BKWSU Joint Programs (Hospitals)

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BKWSU Joint Programs (Hospitals)

Post by tinydot » 20 Sep 2007

BMC gives Andheri hospital a clean chit

wrote: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has found no merit in the allegations that the BSES Municipal General Hospital managed by Brahma Kumaris at Andheri (West) was overcharging patients for services. However, the civic body asked the hospital to display all its rates prominently to avoid confusion.

The clean chit to the hospital follows an enquiry conducted by the corporation after several complaints regarding the hospital hiking rates for services and allegedly illegally constructing an additional floor in the building.

Local corporator Mohsin Hyder had alleged that the hospital indulged in malpractices and charged exorbitant rates. Hyder also alleged that the hospital did not adhere to the 30 per cent bed reservation agreement. Ashok Mehta, the hospital’s medical director, said, “All allegations made were false. There is a 30 per cent reservation made for the poor. We will put up boards as it is being made mandatory.”

The civic body’s Chief Medical Superintendent Seema Mallik said that a surprise check was conducted at the hospital. She said that rates were as per the corporation’s norms and that patients were content with the services provided. Regarding the additional illegal floor, the corporation’s Executive Health Officer Jairaj Thanekar said no irregularities were found in the hospital.

The civic body had handed over the reins of the hospital to the Bramha Kumari Trust in 2002, as the former had no money to run it. It was a public-private partnership that entered into an agreement that the hospital will charge 33 per cent of its outdoor patients as per the corporation’s rates.
wrote: BSES MG Hospital is the first hospital of its kind, where Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) - a civic body, Bombay Suburban Electric Corporation (BSES) - a corporate body and Brahma Kumraris` Global Hospital and Research Centre (GHRC) - an Non Governmental Organization have joined hands to implement a humanitarian healthcare project of 100 beds hospital.

It has an added spiritual dimension to a modern hospital. GHRC is known for its abiding passion for high quality of medical services and loving patient care. Hospital meets the expectations of patients, such as efficiency, promptness, providing quality management, yet being economical.

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Post by fluffy bunny » 20 Sep 2007

Its a common problem with voluntary organizations that, like an old tree, they reach a size where they require more energy (read money) to run the organization than they are able to pull in from the volunteers. I really appreciate if someone sat down and look at the financials, investments etc.

The impressions I got was that the Global Hospital in Abu was more worth looking at and that, really, it was built for BKs benefits rather than the locals. Obviously its fits in with End Time prophesies of when India will have collapsed and all the BKs be encamped up there ...

Folks mentioned that it was really quite empty. I do not know the details, I have never been ... what is the general experience of others? Is it for BK medical types to do social work?
  • Who finances it/them?

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Post by di » 20 Sep 2007

Annual Report 2006-7 Global Hospital and Research centre Mt Abu. Please note cytology and histology available, acutal oncology???

http://ghrcabu.googlepages.com/Publicat ... 200607.pdf

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