BKWSU attempt Child Abuse Cover up at Global Retreat

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BKWSU attempt Child Abuse Cover up at Global Retreat

Post by news editor » 02 Jun 2008

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Posted October 22nd, 2006

A firm report of the ongoing cover up of the Child Abuse issue arises from a teachers training meeting hosted by BK Maureen Goodman at a private meeting in the BKWSU’s Global Retreat Centre, Oxford. In writing, as part of changes being brought about by the campaigning of an ex-BK alone, it was stated the steps teachers should take to prevent any accusations of child abuse within the BKWSU being brought to the public. Maureen Goodman, pictured above, is the International Co-ordinator for BK Youth Activities and trustee of the BKWSU front, The Janki Foundation.

One teacher brought up the issue that the very title on the agenda alone was enough to make people suspect something, going on to say that, “if anyone saw the paper, it was enough to arouse suspicions”. At no time during the meeting did BK Maureen disclose to the teachers that incidents of child sex abuse already taken place at two main centers, including the Indian headquarters in a manner that suggested communication between the abusers, that those individuals had remained in their positions and that no charges had been pressed.

Another BK teacher later said that none of the BKs at the meeting were aware that actual child abuse had taken place. “It had been hugely covered up”. It is worth noting that Sister Maureen had been involved in, and aware of, the original correspondence on the matter documented here; forum link. She personally knew at least two of the victims mentioned and other individuals.
BKHumility says: November 30th, 2006

I was living in Peace Village when it was first brougth to our attention that a new policy was being prepared for all activities with children. At that time I thought that something must had happened somewhere in the Yagya and the Yagya wanted to protect itself. I cannot remember ever being mentioned that it was for the protection of the children and, of course, nothing was said about what had happened. It is a couple of years later that I heard about the details of what actually happened and only last year that I read ERomain report on internet. Reading the responses of our most senior BKs to ERomain made me sick.

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