BKWSU Splinter groups

DEDICATED to Vishnu Party & all other Splinter Groups, viz., Krishna Party, InAdvance Party, PPPBKs & all others, who believe that they have transcended the BK & PBK theologies.
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BKWSU Splinter groups

Post by fluffy bunny » 19 Jun 2007

OK, so who is going to document, define and legitimize who and what all these splinter groups are about?
  • Does anyone else want to confess to being part of one? Please step forward and show us your darna.
I am sorry that the Vishnu Party members made such a poor show of themselves. Obviously there were past "politics" with both the BKs and the PBKs ... involving money and, it appears, Bharatwassi-style corruption ... but I hope that others will be able to learn from their mistake and just be open and honest about what they believe and do. They will always be welcome back as soon as they are willing to be respectful of others intelligence as far as I am concerned.

According to BK Gyan, of course, there are no such things as BK splinter groups. Cults, sects and branches belong to the Iron Age at the top of the Kalpa Tree. The monolithic BKWSU goes to great lengths to try and bury the PBKs ... and I get the feeling they would do so literally to its founder! ... so how does it relate to other such breakway groups? In a sense, such groups are a further anomaly chipping away at the credibility of the BK ideal world.

I know the PBKs do not like and see themselves as a splinter or breakway group but to onlookers it does appear that the BKWSU has created a market and that others have seen this and seen smaller markets amongst disaffected BK, or PBK members to create sub-groups.

The PBKs give one or some of these legitimacy as religions of their own within the Tree and are able to fit them into their world view. I am not so sure how "real" this is, or how much it is just politics to keep them happy and to defend Virendra Dev Dixit and themselve from violent threats. As a distant onlooker, it would appear to be that there are some very big and non-virtuous egos at play that require placating.

I am also not sure what the BKWSU's official response is ... I can imagine it is just a shrug of the shoulder and the universally dismissive accusation of; "Maya ...". Sadly, we have documented that the BKWSU's response has also, it appears, included centralized policy of violent supression, bannishment and a long-term misinformation campaign; although we do not know who specifically is responsible for this and not all BKs can be blamed for it.

It all reminds me of that scene out of the movie 2001 where the apes were confronted by the monolith ... (this is an open, meaningful, and not derisory, statement). Is the monolith the "Shiva Baba" entity, BKWSU against which we all react, or something else all together that none of us, including the BKWSU, are able to yet perceive?
Mordechai Steinman and Gershon Robinson wrote:"2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" - PLOT SUMMARY

The film begins with about a half hour of footage featuring a troupe of apes living by a water hole. The place: "Earth." The time: "The Dawn of Man."

The troupe of apes is attacked by a second troupe and driven away from its water hole. In exile, the first troupe is awakened early one morning to the eerie sounds being generated by a mysterious object -- a black metallic slab. It is about 15 feet tall, and shaped like a huge domino. Its smooth metallic surfaces and perfect right angles are totally out of place and incongruent with the pristine beauty of a world untouched by man-made objects. It is immediately obvious to the viewer that the black geometric form originates from an intelligence which dwarfs that of the apes. With great fear and trepidation, the apes eventually work up the courage to approach the slab. They lay their hands on its "wondrous" features -- its smooth polished surfaces. This is their first encounter with "high" technology. The scene is accompanied by loud music and eerie human-like voices in the background. Suddenly, the scene switches.

It is the next day. The leader of the exiled troupe is sitting on his haunches, playing idly with the dried up bones of the skeleton of an ox. Seemingly, yesterday's encounter with the slab has given the leader a jolt forward, increasing his intelligence, for while playing with one of the bones, he discovers that a large bone can be used to break smaller bones. Longing for the water hole that was once his home, the troupe leader gathers up several large bones from the ox's skeleton, and gives them to the other male members of his troupe. Armed with this new, sophisticated weaponry, the apes easily retake the water hole, in a quick and bloody battle. Afterwards, the leader of the troupe triumphantly tosses his ox bone high into the air, and in what has been called "the greatest fast-forward in movie history" the swirling bone comes down as a spaceship, implying that the apes have evolved into man.

Since that first technological advance, at the battle for the water hole, mankind has evolved considerably, and civilization on Earth has made great technological progress. The United States has built a colony on the moon, and scientists digging there find what looks to be the same slab that the apes found! At this point, there is no reason for the scientists to assume that the slab is anything more than an inert building block. What they do know is that it has been on the moon for four million years, precluding the possibility that any human being put it there. The inevitable conclusion, as stated in the film, is as follows:


In other words, it is the first objective evidence that the universe contains intelligent life other than man.

The momentous discovery of the geometric slab is kept secret, for the Americans fear that if Earth's inhabitants learned about it "without adequate preparation and conditioning," widespread "culture shock" and "social disorientation" would inevitably ensue.

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Post by john » 19 Jun 2007

I think it would be very helpful if we had a brief outline of the various splinter groups.

When they started, who is the founder, where have the group splintered from, how many members etc etc. Maybe have it as a sticky post so it doesn't get lost.

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Post by shivsena » 20 May 2012

john wrote:I think it would be very helpful if we had a brief outline of the various splinter groups.
When they started, who is the founder, where have the group splintered from, how many members etc etc. Maybe have it as a sticky post so it doesn't get lost.
Dear john.

There is only one breakway group from the parent BKWSU.

It is AIVV (headed by Virendra dev dixit) which broke away from BKWSU first in 1976 unofficially and then officially started preaching advance knowledge from 1989-90.....then came the rest of the smaller splinter groups(which broke away from AIVV) like Vishnu-party(headed by Dashrath Patel) in 1997-98 ...then came smaller groups like ''in-Advance Party'' and ''Krishna-party'' and ''nagraj party''. (details of which are not known to me--i have just heard the names.)

So the real fight is between the original BKWSU and the one breakaway AIVV...the smaller groups mentioned above are considered insignificant by both BKWSU and Aivv.


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