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Ramesh Shah

Post by fluffy bunny » 26 May 2008

I thought it might be worth documenting BK Ramesh Shah's contribution to the Yagya.

Obviously, as architect to the 17th of January 1969 World Renewal Trust, there is that residual controversy that will likely last for as long as the Yagyga over claims that its formation broke Lekhraj Kirpalani heart.

What I found interesting was that according to "Peace and Purity: The Story of the Brahma Kumaris a Spiritual Revolution" by high profile and influential BK Neville Hodgkinson's ex-wife the popular author Liz Hodgkinson is that;

"Ramesh [Shah] first came across the BKs when a youth of nineteen studying law and accountancy in Bombay.
Liz Hodgkinson wrote:In 1950, when I was sixteen, my Father died of heart failure, and my mother was broken-hearted. She became permanently depressed, and nothing I or my two sisters could do made any difference. I tried to take her to gurus, but noting helped. In 1953 a small BK center opened in Bombay, and my mother started going. From then, there was a dramatic change in her behavior and attitude. What we had not managed for three years, the BKs managed in fifteen days.

At the meeting, the sister in charge went into trance and gave a trance message from my Father, saying he was in the habit of chewing betel nut and paan, which was true. When I got home, I asked my mother why she telling the sisters about Father's bad habits. She said: "But I never said anything." ... so I asked the one that had gone into trance to pick out my Father's photo. As a keen photographer I had around 3,000 pictures, but she picked out my Father instantly. She had seen him in trance ...

at the time I could not accept Brahma Baba, and I became a student of the Bhagavad Gita.
He drew up and signed the Trust Deed that came to own all the BKWSU's property and I understand that he now runs an accountancy business and that company does the Yagya accounts. Certainly BapDada consults with him over the running of the BKWSU.

My questions are this ... 1953 ... was that BEFORE or AFTER the first revelation of Shiva, as we have learned that he was not accounted for in the BKWU until after 1950? What did he know of the earlier period? How much was discussed? I wonder if the "could not accept Brahma Baba" was because they thought that Lekhraj Kirpalani was still Prajapati God Brahma, the Gita Inventor? I note the reference to Patanjali Yoga which is, of course, Patanjali's "Raja Yoga". The original and actual "ancient Raja Yoga".

I also note the reference to the psychic mediumship of the BK center-in-charge which suggests much broader mediumship was much more widespread in the BKWSU than it was now as late as the 50s. But ... let me ask ... why was Ramesh Father still hanging round the spirit world (and where is this spirit world) three of more years after his death? That does not fit in with Gyan as it is taught now.

OK ... mystic sidetracks elsewhere ... we have documented elsewhere Ramesh's part in the coordination of dying BK's Wills, what else do we know ... bearing in mind that he is a living individual and so please ensure all biographical details are accurate. My feeling is that he is MUCH more influential in the running of the Yagya than BKs realise.

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Re: Ramesh Shah

Post by yogi108 » 27 May 2008

Ramesh Shah,

I have driven him once for a duration of about an hour ... Nice brother not typical bkish in the sense of giving drishti and stuff like that ... not a great orator ...

Yes, very much involved in the Dying Wills business ... and does a good job of it from legality and covering other local laws etc ...

He and brother Nirwair don't see eye-to-eye ... In fact, I have heard Nirwair openly being critical of him in some of the classes in Madhuban ...

He and his wife are both held in high esteem in the Yagya ... in fact, Didi Nirmala of Australia also came in to the Yagya with them ... it is also said that Mama stayed with them for a long time during her sickness ...


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