are karmayogi’. We don’t have faith in any religion. We have faith in karma. We are firm in our karma. Then, if you ask them “You are karmayogi, then is a donkey also karmayogi or not?”... (Someone said: It is.) “So, are you karmayogi like a donkey or are you the karmayogi [who practice] the Raja Yoga, the Karma Yoga that the children of God learnt from God? Under whom do you work? Do you work under the corrupt ministers or do you work under those who are righteous? Under whom do you work? You work under the corrupt ministers.”

Time: 39.17-40.11
Student: As long as Brahma Baba was alive he did not know the form of God, did he?

Baba: Yes.
Student: So, how will Brahma Baba know that this is the form of God?
Baba: Is it God who gives knowledge or is it a demon who gives knowledge?
Student: God.
Baba: So, from whom did he get knowledge?
Student: From God.
Baba: Then? He too got knowledge from God Himself but because of body consciousness he forgot that topic. He became body conscious that this person was a servant, a manager at my shop for 10 years. Is a manager a servant or an owner? He is a servant. So, he felt egotistic that this person is my servant. Arey, it is not seen whether someone is a servant or not in knowledge.

Time: 40.16-41.17
Student: To listen [to the knowledge] is not a big deal, to understand it is not a big deal either, but to assimilate it is a big deal.

Baba: Can anyone assimilate if he does not understand at all?
Student: But Brahma Baba assimilated [the knowledge] to a great extent, didn’t he?
Baba: If he assimilated to a great extent, he should become the No.1 Narayan. Then he should become Nar-Narayan (the one who becomes Narayan from a man). Has Baba given a direction to change from a man to Narayan or from a man to prince?
Student said something.
Baba: This is why he is No.2. If there is a question paper of hundred questions and an examinee gives correct answers to all the hundred questions and there is another student who gives correct answers to 99 questions, and wrong answer to one question, then who will be No.1? The one who gives correct answers to all the hundred questions will be No.1.

Time: 41.44-42.58
Student: Is Brahma Baba a donkey because of one mistake?

Baba: Why one mistake? We can tell you hundreds of mistakes. We can tell you four hundred thousand mistakes. The four hundred thousandth student belonging to the Sun dynasty achieves the No.1 position and the number next to the four hundred thousandth [student] is Brahma Baba; so who is more elevated? The four hundred thousandth [student] is more elevated.
Student: What will be the part in the broad drama of those who make such mistake?
Baba: They will have a part to achieve number in the next birth. They will not achieve a number in the most elevated Divine birth and what will be the fate of his followers?
Student: They will have the same fate.
Baba: How will they have the same fate?
Student: They will become his children.
Baba: Yes.

Time: 43.16-43.54
Student: The capital is to be established, so how many people will participate in it in Delhi?

Baba: In making the capital firm? In establishing the capital? The 16108 will also participate in it. Will the 16108 be present in practice or will they enter [someone]? (Student said something.) Yes, the rosary that is made, the rosary that is the memorial, is it present in practice or is it fictitious?

Time: 48.47-50.04
Student: A sick person remains unhappy from within; so can he make intense purushaarth?

Baba: Why not? Why? A sick person should always remember: ‘I am avoiding Dharmaraj's (the Chief Justice’s) punishments. I am greater than those who are not sick, those who go on committing sins, who go on accumulating burden of sins’. One can avoid punishments of Dharmaraj through diseases as well. ‘I suffer karma Bhog (karmic suffering) quickly being ill’. And do you get more time to remember [ShivBaba] in illness or do you get more time when you are healthy?
Student: In illness.
Baba: In illness. Keep lying and remember [ShivBaba] comfortably. Nowadays such medicines have come up in allopathy… allopathy has gained 100% victory only on one thing; it has stopped pain. They will perform the biggest operation, but you will not feel any pain at all. So, howevermuch sick you may fall, go on gobbling tablets, you will not feel any pain. When you are not feeling any pain at all, then cannot you remember Baba? You can. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 03 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1251, dated 20.11.11 at Hyderabad, Part-1

Time: 51.52-53.18
Student: What about the one in whose case medicine doesn't work?

Baba: The medicine doesn't work? Then some ghost or spirit must be entering.
Student: It doesn't work even a little…
Baba: Yes, when meidinces don't work, when the machines… go for any treatment, any test and the machines say that everything is normal, normal, normal, normal. So, you can think that ghosts and spirits are at work. Whern ghosts and spirits work, you don’t come to know anything about what disease you have and you won’t come to know of its treatment either. These bhuut vaidya (people who practice black magic) can treat them to some extent and the biggest bhuut vaidya is ShivBaba.
Student... is very far away.
Baba: Is ShivBaba very far away?
Student: ShivBaba is near.
Baba: So, then remember Him alone.
Student: I am in bondage. My family members don't listen...
Baba: Arey, the mind is not in bondage. The body can be in bondage, the children can be in bondage, the wealth can be in bondage, the karmendriyaan can be in bondage, but the mind doesn't remain in bondage. The mind does not remain in anyone's bondage.

Time: 53.31-53.56
Student: Baba, it is explained in the Murlis: By conquering the mind you conquer the world, by conquering Maya you conquer the world and by conquering lust you conquer the world.

Baba: It is correct.
Student: Are all the three topics same?
Baba: They are the same. Will the feeling of lust arise without the thoughts of the mind? And when Maya comes, will she first come in thoughts or will she directly come in actions?
Student: Thoughts…
Baba: So, all the three topics are one and the same.

Time: 54.31-55.05
Student: Baba, Brahma Baba had 12 gurus, didn’t he? …who are they in the unlimited?

Baba: The 12 Suryavanshi souls themselves are his 12 gurus in the unlimited. Are there 12 souls in the rosary in the Sun dynasty or not? There are nine groups of nine religions, aren’t there? So, the first group is of the Sun dynasty. Brahma Baba is the head of the Moon dynasty. So, will he accept someone lower than him as his guru or someone higher than him? He will make only those who are higher than him his guru.

Time: 57.47-59.05
Question: It has been mentioned in the Murli that first of all you have to explain on [the picture of] the Trimurti in the exhibition. [You should tell them:] This is your Baba and this is your Dada. So, Baba, to whom does 'this is your Baba’ and ‘that one is Dada' apply? Please explain Baba.

Baba: Tell, who will answer? When you explain the Trimurti, then you should explain to anyone: This is your Baba; this is your Dada. So, who is Baba in Trimurti and who is Dada?
Student: Dada is Brahma Baba.
Baba: Dada is Brahma Baba because he is the first child. When the new world, the Golden Age begins, then who is the first child, the first leaf of the Golden Age world?
Student: Child Krishna.
Baba: Child Krishna is Dada of all of us, of the human world and who is Baba of the entire human world?
Student: Shankar, Prajapita…
Baba: The soul of Ram, the soul playing a part in the form of Shankar is Baba for all of us.

Time: 59.38-01.00.57
Question: The householders have to do service for eight hours. So, what all is included in the list of service?

Baba: If you sit and remember [Baba], then that is also included in the list of service because it purifies the atmosphere. If you see any soul, see them with a pure vision, with pure vibrations, this is also a service. If you come in relationship or contact with any soul through the karmendriyaan, he should get happiness forever; he should not get sorrow. You should perform such actions through the karmendriyaan. This is service, too. When you speak, speak such words through which the others feel that flowers are being showered on them; they are getting a lot of happiness and they are getting happiness forever; then that is also service. So, whether you do service through the mind , through the words or you do physical service through the karmendriyaan, whether you do service through the body or through the wealth, all these kinds of service are included in the list of service.

Time: 01.02.00-01.02.44
Student: It is said that someone should not take the law into his hands; how does it apply to us?

Baba: It applies in this way… is it our task, is it the task of knowledgeable ones to punish someone or is it the task of Dharmaraj (the Chief Justice) to punish someone?
Student: It is the task of Dharmaraj.
Baba: It is the task of Dharmaraj.
Student: How do we confront?
Baba: Someone can confront even through the eyes. If he turns his eyes red, big, round (glares angrily at someone), if he performs such actions through the karmendriyaan that give sorrow to others, then that is also called confrontation. If he speaks such topics through the words that give pain to others, that give sorrow, then all this is included in confrontation. (Concluded.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 11 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1254, dated 27.11.11 at Vellore, Part-1

Time: 4.27-6.16
Student: Baba, mother Yogini is said to be No.1 in purity in the Rudramala . What will her part in the Golden Age and in the Confluence Age be? How will it be?

Baba: Which is the highest part and in which age do you become the highest actors?
Student: In the Confluence Age.
Baba: Those who become the highest actors in the Confluence Age become high actors for many births. Will the part in the Golden Age be called a high part or will the part in the Confluence Age be called a high part?
Student: Confluence Age.
Baba: Which is the highest part in the Golden Age? Krishna’s part is the highest part, but whose part is higher than his? Krishna’s creator. The creator is always higher than the creation. Is the Father high or is the child high? The Father is high. So, the special actors in the Confluence Age take on the highest part in the Confluence Age because does the Golden Age begin from the Confluence Age itself or will it begin in the Golden Age itself?
Student: In the Confluence Age.
Baba: Heaven is established in the Confluence Age itself. This is why those who become high in the first number start descending in that age. They go on giving [the high position] to their children; then when the New Age comes, they will become high actors.

Time: 6.33-12.31
Student: Jagdamba’s position is higher than that of even God.

Baba: Yes, when kings sit on the throne, then the queen also sits on the throne along with the king. She is called Rajlakshmi (queen). So, is the seat of Rajlakshmi higher or is the seat of the Rajmata (queen mother) higher?
Student: Rajmata (queen mother).
Baba: So, who is higher? Rajmata is higher because Baba has framed this rule that nobody can be uplifted without the mother guru. So, if you made the mother a guru, then is the mother high or is the disciple high? Who is the seniormost mother in our Confluence Age world of Brahmins? Is it Jagdamba or is it Dada Lekhraj Brahma?
Student: Jagdamba.
Baba: It is Jagdamba because Dada Lekhraj Brahma's body is no more. Does the bodily being become famous or does the soul become famous? The bodily being becomes famous and even in the beginning of the Yagya Brahma wasn't present in the beginning; who was there? Was there the mother first, was there Brahma first or was there Prajapita first? Who was first? It was Yagya mata (mother of the Yagya). It is from the mother that the child is born. So, who is the first Brahmin child?
Student: Prajapita.
Baba: Prajapita. From whom did Prajapita, the first Brahmin child receive birth? Brahma is required to become a Brahmin, is not he? How can there be a Brahmin without Brahma? So, who is Brahma? Jagdamba is the first Brahma. Brahma itself means the senior mother. The one who is Prajapita's mother is proved to be the mother of the entire world and the mother will have to be made a guru. If you disobey the mother, you will not achieve true liberation (sadgati); the gates of heaven will not open. The gates of heaven are to open, aren't they? When a gate is opened, then how many doors does it have? It has two doors. Which are the two doors? Their part will be revealed to everyone in the Confluence Age that these are the highest ones. Lakshmi and Narayan. Although it is said that when were this Lakshmi and Narayan born? When were they born? As per the Murli when were these Lakshmi and Narayan born? 10 years less from today, 5000 years ago. So, what time do we come to? This is a Murli of 66. As per that Murli it is 76 when Lakshmi and Narayan were born. To be born means the first revelation. So, were they born when the revelation like birth took place? Did it sit in everybody's intellect that a child is born? Arey, when a child is born somewhere, then all the people of the area accept that a child is born or does anyone say that who knows whether a child has been born or not? Does it happen so? No. So, did everyone accept 100 percent firmly in 1976 that this one is Narayan? Did they accept? Nobody accepted it. They accept it today and raise doubts tomorrow. So, a child is said to be born only when whoever comes in front of Him, whoever listens to Him and whoever sees Him, what should come out of his mouth? My Father has come. And the Father will be revealed through the child. Is the Father a point, incorporeal or is He corporeal? What is God the Father? He is incorporeal. So, how will He be revealed? The Father is revealed only through the child. So, it will be said that the child is revealed when whoever comes in front of him has to accept that the revelation has taken place, the birth has taken place.
Student: Is Jagdamba praised so much after God (Ishvar)?
Baba: Yes, Ishvar means Ish var, ish means the one who governs, var means elevated. If a son is a governor and he is asked - his mother is brought in front of him and asked - are you greater or is your mother greater? So, what will he say? He will call his mother greater or will he call himself greater? If he is a worthy [child], he will keep the mother ahead of him; if he is unworthy, he will keep himself ahead.

Time: 12.34-13.34
Student: Baba, Narayan is the greatest one, but his name is taken after Lakshmi; it is said: Lakshmi-Narayan.

Baba: What is the basis of a name (naam)?
Student: It is the task (kaam), but….
Baba: So, Narayan performed a greater task in practice, in the practical life; in the purushaarthi life (life of making spiritual effort) did Narayan perform a greater task or did Lakshmi perform a greater task?
Student: Lakshmi.
Baba: Lakshmi performed greater Task. Why? On what basis?
Student: Purity.
Baba: On the basis of purity. Is Narayan a male or does he have a female body? Are all men, the purushaarthi (those who make spiritual effort) men of this world Duryodhans and Dushasans or are all women Duryodhans and Dushasans?
Student: The men.
Baba: The men are Duryodhans and Dushasans. Well, whether it is Brahma, whether it is Prajapita Brahma or any purushaarthi. If someone has a male body, what is he? All are Duryodhans and Dushasans.

Time: 13.44-16.28
Student: Why is the worldly education called dogly education?

Baba: It is because does the worldly education that is being imparted contain more elements of foreign education or Indian education? It contains foreign education. Which is the biggest vice that has permeated in the foreign countries which was not present in India? Adultery (vyabhicaar). The foreigners are adulterous. They are never satisfied with one wife or one husband in their life because they have more vices. This is why because of being adulterous they make the world a brothel. This is why, does the education that leads to formation of a brothel bring downfall or does it enable you to raise your head high? It brings downfall. Arey, the very name is dogly education, Godly (Divine) education. What do we become through Godly education? We become god and goddess. Achhaa, what do we become through dogly education? We become dogs and bitches. So, who would like to become dogs and bitches? Only the one in whose intellect the Divine knowledge has not sat would like to become dogs and bitches. When someone insults someone, what does he say? ‘O *****!’ So, why is this bad word? ‘O dog!’ Why is it considered bad? It is because dogs and bitches promote adultery. Do those who promote adultery take the world into pit or do they enable the world to rise?
Student: [They take it] to pit.
Baba: Yes, it is God alone who enables the entire world to rise. So, He comes and makes [us] from man to Narayan. Ever since Maya comes, she makes everyone dogs and bitches, he-monkeys and she-monkeys. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 12 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1254, dated 27.11.11 at Vellore, Part-1

Time: 16.38-17.36
Student: In the olden Murlis, it was written that Shiva entered the mother and Brahma wrote [the Murli]. So, how can this be possible because Shiva can’t enter a mother?

Baba: Can’t He come in a mother or can’t He come in a virgin?
Student: Can He come in a mother?
Baba: He can come in a mother. There is a difference between a mother and a virgin. A virgin is pure. The Father cannot enter in a pure one and what about the mother? Mother is a mother, isn’t she? So, the topic that has been spoken for the mother that there were such mothers, such children who used to give directions even to Mama and Baba, they made them perform drill, they used to sit as their teachers; the Father used to enter them. It was mentioned in the Murli. So, would the mother have been a virgin or only a mother? She was only a mother.

Time: 18.46-21.28
Student: Baba, there is a mention of pure pride and impure ego in the Murlis. What is its clarification?

Baba: Is everything, every virtue, every vice, every religion in the world satopradhaan in the beginning or is it tamopradhaan?
Student: Satopradhaan.
Baba: So, is ego also a vice or not? It is a vice. So, was it satopradhaan or tamopradhaan initially? The five vices were also hundred percent satopradhaan in the beginning of the Golden Age. The five vices of Ravan; the vice of lust... there is such a big world; in such a big world would there have been a hundred percent lustful person or not? Is the person who would have been hundred percent lustful in the world the Father of all the lustful ones or not? Is He the seed or not? Will that seed form soul be in the world of Brahmins or not?
Student: It will be.
Baba: It will be. He himself has been praised as sage Gautam in the scriptures. There are two [souls who play the] part of that sage. One [soul] is that according to the actions. Are actions performed through the body or does the soul perform actions? The soul performs actions through the body. The body will not be called the seed; the soul will be called the seed. So, there is a seed form soul of sage Gautam as well; he is the seed of the vice of lust; this is why it is said Gau tam. The highest one (shreshth tam); and gau means indriyaan . The one who experienced the maximum pleasure through these physical indriyaan is Gautam. What was the name given to his wife? Ahilya.

Time: 22.52-23.46
Student: Is the part of the Sun of Knowledge and the Ocean of Knowledge played simultaneously or at different times?

Baba: Does the Sun remain stuck to the earth or does the ocean remain stuck? Who remains stuck?
Student: The ocean.
Baba: The ocean remains stuck to the land and what about the Sun? Does the Sun always remain detached from earth or does it remain attached? It remains detached. So, actually the Sun of Knowledge is Shiva. The one in whom the Sun of Knowledge enters is called the ocean of knowledge. It is very deep. Nobody has been able to measure the depth of the ocena so far that how deep it is.

Time: 23.55-26.13
Student: Lakshman drew the Lakhman rekha (line of Lakshman); what is its secret?

Baba: The very meaning of Lakshman rekha is that if you do not cross that line, which is named Lakshman rekha, then you will achieve the goal (lakshya). What is the goal of a woman? What is the goal of Sita? To become Lakshmi. But does Sita become Lakshmi or not? Does the one who crossed the Lakshman rekha become Lakshmi or not? She doesn’t. The Sita, who did not cross the Lakshman rekha becomes Lakshmi. So, there are two Sitas. It has been mentioned in the Ramayana as well that the Sita who did not cross the goal, the one who did not cross the line ‘tum paavak me karo nivaasaa’, reside in the fire of Yoga; ‘jab lagey karau nishaachar naasaa’, reside in the fire of Yoga until I destroy these demons. Be in the fire of Yoga. It wasn’t said be in the fire of separation (viyogaagni). Where should you reside? In the fire of Yoga.
Student: One Sita is shown going into the earth.
Baba: Yes, the one who goes down into the earth… will the one who goes down be a perfect purushaarthi or will the one who remains above be a perfect purushaarthi?
Student: Above.
Baba: Then? And she is born from the earth of body consciousness and she merges into the earth of body consciousness itself.

Time: 28.06-29.55
Student: We learn everything; we study the entire knowledge and forget everything in the end, in the Golden Age.

Baba: Acchaa, if you remember the truth (sat), if you remember the essence (saar), then is it good to forget everything [else] or is it good not to forget? The education that people receive in the world, the voluminous scriptures that they read, they read it for twenty, twenty five years, for their entire life and after studying the knowledge when they get the position, when they sit on the seat, then do they forget everything or do they remember it? They forget. They remember the essence. So, similarly what is the essence of the entire knowledge?
Student: Remembrance.
Baba: Remembrance. Which remembrance? Is it the remembrance of the Supreme Soul or the remembrance of the soul conscious stage? When the soul conscious stage becomes firm, then it is better to forget everything because if the deities remember the past and future apart from the present, then will their entire happiness vanish or will the happiness persist? Everything will go waste. They will just remember that they will fall. Arey, we were so great in the Confluence Age, our respect and position was so great in the Confluence Age! Now there is not the question of being high and low in front of just a few of us, now everyone is a soul, everyone is in a soul conscious stage. There neither anyone is high nor is anyone low.
Student: Making purushaarth for the soul itself is everything.
Baba: But when will you make purushaarth for the soul? Will you become stable in the soul conscious stage when you receive help from the Supreme Soul Father or will you become stable on your own? Who gives you support? Who gives you support to become stable in the soul conscious stage? Does the Father Himself give support or do we ourselves become our support? The Father Himself becomes the support. [It is said:] I will sit you children on my eyes and take you above. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 13 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1254, dated 27.11.11 at Vellore, Part-1

Time: 35.13-37.10
Student: Vasudhaiv kutumbkam.

Baba: Yes, vasudhaiv kutumbkam (the whole world is our family) will be formed when we become souls; then the entire world will become our family. Now this body itself is our family. These very ten indriyaan are the companions of our family. We enjoy their pleasures a lot. Arey, is there any Father who doesn’t give roti (bread) to his child and eats large meals himself? There are parents, they first feed their children, they sustain their children, they sustain their family; then they eat whatever is left over after that. A family is not formed just by saying.
Student: In the end all the souls will bow before God, will they not?
Baba: So, what do you want to say?
Student: Everyone is the Father’s child, isn’t he?
Baba: So, did they bow? Arey, leave the topic of everyone. Has even one person bowed now? Not even one person has bowed completely. Today they talk of joy; tomorrow some situation will arise and they will start crying. [They will say:] ‘I don’t like this; I don’t like that’. Arey, when we have become the family members of God, when God has accepted us, then can any harm befall us? We have achieved whatever we wanted to achieve. We should always have this joy. Then, the entire Confluence Age itself is an age of enjoyment.

Time: 38.22-39.08
Student: This brother is asking that the more we remember [Baba] we will eat less food and need less sleep.

Baba: It is correct.
Student: So, what about the unlimited?
Baba: It is being told just about the unlimited. In the limited , the more you have meals, the more you eat, eat delicious food to your fill and sleep at night, eat nice things like puris fried in oil and halvaa and sleep in the night, will you wake up early in the morning or will you wake up late? You will wake up late. You will get more sleep. That is limited food and this is the soul's subtle food. So, it is just the subtle topics which are being discussed now. It is the food of remembrance.

Time: 39.24-40.45
Student: Baba, sometimes at amritvelaa (early morning hours) we become lazy… sometimes we feel that we will have good remembrance...

Baba: …then it goes down. It means that have the karmic accounts of the 63 births been cleared? Are the karmic accounts going on, are the karmic accounts increasing or decreasing according to the shooting day by day? So, when the karmic accounts are cleared, the remembrance will become constant continuously. When the reel of sinful actions rotates, then howevermuch purushaarth we make, however strong resolution we make, the purushaarth is not good and when the reel of noble actions rotates, then even if we don't wish, the stage becomes good automactically. This is why it was said that now the karmic accounts of 63 births is being cleared. On the basis of our purushaarth we can realize whether we have performed more noble actions (punya) or more sins for 63 births.

Time: 47.57-52.04
Student: Baba, it was mentioned in today's Murli that the more someone makes purushaarth, the more forcefully Maya slaps them.

Baba: The sharper purushaarth you make, Maya will attack you more strongly.
Student: Listening to this when we make more purushaarth, Maya tests us more.
Baba: Acchaa, so is it bad to appear in a test? Will someone achieve a high position if he gives more tests or will he achieve a high position if he gives a small test?
Student: No, children think that because of making more purushaarth Maya is slapping them.
Baba: Arey! Why don't children think that if they make more purushaarth they will achieve a higher post? If they appear for more tests, the post that they achieve will also be higher. Those who do no appear for tests at all will not achieve a high post. And is Maya almighty or is the Father Almighty? Maya opposes us, this is correct; Maya takes us down again and again, this is correct. From the beginning of the Copper Age did the hero actor soul face the illusive souls or not? It did face. Did it go down or did it lose courage? Did it lose courage? It did not lose courage. It went down. It knows that these foreigners are very strong. Although they destroyed India completely, did Rana Pratap, Shivaji Maharaj face them or did they they sit idly in thier life? They faced them. Then they are praised as elevated purushaarthis. Do not lose courage and do not forget Ram. If you lose courage, you lose. Is a loser called a loser or is someone who loses courage called a loser? Someone gets on a cycle again and again and he falls down again and again; so, should he call himself a loser or will someone who does not stop getting on a cycle be called a loser? If he falls again and again, if he falls again and again, then is he a loser or a winner? He does not lose courage.

So, if you lose courage, you lose; if you show courage, you win. This is why Baba has said that who will get the final victory? Now Maya is defeating you continuously. What? This Maya is defeating you continuously and it will defeat you even more in future. Upto fourteen evil souls may enter each every person; they will enter collectively. Even now these ghosts and spirits are entering.

Student: Then the situation will be very bad.
Baba: It is completely bad? Who is with us? Whose drishti are we getting?
Student: From Baba.
Baba: Is Maya receiving drishti or are we receiving drishti? Is the Father with us or is He with the illusive ones? He is with us; so should our courage increase even more or should we lose courage and sit? Our courage should increase day in and day out. We have the firm faith that the final victory belongs only to us.

Time: 54.52-55.45
Student: Baba told earlier in an Avyakt Vani that a day will come when a queue will be formed outside your house.

Baba: Outside your home?
Student: I mean those who are Baba’s children...
Baba: The queue will be formed in Mount Abu.
Student: Won’t a queue be formed behind Baba’s children?
Baba: It was not said that there will be a queue behind Baba’s children. It was said that a queue will be formed in Mount Abu. From below, from Abu Road and upto Mount Abu, the queue will not end at all. It is possible that a separate road will have to be built for going up and coming down. For example, there is a memorial in Tirupati. Now there is a separate road for going up and a separate road for coming down.
Student: It will be the same in Mount Abu as well?
Baba: The same thing will have to be done when a queue forms in Mount Abu as well. Otherwise how will the work be done?
Student: Does it mean that Baba’s children won’t give anything to anyone?
Baba: Baba’s children won’t give anything, then will a point give [everything]?
Student: No, to the ignorant people.
Baba: Yes, the children will give [knowledge] only when the worldly people come in front of the children, in front of their door or will they give [knowledge] without the people reaching them? (Student said something.) So, which will be the children’s door? The Father’s door will be the children’s door. Dar means door (darvaazaa).

Time: 56.31-58.03
Student: I heard in a discussion that now there isn’t Baba’s permission [for the children] to live in Mount Abu.

Baba: Yes, there is permission to purchase property. There isn’t permission to live there.
Student: Why?
Baba: Arey, is it good or bad to have enemity with the crocodile while living in water? Speak up. Suppose, there is a river of water; you know that there is a crocodile sitting in it and you go and start fighting with it, you enter the river, then will it attack you, will it kill you, will it eat you or will you eat it?
Student: It will eat us.
Baba: Yes, you can shoot with a gun from outside.
Student: If we don’t go there, then the property....
Baba: Who has stopped you from looking after [the property]? Go there quietly; take care of it and come back. Report [to the police] if you find that someone else has started occupying it. Do the paper work, go to courts. (Concluded)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 22 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1258, dated 3.12.11 at Haripur

Time: 5.42-15.02
Student: Baba has said that in the end He will inspire the shaktis to create destruction and He will also inspire the elements of the nature for destruction; so how will that part be played?

Baba: How will it be played? Who are the shaktis (consort of Shiva) and who is nature (prakriti)? Nature will receive inspiration (prernaa) and the shaktis will also receive inspiration. Will nature receive inspiration first or will the shaktis receive inspiration first?
Student: The shaktis will receive inspiration first.
Baba: Why?
Student: The living one will reform first.
Baba: It is because the shaktis are living. Achhaa, and is nature totally intert?
Student: It is mostly inert.
Baba: Yes, both are shaktis, but one has the power of avyabhicaar (unadulterated purity). Bhaarat Mata Shiv-Shakti avatar (Mother India, the incarnation of Shivshakti), this is the very slogan of the end. So, first the shaktis receive the inspiration to become destroyers of demons and later on nature also receives inspiration. If you see, then there is just one complete purush (man). The rest is intert nature. Pra kriti. Pra means 'prakasht ruup se' (in a special form); 'kriti' means any task performed with a reason. All the souls are inert; when compared to the Supreme Father Supreme Soul, so all are nature.

If you see, the number one nature (prakriti) is Prajapita Brahma whose support is taken by the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. The Supreme Father is always living (caitanya) and He comes and makes the inert dilapitaded souls into living souls. Everyone's lamp is extinguished. He gives life (caitanyata) to everyone. When they become caitanya, then they consider themselves to be souls. A soul is separate and the idol of nature, [i.e.] the body is different. There is an idol of nature and the souls contain nature and sanskaar of many births naturally. Everyone is bound to play his part according to the nature and sanskaar that are recorded in them. The part of 5000 years is recorded in every soul. As is the part recorded in them, they have to play the same kind of part. So, it is as if the nature has already performed all the actions. So, is nature more powerful or is the soul more powerful or is the Supreme Father Supreme Soul more powerful?

Student: The Supreme Father Supreme Soul is more powerful.
Baba: The Supreme Father Supreme Soul is more powerful, but only those who become constant in the soul conscious stage are the right hands of the Supreme Soul. Those who do not become constant in the soul conscious stage quickly, those who remain body conscious, are the inert form of nature. In the end the souls become perfect and through the collective Yoga of the souls, the nature will also become perfect. The mothers of India are true souls, those who live in soul conscious stage for whom it has been said that shivshakti incarnation is the very slogan of the end. So, the shivshaktis receive inspiration from the Supreme Father Supreme Soul first then nature also receives inspiration for destruction.
Student: The Rudramaalaa recognizes the Father first because of being soul conscious and does the Vijaymaalaa comes in the end and becomes number one in soul conscious stage?
Baba: She does not become number one in soul conscious stage; she is already in the soul conscious stage. She is in the soul conscious stage; this is why the Supreme Soul Father entertains her. Despite not being in knowledge, despite not recognizing the Father, she remains joyful; she remains happy in visions and dreams. The Father gives visions to her; He doesn't let her be unhappy. Those who use their intellect remain unhappy. Does the intelligent Father like the intelligent children more or does He like the dilvaale children more ?
Student: Dilvaale.
Baba: Anything else?
Student: The Father is with us in the Confluence Age, but He is not with us in the broad drama.
Baba: Do those with whom the Father is present, do those who think that the Father is with them lose faith ever? Speak up fast.
Student: They do.
Baba: They do. So, they become unsucessful. Those who obtain the Father's introduction while being in a soul conscious stage have this specialty: although they will enter the path of knowledge in the end, after recognizing [the Father] once, they will never lose faith. This is why those who have a faithful intellect always become victorious. This is the specialty of the Vijaymaalaa; the Rudramaalaa does not have this specialty. No matter how deeply they understand [the knowledge], they will understand it comprehensively, they will understand it very deeply, yet what do they do? They lose faith and are destroyed.

Time: 18.05-21.02
Student: The children who go to the Subtle Region….

Baba: Don't you go to the Subtle Region? (Student said something.) Do you go to the Subtle Region or not? (Student: We do go.) How? (Student: Thinking and churning.) You go through [the process of] thinking and churning because you have a body; that is why you go through thinking and churning. Those who don't have a body at all, those who have left the body and whose purushaarth is also over, their sins of 84 births, their sins of the past 83 births have also ended, but they have accumulated karmic accounts of hundred fold sins in the part of the present birth, the last birth, then they face those obstacles in a subtle form. They do not allow the subtle body to perish. This is why they have to remain in a stage of thinking and churning through the subtle body. Just as we think and churn, they too think and churn. We think and churn because of being in a seed form stage, because of remembering the point because we are seed form souls anyway; they are not seed form souls. They have subtle body consciousness. They have left the body while being in that body consciousness. Which body consciousness? That God the Father narrates the knowledge and leaves; it is we who perform the remaining task of establishing heaven. This subtle body consciousness is left in them. This subtle body consciousness makes them take on a subtle body and those souls remain in the bondage of subtle body. So, because of being in the bondage of subtle body, their churning is not accurate. Your churning is of the seed form stage. The seed form stage means the stage of the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva. So, Shiva is the Sun, is not He? Then, how will the stage of the children of the Sun also be? It will be like the Sun. So, there is a lot of difference in their thinking and churning. This is why Brahma's soul takes so much time to understand one point of the Murli narrated by ShivBaba. ‘How is Shiva God of the Gita in a corporeal form? Krishna is not [God of the Gita] in a corporeal form’. So, it does not sit in their intellect even now.

Time: 21.09-21.20
Student: What is Subiras (nectar) mentioned in the Murli? Subiras.

Baba: Subiras means that there is no nectar in the world equal to the nectar that you drink in the Confluence Age. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 23 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1258, datd 3.12.11 at Haripur

Time: 22.07-24.27
Student: What are the seven colours of the rainbow (indradhanush) in knowledge?

Baba: Arey, who is Indra? If you understand this, then you will understand the seven colours as well. Who is Indra? Brahma's soul himself is Indra, the first leaf of heaven, the king of heaven. So, there is a seven-coloured bow, the purushaarthi bow, the bow that makes purushaarth below the first king of heaven. They are the seven Narayans who are called seven colours. These are the seven colours. As regards Brahma his colour is just white. White colour is an indicator of childhood. There are seven more colours, which represent the seven Narayans; they convert to seven religions; they themselves are the seven coloured bow. When the rain is over, did you ever see in the month of shraavan (during monsoon)? When the rain stops, then the rainbow is seen in the sky, i.e. those seven Narayans are visible in a high stage. The children who are in a high stage recognize: who are the souls who are going to become the seven Narayans in the basic knowledge, which are the seven souls who make purushaarth, who hold the bow [of purushaarth]. So, all the seven are revealed. They are also called saptarishis (the seven sages).
Student: Baba, now the BK brothers and sisters are practicing to ... seven colours in the soul…
Baba: There are seven colours in every soul. Just as there are three workers of Shiva, similarly there are three workers of every soul. In the same way, every soul is filled with seven colours. There is definitely some effect of every religion [in them].

Time: 24.32-28.34
Student: Baba, tell me the method of remembering the incorporeal One within the corporeal one for the maximum time. When we were BKs, it was easy to remember the point for a long period, but now tell me the method to remember the incorporeal One within the corporeal one…

Baba: When you find remembering the point to be easy, then you should remember just the point. Is it good to obtain the incorporeal inheritance or is it something bad? Is it good or bad to obtain the incorporeal inheritance, the inheritance of knowledge from the incorporeal One? Did Abraham, Buddha, Christ, Guru Nanak find remembering the incorporeal One to be easy or did they find remembering the incorporeal One within the corporeal one to be easy?
Student: The incorporeal one.
Baba: They considered remembering the incorporeal One to be easy. So, look they get the inheritance of knowledge. Is anybody able to counter their knowledge in the Copper Age and Iron Age? Nobody is able to do. (Ironically:) So, you will also get the inheritance of knowledge. It is very easy; it is good.
Student: Tell me a method to remember the incorporeal One within the corporeal one for a longer time.
Baba: Why remember [the incorporeal One within the corporeal one] when you are getting it easily? Whatever you get easily is equal to milk, whatever you seek is equal to water and whatever you snatch is equal to blood. For you it is easy to remember the incorporeal One, is not it? So, you will get the respect and position of the world. The knowledgeable ones from the worldy point of view, the respect and position that they get… for example, there is Christ Over two hundred crore (two billion) human souls consider him to be the Sun of Knowledge. So, did he get respect and position from two hundred crore souls or not? Whom did those Christians consider as the corporeal form of God? They considered Christ. So, is it any less achievement? Arey, is it a less achievement or a highachievement?
Student: It is high.
Baba: It is higher. Hum? (Everyone is laughing.)
Student: It is less.
Baba: It is less? Why is it less? It is less because respect and position alone is not a big thing in the world. Is it false respect and position or a true respect and position [to think:] I am the Sun of Knowledge? If Christ thinks that he is the Sun of Knowledge in the corporeal form, then is it a false respect and position or is it true?
Student: False.
Baba: If it is false, then will it be revealed one day or not?
Student: It will be.
Baba: When will it be revealed? In the last birth milk will be distinguished with water (poper justice will be made), then those Christ and Abraham will also have to go and bow their head. In front of whom? In front of the Sadguru, who gives sadgati (true liberation). Then they will lose respect in front of the entire world, in front of all their followers. These people who say Shivoham (I am Shiva) took respect for 63 births. They proved God, the true God to be low. But in the last birth, in the last birth do they become entitled to suffer punishments or not? They become entitled to suffer punishments.

Time: 28.39-32.34
Student: Baba, knowledge, Yoga, dhaaranaa and service, are these four subjects, mutually linked?

Baba: Yes, why not? Why is knowledge first? Why is knowledge first?
Student: Yoga is better than knowledge…
Baba: Is Yoga better or is knowledge better?
Student: Yoga is better. Yoga is practical, is not it?
Baba: Yoga is practical; knowledge is not practical. is not knowledge practical? Can you have Yoga if there is not knowledge? Will it be said that there is knowledge in the BKs?
Student: There is not.
Baba: Why is not there knowledge? is not there the knowledge of the soul? There is certainly the knowledge of the soul, but who enables the soul to become constant in the soul conscious stage?
Student: The Father.
Baba: The Father. Is there His knowledge?
Student: No.
Baba: Then what is the use? So, it is just knowledge that is true. The Supreme Soul Father gives importance to the children who give importance to knowledge. Why does He give [importance to them]? It is because if the child is knowledgeable, he will complete the task of the Father. If he is ignorant, he will not reveal the Father in the world. The one who is knowledgeable, the more knowledgeable he is, if he is hundred percent knowledgeable, then it is hundred percent sure that he will be a yogi as well. There cannot be two opinions in this. This is why knowledge is first; after that Yoga is second. There is more power in Yoga. Yoga is like food (ann), foodgrains (anaaj) and knowledge is like water (paani). Is there more power in water or in food?
Student: Food.
Baba: Food has more power. But if you go on eating food throughout the day, if you eat food for a month or two but don't drink water at all, then will he perish or will he survive? He will perish. This is why knowledge was given the first preference. It was placed first. It does not mean that knowledge has power. Knowledge is water. The world is created only through the knowledge that God the Father gives when He comes. The world that is created is a world of thoughts. Now it depends upon those who create thoughts. The more you create thoughts in the Father's remembrance, the more you will become instruments in creating a true world, in making your world true. If you do not remember the Father, if you remember other bodily beings, then will you get true thoughts or will you get false thoughts? You will get false thoughts; you will become instruments in establishing a false world. ... (to be continued.)

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Re: Q&A: PBK Murli discussions

Post by arjun » 24 Feb 2015

Disc.CD No.1258, datd 3.12.11 at Haripur

Time: 33.51-37.48
Student: The secret of Raja Yoga…..

Baba: Establishment of the secret of Raja Yoga? It is already established. Where is the need to establish it? Is there any need to prove the truth? Truth is self-proven. Truth stands high. There is a secret in it. Only sixteen thousand one hundred and eight gop-gopis (cow heards and heard girls) know that secret well. Only the gop-gopis who know [the secret] are rajyogis. They are born numberwise (at different levels) in the royal clan. The bead next to the 16108th [bead] does not know the secret; this is why he opposes that secret. The entire world opposes. Still, will the kings win or will the entire world which becomes prajaa (subjects) win? Who is powerful? The royal family, the kings, the family of kings becomes powerful because they have obtained power from God the Father in practice due to understanding the secret. They know that the power they receive from God the Father by establishing a connection with Him cannot be received from any other human soul. It is practical power and the body is called practical. There is no practical without the body. Those who understand [this secret] have been named gop-gopis. Gop means it is a secret (gupt raaz). It is not something to be known by the entire world. They will not understand even if they are explained [about it]. There are gops as well as gopis among them. It is easy for the gopis as well as the gopes to understand. It is about those gops who have surrendered their daughters, their nieces, their daughter's daughter, their son's daughter - those gops understand that secret - , their sister. So, those who have surrendered and experienced in practice the basis of that secret, only they will understand. The others will not understand. Those who do not have a daughter at all, those who do not have a sister at all, those who haven't given them to the Yagya at all, those who have not given in practice, those who have not given [their daughter or sister] even in distant relationship can indulge in opposition and only those who indulge in opposition do not know the secret.

Time: 38.00-38.42
Student: Baba, it is said that mind is more elevated than words and actions. ... How will we come to know whether our service through mind had an effect on a certain person or not?

Baba: You will know only when the mind is focused (ekaagra). As long as there is inconstancy in the mind, how can you know its greatness? If the mind becomes focused, then should whatever thoughts you create through the mind become fruitful at the same time or not? They should become fruitful. Then you will know about the greatness of the mind. Similar is the case with words.

Time: 47.45-49.36
Student: Baba, we want to be firm in knowledge and Yoga.

Baba: You say that you want to be firm in knowledge and Yoga.
Student: This is our wish, but why do we become loose in between?
Baba: The Christians, the Muslims do not believe in the past births. When they get knowledge in the Confluence Age, will they forget the topics of the past births or will they remember them?
Student: They will forget.
Baba: So, you have forgotten the past birth. If you remember the 63 births, [if you remember] that the soul also had 63 births in which it committed sins… we have commited sins as well noble actions to some extent in [the 63 births], when we performed noble actions, when the reel of noble actions (punya) rotates, then our stage remains good and when the reel of sins rotates then the stage goes down; we lose faith. This is its reason.
Student: How will we become firm?
Baba: Be persistent. Persistance is a very great thing. Abhyaasen tu kaunteya vairagyen cha grihyate . Go on developing detachment for this world. [Think that] this world is going to perish. We are not going to gain anything from it. And go on making the practice of soul consciousness, the Father's remembrance firm, then the sins of the 63 births will perish quickly. You will become strong in knowledge and Yoga.

Time: 50.25-54.01
Student: As regards the eight beads among the eight deities, we used to think earlier that all those eight beads will emerge from the Rudramaalaa; now we hear that four emerge from Rudramaalaa and four from the Vijaymaalaa. Is this correct Baba?

Baba: What is the number of the main religions?
Student: Eight.
Baba: Are there eight main religions?
Student: Four.
Baba: There are only four main religions. So, among the four main religions, four souls are from Rudramaalaa, from the Sun dynasty and those who extend cooperation to them, those who give them the maximum help… the first four emerge from the Rudramaalaa; the first four beads of the Rudramaalaa, do those who help them hundred percent emerge from the Rudramaalaa or from the Vijaymaalaa?
Student: Vijaymaalaa.
Baba: They emerge from the Vijaymaalaa. So, will they not get the number? They will also get the number.
Student: Are these four just helpers or do these four and four together constitute eight?
Baba: They themselves are the eight [beads]; they themselves are the eight souls, four couples.
Student: Is this the count of the eight deities?
Baba: Those devis (female deities) are also included among those eight deities. It is said eight deities because they are in the first number. The remaining four beads of the Rudramaalaa, the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, are they helper religions or main religions?
Student: Helper.
Baba: They are helpers; they are branches. Their number (turn) will also come; they will also be counted. Will eight couples be formed or not? When the Vijaymaalaais formed, then the meru bead (couple bead) on the top in the Vijaymaalaa, is it a couple bead or single [bead]? (Someone said: Couple bead.) What does it prove? Is it the one hundred and ninth or one hundred and eighth [bead]? Arey? Arey, what is it? Is it the one hundred and ninth bead or the one hundred and eighth bead? Arey! Arey, are there only one hundred and eight beads in the Vijaymaalaa or are there one hundred and nine beads?
Student: One hundred and eight.
Baba: One hundred and eight. It means that the meru bead shown above is shown only to depict that all the beads are couples. This is why four are from the Sun dynasty and four are from the Moon dynasty. In this manner there are eight couple beads. It means that how many souls are there in total? There are sixteen souls. If they are ancestors (puurvaj), who are born (janma) in the past (puurva), then are their children born later or are they ancestors? They are born later. So, those who are born later, are their ancestors both, the mother and the Father or is it only one of them? They are both.

Time: 54.04-56.05
Student: Baba, as regards bhatti, the account of nine days that Baba gives, five days bhatti and two days each, i.e. four days for arrival and departure.

Baba: Not four days. One day for arrival and one day for departure.
Student: Calculating the nine days bhatti that way Baba, if a person from Kampil or Farrukhabad enters the path of knowledge on a day and has faith on the same day, then the nine days calculation for them…how is it calculcated?
Baba: The calculation started a day earlier.
Student: How ...?
Baba: The day when he took the decision…
Student: I mean to say he had faith on the same day in the morning…
Baba: Do you know whether do those from Farrukhabad have faith soon or do those from south India have faith soon?
Student: South India.
Baba: So, those from Farrukhabad will not have faith immediately. This is why they will definitely take at least one or two days to decide whether they should go or not. So, that one day is added for them. They do not decide immediately even about their departure because the heart of the residents of India (Bhaaratvaasis) breaks in surrendering fully. What has been said? What is the name given to South India? Fauran (foreign). Foreigners means those who decide immediately. And those from north India are unable to decide immediately: What is right? What is wrong? They are stuck in confusion because are there more gurus in north India or in south India? There are numerous bodily religious gurus sitting in north India who trap their intellect; so, they are entangled in them again and again. (Concluded.)

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