The Supreme Judge - for you?

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Re: The Supreme Judge - for you?

Post by john morgan » 28 May 2008

Well, they do say that there is nothing like a hanging to concentrate the mind. :D

I personally think that the Knowledge applies to whoever wishes to take it on board. All these warnings are directed towards paying attention to every thought, it being our creation process. God Consciousness is the cleanest possible experience. The conscious elimination of anything less than absolutely clean at the point at which thought is created is a necessary part of awakening this Consciousness. To enter this discipline because one wants to is accurate, to enter it out of fear is something less. Far better a love of purity than a fear of impurity. In BK speak, soul consciousness is the path from Shudra to God Consciousness. To realise God Consciousness is the aim of life, the experience is so good that anything less is punishment. Baba created the Dharamraj out of love, if love of purity doesn't work then a big stick might.

I look forward to seeing other responses to Bansy's very constructive question.

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Re: The Supreme Judge - for you?

Post by fluffy bunny » 28 May 2008

bansy wrote:do they apply to ex BKs, or do they apply to all the other 6 billion souls in the world who know nothing about Raja Yoga ?
Its very much like Christianity, of has a Christian feel, is not it?

You are either "saved" or "doomed" by the place and accident of your birth ... and what of the tribal family living in the high mountains of South America or Africa, or even rural China? Will they have the opportunity to "claim their inheritance ... before Destruction comes" or will they just be judged by Dharamraj come Armageddon? Essentially, both the Christian and the Brahma Kumari has the same answer.

At the first layer, these are all just religious myths or archetypes that our minds and societies come largely pre-programmed with from childhood, perhaps past-lives. Basically "Cruft" (jargon for code, data or software of poor quality ... also used for the fluff that accumulates on computer equipment and elsewhere). Even if one accepts the Brahma Kumari suggestion, one is still subject to and must have to remove this 'spiritual detritus' to see things are they truly are. One might attempt to do so by being a good little kumari, or might attempt to do so by taking "the left hand path" and working it out yourself. Or it might all be bollocks.

As usually, within the BKWSU it is a concept so undefined and malleable so as to mean very little in the real world. File under "good for frightening little children with" and folks in child-like mental states. The children of Om Mandli probably had nasty visions at some point to frighten them into order. The other argument is that it is all part of our own consciousness and the suffering created internally by ourself "looking in the mirror" of some pure, perfected, elevated beings.

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Re: The Supreme Judge - for you?

Post by arjun » 29 May 2008

Sister Bansy wrote:Do such Dharamraj "warnings" only apply to those who are existing Brahmins, do they apply to ex BKs, or do they apply to all the other 6 billion souls in the world who know nothing about Raja Yoga ?
Since the Murlis are primarily read by BKs and PBKs, these Dharmaraj warnings apply primarily to these two groups of Brahmins and to some extent to the ex-BKs. But, theoretically speaking they also apply to the outside world, i.e. the non-BKs. Baba says that in the outside world for every sin that we commit, there is an equal punishment (just as there are equal fruits for every noble act performed). In the BK world one gets 100 times punishment for every sin committed and in the PBK world one gets 1000 or 100000 times punishment (depending on his kind of involvement, i.e. a non-preaching and preaching PBK respectively). The fruits for noble actions in case of BKs and PBKs is also in the same proportion. So, theoretically speaking, the PBKs can be the biggest losers or gainers.

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