Question on the Emergence of Foreign Lands

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Question on the Emergence of Foreign Lands

Post by earl » 04 Nov 2007

According to Advanced Explanations, the Lands of Islam emerge when Islam religion emerges, same for Christianity etc. Does this mean "emerge from the water" or that Islamic Kingdoms/Countries etc are founded after those religion begins? If it means out of the water, then what about Ancient Greece of Socrates and Rome that both precede Christ, or the Punjab that precedes Guru Nanak, or China of Confucius which precedes Buddha?

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Post by bansy » 04 Nov 2007

Add to those lands, the "Valley of the Kings" in Egypt. I wonder if there is such a phrase used for a place in India/Bharat (or does Bharat extend much further up to and including East Africa ... )

For example, you can now have a look at King Tut's face, and all his "Silver Age" treasures. Check the bathroom mirror next time to see if it is your own reincarnation? :P

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Post by fluffy bunny » 04 Nov 2007

This was also taught in the BKWSU during my time as you say ... as new religions emerge, so does the land.

A good question.

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