A Novel Suggestion

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A Novel Suggestion

Post by bansy » 09 Apr 2008

I would like to reproduce a clip from the Purity magazine 29 March 2008 page 12 :
Purity magazine wrote:In India, there are a considerable number of senior citizens who lead a life of isolation and despair. According to former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, old age homes are not a positive sign for any society as they symbolise broken homes. However even if alienated senior citizens are housed in old age homes, they require much more than mere provisions of sustenance. For this Dr. Kalam has suggested merging orphanages with old age homes to provide mutual benefit to both parties. The little children will get caretakers, while the old people will get some fresh air back into their lives.
I was pondering how the above could be developed. Could it be developed in your country ? Even if it may be just a suggestion, I would like to use this forum and its wide reach to voice what I think is a very good idea.

What do others here think of such a cause ?

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Re: A Novel Suggestion

Post by fluffy bunny » 09 Apr 2008

As part of the Brahmakumaris' NCO review, published elsewhere on this forum, there is talk of developing a "culture of care" and one of the specific points to address is how the BKWSU is going to deal with its old rather than hand them back to their lokiks or palm them off onto the local authority. It was something we raised here a long time before, especially as Destruction has not come to save them yet. Madhuban takes care of its own ... how do other centers and zone approach this? Those donations could pay for an insurance policy or pension, as some center-in-charges keep or benefit from.

I think it is a great idea and I think both it and the old mental asylums as market gardens were also a great idea. The latter was scotch by the liberals/human rights activists, funnily enough, who felt mentally handicapped folks were being exploited in the like. So instead they are held indoors on drugs all day doing nothing but getting worse ... :(.

Get the old codgers back in the fields or knitting kids clothes rather sitting watching day time TV ... I am sure there are a whole load of single parents who could do with surrogate grandparents too.

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