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For those involved with the Brahma Kumaris, to discuss issues about the BKWSU in a free and open manner.
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Post by fluffy bunny » 14 Oct 2007

We are digging new foundations for new developments. Already small positive changes are coming about in the organization. It looks a little bit of a mess and the workmen are dirty but good will come out of it. Even Madhuban was built by the Bheelis.
  • Many people will come along once the foundation work is finished. Don't forget, you can add the positive.
I think that you are right that a forum is not the same as the real world but once the Murlis flood gates open, and we are able to present the entirely knowledgebase, it will be quite different. You can help us. (Until then, we will probably complain!).

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Forum =breaking the spell

Post by alladin » 14 Oct 2007

Dear sister Aisha, I am sorry to hear that so far you haven't found this Forum of any help for your spiritual development! In fact, I should respectfully admit that I don't know exactly what you expected or were looking for! You don't have to apologize for your words, since the Forum is not an entity and neither it nor its members feel insulted or diminished because of your opinion.

Personally, I am more grateful than ever to God and Destiny, that I felt just the opposite: the Forum has been one of the greatest gifts I ever received for my spiritual upliftment. I find it very stimulating and healing. Since I was never much into proselyting even when I was more active in service, all I can do now is have subtle good wishes for everybody, that they will be able to take the same benefit that I did.

There was some discussion, months ago, on the BK forum topic "Maureen Goodman". On that occasion, we shared some ideas about "responsibility". During that period, I realized that one of the dangerous messages we absorb through mental conditioning of the BKs is "putting the blame on oneself for everything". I think that discrimination power should away guide us and free us from mental conditioning and excesses. One rule sects use to control people and brainwash them is "criticism not allowed." Another common one is "communication with each other is forbidden". It sounds like a jail's courtyard where convicts are forbidden to talk and guards try to overhear conversations so, notoriously, prisoners start practising ventriloquism! We can become conditioned, like animals afraid of being beaten, that don't dare escaping from their corral even if the gate is open.

This internalized fear and sense of guilt, ( method utilized in other religions too), is such that it can distort our perceptions, and in this case, make the Forum appear like a den of anti BK, destructive, critical, negative souls. One can get to the point of fearing judgement from others, even when no one is looking, like a child who walks in a church, and even if nobody's around, he will feel watched.

I suggest, if you have some time, to read some topics about sects, brainwashing and similar stuff. It takes courage to do so, to envisage the possibility that this holy religious group we belonged to, was in fact more similar to a sect than to a meditation school and as a sect if functions, manipulates and damages people. But in the real world, as it is well known by psychologists, one typical mechanism victims adopt to diffuse pain, is that of not blaming but justifying, or even falling in love with the abusers; the perpetrators.

If by reading some more of the deep info you find in the Forum including links to old articles and posts - the archive is really a goldmine. Wonderful. Something will resonate or click, in your mind. Please remember that we are all here to help each other. If what I suggested is of no interest for you at the moment, never mind, you will have mine/our good wishes. But remember, a spell does not just "go away". It has to be broken, some antidote has to be found or else one will never get it out of the system!

In other words, generally speaking, not addressing myself to any one in particular, detoxing requires commitment, therapy, method and, of course, admitting that one was unhappy and addicted to something nasty and wants to become free and healthy.

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Post by john » 14 Oct 2007

aishalvova wrote:Nothing happen to me. Just I feel that I do something wrong here, and not because I put my name but may be because this forum is not very creative for spiritual development. Sorry for these words. Really, I give love to everyone. And, of course, I understand that a forum is not place for development.
Dear Aisha

It may be that the BK's own forum on the BK Australia site may be more for you? Don't expect any answers though, just 'fluffy cloud' stuff.

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Post by paulkershaw » 15 Oct 2007

HI Aisha
Perhaps you'd give us your understanding of what 'spiritual development' means to you? //It would possibly open up another line of communication and sharing?//
Warm wishes

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