Brahmin and half-Brahmin

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Brahmin and half-Brahmin

Post by jannisder » 03 Apr 2008

A bk who is (was) married is a half brahmin?

In madhuban, the brahmins and half-brahmins seem to have different places to sit.

Some half-brahmins, who have children, considered themselves to be brahmins, and forced themselves to sit in an place for brahmins, saying, "Well, I live at a centre" ... so, I am brahmin."

What is going on??? God's love is conditional??? Or is the Yagya's love conditional?

BTW, my BK friend really wants to get in connection with BK brothers after his visit to madhuban last month. Sent me a PM if you want to talk with him. Hopefully he will contact you.

Love, Jan

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