Escaping the Word Censor

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Escaping the Word Censor

Post by fluffy bunny » 10 Jul 2007

Escaping the Word Censor

Some folks don't like the word censor feature that corrects the spelling of generally used BK words to establish some standard. It is good but might screw up sometimes. Here is a work around.

To escape the word censor put any two 'BBcode tags' in the middle of the censored word you wish to keep, e.g. Father is one example, some do not want the capital F used for God when they mean their lokik, lowercase, Father ...

For example, "Father" is a censored/spellchecked word, so write;

Code: Select all


It will not be detected, and will appear as if normally typed.
  • Father will look like Father (I typed all in lowercase).

    Father will look like Father (I typed lowercase but with bbcode included).
You can use the buttons on the post window to do this quickly.

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