What Happened to Brother Julius (Larsen)?

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What Happened to Brother Julius (Larsen)?

Post by searle88 » 15 Jul 2008

Dear All,

I am wondering whether anyone knows anything about Julius Larsen. It was him who introduced me to the BKs back in 1980. He apparently first heard about it on the radio, and became a fervernt believer in it. Indeed, his approach was essentially a literalist one!!! In Slough (UK), where he lived, I helped him to distribute leaflets on a local meeting on the BKs. But, I could not help feeling nagging doubts about the whole subject, and it was virtually impossible to reason with him.

Assuming he is still around possibly spreading the word, so to speak, I was wondering whether anyone on site ever came across him at all? It is perfectly possible as he was highly regarded, and fairly well-known in his circles. The last time I think I saw him was in Gerrards Cross (UK) where he, and others had set up an exhibition of the various colourful BK "posters". He was suprised to see me as I had by then become an ex-devotee even though I was in fact never really a "devotee" to it in the first place ... because of the nagging doubts already mentioned in the last paragraph.

Robert Searle

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