Inadvance Party, (was Satish Mehta & villians of PBKs)

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Re: Inadvance Party, (was Satish Mehta & villians of PBKs)

Post by Sach_Khand » 12 Dec 2010

I was given information about Satish Mehta on phone by one of the forum member. He told that Satish has many original Murlis and true information about yagnya and Dada Lekharaj. I was told to get in contact with Satish (his mobile number was given to me) and was told to tell him the name of this forum member. I had told this forum member that I will surely contact Satish. I called Satish today. He said that he cannot tell his views on phone, even before hearing what I had to say. I told him that I like to meet him personally. Satish replied that he would give me golden chance to meet him as he was doing seven days bhatti which had begun today in Panvel, Mumbai. He told me that I can come and join them tomorrow and I will have accomodation available there. As I was having problem hearing him on mobile, I asked him to send me sms message about his address and I will come to Mumbai tomorrow and phone him. But after some time when I did not receive any message I phoned him once again and asked for the address. He asked me to talk with some other brother. I was asked my date of birth. I told him my age. That side insisted for my dae of birth. I told them. Then Satish told me that presently they cannot let me to join them and told me to be in contact with him. I was surprised to hear this answer. I told him that if he was interested to talk to me then phone me.

And I am trying to contact the forum member who told me to get in touch with Satish. But I am not able to call him. Problem in network or his mobile is switched off or my number was added to reject list or something else. I do not know. I had earlier asked this forum member whether there are any pre conditions (as in AIVV to meet Virendra Dev Dixit) to meet Satish Mehta. And the forum member had told that there is no such precondition. But now Mr. Satish Mehta is not interested in meeting me and sharing his views even though I am spending money and going to meet him to his place.

So, what is all this. Someone asks to meet and then they ask birth date and then refuse to meet. BK knowledge has become a product for direct marketing or network marketing that we see a lot nowadays. Pay or buy their product and become a member and then make others there downline and increase your downline members and you will get commission on regular basis.
If these people have lots of original Murlis or any important information about Yagnya history. Who cares. My foot. All this bullsh** will not help in recognising The GodFather. By doing service of knowledge you will benefit. And not by doing Murli business or yagnya information business. It is said kaale akshar bhains samaan in Hindi. Meaning black letters are like buffallo (for illiterates). So is the case with all these so called rich people possessing Murlis. Still these people are not able to understand them and recognise The GodFather. Just interested in doing business.

"Pothi padh padh jag mua pundit bhaya na koi, Dhaai Akshar Prem ka padhe so pundit hoi."
Even in Murlis it is said, "SACHHE DILL PE SAAHAB RAAJI". Rest all will just be bullsh**.


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