When does Golden ERA actually commence?

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Re: When does Golden ERA actually commence?

Post by destroy old world » 20 Jul 2019

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mbbhat wrote:
08 Jul 2019
a) ... So, the Golden Age actually begins from birth of Krishna, ...
b) ... And- if the Advance Party souls(parents) give birth to more than one child, suppose say- 2 to 4 ...
a) Golden Age DOES NOT ACTUALLY begin from birth of Shri Krishna!
b) Advance Party souls will give birth to ONLY TWO children - first male, then female!

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SM, Revised 24.08.2017 wrote: हम कहते ही हैं फर्स्ट प्रिन्स प्रिन्सेज राधे कृष्ण, फिर भी हम उस समय सतयुग नहीं कहेंगे। जब तक लक्ष्मी-नारायण तख्त पर नहीं बैठे हैं, तब तक कुछ न कुछ खिटपिट होती रहेगी, भल राधे कृष्ण आ जाते हैं। देखो, यह हैं विचार सागर मंथन करने की बातें।
“We say that the first princess and prince are Radhe and Krishna. Even then, we will NOT call that the Golden Age at THAT time. Until Lakshmi & Narayan sit on the throne, there will continue to be one conflict or another, even though Radhe and Krishna have come. Look, these are all aspects to be churned.”
The above point has been REPEATED again viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2711&start=15#p54154
This is one of the DEEPEST & SUBTLEST point, within which a MAGICAL SECRET is LOCKED, and which gives an EXCELLENT idea of the TRANSITION period from Iron Age to Confluence Age to Golden Age, for those with a subtle intellect!


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SM, Revised 24.06.1976 wrote: Jab atma pet may hain toh bhee janm toh hai na. Krishn ki atma jab aatee hai Satyug may, jab garbh may pravesh kiyaa, tab se lekar 5000 varsh may 84 janmon ka part bajaanaa hai. Jaise Shiv Jayanti manaate hain, toh ismay baithaa hai na? Krishn ki atma bhee garbh may aayi. Churpur huyi. Us samay se lekar 5000 varsh kaa hisaab shuru hota hai. Agar kam/jaasti ho toh fir 5000 varsh se kam ho jaaye. Yahy badee sookshm samajhne kee baath hai.
“When the soul is in the womb, that too is a birth, is it not? When soul of Krishn comes in Golden Age (which ACTUALLY commences from the time he ascends the throne), as soon as he enters the womb, from that time onward, the parts of 84 births have to be played in 5000 years. Like Shiv Jayanti is celebrated, (Father) is seated in this one, is it not? Soul of Krishn also enters a womb, and a movement occurs. From THAT time onward, the calculation of 5000 years begins. If more, or less, then it would be lesser than 5000 years. This is very subtle matter to be understood.”
The CALCULATION of the 5000 year period could commence from ANY PROMINENT point in the Cycle - viz., a) when Shiva enters corporeal body of Brahma Baba; b) when Brahma Baba becomes Avyakt; c) when souls go back to the Soul World; d) when Shri Krishna is ACTUALLY born (comes out of the womb); e) when Shri Krishna ascends the throne, etc.
In the above point, ShivBaba clarifies that the CORRECT reference point of time, when the 5000 year period ACTUALLY COMMENCES, should be taken as, when Shri Krishna FIRST enters the womb of the mother, which is ALSO considered to be a birth. But this aspect can ONLY be known to CONCERNED souls in Confluence Age, and becomes MERGED in Golden Age.

Just as NO ONE can say when ShivBaba ACTUALLY entered the impure corporeal body of Brahma Baba, in the beginning of Confluence Age; NO ONE would be ACTUALLY AWARE, (except the mother), when Shri Krishna ACTUALLY enters the womb of his mother; and this awareness would be lost by the time Shri Krishna ascends the throne, since NO EXACT RECORD would have been maintained of same - and is, therefore, of NO CONSEQUENCE to the Deities of Golden Age. SIMILARLY, since the Deities are NOT date-conscious, NO EXACT RECORD of the birth of Shri Krishna would be maintained, owing to the TREMENDOUS CHANGES occurring during this period of time. Therefore, the date 01.01.01 of the Golden ERA, ACTUALLY commences from the day of coronation, when Shri Radhe & Shri Krishna, ascend the throne, when EVERY ASPECT is PROPERLY ORGANIZED, and NO TRACE of impurity remains, and NO CONFLICT exists! However, this date would be considered to be about 24 years AFTER the commencement of the 5000 year period, the CALCULATION of which ACTUALLY begins from the date when Shri Krishna FIRST enters the womb of the mother – which aspect is ONLY known to the CONCERNED Brahmins of Confluence Age – and NOT to the Deities of Golden Age!

SM, Revised 03.09.1982 wrote: Sangamyug POORAA HONEY SE HI KRISHN KA JANM HOTA HAI. KRISHN JANMAASHTHAMI RAATH KO KAHTE HAIN. Vaastav may yah hai behad ki baath. Vah phir hadh ki raath kah dete.
“After the completion of the Confluence Age, birth of Krishna takes place. They say that Krishn Janmaashtami is in the night. Actually, this is an unlimited aspect. They then say that it is the limited night.”
The birth of Shri Krishna takes place when the EFFORT-MAKING Confluence Age gets completed, when it is the Unlimited TWILIGHT of the Cycle – being the TRANSITION of the Unlimited Night to the Unlimited Day!

SM, Revised 15.09.1972 wrote: Sangamyug BHI RAATH SE MILTAA HAI.
“Confluence Age is also accounted with the Night.”
The end of Iron Age and the EFFORT-MAKING Confluence Age OVERLAP!


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SM, Revised 21.05.2016 wrote:गर्भ से बच्चा बाहर निकलता है तब से आयु शुरू होती है। श्रीकृष्ण तो पूरे 84 जन्म लेते हैं। गर्भ से बाहर आया, उस दिन से 84 जन्म गिनेंगे।
Someone’s lifespan begins the moment he comes out of the mother’s womb as a baby. Shri Krishna takes the full 84 births. His 84 births are counted from the moment he comes out of the womb.
This point DOES NOT conflict with the point in SM, Revised 24.06.1976, indicated above, which says that the CALCULATION of the 5000 year period, COMMENCES from the TIME when Shri Krishna FIRST enters the womb of the mother, which is ALSO considered to be the COMMENCEMENT of a birth.
This point is an indication of the number of births taken by the soul of Shri Krishna, during the Cycle.

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Re: When does Golden ERA actually commence?

Post by mbbhat » 19 Aug 2019

destroy old world wrote:
20 Jul 2019
a) Golden Age DOES NOT ACTUALLY begin from birth of Shri Krishna!
24) You failed to understand what mbbhat has wrote. Mbbhat has fully agreed that Golden Age practically starts from LN sitting on throne.

But, mbbhat had added few extra points to the topic. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS???

If we take heaven as half a Kalpa, and hell as half a Kalpa, in THIS CONTEXT, Golden Age should begin from birth of Krishna itself. This is what mbbhat had meant.
You never attempted to reply in this view. If you are not intersted, it is OK. I am not expecting. But, clarifying that my reply was in that view.
The CALCULATION of the 5000 year period could commence from ANY PROMINENT point in the Cycle - ......
25) Agreed brother, agreed. The points are fully as per the topic, but totally irrelevant as reply to comments of mbbhat.

As I have clarified, my point was on the basis of half a Kalpa heaven and hell. For example, soul of Krishna will enter into hell after 2500 yrs after its birth - right? Yes or no? Reply to this before commenting. Else, your comments are useless as reply to my quotes.

26) So, coming to the point again. Even though official date of heaven (1-1-1) begins after 25/30 years after birth of Krishna, hell will begin 25/30 years before 31-12-2500. THIS WAS my point.
Because as soon as soul of Krishna completes duration of 2500 years in Corporeal world, it will enter into hell. So, if we take Krishna's birth as 25/30 years before 1-1-1, then obviiously Krishna would get influenced by Ravan 25/30 years before 31-12-2500. Right? So, entry of Ravan happens 25/30 years before 31-12-2500.

So, can anyone claim VIKARMAA_JEETH SAMVATSAR takes place for half a Kalpa (practically= officially)? IF YES, HOW?

[ So, if we have to claim Vikarmaajeeth samvatsar takes place for 2500 years EXACTLY/PRECISELY, then we will have to assume the STARTING DATE od Golden Age at/from the time of birth of Krishna itself].

27) I said/meant - For soul of Krishna, Golden Age starts from its birth itself. Is it not?
Or should we say iron Age or Conf. Age?*
So far DOW who has criticized others has never honestly attempted to address the issue as WHOLE one.

* - Of course, it is not fully Golden Age. But, if you have to choose one among the three - Iron, Conf, Golden, which one would you like to choose? Reply before criticizing or finding faults in others.

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