Who pays the Mortgage on the Center?

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Who pays the Mortgage on the Center?

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted October 4th, 2006

The following examples are related to specific cases on record from at least three different countries. Privacy of the individuals protected.

The business of BK Raja Yoga is going well. It has been a long time since Lekhraj Kirpalani’s fortune ran out or even since the Senior Sisters dropped broad hints at morning class to give mind, body and wealth. But let us examine the following pattern, by way of argument;

You have been attending the local BK Raja Yoga Center for a few years now. You have been having good experiences in Yoga. The people seem nice. You are happy to help out in service programs. Then all of a sudden one or more of the senior BKs leaves without warning for some unspoken reason ... who pays the mortgage on the center?

You do. In whose name is the mortgage ... well, the BKWSU.

You have been running the local BK Raja Yoga Center with another Brahmin. You love God. Have settled into a nice routine. Without any discussion the other BK Brahmin decides that they are giving up work and you are going to support them and the center ... who pays the mortgage on the center?

You do. In whose name is the mortgage ... well, the BKWSU.

You have ready had enough of Brahmin life. The hypocrisy and double standards. You have decided to leave, except when the local Raja Yoga Center opened you were the only one with a proper job able support a mortgage and the center still cannot support that mortgage ... who continues to pay the mortgage?

You do. In whose name is the mortgage ... well, the BKWSU.

A wife and husband divorce following the breakdown of their marriage due to her involvement with BK Raja Yoga. She was introduced to via an “Inner Space”. The wife does not want to work and the BKs offer her freedom from her old Kali Yugi life and relationships. So instead she “surrenders” herself to the BKWSU.

In whose name did the property go ... well, the BKWSU.

A young girl in a traditional Indian family tells her “Shudra” Father that she will not get married. She is surrendering herself as a daughter of Brahma. She cannot accept their money because it is impure.

Into whose name was the dowry property given ... well, the BKWSU.

Lastly, your Father is suffering from progressive dementia. You were happy he had been finding some solace at the local BK Raja Yoga Center. But after you, not the BKs, had finished nursing him to death you discover the family house has been gifted away to ensure his high re-incarnation next life. You are left to fight for it legally.

In whose name did the property go ... well, the BKWSU.

It might seem strange to many that an organization that has been predicting the “End of the World” and the immediate “virgin birth” of Krishna since the late 1930s - to have happened in 1976 ... 1986 ... 2000 ... this year - is taking on long-term mortages and building up a property portfolio of multi-million Dollar centers. If we add this to a drop out ratio of followers thought to be 90% or higher over a period of 25 years or more, and the power of unaccountable Seniors to ostracize individuals without appeal; is it too much to ask if the administration might be aware of this pattern? Followers come and go, donate money to clear their karmic account and insure a high status in their next life according the the Hindu tradition ... bricks and mortar remain.

And let us suggest that you decide enough is really enough. You were being manipulated and the Seniors will no longer speak to you. The false predictions had failed again. You were no longer being strung along by the “End of the World” coming. Your debts incurred from supporting the center are too high and you want out. Will they give you your money back? The Senior Sisters might promise so, to get you back in to give you those cure all Godly vibrations

But the unseen, unnamed administration will say ... no.

You have go get your money back from the local BK Raja Yoga teacher you were supporting instead.

As the Knowledge on which this practise is based is being gradually edited and changed by the same leaders, does it seem like ethical practice? Given the awareness of Indian “sanskars” of giving, is it conscious or co-incidental? How many other case are there? We do not know. If you have any further related information, please contact us.

We say by way of argument “BKWSU” and “Senior Sisters”, as the BKWSU likes to say the sisters are in front.
  • But who are actually the legal owners?
    How do the local centers relate financially to the national, regional and international headquarters?
    Where and how do the donations filter upwards?
Sarah B says: November 25th, 2006

Despite any reservations I may have, it seems to me that people make their own choices do they not? I’ve been ‘associated’ with the BK’s for many years and have always been told to keep enough to look after myself. Give only what I authentically wish to give ... and also, it’s not like the older sisters own multiple limousines! I sense perhaps some past bitterness is feeding into your current comments ... a little slanted I suggest. S.B. No pun intended ... they’re actually my initials!
Mr Green says: February 19th, 2007

I disagree Sarah, there are some environments inside the BKs where directions are given are surrendered members are expected to obey, to say no would be tantamount to saying no directly to God. I agree this is not the case at many centres but it is the case at some. Hence the many stories there are of financial abuse.
Pooja Patel says: April 29th, 2007

This is definitely true. My mother is willing to leave all three of us children and my Father in order to surrender herself to the BKs.

She wants money out of my dad to donate to the BKs. The BKs don’t even want to take care of her. I do not know what to do anymore. These people are brainwashing her to such an extent it’s crazy!

I wish there was something I could do about this. If anyone is willing to help e-mail me at xxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx

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