BK Janki Dadiji leaves her body

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Re: BK Janki Dadiji leaves her body

Post by mbbhat » 06 Aug 2020

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the invitation and good wishes.
arjun wrote:
28 Mar 2020
I must congratulate Dadi Janaki's soul for the most appropriate time at which she left her body ...

Otherwise, millions of currency ...
Reply to this has already been given by a member. But, adding point/s.

Avyakt Mu Points:-

1)Itnaa paisaa karch karke, mehnath karke aate ho, lekin samaan bankar milan manaaney may majaa hai (almost in right words) = you put lot of effort to come to madhuban, spend money, etc, but the meeting would be excellent, if you meet baba with same (baba's ) stage. [Else, that is not of (great) benefit.].

2) Madhuban show piece hai. Iskaa jitnaa ho sakey, utnaa show karo. = Madhuban is show piece. Advertise it as much as possible.

So- we need to have balance between these. Baba also says- "more the BALANCE, more would be BLESSINGS (attainment").

When BKs travel to Mount Abu with white dress, badge etc, lots of service happens just by their travel due to the visibility. But, if the inner stage is also there, it would be double service.

But, some BKs even though not interested to visit the funeral, may be obliged to go to Madhuban. In future, such waste things would become lesser.

In case of Dadi Prakashmaniji, many BKs had visited Mount Abu, so there was a great expenditure. But, it was perfectly right since it also did service and since we belong to pravruttimarg, there is need of functions like this. But, there is no need to arrange similar functions in every case. So, it is nyaaraa pyaaraa.

So, all are right and well in drama. BKs will now become more matured regarding these things. Whether you attend such functions is also OK, whether you do not attend that is also OK. This is the balance. Neither desire no hatredness/allergy.

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