New items in the Downloads section

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New items in the Downloads section

Post by fluffy bunny » 24 Feb 2008


just to flag up to every one's attention, there are a number of new and juicy submissions in the Library section including a load of pictures from the old days.

I liked the ones of Lekhraj Kripalanis white and gold brocade suited and hatted private driver in his own car. It seems they were able to take the car and one of the many buses the Yagya had at that time to Abu ... but had no room for the original Murlis, hmmn. I wonder how many operations had a car and 2 buses back in the 1930s India. I cant work out what make the car is.

More later as I find time to look into them ... there are a load of Om Radhe as well and I love those original Hindi 'soul is the driver of the nosey car' and demons attacking the BKs. That was the inhouse style when I joined the BKWSU. None of this vague New Agey faff.
Picture 117.jpg
BKWSU Lekhraj Kripalani car
Picture 117.jpg (15.07 KiB) Viewed 852 times
Picture 120.jpg
Brahma Kumaris soul car
I think you can see where the inspiration came from. Obviously, noses run in the Brahmin family.

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