Dadi Gulzarji leaves her body

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Dadi Gulzarji leaves her body

Post by arjun » 14 Mar 2021

Om Shanti. All those associated with BKWSU might be aware that Dadi Gulzarji has left her body on 11th March, 2021 and her mortal body was cremated yesterday (13th March, 2021) at Shantivan, Aburoad.
Gulzar Dadi-crowned.jpg
Gulzar Dadiji
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As per the past tradition among the BKs, after the demise of Dadi Gulzarji, the next seniormost Dadi, i.e. Ratanmohini Dadiji will become the chief of Brahmakumaris.
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Ratanmani Dadiji
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But the demise of Dadi Gulzar has brought to an end the series of Avyakt Vanis that were narrated through her body since January, 1969.

What next for BKs?

Remembering incorporeal Shiv as a point and wait for the transformation of the world till the end of the Confluence Age?

On Godly Service,

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