Yoga ( & spinning The Cycle )

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Yoga ( & spinning The Cycle )

Post by sparkal » 08 Jun 2006

(I have put these two together because I feel that they belong together. Feel free to start another thread called spinning the cycle etc.)

Yoga. The spiritual union between the soul/self and the Supreme Soul, relationship. Recognition. Belonging. Essence. Remembering. The word remembering implies that there is forgetting. This is the main subject. A subject which God considers easy and the rest of the universe see as a mountain to climb. There may be times when it is easier than others. We may consider such experiences as being part of this world/life experience, when, it may be taking place in another realm/dimension. How much longer will we separate these realms in such black and white terms? (Murli - your complete form exists in the Subtle Region throughout the Kalpa). If I am my complete self, which I am, then I am in the subtle dimension right now and have been throughout the Kalpa. So why am I trying to get from here to there when I am already there? At what point do we start to think that we are there already, projecting our awareness into this material world, and not the other way around. Everything becomes much easier.

Also, exactly how many miles up there are the subtle dimensions. We can bring the Subtle Regions into the room, it saves us the bother of going all those miles to the Soul World. Then we can have our cake and eat it. We can also bring the one next to us, or the other way. There becomes here, all in the same space. So, up there is here and all becomes one, while remaining separate.

To what degree do I expect the ONE to come to ME? To what degree does successful Yoga depend on my ability to detach from this plain so that I can experience mySELF to be in that space where good Yoga does take place? Perhaps we need to bring that into this space. In life, it seems that We want to change for the better yet still be the same person. And in Yoga, we want to remain the worldly character/role yet be in the appropriate dress of cons. to merge with the pure one. Cake and eat it. We have an eternal personality. It exists beneath the worldly personalities. Who am I who has existed for ever and always will? It is the pure self/personality which the supreme parent RELATES to. The true self.

We cannot expect that one to accept us in our drama getup/fancy dress, wearing the personality of some bodily role we have been playing on the world stage, unless it is in jest. That one only recognizes us in our original self (personality) the true self which we were before entering this drama. There is every chance that you are not who you think you are (?). The original FORM is a scientific question. It is the personality within the original form (infinitesimal immortal point) which the yogi works with in order to align with the personality of the spiritual parent.

Thus, God creates man in his own image. It is an ego less self. It is very Innocent. This is what successful Yoga is about, preparing the self first before approaching that one, unless of course we are already in that self realised state. First we must consider what we are offering that one with regards to relationship. Relationships are based on personality's. They are also two way. Do I only take in my relationship with the sweet one?GUILT DESTROYS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ONE. We simply cannot justify it in a pre-destined drama.

(Murli - your complete form exists in the Subtle Region throughout the Kalpa), If I am my complete self, which I am, then I am in the subtle dimension right now and have been throughout the Kalpa. Also, exactly how many miles up there are the subtle dimensions. We can bring the Subtle Regions into the room, it saves us going all those miles"up"there. Then we can have our cake and eat it. We can also bring the one right next to us. So, up there becomes right here and all becomes one. Murli - experiment with Yoga. A spiritual being cannot scientifically exist in this material dimension. (well, scientists have been making spurious claims for years, so can I,) We are of another dimension. The Murli refers to us as RESIDENTS of ... or, the soul RESIDES there ... So, are we, and have we always been beyond, projecting into this world? If that. Why are we making things difficult for ourselves? If it turns out that this is so? Is beyond really that far away? How far away is a thought of ours?

SPINNING THE CYCLE. The most effective method to get into the state of awareness for Yoga is to spin the cycle. Spinning the cycle refers to a method for detaching from our lives. It is our lives which hold us here including this one. If we can free our SELF from these other superficial worldly personality's, then we can uncover the true original self/personality. The eternal personality, which exists in the Subtle Regions.

So the yogi steps from one personality into another. The yogi deals in personality. Who am I who plays roles is the question/ I know WHAT I am. Who am I who is the companion of the blissful one? We need to uncover the eternal self/personality to have Yoga, and Yoga in turn reveals our true original self even deeper, it confirms our true self, along with compassion, recognition and belonging.

Spirituality becomes impotent if it becomes clinical, it is about being the embodiment of all these wonderful natural virtues which we all have. Bliss is our birthright, naturally. Where has it gone or what has it transformed into? Spinning cycle - The first step can be to be aware of that which we do not want to be aware of, the drama, and the many life experiences which I have played out on the world stage. Pre destined ones. The awareness of the different"dimensions"combined with this takes us beyond.

I have an awareness of the collective of lives over a span of time, which I am now detached from, they are on the world stage, and I am (up?) here. I see them without focusing on them. This is the defining moment of spinning the cycle, that separation between the eternal self and the worldly personalities/selves. Who am I who has played all those lives? I mean, which of all these personalities would we choose as being the true self?

We may find ourselves detached from the material world, yet the personality of the body which I am using is within I the soul. Without that switch of cons. we are unlikely to go any farther untill we learn to make that switch and dislocate the self from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Perhaps some things do work within a time framework and we change gradually. The deeper experiences may not emerge till after many years on the path. Who are we to JUDGE whether we can go any deeper or not, and when. It is unlimited. It is this life which holds me. When I become aware that I have had many lives over time, this life becomes no more important than any other and merges with the others. At that point, the true eternal personality emerges as the one who has played these lives throughout history, including this life. THAT is spinning the cycle, from my understanding.

Or is this a REAL life and the rest just illusion. Is this material world the real world and the subtle not so relevant? Am I from here and sometimes go there? It may well be the other way. So, using the cycle to go beyond the cycle and all influence of any life within this drama past present or future. When we strip it all away, all that we can possibly be left with is our true self. We are already it. Whatever reasonable method we can devise to bring this about is worth considering. All that prevents us from being constantly blissful is the record of our past lives. We have a licence to step away from them, dis-own them and become I, the true eternal self, the self which aligns with The natural one. When we detach from our many lives, Karmic accounts are then burned/destroyed. It is possible to settle accounts by spinning the cycle without having Yoga with the one.

What actually happened in that history of my lives is of no interest to the yogi. The yogi is interested in"who am I"who has played all those roles, because, it is that one who is also the eternal child of the spiritual parent. It is that one who the blissful one recognizes as the eternal spiritual child. Successful Yoga (union with the Supreme Soul) requires successful meditation (awareness of self) first. Then we need to escape the drama and false identities, time and space, then we can approach the ever welcoming one.

"GOD". This awareness may not work. The big God of religion may be unapproachable/unattainable. Our spiritual parent is not like that. Murli - see me as I really am. We have a soul, who plays the role of Shiva, I will take a chance here that it is a reference to just how Innocent this one is. Pure and Innocent. Perhaps we need to scale everything down to have the bigger experiences . That is the secret of Yoga, to become smaller, scale the"I"down, the ego inverts and becomes Innocent and pure, desire free, there is disinterest in the drama and the soul puts the one forward out of humility and sits beyond the one. The one who can make a difference. I am content just to be, out of that space where the world demands so much. I am protected.

Macho anything in any way is alloy to the gold in this situation. So we reel in the"I", the tree of I and my lives are drawn back into the seed of I, or discarded. 'The big guy' awareness will not cut it in Yoga. It is a foreign personality to god Father Shiva. We have to leave it all here. A REAL man would be embarrassed to be in the state of self which is required to communicate with the one, if you know what I mean. Consider how the world sees God, is this how we also see our worldly parents? A gulf of silence? (in some cases maybe) Otherwise, we generally don't fear and avoid our parents (again, some do). So there is a gulf between the long lost and now/not found and the finder of hearts. Do away with the big God thing and the big"I"thing and operate on a more pure Innocent level as that is how that one is, and we are.

We are dealing with a very chilled out customer. Someone who knows us. Someone we will know for eternity. If I cannot look God in the I then it is something within us and not in that one which is causing the block. The Supreme Soul knows everything, we cannot hide a single thing, no matter what we have done in this pre destined drama, we are always genuinely welcome, not only in that abode, but in that one's heart. The one who see's without seeing. That is not how we do things in this world, none judgemental?, forgiving?, compared to us, Such thoughts don't arise in that one. Perhaps we can be ex used for thinking that God operates with all the ridiculous weaknesses which we do. Pre destined weaknesses. We see our selves in others. we assume that we know what the Supreme Soul is like, as I am, but only according to my own limitations.

We need to adopt our pure Innocent original awareness if there is to be a union of any sort. The big god of religion attitude will push that one farther away. GOD is projected as someone who should be feared. Go on, be bad and have the cheek, the pure cheek to approach and confront the little big little one, but leave your superficial self(s) here first, you never know, God may even turn out to have a sense of humour. It is time to stand up for this one, the one who some appear to barge out of the way then push their own agenda. The one in the background who is there to provide for my selfish desires. We won't get far with these attitudes. So far maybe.

We want to bring the sharing with that one into this world. We cannot avoid it anyway if we are in union/merged. That is true world service. Service which has nothing to do with any other beings, or organisations etc. There is also benefit from the self transformation on a personal level. What? surely not, the Supreme Soul, GOD with a sense of humour? But GOD is always serious surely, you cannot have fun if you are GOD, besides, if you are God, you are surely too busy backing all these different factions in all these conflicts on earth. So God is the ultimate global gangster now?

It may help to separate The ONE from"religion"as they have little or nothing in common. 8). Try not to let the world influence your opinion of who and what that one is or you could end up fearing that one and feeling that you have no right to that one's company. And of course, sometimes we choose to shut that one out and have a break from it all. It is a real mind job after all. It is not easy to work our way back,but the rewards can be worth it. Also, our spiritual education is on going. Because we walked away does not mean that that is it and we cannot go back. Or we cannot continue/resume the relationship outwith institutionalized spirituality. Peaks and troughs. The appetite can return when it is right, and the one will not reject us, rejection is a human thing. If we have a worldly partner, we can still have a relationship with the one, who is also in bondage to the drama.

If GOD is a role in the drama, who is the soul who plays God?. So the Drama is greater, or, more of an absolute than a being. The soul who plays the role of God, is God, as God/Shiva relay is in that case, which is the same as WE really are behind OUR roles in the drama, just a little spark of cons. who plays a role. The role which that one plays just happens to be that of constant purity without a body. So we experience our SELF to be equal to the Father, or, the Father as that one really is with our self as we really are, which is the same. Perhaps I am saying that Shiva is just one of us behind the role. There was a point in time when we were informed that Santa does not exist. We got over it. Now it turns out that Santa does exist ... Consider that you have never taken a life on planet earth and sit and observe from a distance as a spark of invisible consciousness. If we can see something away from us, it is not part of us, it is a separate entity. So we project that which we want to separate from away from us.

Son shows Father - To become complete from having been body cons. is a greater feat than being constantly complete, so the Father puts the children forward as being greater. As time goes on, the soul may be trusted more by that one and be given access to more, on the basis that they have worldly experiences which the body - less Father has not had. Shiva wants to hand over responsibility, power even, (I don't mean worldly) but only when the time is right, or, the soul is right. An honest heart works. There is no WRONG time for anything to happen, at the same time. The highest form of world service that a soul can do is to unite with the one who is harmonious. In perfect tune, and tune the self to that frequency. I don't really see where religion comes into the equation as Yoga requires us only to think. We are our thoughts, thoughts are invisible.

I cannot say that wearing a certain colour has had any effect on my Yoga attempts either way. Even in my spangled daglow Lycra super yogi suite which I wear on special Bhakti occasions. It would be unfair of me to expect that one to come down to my level ... it is already the case to some degree with the various relationships, which is for our benefit. When we think of the one, that one thinks of us. To have Yoga, spin the cycle, To spin the cycle, let go. To let go, spin the cycle, to have Yoga ... simply let go and let the magic happen, we are already complete after all, so, it is easy , unless we don't let go. But surely THE God would not really ask me to let go of everything and become body less while existing in this world and having relationships and material possessions?, it is indecent, I am a respectable polite human being. people are taking it too literal surely.

Nope. I speak as someone who also has the weaknesses that others have. And, a sense of humour packed in our tool bag does not go amiss, it is needed.

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