BKWSU media interests

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BKWSU media interests

Post by fluffy bunny » 05 Nov 2007

BK Karuna Shetty sent this out to his spamlist. I do not know why. What caught my eye was "The Managing Director of World Wide News Insightwww.newsinsight.in". Looking at the website for newsinsight.in it appears to be a new aggregator website, supporting pay per click adverstising, which is registered to the Brahma Kumaris.
Registrant Organization: brahmakumaris
Registrant Street1: Brahma Kumaris
Registrant Street2: Shantivan Complex
Registrant Street3: Post box No-1
Registrant City: Mt. Abu
Registrant State/Province: Rajasthan
Registrant Postal Code: 307510
Registrant Country: IN

Looking at it today, there is an interesting stories about a "Priest offended by bull's testicles" in the religion section and "Golf, Wine and Sheep in New Zealand" in the food section. There are also Adsense pay per click advertising links on both sides (including to page three nude girl 'The Sun' newspaper) and a sponsored links throughout the "newstories" to dating sites amongst others.

The 'Thought for the day', 'Good News' and 'Spirituality' links all go to the BKWSU. Any idea what this is all about? A money raiser?

Ditto, what iswww.ipdishtv.com?
BK Karuna wrote:Bio data - Karunakara Shetty (1940)

Karunakara Shetty is the Media Spokesman and the Chief of Multimedia & Public Relations for the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Abu in Rajasthan. He is also the India coordinator for Global Image-Global IT, Global PR and Global Video; the Chief coordinator for Brahmakumaris Disaster Relief Management; a member of the Board and Manager of Raja Yoga Education & Research Foundation.

He is in charge of Brahmakumaris Audio Visual and Other Departments (registered with the Government of Rajasthan) and Om Shanti TV Channel and Radio, providing footage for a Five Hours Daily Transmission in Zee Jagaran, Aastha, Sanskaar, E-TV and
IP-DISH TV (24 hours) etc.
He also is the publisher of ‘Om Shanti Media’ bi-weekly (registered with the Government of India).

His career in media began when he was a special correspondent for the Rajasthan Patrika, the Times of India (1975) and UNI (United News of India) (1976-1996).

In this capacity he made several trips around the globe and also represented the UNI in International events, attending conferences, seminars and exhibition on ‘Communication, Computerization and Broadcasting. As guest of the State, he was interviewed several times by BBC, Voice of America and several TV stations & met with the Chief Editors of Reuters, AP and others.

Previously he worked as a supervisor for nine years at Hindustan Machine Tools Bangalore until 1967, after which he ran his own business till 1971. He holds a diploma in Mechanical Design & Development (1958).

A linguist in 13 Indian languages and in English, Karuna became the Public Relations Officer at the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in 1971, advancing to Media Spokesman and Chief of Multimedia & Public Relations. In this capacity, he has been able to introduce a vast range of technical equipment and latest technology - not only at the various campuses at Brahma Kumaris headquarters, but in many of its branches around India and overseas too. Over a period of years, the headquarters has acquired:
• A global broadband network for 8000 centre’s in over 100 countries.
• VSAT Communications & Video conferencing;
• Telephone/Internet/Email servers:
http://www.brahmakumaris.com, http://www.bkinfo.in , http://www.dadimaa.in
• Audio Video Production and up linking facilities to TV channels around the globe.

Through his efforts the Brahma Kumaris worldwide has produced more than 5000 hours of Value Education TV footage and over a 1000 Audio titles by top Bollywood & Global Singers like Asha Bhosale, Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnamurthy;
A Global link-up of the Just a minute programme from London to Asia on 17th September 2006 and the funeral ceremony of Dadi Prakashmani on 25th July 2007;
IPDISHTV and Om Shanti TV 24 hours to Indian centre’s installed;
Om Shanti World Radio 24 hours in web sites.

• Accorded an ‘International Award’ for ‘Mass Communication and Spiritual Development’ by UNO-2004
• Felicitated by Gujarat Government Press Academy - 2006
• Felicitated by ‘Hum log Award’ Mumbai-2006.
• Felicitated by ‘World Astrological Research Institute’ of Mumbai-2006
• Elected as the President of the Global Forum for Public Relations in 2006 (http://www.gfpr.org)
• He was bestowed the ‘Peace and Harmony Award 2006’ by Chandigarh – ‘Punjab Union of Journalists’
• Inducted as ‘Hon. Rotarian’ to RI Dist 3050 on 27th September, 2006
• Felicitated:-‘Sindu Ratan Award’ by Akil Bharath Sindhi Bholi & Sahithya Prachar Sabha-11/08/2006
• Presented in Appreciation for Media Publicity by ‘Indian Association of Private Psychiatry’-12th August, 2007
• Presented ‘Distinguished Service Award’ for outstanding contribution in the field of Media for Clinical & Preventive Cardiology in the world by WCCPC & WPCHC (Sep 2007)
• Honorary Advisor of Public Relations committee The Federation of Andra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Oct 2007)
He was invited to speak on “Values in Business” at “India Calling 2004” in Singapore, where he shared a platform with Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. He also addressed the International Public Relations conference in Delhi -2005.

He is the Adviser to Infinium (India) Limited http://www.ipdishtv.com
The MD of World Wide News Insight http://www.newsinsight.in

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Posts: 5365
Joined: 07 Apr 2006
Affinity to the BKWSU: ex-BK
Please give a short description of your interest in joining this forum.: ex-BK. Interested in historical revisionism, failed predictions and abuse within the BK movement.

Post by fluffy bunny » 05 Nov 2007

IP Dish TV only available through Mt Abu. List of all the centers signed up for Baba on Line broadcasting services. It put a smile on my face ... contact "Mr Prajapati". Not another Prajapati Brahma? Satellite TV for $490 installation, there is a long list of BK centers signed up.

It mentions that is operating a "Closed User Group" (CUG) and Mt Abu has total control over sign ups ...
www.ipdishtv.com wrote:Om Shanti.

We are very happy that Infinium could participate in the Baba On Line (BOL) event on 31st. Oct 2006 and much happier that we could use our network to broadcast it to hundred centers and on each centre hundreds of Baba's Children watched the divine gathering at Abu on computer or on big screen.

Om Shanti 24 Hours transmission is also continuously running through the hub on Windows Media Platform and some centers which could not be installed in time will be Getting this once more from the hub.

We are now planning for the next lot of supply. Whichever center wants this facility can now send a DD of Rs 20,000/== (All inclusive i.e. includes supply, delivery, installation, Commissioning, Sales tax, DOT charges, WPC charges, Hub Charges and such other things) however it does not include Octroi, Duty, Road permit or any other local levy, which shall be born by the centers.

The DD is to be prepared on the name of "Infinium (India) Ltd." and payable at Ahmedabad. The DD is to be sent to the following address.

Infinium (India) Ltd.
9th Floor, *******,
Panchwati, C G Road,
Ahmedabad 380006

We plan to deliver it on first come first serve basis and delivery can be started within 15 days after the receipt of DD. We may however club some of the sites to save the time of I&C. We are aware that next event is on 16th of November. If we can not service some sites before that date, we will re- broadcast the same from our hub on 24 Hours IP DISH TV.

There were some queries in the first phase about the Configuration of the PC. A PC with the following specified configuration can be kept ready for the Installation.

PC P4 with 2 GHz CPU or above,
Microsoft Windows XP,
512 MB Ram or above,
AGP card with video out (composite) (at least 64 MB Memory)
Sound Card or On board Sound Chip,
One free USB 2.0 port,
Microsoft DirectX 9 or above.

In case if somebody wants any additional information then they contact Mr Prajapati on 09377280049.

The centers will have to keep two sand bags ready before the engineer reach for the I & C. After the I & C the sand bags will be put as a dead weight.

Some centers have also requested that we clamp the antenna with the terrace floor so that it becomes firm arrangement. We will be able to put such clamps now onwards. Even in this case some weight on the antenna will really help. Also some landlords may not allow the clamping on the floor then this dead weight will be only the solution.

We have already got number of enquiries from numerous centers, we have however conveyed that we can provide systems only through the BK Abu's concurrence as we are operating in CUG. We will now await for the DDs from the centers which Brahma Kumaris Abu proposes.

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