Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

Post by bkti-pit » 22 Oct 2008

Here is the first Murli of the season (20-10-2008)
Become a jewel of contentment and spread the light of contentment in the world. Remain content and make everyone content.

Today, BapDada is seeing His jewels of contentment who always remain content. Such a beautiful sparkle is sparkling everywhere through the sparkle of each and every jewel of contentment. Each jewel of contentment is loved so much by the Father, loved by everyone and also loved by the self. Everyone loves contentment. Contentment is always full of all attainments because where there is contentment there is nothing unattained. A contented soul has the natural nature of contentment. The power of contentment easily and naturally spreads contentment into the atmosphere everywhere. The face and eyes of such a soul spread the wave of contentment into the atmosphere. Where there is contentment other specialties automatically come. Contentment is the special gift from the Father at the Confluence Age. The stage of contentment is always victorious on an external stage. External situations continue to change but the power of contentment constantly keeps increasing. No matter how many external situations come in front of you, at every moment nature is seen to be like a puppet show in front of a jewel of contentment. They are puppet shows of Maya and nature. Therefore, contented souls never become distressed. The show of external situations is experienced to be like entertainment. In order to experience this entertainment, the seat of your stage should always be that of a detached observer; this will give you the experience of entertainment. No matter how much the scene changes, a contented soul who is stable on the seat of a detached observer is able to change every external situation with the stage of the self by being a detached observer. So, each one of you has to check yourself: Am I always content? Always? Are you always content or only sometimes?

For every power, for happiness and for you to become double-light and fly, BapDada always tells the children: Always remember the word "sada" (always). The word "sometimes" doesn't exist in the dictionary of Brahmin life because contentment means all attainment. Where there is all attainment, the word "sometimes" doesn't exist. So, are you those who always have an experience or are you still making effort? Has each of you asked yourself? Have you checked yourself? Because all of you are the specially beloved, sweet, lovely and co-operative self-transformer children of the Father. You are like that, are you not? Is it like that? Do you experience yourself in the same way as the Father is seeing you? Raise your hands, those who remain content all the time, not just sometimes. You remember the word "sada", do you not? You are raising your hands slowly. Good. Very good. Only a few of you are raising your hands, and you are raising them after careful consideration. However, BapDada has repeatedly drawn your attention: Now, look at both the time and also the self. Check the speed of the time and the speed of the self. You have to pass with honours, do you not? Each one of you should think: I am raj dular(i) (royal specially loved child) of the Father. You do consider yourselves to be royal children, do you not? What love and remembrance does BapDada give you every day? "Beloved children". So, who are the beloved ones? The ones who follow the Father. And it is very, very, very easy to follow. It is not difficult at all. If you follow in just one aspect, you will easily be following in all other aspects. It is just one line that the Father reminds you of every day. You remember that, do you not? Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father. It is just one line, is it not? And it is souls who remember it. Those who have received treasures from the Father cannot stay without doing service because they have plentiful attainment and limitless treasures. You are the children of
the Bestower. You cannot stay without giving to others. And what is the title that the majority of you have been given? Double foreigners. So, your title itself is "double". Seeing all of you, BapDada is pleased and always automatically sings the song, "Wah My children! wah!" It is good. In which plane have you come from all the different countries? Physically, you may have come in any plane, but which plane is BapDada seeing? You have all reached your lovely home in the plane of deep love. Today, BapDada is giving every child the blessing: 0 lovely, beloved child, always be a jewel of contentment and spread the light of contentment into the world. Remain content and make others content. Some children say that it is easy to remain content, but to make others content feels a little difficult. BapDada knows that if you want to make each and every soul content, the method for that is very easy. If someone becomes discontent with you and remains discontent with you, then that person is discontent anyway. However, you also become influenced by their discontentment to some extent. You do have waste thoughts, do you not? If you keep yourself as an embodiment of the awareness of the mantra that BapDada has given you, the mantra of good wishes and pure feelings, you would not have any waste thoughts. You know that someone is like this or like that, but you still have to experience yourself to be constantly detached, and detached from the vibrations of that one and always loving to the Father. Even if the vibrations of your elevated stage of being detached and loving to the Father do not reach that soul, they will definitely spread into the atmosphere. If someone does not transform themselves and you are being affected by that soul in the form of waste thoughts, then everyone's thoughts spread into the atmosphere. Therefore, become detached, be loving to the Father and have benevolent and pure feelings and good wishes for that soul too. Many times children say, "Because that one made a mistake, I had to tell them with force". Your nature and face also become a little forceful. So that one made a mistake, but is the force that you showed not a mistake? That one made some mistake and you spoke something forcefully, and this would be said to be a trace of anger; is that right? Can one wrong put another wrong right? According to the time nowadays, you have to pay special attention when you make your words forceful, because to speak loudly or to speak while being fed up, thinking that that one is not changing, is also a trace of the second number vice. It is said that words emerging from your mouth should be like a shower of flowers. Sweet words, a smiling face, a sweet attitude, sweet drishti, sweet relationships and contacts - these are also means of service. Therefore, look at the result. If they made a mistake, they are wrong and with the aim of making them understand and not with any other aim - your aim is very good that you are giving teachings and explaining to them - what has been seen to be result of that? Does that one change? In fact, that one becomes more afraid of coming in front of you in the future. The aim that you had was not fulfilled, and therefore, in your thoughts, in your words and way of speaking and, in your relationships and connections, let these always be sweet, that is, always great because nowadays, people want to see your practical life. When you serve through words, they are influenced through that verbal service and come close and that is beneficial, but when they practically see sweetness, greatness and elevated feelings through your activity and face, they" also take inspirations for themselves. As the situations will keep changing according to the time in the future, at that time, all of you will have to do more service through your face and your behaviour. Therefore, check yourself. Are the sanskars of an attitude and vision of good wishes and pure feelings towards other souls part of your nature and natural?

BapDada wishes to see each child as a bead of the rosary, a bead of the rosary of victory. So, do all of you consider yourselves to be those who are going to become the beads of the rosary? Many children think that only the children who have become instruments will become part of the rosary of l08, but BapDada has already told you before too, that the l08 is a memorial of the rosary of devotion. However, if each one of you becomes a victorious bead, then BapDada will create many more strands in the garland. In the rosary of the Father's heart, each of you victorious children has a place, and this is a guarantee from the Father. Simply make yourself victorious in your thoughts, words, actions, behaviour and on your face. Do you like this? Will you become this? BapDada guarantees that He will make you into a bead of the rosary of victory. Who will become that? OK, then BapDada will begin to make strands within strands in the rosary. Double foreigners like this, do you not? It is the Father's duty to bring you into the rosary of victory and it is your duty to become victorious. It is easy, is it not? Or, is it difficult? Do you find it difficult? Those who find it difficult, raise your hands! Do you find it difficult? There are a few who find it a little difficult. BapDada says: When you say, "BapDada", then by saying Baba, will you not receive an inheritance? Since all of you have a right to the inheritance and the Father has given you the inheritance so easily - it is just a matter of a second - you knew and accepted "My Baba", and what did the Father say? My child. So, a child naturally has a right to an inheritance. You say, "Baba", do you not? All of you say just this one expression, "My Baba". Is it like that? Is it "My Baba"? Raise your hands for this. If it is "My Baba", is it also not "My inheritance"? Since you say, "My Baba", it is also bound to be "My inheritance". And what is the inheritance? To become equal to the Father. To be victorious. BapDada saw that the majority of double foreigners love to walk hand-in-hand. It is a fashion to walk hand-in-hand. Even now, the Father asks: What is Shiv Baba's hand? He doesn't have physical hands, and so if you are holding Shiv Baba's hand, what hand is that? Shrimat is the Father's hand. So, just as you love walking hand-in-hand, what difficulty is there in walking giving your hand to the hand of Shrimat? You saw Father Brahma, you saw the practical proof of how, by taking every step according to Shrimat, he reached his destination of becoming a perfect angel, did you not? He became an Avyakt angel. So, follow the Father. From the moment of waking up to night-time: BapDada has told you the Shrimat for every step; how you should wake up, how you should move along, how you should perform actions, what thoughts you should have in your mind, and how you should spend your time in an elevated way. You have received Shrimat till the time you go to sleep. There is no need even to think: Should I do this or not? Simply follow Father Brahma. BapDada has deep love in His heart. BapDada does not wish to see even one child not becoming victorious, not becoming a king. Each child is a king child, a self-sovereign, a master of the self. Therefore, do not forget your self-sovereignty. Understand?

BapDada has given the signal many times that delicate times and times of "suddenly" are ahead. Therefore, it is necessary to be ever-ready and to have the experience of being bodiless. No matter how busy you are, practice becoming bodiless in a second from now on even while you are busy. You say that you remain very busy, but if you are thirsty when you are very busy, what would you do? You would drink some water, would you not? You understand that you are thirsty and so it is necessary to drink water. Every now and then, it is necessary to practice being in a bodiless and soul conscious stage because in the times that are to come, there will be the need of an unshakeable stage in the times of upheaval everywhere. So, if you do not practice this from now, over a long period of time, how would you remain unshakeable at the time of extreme upheaval? Throughout the whole day, find even one or two minutes .and check yourself as to whether you are able to become bodiless through your stage of soul consciousness according to the time. Check and change yourself. Do not just check yourself, also change yourself. By repeatedly checking this practice, and by revising it, it will become your natural stage. You have love for BapDada and all of you raise your hand in this. You have love, do you not? Do you have full love? Is it full or incomplete? It is not incomplete, is it? So, if you have love, then what is your promise? What promise have you made? Will you return home together? Will you become bodiless and return home with the Father or follow Him later? Will you go together? And you will also stay with Him in the Subtle Region for a short time, just a short time. And then you will come in the first birth with Father Brahma. Have you promised this? You have, have you not? Baba is not making you raise your hands for this, but just nod your head. By raising your hands you become tired. Since you are going to go with Him, and not going to stay behind, who will the Father take with Him? The Father will take with Him those who are equal to Him. The Father too does not like to go alone, He also wants to go with the children. So, are you ready to go with Him? Nod in agreement. Are you ready? Will all of you go? Are all of you ready to go? You can only go when the Father goes. You will not go now. Now, you still have to go back abroad. The Father will issue an order and ring the bell of being a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance and you will then begin to return with Him. So, the preparations are made, are they not? The sign of love is to return with Him. Achcha.

BapDada is experiencing each child who is far away to be close to Him. Since the instruments of science are able to bring close the things that are far away - you are able to see them and hear them - so BapDada is also seeing the children who are far away as being the closest of all. You are not far, you are merged in His heart. BapDada is merging the children who have come here specially for this turn in His heart and in His eyes and is seeing each one as one who will return with Him, stay with Him and then rule in the kingdom with him. So, from today, what drill will you perform again and again throughout the day? Now, in one second, can you not experience yourself to be soul conscious, detached in the bodiless stage while being in the body and also be loving to the Father? So, now, in one second, may you become bodiless. Achcha. (Drill). In this way, throughout the day, no matter how, find one minute now and then and continue to make this practice firm. BapDada has seen and heard about all the plans and programs that all the children both from this land and abroad have made together. Every now and then, BapDada also came to your programs and toured around and also saw them. BapDada is pleased about the plans that all of you have made together for the future, of making intense effort and to bring about transformation. BapDada liked that. However, to those who put this
plan into a practical form, BapDada will give them a special incognito gift next year. So move forward. This time, in both the gatherings, very good enthusiasm was seen for uplifting others and also being co-operative. BapDada has also told the double foreigners that, instead of calling yourselves double foreigners, you now have to call yourselves double intense effort-makers. BapDada wishes to show all of you children in front of the world as the heroes who are playing a hero part on the stage of the world. All of you have come with zeal and enthusiasm and Baba has also received many letters. Each group has sent their souvenirs. BapDada has seen those. Those who have sent love and remembrance and e-mails, BapDada sees each one of them personally by name in front of Him and is giving them multimillion fold love and remembrance. You may be far away but you are merged in the heart. And the whole Brahmin family is happy that children from a hundred countries have gathered together at the same time. This gathering is so good. You have come from so many different places to your home and family and also celebrated a meeting with BapDada. This is why there is a special turn for the double foreigners. Look, a special turn has been made for you double foreigners, and so you will specially have to fly. Not walk, but fly! And be double intense effort-makers. Your name itself is the group of the double intense effort-makers. In any case, you like a variety of everything, and so this scene of the gathering of the children from many places getting together in one place is also very good. You cannot see that now, but the Father is seeing this. Achcha, you are seeing it on the TV. Science has been invented for serving you and to help you in your efforts. However, when you become complete, science will finish. It will be refined and then come to our kingdom. The facilities of science will serve you, and it will be free from obstacles. Those instrument teachers who have been instruments to make these plans and to put them into a practical form, stand up here! The teachers from abroad who have become instruments for service, stand up. So, BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to the serviceable group of those who have become instruments. Many many congratulations for saying, "Yes, I am present!" Achcha.

The double effort-making Pandavas from abroad, the Pandava Army, stand up! The double foreigners Pandava Army. Look, what is the specialty that is remembered of the Pandavas? The specialty of the Pandavas that is remembered is that they became victorious when they took the Father's company. By taking the company of the Father of the Pandavas, they became victorious. So Pandavas, remember that you are companions of the Father of the Pandavas! You are with Him and you are His companions. So, what is your title? You are not ordinary Pandavas. You are the victorious Pandavas. Whenever the name of the Pandavas is mentioned, it is well known that it is the victorious Pandavas. So, you are those same ones, are you not? How many times have you attained victory? You have been victorious many times and you will continue to be that many times. The gathering is good.

Now, all the Shiv Shaktis of this land and abroad, stand up! Look, the group of Shiv Shaktis is so big and what is your specialty? What is the specialty of the Shiv Shaktis? Look, you have such a relationship with the Father that you are called Shiv Shaktis as a memorial of that. For half the cycle, your relationship with the Father is remembered as Shiv Shakti and, even now, you are with the Father and His companions. Whenever BapDada sees the serviceable children, He has great spiritual intoxication: "Wah My world transformer companions! Wah!" So, Baba has now met everyone, has He not? With the changing times, there has to be some change.

BapDada has to make use of the body. He has to consider it. Nevertheless, the child has played the part of accommodating both Bap and Dada very well. It is coming up to 40 years of playing that part. It is now 39 years. It is a wonder of the Avyakt part. Come, both of you. (Neelu and Hansa - sisters who look after Dadi GuIzar and Dadi Janki) There are other companions too, but these two now know how to feel the pulse of a body and to look after their bodies well. There are other companions too, others, raise your hands! You have played a very good part in feeling the pulse of the body and looking after the body while being yogyukt and continue to play that part. Achcha. Those from Bharat who have come on a special invitation, stand up! Pandavas have also come. The Pandavas who have come on a special invitation, stand up. Achcha. Those from Bharat know and the Father also understands that these souls also have a special part in that they have taken sustenance and are also giving sustenance. And those who become instruments to give sustenance definitely receive extra fortune. Whether Pandavas or Shaktis, those who playa special part have a special line of fortune sparkling on their forehead. Now, in the Bharatwasi season, BapDada will ask about the homework as to which zone is number one. A zone, not a centre. Which zone? Whether it is Madhuban; Madhuban is also included in this race. Who is number one? Baba will ask the result of the homework that was given. Even if there is little time left now, it does not take a long time to bring about transformation. Simply have a determined thought. Even those from Madhuban have a chance to claim a number. It is good and BapDada is pleased. You have won a double lottery: of the gathering and also of those who have come from a hundred countries. At one time to meet such a big family and also to meet the Father and to make programs! You are lucky. Achcha. So, Baba has now met everyone. Will you now say that Baba has not met you? Baba has met everyone now.

This Chariot is also functioning with the good wishes and pure blessings of all of you. The nourishment of
love of all of you is making the part continue. While walking and moving around, the child says: There is a saying "The Brahmin became trapped while walking along minding his own business." I am not trapped, but I became the instrument. However, everything has to be considered to some extent. All of you are content, are you not? Are you content? Baba cannot meet group-wise now. BapDada too smiles on seeing this part. With courage, Dadi made her an instrument. Achcha.

You remember the drill, do you not? You haven't forgotten it, have you? Because BapDada knows that the times that are to come will be of great distress. All of you will have to give sakaash and your giving that sakaash will become your intense effort. In a short time you will have to give all powers through sakaash and those who give sakaash in such delicate times, however many you give it to, whether you give to many or a few, that many will become your devotees in the copper and iron ages. So, at the Confluence Age, each of you is also creating your devotees because the happiness and peace that you give them become merged in their hearts and they will give you a return of that in the form of their devotion. Achcha.

To all the lights of BapDada's eyes everywhere, to the souls who uplift the world and are the support of the world, to the world-transformer children who are master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, lots and lots of love from the heart, love and remembrance from the heart and accept multimillion-fold blessings. Achcha. .

Speaking to Dadis: All of you are happy, are you not? Achcha. What are we going to do now? Achcha. You are settling karmic accounts as detached observers.

ParDadi: You are a soul who is loved by everyone and you are a unique soul. Even if you are lying in bed, everyone has a lot of love for you in their heart. You are not on the bed, you are in everyone's heart. Achcha.

To the senior instrument sisters from abroad: (A book was presented to BapDada): You have worked hard on it. Achcha. The book is very royal. It has become a good gift to give to someone. You have worked hard on it and also shown your love for it. You are giving sustenance to double foreigners and this in itself is maintaining courage and moving forward and enabling others to move forward. Achcha. You have created a good gathering among yourselves. BapDada is pleased. It is a means to bring about zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone wants newness. It is good. Make sure to follow it up for by doing so, there will be the enthusiasm in everyone to take part. We can also show it. It will happen.

Sudeshben gave news of Trafalgar Square Diwali program. Congratulations, congratulations from BapDada.

To the brothers who are instruments for the construction of the Manmohini Complex. On behalf of BapDada and you children, Manmohini Complex is being built for the family. BapDada is pleased that with everyone's co-operation, a complex is being built so that all Brahmin souls can stay comfortably and refresh themselves. Everyone is building it with a lot of love and also giving their co¬operation. Part of it is built and part of it is being built with co-operation from everyone. No matter how much you build, it continues to be small because the number of Brahmins keeps increasing and it will continue to increase. This is being completed with every drop from all of you. You are happy that your brothers and sisters will come and stay here comfortably and attain success. All of you are happy that your home is growing bigger. There is so much happiness experienced when you see your own home. Now, let there be limited disinterest and then see how many souls will come to you for blessings, peace and happiness. So, you bestowers of happiness, you will give them happiness in the form of comfort for their body, will you not? So, this will keep growing and you will continue to make it grow. At present, you have this, and then it will grow even bigger. Will it become bigger or is this enough? You are invoking them because whoever comes, they take at least a drop. So many blessings will emerge. Are you happy that your home is being built or is it the home of Madhuban? It is your home that is being built, is it not? Very good. Those who are working hard are doing so with a lot of love. Achcha.

Baba was given remembrance of Manohar Dadi. All of you remember your lovely Dadi Manohar Indra, do you not? She always played her part the best of all. Even now, she is playing her part with the love and
pure thoughts of all of you and she will continue to do so. Each one has a fixed part. She is enjoying herself in the Subtle Region. She is not in that body but celebrating with pleasure in the Subtle Region. Her heart's desire is being fulfilled. Achcha.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

Post by arjun » 22 Oct 2008

Dear bkti-pit,
Om Shanti and thanks for the official English version of the first Avyakt Vani of the season.
I hope Baba will provide us the rest of the Vanis of the season through instruments like you.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

Post by shivshankar » 23 Oct 2008

Dear Arjun, as I see you are also interested in Avyakt Murlis there is question. Who is speaking through Gulzar Dadi according to PBKs?

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

Post by arjun » 23 Oct 2008

Dear shivshankar,
Om Shanti. PBKs believe that it is the soul of Brahma Baba who speaks through the body of Gulzar Dadi. But because he speaks in complete remembrance of ShivBaba, the words spoken by him are considered equal to Shrimat. Anyways, the Avyakt Vanis generally don't cross (i.e. go against) the Murlis. Most of the Avyakt Vanis are just lectures on dhaarna (inculcation of virtues/knowledge).

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

Post by bkti-pit » 16 Nov 2008

Avyakt Murli 2008/11/15

Be loving to God with a true and clean heart and become an authority of the experience of every attainment.

Today, BapDada is seeing all His loving children from everywhere who have made BapDada, the Innocent Lord, belong to them with the love of their true heart and clean heart. Seeing the children who have such love in their hearts, BapDada sings a song: Wah My loving children! Wah! This Godly love can only be experienced at this Confluence Age. The loving children who constantly remember the Father with their heart are always seated on the Father's heart-throne while in His remembrance. Especially at Amrit Vela, BapDada gives such loving children one special blessing or another because the children who are loving with their hearts and who give that love attract BapDada to them because of the true love in their hearts. If there is not love in life, there is not any pleasure in that life. All of you children are experienced in how much you love the altruistic imperishable love of the Father. God's love is the foundation of this Brahmin life. This is why all of you children are those who are worthy of this love and who have experienced this love. You have knowledge, but, together with knowledge, God's love is also essential because where there is love it becomes easy to experience everything there. The power of love brings you very close to the Father. The power of love always gives you the experience similar to the experience of always having the Father's hand of blessings on your head. Love becomes the Father's canopy of constant protection. Those who are loving always consider themselves to be the Father's companions. Loving souls are always jovial. They are not dry; they remain very entertaining, jovial. Loving souls always remain firm and carefree. Loving souls always experience themselves to be easy yogis in remembering the Father. Knowledge is the seed and, together with the seed, love is water. If the seed doesn't receive water the attainment of fruit cannot be experienced. Together with knowledge, this Godly love gives you the constant experience of the fruit of all attainments. With love, you can very easily experience attainments. If there is knowledge but no love, then the questions "Why?" and "What?" can arise, but if there is love, you remain constantly merged in the love of the Ocean of Love. For loving souls, the one Father is their world. They always experience the hand of Shrimat on their forehead. Imperishable love makes you loving throughout the whole cycle. So, each one of you should check yourself: Am I always experiencing love from the heart? Or, there is not any leakage of love in between, is there? If you are impressed by any souls, either by their specialities or any particular virtue, then, instead of experiencing God's love to be imperishable, there is a leakage. Therefore, each one of you should check yourself. Those who have a leakage cannot have the experience of being constantly loving, being the Father's constant companion or having the Father's hand of blessings constantly on their head. This is why, although knowledgeable souls are loved, together with knowledge, it is essential to have a true heart and imperishable love for the Father. If, together with knowledge, there is even a little less love for the Father, if the love of a true heart and a clean heart is even a little bit less, you sometimes have to labour. You then have to battle with your effort. This is why a soul who has constant remembrance and is always merged in love is one who makes a mountain into a mustard seed. Because of love, the attainments are experienced very clearly and, where there is love there is less effort. If there is less love, then everything feels like hard work.

Today, BapDada was checking to see to what extent all the children from everywhere were loving to the Father with a true heart, free from effort and always merged in the Ocean of Love. Knowledge is the seed, but it is essential to give the seed the water of love. Otherwise, the easy fruit - the fruit of attainment and the fruit of experiences - are not experienced so much. So, nowadays, BapDada wants to see every child as an image of the experience of all attainments. Check yourself: Do I have the experience of every power, every attainment and every virtue? If you are an authority of experience, then no situation can influence in any way one who is an authority of experience. With the understanding of knowledge, all of you children know "I am a soul". You know this and you speak about it, but, while walking and moving along, do you have the experience of the form of a soul at every moment? Are you experiencing every point of knowledge? Those who are images of experience remain constantly unshakeable and immovable in all situations. They do not come into upheaval because they have many authorities, but the greatest authority of all is the authority of experience. If you have the authority of experience, then every power, every point of knowledge and every virtue would be under your orders. Whichever power you invoke, that power will co-operate with you in one second. If you lack the authority of experience, you will have to work hard. Someone who is experienced is a master almighty authority. If a master gives an order and that power doesn't arrive on time, if you have to labour and it takes time, then how can you be a master almighty authority? So, am I experienced in every subject, in every point of knowledge and in the power of remembrance. Do I have the experience of becoming lost in the experience of "My Baba, sweet Baba" in one second as soon as I remember Baba? Am I able to use the dharna that is necessary at a particular time? If you think of something after the task is completed, that cannot be called being an image who is an authority of experience. If the master has all powers, then, is every power and every virtue under your orders? So, each one of you has to check yourself: Do I always remain on the throne or the seat of the authority of experience? To remain set on the seat of experience means that as soon as you have a thought it happens and you don't need to make effort. You don't need to take any time over it. By following every Shrimat, your life will easily and naturally become complete because you were told earlier too that when you have a true heart and a clean heart BapDada also becomes present in front of such loving souls, souls who are merged in love. When you are 'present' to follow every Shrimat, the Father then says: "I, the Lord, am also always present." When you say, "Yes, my Lord", then the Lord is always present. Easy remembrance is the natural quality of Brahmin life.

All of those who have either come here for the first time, and those who have belonged to the Father for a long time: has every power and every virtue become your natural nature? Each one has one or another form of nature in a natural way. Sometimes, whenever some of you children do something that is not worthy of Brahmin lif_, what do you say? That wasn't my intention, but that is my nature. Just as that weak nature has become natural, in the same way, every power is the natural nature of a Brahmin soul. The weak nature that is created is a sign of body consciousness. So, do you understand? Together with being a knowledgeable soul, love for the Father in your heart makes everything easy. Love helps in Brahmin life. Love doesn't make remembrance difficult, but love makes it difficult to forget. It is difficult to forget someone you love; it becomes your nature to remember that one.

At present, in what form does BapDada wish to see each of you children? The speed of time is showing the games of 'suddenly' and this is why BapDada wants to see every child as being equal to the Father. The Father's image should be visible on the face of every child. In the eyes of every child, there should be the intoxication of spirituality. On every face, there should be the smile of all attainments. In your every activity, there should be the intoxication of faith. All of you who have come here have faith in the intellect, do you not? Do you have faith in the intellect? Then, raise your hands! Achcha. Congratulations. What is the sign that is remembered of one who has faith in the intellect? What do you say that is connected with faith in the intellect? What else with faith in the intellect? Victorious! The sign of one with faith in the intellect is that that one is victorious. So, what is the sign of those who constantly have faith in the intellect? Constantly victorious or victorious only sometimes? They would be constantly victorious, would they not? So, now according to the time, the practical proof of having faith in the intellect is to be a constantly victorious soul. There shouldn't now be the word 'try'. "I want that..., I am trying..., It should happen…", but instead, the practical proof of constant victory should be visible on your face.

BapDada has seen that all the children are effort-makers, but every now and again carelessness makes your effort slack instead of you making it intense. Then you tell BapDada many very sweet things. What do you say? Ask yourselves: What do you say to Baba? "It will happen. It has to happen. I will reach there on time." This is carelessness. In that case, how can you fulfil in time the promise, "Baba, I am with You and will return with You; I will return home hand in hand with You", and return home with Him without becoming equal? BapDada is especially pleased about one thing. What is that? All the children who are moving along or flying have received good marks in having love for both the Fathers. Becoming complete and perfect is a different matter, but you all have love for the Father. You, have claimed good marks for love. You now have to claim marks in becoming equal. The Father's words should be the words of you children. The Father's actions should be the actions of you children. In becoming equal, simply put one expression into practical form easily. It is easy to say it. That one expression is: "BapDada is Karavanhar (One who inspires others to do)." This one word 'Karavan' makes it easy to become soul conscious. I, the soul, am karavanhar for these physical organs and at every step and in every action, the Father is Karavanhar and I am an instrument. An obstacle arises out of just the two words, 'I' and 'mine'. With this word 'karavanhar', I and mine finish. I am an instrument. The One who has made me an instrument is making me do it, and so the consciousness of 'I' finishes. So, did you hear what BapDada wants? One is the love of a true heart and a clean heart. The Father, the Innocent Lord, is very easily pleased with someone with a true heart. When the Innocent Lord is pleased, then Dharamraj, the adviser in between, cannot even raise His eyes. You will then say "bye bye" to Dharamraj and just pass through. He will say namaste and bow down to you children who are equal to the Father. You are loved by such a Father, but just simply check that there is not any leakage in your love. Now, the leakage of your body consciousness or of the speciality of someone else should finish. Become an image that is' experienced. Achcha.

Those who have come here for the first time, stand up! Half the class is those who have come for the first time. Very good. Sit down! Nevertheless, BapDada is pleased that although the board of 'late' has been put up, the board of 'too late' has not yet been put up. Therefore, although you have come late, become intense effort-makers and go ahead. If you use every second of the Confluence Age in a worthwhile way then success is your birthright, but attention please! Not even a second should be wasted. You will have to move along by underlining 'attention '. Do you have such enthusiasm? Do those of you who have come for the first time have the courage that you will go ahead? Then raise your hands! Show it on the TV, then Baba will ask for their account. BapDada has this pure thought for all of you that although you have come late, you will show everyone by coming in the front. You will show that, will you not? All of those who stood up, all of you can applaud. Good. You have enthusiasm and will continue to move along with that enthusiasm.

BapDada hears very good heart-to-heart conversations of all of the children at Amrit Vela. Should Baba tell you what the majority of you tell Baba every day? The majority of you promise: From today, this weakness that I have will not come again. You keep the aim, but you take time in bringing about the qualification of that aim. You don't do it instantly in one go, that is, think and do it instantly. Now, bring about such a fast speed. Your thinking and doing should both be the same. You think about it today and you take a day or even a month to put it into practice. Then what would be your state if in that month something were to happen suddenly? BapDada has special love for each and every child. So BapDada wants all of you to become equal to the Father and stay with the Father now, then return home with Him and then come together with the Father in the first birth to rule the kingdom. If you like this, then wave your hands! Should Baba book your seat? Should Baba do it or will you think about it? Are you going to think about it or should Baba book it? Those who feel that you have to have it booked, raise your hands. It has to be booked. Wonderful! Even the VIPs are raising their hands. It is a wonder! Congratulations. Achcha.

The teachers who have come, raise your hands! What does BapDada want from the teachers? Do you know? What BapDada wants from the teachers is that either BapDada or the future is visible through your features. You should not appear to be ordinary; either the future or BapDada should be visible. Is this possible? Is this possible? Achcha. All those who have come here, write your result of this speciality of yours to BapDada in Madhuban after one month, because you are instruments. Those who are instruments have a responsibility. Did your face ever become one with worry and one with waste thoughts or did your features remain as BapDada wants for one month? "No problem ", is that right? Is it no problem or will there be some problems? Do not allow them to come. Shut the door to problems. Put on a double lock. The double lock is remembrance and service. There is always service of the mind. Never say, "I never even received a chance. My Senior Sister never gave me a chance." No one can stop you from serving through your mind. You can even stay awake at night and do that. Give sakaash by serving through your mind. Invoke souls; they are unhappy souls, so give them support. So write your result of one month - all the old and new teachers, and also those who have not come here, all of you write your result of one month: either write "no problem n or, write for how many days and the reason you had problems. Do not write in detail, "This happened and that happened." Do not write that. Is that all right? Are you going to do it? Those who are going to do it, raise your hands! Good. Very good. They are sitting here too. Achcha, those from Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan and the Hospital, all of you raise your hands! Achcha. So, will all of you write your result? All of you should write it. The application made by the Madhuban residents has reached Baba. Achcha. This time, there are two zones who are instruments for service.

It is the turn of Rajasthan and Indore Zone to serve everyone: Both zones are doing service very well, but one thing that BapDada had said is still left to do. You do know that, do you not? How many good heirs have emerged from Rajasthan? Rajasthan is the place of the kings. This is why it is called Rajasthan. So how many have you made emerge who have a right to the kingdom in the future? All the centres, have all of you noted down how many you have made emerge to become those who have a right to the kingdom? So, each centre should write how many you have of those who are going to claim a right to the kingdom. You are doing service and thinking of service plans, but now, according to the time, at least finish the complaint of souls in your own areas. Within the area of the centre and the areas around it, do not make effort and just give them the message, but at least enable them to claim their inheritance from BapDada. They should not complain that the Father came and yet they were deprived of their inheritance. So, now, this service should be completed everywhere as soon as possible. One zone is the instrument, but BapDada is telling all the zones. No area, no village, no colony should be left deprived. At the end, everyone should sing your praise: Wah! You gave us the Father's introduction. You should now accumulate in the account of this charity at a fast speed. So what will Rajasthan do? In how much time will you finish this complaint? How much time do you need? Will you think about it? Make a plan. Distribute this among yourselves and make this plan as soon as possible. Some zones are already doing this and are also successful in that. It is good. BapDada gives special drishti to the instrument teachers at Amrit Vela because the teachers are those who have a right to the Father's gaddi. However, each one of you knows to what extent you use that drishti because BapDada has special love for the instrument teachers. So, take drishti and give drishti. Achcha, many companions have also come. BapDada has seen your enthusiasm for service. You have good enthusiasm, but now, let such souls emerge who can become your' hands' for service. Otherwise, it is good and it is growing. All of those who are standing are from this zone. Raise your hands! You have come as companions. Good.

Those from Indore, stand up and wave your hands! Indore is doing service, but now make such souls emerge who can become your helpers and always also continue to playa part in service with you. Every now and again they become co-operative, they become your companions in service, but now prepare those who can be your companions for all time and quickly give everyone the message. BapDada is pleased that there is growth, but now increase the speed of this method. New souls are now increasing in number, and BapDada is pleased to see this, but now increase the speed. Increase the speed of effort of the self and effort for service. BapDada loves each child from both zones - each one more than the other. Just as you have experienced Baba's love, now enable those souls to experience a little of the Father's love. They should not be left deprived, because you souls are world benefactors. So, such a big world is still left. Each one should at least remain a benefactor for your own zone. No one should be left deprived in your zone. Now each zone should make a plan together for fast service. Create a season for service. Enable those deprived souls to receive even just a drop of the Father's love. You are merciful souls, are you not? Do you feel mercy for those souls? Do you feel mercy for them? So give them an experience. All those brothers and sisters who have come here should feel that it is your duty to make those souls satisfied as much as possible, just as you have become satisfied. Now, set up the machinery to accumulate charity. Do you understand? Of all those who are standing now, if each one were to prepare two or four and give them a message, they would then write that "so-and-so has shown them the path to experience the Father's love." Give news of this service happening at your own centre. BapDada wants there to be no complaints left. However, otherwise, each one of you is better than the next and will remain the best of all. BapDada is especially congratulating this zone. Congratulations, but now increase the speed a little more. BapDada hears the sound of people's suffering, does He not? Just see how much mercy the Father would be feeling when He hears the sound of the children's suffering, the suffering of all souls? You merciful souls, benevolent souls should also hear the sound of the unhappy souls. 0 world benefactor souls, now benefit souls! Achcha. Very good.

Double foreigners: Achcha, those from abroad, stand up! Those from abroad are very clever. In every group, those from abroad are not absent. You play your part in every group. Seeing your courage, BapDada and the Brahmin family are pleased. Now, BapDada has changed your name and given you what name? Double effort-makers. So, all of you are making double effort, that is, intense effort, are you not? Those who think that you are making intense effort, raise your hands! Wave your hands! Achcha, it is the majority. Congratulations. Congratulations for your intense effort. You are intense effort-makers, but now also play the part of being intense servers because, together with effort for the self, you also need to make effort for service intense because the chance to serve is now. In the future, even if you want to, you won't get a chance to serve, apart from serving with your mind. This is why you have a chance to serve your relations and contacts through service and words at this time. Do double or triple service as much as possible. As well as telling those from abroad, BapDada is also telling those from Bharat. Each one of you has to give your record for the self and also for service. Check yourself and see whether you are paying as much attention as you should to yourself and to service. It is good that those from abroad have now come into their original and eternal sanskars quite a lot. You have now become habituated to Brahmin culture - in your sanskars and also in your physical culture. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Achcha.

Now, in one second, can you be the master of your mind and intellect and make your mind and intellect concentrate on Paramdham? Now, for one minute', BapDada wants to see you all concentrate and become residents of Paramdham. (drill).

Such practice will be very useful at the right time. Delicate times are now coming closer and, therefore, the practice of concentration is very, very, very essential. Do not become loose in this. Anything can happen in one second and this is why BapDada is giving you a signal in advance. Achcha.

To all the intense effort-making souls from everywhere, to the children of the Comforter of Hearts who are loving to the Father with a true heart, to the children who are flying in the flying stage constantly ahead of all, by themselves and in service, to the children who are equal to the Father and who always follow every Shrimat from Amrit Vela till night-time in their life, please accept BapDada's love, remembrance and blessings from the heart. Together with that, while merging all the children from this land and abroad in His heart, BapDada's namaste.

Speaking to the Dadis: It is good. All three together, making yourselves companions, continue to move along. A companion is always needed. Such companions are needed. (Dadi gave remembrance from Uncle and Auntie to Baba.) Their remembrance is that of a true heart. Multimillion fold love and remembrance from BapDada with a true heart. They are good instruments. They have been instruments from the start and will remain that.

To Dadi Shantimani: BapDada considers you to be a child who maintains courage and therefore one who has a right to receive help from the Father. You have good courage; you read the Murli. BapDada hears that.

To Par Dadi: Wah! This one always remains seated on BapDada's heart-throne. You are hearing. You can hear well. Seeing you, seeing your face, the Father is visible. The Father's powers and virtues are visible in your life. Do you understand? Very good. You are an original jewel. Both are original jewels. Your face does service. Both of you. Very good.

***Om Shanti***

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

Apply a full-stop, imbibe complete purity, and by giving sakaash with your mind, do the service of giving souls a drop of happiness and peace.

Today, BapDada is seeing the great children from everywhere. What greatness have you shown? You have easily shown to be possible what the world considers impossible, and that is the vow of purity. All of you have taken the vow of purity, have you not? From BapDada, you have taken the vow of determined thought for transformation. To take this vow (vrat) means to bring about transformation through your attitude (vruti). Have you transformed your attitude? You had the thought that you are all brothers. With the transformation of this attitude, in devotion too, they take this vow in so many things, but all of you have had the determined thought with the Father because the foundation of Brahmin life is purity and it is through purity that you have God's love and all Godly attainments. The mahatmas consider it to be difficult or impossible, whereas you consider purity to be your original religion. BapDada is seeing that there are some good children who have had the thought and with the determined thought are showing that transformation in a practical way. BapDada is giving many, many blessings from His heart to such great children from everywhere.

All of you are also experiencing purity in your thoughts, words, actions, attitude and vision, are you not? The attitude of purity means to have good wishes and pure feelings for each and every soul. Vision of purity means to see every soul in their soul-conscious form and also constantly to experience the self easily in the soul-conscious stage. The importance of Brahmin life is purity in your thoughts, words and deeds. If there is no purity, then the praise of Brahmin life, which is to give blessings to yourself with the power of purity - what blessings do you give? You experience yourself to be happy through purity and you also give happiness to others. Pure souls receive three special blessings. One is to give blessings to yourself and so you become easily loved by the Father. Secondly, you become the nearest and dearest child of the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, and this is why you easily receive blessings from the Father and constantly receive them. - Thirdly, you also continue to receive blessings from those who are the special instruments of the Brahmin family. With blessings from all three, you constantly continue to fly and make others fly. So, all of you should ask yourselves and check: Do I always experience the power (bal) of purity and the fruit (fal) of purity? Do I always have that spiritual intoxication and pride in my heart? Sometimes, when some children celebrate a meeting at Amrit Vela, they have a heart-to-heart conversation. Do you know what they say? They don't always have the fruit of super sensuous joy which you receive through purity. They have it sometimes and not at other times, because super sensuous joy is the fruit of purity. So, ask yourself: Who am I? Do you always stay in the experience of super sensuous joy or only sometimes? What do you have yourselves called? When all of you write your names, what do you write? B.K. So-and-so. B.K. So-and-so. And you call yourselves master almighty authorities. All of you are that, are you not? Are you master almighty authorities? Those of you who consider yourselves to be master almighty authorities all the time, not just sometimes, raise your hands! All the time? Just be careful; think about it! Are you this all the time? Double foreigners are not raising their hands. A few are raising their hands. Teachers, raise your hands! Are you this constantly? Do not raise your hands just like that; only those who are this constantly should raise their hands. There are very few. Pandavas, raise your hands! Those sitting at the back; there are very few. It is not the whole gathering raising their hands. OK, if you are master almighty authorities, then, where do all the powers go at that time? A master means a master and a master is higher than the Father. So check: There is definitely something weak in the foundation of purity. What weakness is there? Is there weakness in the mind, that is, in your thoughts? Is there weakness in your words or weakness in your actions? Or is there weakness in your dreams? Because the thoughts, words, actions, relationships and connections and dreams of a pure soul are automatically powerful. Since you have taken the vow of transforming your attitude, why should it be sometimes? You are seeing the time and hearing the call of time, the call of the devotees and the call of souls and you have all made the lesson of 'suddenly' firm, and so weakness in the foundation means weakness in purity. If there are no good wishes and pure feelings in your words, if they are opposing purity, you cannot experience super sensuous joy, which is the happiness of complete purity because the aim of Brahmin life is to make the impossible possible. Such souls do not know the words 'To the extent that you have this, so accordingly, you have that...' or 'they don't have as much as they should'. (They don't have this language.) So, tomorrow, at Amrit Vela, check yourself. Do not think about others, do not look at others, but think only of yourself. Check to what percentage you are fulfilling the vow of purity. Check four things. 1. Attitude. 2. Good wishes and pure feelings in your relationships and connections. Do not think; 'This one is always like that anyway', but have pure feelings for that soul too. Since you consider yourselves to be world transformers - are all of you that? Do you consider yourselves to be world transformers? Raise your hands! You are raising your hands for this. You have raised your hands very well for this. Congratulations for this too. However, BapDada is asking all of you a question. Should Baba ask you? Should He ask you a question? Since you are world transformers, then the five elements of nature are also included in world transformation. You can transform those, but can you not transform yourself, your companions and your family? 'World transformer' means to transform everything - souls and nature. So remember your promise. All of you have promised the Father many times. However, BapDada is seeing that time is moving very fast. The call of everyone is increasing. So, who are the souls who will hear the call, bring about transformation and uplift everyone? You are those same ones, are you not?

BapDada told you earlier too: You will have to finish three expressions in order to be one who uplifts others and uplifts the world. You know them already. You are clever in knowing those. BapDada knows that all of you are clever. The first expression is 'par chintan' (thinking about others). Second is 'par darshan' (looking at others) and the third is 'par mat' (dictates of others). Finish all these three 'pars' and you will be able to become 'par-upkari' (one who uplifts others). It is these three expressions that become an obstacle. You remember that, do you not? It is not anything new. So, tomorrow, at Amrit Vela, check this. BapDada also tours around and He will see what you are doing. Now, according to the time and according to the call, there is a need to give each unhappy soul a drop of happiness and peace by giving them sakaash through the mind. What is the reason for this? BapDada sometimes suddenly looks at the children to see what they are doing because He has love for the children, and He wants to return with the children, He doesn't want to return alone. You will go with Baba, will you not? Will you return together? Will you? The ones sitting in the front are not raising their hands. Will you not return together? You are going to return together, are you not? Because of the children - BapDada, your Dadis and your special Pandavas of the Advance Party are waiting for all of you children. They have made a firm promise in their heart that we will all return home together. Not just a few of us, but all of us will return home together. So, tomorrow at Amrit Vela, check yourself to see what is lacking. Is something missing in your thoughts, words or when you come into action? BapDada toured around all the centres once. Should He tell you what He saw? What was missing? What He saw was that bringing about transformation and putting a full-stop in one second was missing. You cannot tell what happens in the time it takes to put a full-stop. BapDada has already told you that in the last period, in the last moment, you will definitely have to put a full-stop. However, what did He see? You have to apply a full-stop, but, instead, you put a comma. You remember the things of others, thinking "Why does this happen? What happens?" and you apply an exclamation mark in this. So you are not able to put a full-stop, but instead there is the punctuation of a comma, an exclamation mark or a queue of questions. So check this. If you don't have the habit of applying a full-stop, then your final moments that lead you to your destination will not be elevated; they will not be high. This is why BapDada is giving you homework: Tomorrow, at Amrit Vela, check yourself and then you will have to change yourself. For one week, repeatedly practice applying a full-stop in a second. And, on 18th January - everyone has a lot of enthusiasm to become equal to the Father- and so on 18th January, everyone has to write a little note and put it in a box, writing down what your result has been till the 18th. Were you able to apply a full stop or was any other punctuation applied? Do you like this? Do you? Nod if you like it. BapDada has a lot of love for you children. He doesn't want to go alone, and so what would He do? Now, make fast, intense effort. Now, being slack in your effort will not bring you success.

Purity is said to be personality, reality and royalty. So, remember your royalty. Even in your eternal form, you souls are special souls in your land with the Father. Just as special stars are sparkling in the sky, in the same way, you special stars are sparkling in your eternal form. So remember your royalty of the beginning period. Then, when you go to the Golden Age, remember the royalty of the deity form. Everyone has a crown of light of their royalty on their head. Eternally and in the beginning period there is so much royalty. Then, come to the Copper Age - no one else has as much royalty as there is in your images. Images are created of leaders, actors and dharmatmas (saints), but the worshipping and the speciality of your images are so royal. Everyone becomes happy on seeing your images. They take so many blessings through the images. So, all of this is the royalty of purity. Purity is the birthright of Brahmin life. The lack of purity should now end. Do not think, "It will happen, I will have disinterest at that time and so it will happen then." You tell Baba many very good things: Baba, don't worry, it will happen. However, this January, BapDada especially wants to make everyone complete in purity. Purity is not just celibacy. Even waste thoughts are impurity. Waste words, a form of wasteful words which is also called bossiness - a trace of anger - are impurity. Create such sanskars of purity that, seeing you from a distance, others are able to receive vibrations of purity. The result of the purity that you have is that of the soul being pure and the body also being pure; you attain double purity. Whenever any child comes here, what is the first blessing he receives from the Father? Do you remember? May you be pure, may you be yogi! So, imbibe both things, purity and a full-stop - a yogi. Do you like it? At Amrit Vela, BapDada will go on a tour. He will also tour around all the centres. BapDada can tour around everywhere in one second. So, this January, make a new plan for the Avyakt month. Increase service through the mind and through your stage - with Avyakt actions and words. So, on 18th January, BapDada will see everyone's result. He has love for you, does He not? On 18th January, from Amrit Vela, you only speak of things of love. All of you complain, asking, "Why did Baba become Avyakt?" So, the Father too is complaining, "While being in the corporeal form, when will you become equal to the Father?"

So, today, BapDada is especially drawing your attention a little. Baba is also giving you love, not just drawing your attention. Baba also has love because He doesn't want even a single child of His left out. Check the Shrimat for every action. Check the Shrimat that you have received for every action from Amrit Vela till night time. You are strong, are you not? You are going to return together, are you not? You want to return, do you not? Raise your hands! Do you want to return? Teachers? Those who are sitting at the back, raise your hands! Those sitting on the chairs, raise your hands! Pandavas, raise your hands! So, you can only return hand in hand when you have become equal. You have to do that; you have to become that. Have this determined thought. This determination lasts for 15 to 20 days. Then, gradually, a little carelessness creeps in. So, finish the carelessness. It has been seen that full enthusiasm and determination lasts for a maximum of one month. Then, after one month, a little carelessness begins. So, what will you end when this year ends? Will you just end the year, or, together with the year, will you also end whatever weakness there is in your thoughts and in your dharna? You will do this, will you not? You are not raising your hands. So, this record "We now have to return home" (Ab ghar chalna hai) should automatically be playing in your heart. You don't just have to return home, but you also have to come back to the kingdom. Achcha. Those who have come here for the first time to meet BapDada, raise your hands!

BapDada is giving special congratulations to those who have come here for the first time. You have come late, but not too late. However, always remember your blessing of making intense effort. You definitely have to make intense effort. Do not say, "I will do it; it will happen." You definitely do have to do it. Those who have come last have to go fast and come first. Achcha. What do we have to do now?

This time it was the turn of Punjab to serve: (Punjab, Hariyana, Himachal, Jammu Kashmir, Utranchal):
It is good. Do you like the chance that you are given? It is special. And Punjab means ¬just as they speak of physical rivers being purifiers, so too, you purifier children of Punjab will claim the first number in making the souls of Punjab pure, will you not? Look, Punjab has the speciality of one thing. The first lecture that was given at the beginning was by invitation from the saints. Do you remember? The daughter (Dadi Janki) remembers. Nowhere else have you ever received an invitation from the saints to lecture on their stage. This has not happened. So, since Punjab is said to be a lion, you have done the work of a lion. You issued a challenge in front of the sages and holy men and so that makes Punjab a lion, does it not? Even now, the child (Amirchandbhai from Punjab) gave Baba a list. BapDada had asked for a list of how many VIPs are in contact with each of the wings. So BapDada has received the list from the child. He has given a list. You may applaud. It is good. Baba saw the list. It is good. However, you have to follow it up. They should not just remain VIPs. You have brought them to the first stage. However, the second stage is that, from time to time, they become co-operative and loving in every task, and after that, they become companions of the Brahmin family and they consider themselves to belong to this family. In some places, the VIPs have moved forward. BapDada is congratulating them. However much service has taken place from the time that Gyan Sarovar began, however many wings have been created, according to the time and service that has taken place from the beginning, the VIPs should now have become homely. As soon as you phone them, they should come to you. They should say "Ha ji, ha ji" and at least become your companions. Now, each wing should keep the aim of making them into co-operative souls easily. It should not be that they only come when you give them regard or a special seat. Make them a little homely. For instance, if they are not able to come to Abu, then invite them to the big centres in your own zone. Continue to meet them every three to six months and continue to make them feel homely. So, when the situations change, then, at least they will prove to be helpful at that time. So, those of all the wings are hearing this. In some places, they have become this, but very few. So, those from Punjab are lions. Yes, you can raise both hands. All of you are lions. So, you can do this first. The VIPs of Punjab should become homely. Even the mahatmas should become homely. They should not come to you just by invitation, but they themselves should say that they will come. It is good. Punjab has brought about expansion. BapDada also has love for Punjab. Why does He have love? You have made Jammu Kashmir belong to you, but only to a small extent. Jammu Kashmir is well known in Pakistan and in America. Everyone's vision is on Jammu Kashmir. So, show some splendour there. Do not think that the sisters of that place should do it. You should give some co-operation, and show it by doing something wonderful. Give a little attention and the name will be glorified. The place where there is fighting should now have a flag of peace hoisted there. Is that OK? It is a large number. Firstly, become free from obstacles and secondly, hoist the flag of peace in service. Everyone should be able to see the flag: that "Yes, the flag of peace is flying in the place of peacelessness." Is that OK? Achcha.

Double foreigners: Now, you are not double foreigners, but double intense effort-makers. Is that right? Are you double? Are you double effort-makers? It is good. Everyone becomes happy when they hear your names and that you come from this many countries or that there are centres in this many countries. You may not have hoisted flags in your own countries; in London, they have hoisted the flag. There is a flag hoisted just in London. Are there flags hoisted in any other countries? If so, raise your hands! Do you have a flag hoisted openly? They don't mind it? It is good. In how many countries do you have them? Would there be 10 to 12 countries? That is also good. BapDada is happy that you have hoisted the flags in the hearts of so many souls. So, seeing you, Baba is pleased that you are world servers, not just servers of Bharat, but world servers. You have the title of world servers, so you are not just of Bharat, but you are in every comer of the world and you are now increasing service very well. Very good service is taking place in the Muslim countries too. BapDada has heard the news; it is good. You have also made plans for Karachi; that is good. Whatever happens in the drama it will be the best of all. In the new cities where the children are staying, they have very good zeal and enthusiasm for service, and there is one daughter who has the most courage of all. She has courage. Every day at Amrit Vela, BapDada gives her blessings and the child is accurate. What is her name? (Wajeeha). Show it by doing something; she has courage; she is not afraid. And she has looked after her family members tactfully. She is clever. Those from Nairobi too have made very good effort. The speciality of those from Nairobi is that because there are few sisters, the students that emerge look after the centres there; this is also a speciality. So, putting everyone's specialities together, each of you should make your own place special. It is good that the double effort-makers are making good effort and are moving forward, but Baba will still look at your chart. BapDada has told you the news. He will look at the chart of complete purity. It is good. Everyone's aim is very good, but the Maya of carelessness interferes a lot in between. Now, bid her farewell. Bid farewell to carelessness and invoke a full-stop. Is that OK? You will do that, will you not?

Do not show carelessness. BapDada has already seen many games of carelessness. Now, show the game of a full stop in a second. In terms of accounting, the easiest of all is a full-stop. Just put your pencil there and a full-stop is applied. Achcha. The double foreigners always claim their turn and that is very good; continue to claim your turn. Achcha.

CAD group: Achcha, have you made some new plan? (Speaking to Dr. Gupta). Achcha, everything is moving along fme. You are now trying to make it known to everyone through the Government that the heart can be looked after well without any expense. First of all everyone sees everything and they ask questions. People have even asked BapDada a question. Should Baba tell you? Why does he not put right the hearts of the Brahmin children? Why does he go there? Carry out a trial on them first. This is their mistake because they don't follow the disciplines. Whatever precautions others are asked to take, they observe them fully, whereas Brahmins think that because this is their home they don't observe the precautions as much. However, create such examples, even among non-Brahmins, so that the Brahmins think that they too can do this. The work is good. The sound has reached them, but now let the sound become a little louder and let it spread. The good wishes and pure feelings are also enabling the task to be carried out. Each wing has to go ahead of everyone. It is good. Move forward even more and continue to make others move forward too. Achcha.

Special blessings from the heart of BapDada to the greatly pure souls from everywhere; love from the heart and also congratulations for being merged in the heart. BapDada knows that whenever He is to come, all the children from everywhere send love and remembrance through e-mails, letters and many other facilities. Before anyone gives BapDada those messages, everyone's love and remembrance reaches BapDada because the connection of the long-lost and now-found children who remember Baba reaches Baba very fast. You meet Baba personally after three to four days, but the love and remembrance of the truly worthy souls reaches BapDada at that very moment. . Those who remembered Baba in their heart, those who did not find the facilities, their love and remembrance also reached Baba. And BapDada is responding to each child with multi-multi-multi million fold love and remembrance.

Now, let there be just the one concern everywhere: Complete purity has to be spread in the whole Brahmin family. Give co-operation to those who are weak and make them pure. This is great charity. Do not leave them alone and think, "They are like that anyway; they are never going to change." Do not curse them in that way. Perform an act of charity. We will show this by changing. We definitely have to change. Increase their hopes. Do not make those who have fallen fall even further down. Give them support, give them power. To all the fortunate children who are happy and who distribute happiness, lots and lots of love, remembrance and namaste.

Speaking to Dadis: (Speaking to the sisters who look after the Dadis): All of you are knowers of the secrets, are you not? All of you who are instruments, let your form be such; create such a stage, that others feel that they have received something from you too on behalf of the Dadis. They should feel that they did not just get the program from you, but that they received something special from you too. You can give something through your drishti; you can give through your face. Be number one in serving through your face and your behavior. Is this possible? BapDada has special love for all of you. (These three never raise their hands when BapDada asks anything.) When BapDada asks, you should raise your hands because you will then remember that. Today, you four are specially loved. Their Brahminis (Mohiniben and Munniben's), call them too: where are they? Look, all of you have received a very good duty. You come to know everyone. No one knows everyone, but you have received such a duty that you come to know the whole Brahmin family. If anyone mentions your names - Neelu, Hansa, Praveena, Leela, Rukmani - they say that they know you. So all of you are samples and a deal is made after seeing a sample. So, all of you who are instruments, you should all think that you are examples. You are examples of the Dadis. It would be said to be like the story of King Mohjeet (king who conquered attachment) that you would have heard. Even the guardsmen at the gate were conquerors of attachment, and so what would the people inside be? So you are instruments. This too is a blessing. To receive this duty is also a blessing; you are so close. So, you should take benefit of being close. It is good. BapDada is pleased to see all of you. All of you are fine, but now simply continue to imbibe the virtues of the Dadis a little more. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadi NirmaI Shanta (Par Dadi): Your face does service. Everyone remembers Father Brahma a lot when they see you because you have followed him. They will not have this feeling from the other children, but you have followed him. Nevertheless, you have now become a resident of Madhuban. You are a Madhuban resident.

Speaking to the sisters looking after Par Dadi: Very good. You are looking after her well. You also have a certificate. You are doing everything with love.

Speaking to Dadi Shantamani: (Dadi had an eye operation). You will be fine; you have courage. Seeing the courage all of you have, others receive courage because the seed, the foundation, is very good. You don't come into feeling. You don't have the feeling of having an illness. You stay in your own intoxication. You pay attention to the study and to service. You are receiving blessings for that. The doctors are also very pleased because you don't cry out. You don't cry out in distress.

Nirwairbhai told BapDada about the construction work being carried out at the Hyderabad Academy: For the work that still remains, also gather the teachers of Andhra Pradesh because if their money is used for this place, then their mind will also be drawn there. Everyone should give their co-operation. If there is a shortfall, then the Yagya is there anyway, but if their money is not used for this, then their mind is not pulled to it. Therefore, get their gathering together and give enthusiasm to each one. The task that still remains has to be accomplished and whoever can give a finger should definitely do that. Gather everyone together. Andhra Pradesh should come forward a little. It is good. The turn of Andhra Pradesh to serve is soon to come. In that too, have a special gathering of those from Andhra Pradesh and someone or other should go there every month or in six months and have a meeting. Since all the zones are meeting, they should also meet and everything will then work out fine. Is that OK?

Speaking to Rameshbhai: Is your health OK? (Rameshbhai gave Baba news of Mumbai): All the centres are safe. Nevertheless, Bombay belongs to the Father. It is the Father's family. However, you definitely have to increase what the Father said: Full stop and tapasya. This is nothing. You will not be able to come out of your homes; you will not be able to open any windows, so what will you do then? A lot worse than this is going to take place.

Brijmohanbhai gave Baba news of the Sindhi conference that took place in Om Shanti Retreat Centre: You have now made a connection. Now, follow it up. Now bring them into further connection. The film person can be very helpful to you. They (Sindhis) should not be left out. The Father's incarnation took place there and so they should not be left out. Your duty is to give the message. They should not say that they were not told about it.

To Ashaben: You have had to work a little hard. You have love for the Father and you therefore did not feel it to be hard work. (Now ORC is running ahead in service). Service has to run everywhere. Whatever zones are weak and unable to get together, someone or other should go there every month and have a gathering there. (Dadi Janki requested the co-operation of Dadi GuIzar as well in this.) Co-operation from one another is definitely needed.

Eight senior sisters had a five-day silent bhatthi and they came in front of BapDada: Achcha, the angels have come. You are angels, are you not? This is a gathering of angels. Achcha. You did this by having zeal and enthusiasm in yourselves, did you not? Many, many congratulations for that. You did not think that there are only a few of you or ... others will come or not. We just have to do this. So, you have become the eight jewels. Seeing the eight jewels everyone will have enthusiasm. In the program that you make for the month of January, have something similar so that everyone has enthusiasm, and then follow it up. You yourselves are responsible and so you looked after your responsibilities. However, others will have to be pulled; and the atmosphere should become such that there is a practical difference in Madhuban. Each one has to create such an atmosphere at the centre, as it is remembered that every home is a temple. So, let there be a temple of living angels in every home. BapDada is pleased that you had courage and did this and you did it well. So, BapDada would say that this is the group that maintained courage. You have become an example. You liked it, did you not? You liked it very much; you also found it easy. You did not have to work hard. You probably did not like getting up from here. So, now turn around. (You may applaud). Look, what courage did all of them maintain? BapDada and the family co¬operated with them. They had a five-day bhatthi of applying a full stop. And in the five continuous days, no one missed anything at all. They all began it and are now in front of you at the end. You made good effort. Now, you can all make such groups and continue to make this effort internally. If there are two people at the centre, make another friend your companion at the centre and let your Seniors know about it, that you will have a special bhatthi. If you make a special discipline, you will receive help. BapDada liked it. Effort has now become easy, has it not? Now, don't forget this when you get back home. Do not get caught up in situations. Claim number one in applying a full stop. You will inspire others to make this effort and also share your own experiences. Achcha.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

At the time of establishing one kingdom, one religion and law and order, transform yourself and become a world transformer.

Today, BapDada is seeing all His raj-dulare (royal, specially beloved children) children everywhere. A handful out of multimillions receive this special affection from God. With this Godly affection, BapDada has made each child a master of three thrones. The first one is the throne of the forehead of the right to self-sovereignty. The second is BapDada's heart-throne and the third is the throne of the right to the kingdom of the world. The Father has given these three thrones to His loving, dulare (affectionate) children. By having these three thrones in your awareness all the time, each child has spiritual intoxication. So, all of you children remain happy on seeing the inheritance you receive from the Father, do you not? The song automatically keeps playing in your heart, does it not? "Wah Baba! Wah! Wah my fortune! Wah!" You have received in your practical life what you never even dreamt of. At this Confluence Age, together with the throne, BapDada has made you experience the flying stage through the double crown.

BapDada was seeing the royalty of purity of the double-crowned children everywhere. He was seeing the double-crowned children. Today, BapDada checked the speed of effort of all the children everywhere because all of you can see and also know the speed of time. BapDada was seeing the inheritance of the fortune of the kingdom that each one has received from the Father - your kingdom, your future attainment -the sanskars that all of you will have in the future in a natural way and will be part of your nature should be experienced now for a long period of time because that is the new world (naya sansaar), and the new world is being created with the new sanskars of all of you. So, you are experiencing the specialities of the new world, are you not? You have the intoxication of what there will be in your kingdom, do you not? Your hearts says "Our kingdom, our new world is about to come!" So, BapDada was seeing to what extent the specialities of the new world have emerged in the effort-making lives of the children. You already know what the new sanskars and the specialities of the new world are. The specialities of the new world have emerged in the intellects of all of you. You know them, do you not? You remember them and you know them. The first speciality - check to what extent each speciality has emerged in you? The main speciality is of one kingdom. Just as there is naturally only one kingdom there, there is no other kingdom there, in the same way, look at your Confluence-Aged life as to whether there is just one kingdom in your life. Or, is there sometimes another kingdom too? If, while moving along, together with the kingdom of the self there is also the kingdom of Maya, then would you have the sanskars of one kingdom? From one kingdom, there is not another kingdom also ruling at the same time, is there? Is it the kingdom of God's Shrimat? Or is there sometimes suppression by Maya? There is not Maya's kingdom in your heart, is there? So, check this. Check your chart in these aspects. Now, at the Confluence Age, is it God's kingdom or does Maya also suppress you? Have you checked this? Check this right now. You check your chart, do you not? So, if there are two kingdoms even now, how would you claim a right to one kingdom? Are the dictates of Maya mixed with Shrimat? In the same way, there is one religion - there will be one kingdom and one religion. Religion (dharma) means dharna. So, what is your special dharna? The dharna of purity. So, check: Has the nature of purity become constantly natural in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships' and connections? Just as in your kingdom, there will be the religion (dharna) of purity naturally, in the same way, has the dharna of purity at this time become natural and part of your nature? You know that your eternal form and your original form is purity. So, check: is the one religion, that is, purity, natural? Nature works even when you don't want it to. What do some children say in their heart-to-heart conversations? They say very, very sweet things. They say: I did not want to, but sometimes the trace of impurity emerges in my thoughts or in my words. This happens because there are the sanskars of many births. So, one religion means that the dharna of purity should be natural and part of your nature. Even if there is force in your words, you then say: That wasn't anger, but I became a little bit forceful. So, what is that force? It is a child of anger. So, when will the sanskars of one religion become natural? So, check and, together with checking, also bring about change with the powers you have received from the Father. Now, BapDada is at least drawing your attention in advance: If you make intense effort to check and then change, there is a margin, but after some time, the board of "suddenly" or "too late" definitely has to be put up. Don't say then that Baba did not warn you. This is why the time for making effort has now passed, but you still have time to make intense effort. So, check, but do not just check; also bring about change at the same time. Some check themselves, but they do not have the power to change themselves. Checking and change should both take place simultaneously. What is the self-respect and praise of all of you? What is your title? Master almighty authority, one with all powers. Are you a master with all powers or do you just have some powers? Those who say that they are masters with all powers, raise your hands! Achcha, congratulations, masters with all powers! However, what can be said if you are masters with all powers and are not able to bring about change? What can be said if you wish to change your own sanskars and nature but are not able to change them? Ask yourself: Am I a master with some powers or a master with all powers? When a master with all powers has the thought, "I have to do this", then it is already accomplished. Then, there is not the thought "Will it happen? I will see about it, I cannot do this..." So, now, according to the time, the result should be that whatever thought you have - the thought and becoming that form should both take place at the same time.

Now, the New Year, the Avyakt Year is about to come. It is going to be 40 years of receiving Avyakt sustenance. So, it is now 72 years since you have been receiving Avyakt sustenance and sustenance through the corporeal form. So, will you not give BapDada the return of the sustenance you have received from both Fathers? Just think: What is the sustenance you have received and what has been practical? BapDada saw that, even now, there is carelessness and royal laziness. The royal laziness is, "It will happen, I will become that, I will reach there" (language of procrastination) and carelessness is "I am doing it, (language of giving excuses/reasons). "This has to happen, this has to be done". However, there is a difference in your saying and doing. BapDada continues to smile on seeing one scene. What do you say? At least this should happen! Do this first, and I will then be able to move forward very well! There is the attitude of wanting others to change, but, in some cases, the attitude for self¬-transformation is a little bit less. So, now change the attitude of looking at others. If you want to look at others, see their specialities. "This happens anyway, this continues anyway, this one also does this…" Now reduce this feeling. Look at yourself and keep the Father in front of you. It doesn't matter who it is; whether someone is a maharathi or in the middle level, in their efforts; they are all transforming one or another weakness. Therefore, see Father, see double Father. Look at Father Brahma, look at Father Shiva. The Father has seated you on His heart-throne, and you have also made the Father sit on your heart-throne; your slogan is "see Father". There is no slogan, "See sister, see brother." Even now, there is one or another weakness in everyone. However, if you want to look at others, see their specialities. Do not look at the weaknesses that they are removing from themselves. Secondly - in your kingdom - you do remember your kingdom, do you not? It was your kingdom yesterday and it will be your kingdom tomorrow. Your kingdom has clearly entered your intellect and is in your eyes, is it not? Have you counted how many times you have ruled the kingdom? You have ruled countless times. As soon as you speak about it, it comes in front of you.' Your form of having a right to the kingdom and your elevated kingdom - it is as though law and order are' naturally working in your kingdom. All of you have the sanskars of being knowledge-full. You know what law is and what order is. Similarly, look at your life: Are you working under the Father's orders or do you sometimes work under the orders of Maya? Sometimes, you don't follow the dictates of others and the dictates of your own mind instead of following Shrimat, do you? And, what is law? Law is to be a carefree emperor. There is no worry because you have all attainments. Similarly, also check in your elevated life of the Confluence Age whether you have all the attainments that the Father has given you. They are like prasad (holy pure food offered to God) from God and there is so much importance of prasad. So, you have attained as Prabhu¬-prasad all the attainments from the Father. There is importance of Prabhu-prasad. It is an inheritance, it is a right and it is also prasad. So, check: Am I full of law and order?

BapDada was seeing that the majority of you have received the power of transformation and if that power is used at the right time, there is no effort. Look, all of you have experienced that if any of you are ever defeated by Maya in any way - all of you say in your lectures and you also conduct classes saying that these two words can make you fall and that they can also make you ascend, and you know those two words - they have entered everyone's mind. Those two words are "I" and "mine". You say this in your lectures and you also conduct classes. BapDada hears those classes; what do you say? Now, with the power of transformation, whenever you use these two words, when you say, "I, So-and-so" or "I am a Brahmin", but who am I? BapDada has given you many titles of self-respect. Whenever you use the word "I", also say one or another title of self-respect with it, that is, bring that in your intellect. As soon as you say the word "I", you also remember your self-respect. When you say, "mine", you remember Baba: "My Baba". This should become your natural awareness. Simply bring about this transformation. And secondly, generally when you come into relationship and connection with others, Maya comes through two words; one is intention (bhav) and the other is feeling (bhavna - pure feelings/good wishes). Whenever you speak the word or think of "bhav", then remember the spiritual intention. As soon as you say the word "bhav", you should remember the spiritual intention and when you say "bhavna", remember pure feelings. Transform the meaning of the words. What is your title? World transformers. Can world transformers not transform these words? So, try this and see using the power of transformation at the right time. It comes afterwards, when the situation has passed and your mind doesn't like it, and your mind begins to think about it; however, the time has passed by then, has it not? This is why there is now a need for a fast speed, not just sometimes. Do not think that you remain fine for most of the time, for BapDada has already told you that there is no guarantee of the [mal moments. There is to be the game of "suddenly". Some children even tell the Father very sweet things. They say: When the time goes into the extreme a little more, there will then be disinterest anyway, and so at the time of disinterest, my speed will become fast by itself. However, BapDada has said that you need to make effort over a long period. If the effort is over a short time, then the reward you receive will also be for a short time; you will not create the reward for the full 21 births. Always remember three words of BapDada: Suddenly, ever ¬ready and long period. Keep all these three words in your intellect all the time. Anyone's final moment can be anywhere at any time. Even now, see how many Brahmins are departing; did they know? This is why you definitely have to claim the inheritance of the full 21 births by making effort over a long period of time. Keep this intense effort in your awareness. First number and first birth in your own kingdom. What have you thought? You want to come in the first birth, do you not? In what would there be pleasure? In the first birth or in any birth? Those who feel that they should also have a part with Shri Krishna in the first birth in their kingdom, raise your hands! Achcha. A part in the first birth? Seeing all the hands, Baba is pleased. You may clap. Congratulations are for coming in the first birth. However..., should Baba tell you? He should not, should He? You have to come first, and so why should Baba tell you other things? It is good. All those who have come, you have to come in the first birth. You have applauded for the first birth and the first stage. So, you definitely have to create the first stage. Those of you who have the determined thought that you have to go fast, no matter what obstacles there may be, for the obstacles should not remain obstacles, they should change their form of victory in front of the destroyers of obstacles because all of you are destroyers of obstacles; what is your title? Destroyers of obstacles. So, even if they do come, they will come to play games, but you should recognise them from a distance; they will come in a royal form, but you destroyers of obstacles will know from a distance what games they are playing. This is why BapDada also wants all the children to return together. No one should remain behind. BapDada doesn't enjoy Himself without the children. So, never allow your determination to become weak. You have to do this. Do not use the language of "ge, ge" (I will do it some time), "I will do it, I will see about it, it will happen, just wait and see". Do not say these things. Determination is the key to success. Never lose this key. Maya is also clever, is she not? She finds the key and you must therefore look after this key very well.

So, now, check: You have to imbibe the sanskars for your kingdom from now. Do not say, "I will do it". One is "ge, ge" and the other is "toh, toh", (giving reasons and excuses). Remove these words from the Brahmin dictionary. OK, even if you do see someone's weaknesses, all are effort-makers, otherwise, they would leave Brahmin life. It is because they are effort-makers that they are moving along in Brahmin life, is it not? For instance, some say that they are perfectly fine, but, because others do something, that becomes an obstacle in front of them. If that one were not to do that, or if that one changed... However, the Father has given you a slogan in advance: I have to change myself and then change others. I have to change. Not that I will change when the other one changes; no. You were told: Change your "bhav" and "bhavna". The intention of the soul and feelings, pure feelings. Just try it and see; do not become tired, thinking "I have tried having so many good wishes, but he doesn't change! He is never going to change!" For the words, "That one is never going to change", to emerge from the lips of you Brahmins, is that a blessing? What blessings do Brahmins give? Whatever support you are able to give, give the support of good wishes. Otherwise, step away! Do not keep it in your heart. Give them blessings of pure feelings. Do not say any other words. This is one thing that you do, and the other.., should Baba tell you? Today, BapDada checked very well. What is the other thing you do? "This happens all the time, this one is also doing that, and so what does it matter if I do the same?" Is it being sensible when someone is falling into a well that you also try and do the same? BapDada is giving you one thing as homework for your efforts till 18th January. Will you do it? Will you do it? Then, raise your hands! No matter what happens, even if I have to change, accommodate or step away, I will change. Did you raise your hands? Sure? Or, will you say that you tried a great deal, but it did not happen. Do not give this reply because there are now going to be many games of "suddenly", and BapDada doesn't want a single child to be left behind. They should go with Him. Firstly, if someone is not changing, if you have had good wishes and they are not changing, then you change yourself. Do not say, "I had to do this because that one said this or did this." You do that with the intention of teaching someone, but, in fact, you are seeing weaknesses. Therefore, bhav and bhavna - spiritual intention and good wishes. You say the words "This happens all the time, that one continues to do this, I am moving along, am 1 not, and so what does it matter if I do the same"? So, when the Father returns home, will you say, "That one is staying behind, so let me also stay behind? What does it matter"? So, see the Father. And the transformation of 'bhav' and 'bhavna'. When you have good wishes for the five elements, can you not have good wishes for the Brahmin family? "This happens all the time, this continues to happen" - finish these words. "I have to show this by changing myself. If I change, others will also change; they will definitely change". Continue to move along with this faith and good wishes and then see how quickly your kingdom comes. So, for this 18th, imbibe two things for all time - BapDada is not telling you simply to write it and send it to Him. In the Subtle Region, BapDada has many files of your promises in writing. Not a promise, but you have to imbibe these two things in the form of determined thoughts. Is this OK., teachers? You are going to do this, are you not? Mothers, raise your hands! Will you do this? Raise your hands high! Pandavas, raise your hands! Pandavas! The Pandavas are also raising their hands. Good. BapDada will continue to look every day. It doesn't take BapDada long to see everything. Is that all right? Achcha.

All the teachers who have come, all of you will receive the Murli. It is not that Baba is saying this to only those who have come. This is for all the children from this land and abroad; it is for all the children. The work of all of you is going to increase a lot more. Do not think that you have finished service, that you have given lectures, that you have set up the different wings. No, a lot of service still remains to be done. Now, you are going to have to do the work of giving sakaash with your mind. In the beginning, Father Shiva entered Brahma and gave sakaash to everyone while they were sitting at home. Some had visions, some heard someone telling them to go to a particular place, some received inspirations having heard this and they thought, "I have to go there!" They came running and those who came at the beginning became so strong. You remember Dadi, do you not? You also remember the other Dadis too, do you not? Whatever happened at the beginning is going to repeat at the end. Therefore, increase the power of your mind and also increase service through your mind. At that time no one will listen to your lectures. No one will take the course, and the conditions will become severe. You will have to do the service of giving sakaash through the mind. Therefore, practise this now, not just at Amrit Vela. Even if you are performing actions, every now and then in-between, control your mind from all directions, become concentrated and see whether you are able to give sakaash or not. There will be a great need. After all, your images are also those of removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness, are they not? So, will you not become that in the living form? Become introverted and find five minutes every now and then. Not just at Amrit Vela, but this practice is needed day and night. Try it out as soon as you open your eyes at night, and then you may go to sleep again. However, try this for a short time. You wake up at night for other things, do you not? So, also practise this for only then will you be worshipped. Otherwise, you will be worshipped just for the sake of it. There won't be huge temples built to you, only temples for the sake of it. Did you hear? Achcha.

You now have heard BapDada's news. Today, Baba checked very well. It doesn't take BapDada long to check. Achcha. Are you able to stabilise your mind right now? Are you able to do that? Or, will you have the thought, "It is now time, I have become tired. I am hungry. No. No, BapDada knows that children have a lot of love for the Father. BapDada is giving you a certificate for your love. All of you who have come: in which plane did you come here? Do you know? Though you may have come here by train or plane, all of you have come here in a unique viman. Do you know that that is the viman of love? You have come here in the viman of love, have you not? Whether it was a train or anything else, you have come here because you have love for the Father. Now, when somethiI1g arises, when there are the games of Maya, then, at that time, become lost in the Father's love. Do not remain visible to Maya. In the beginning, BapDada showed many scenes through the trance messengers. When there is to be some upheaval in the final moments, everyone's attitude will become extroverted - bad attitudes and also attitudes to give support. BapDada showed you in the beginning how a lot of people with impure vision would follow you, but they would only see light. They were not able to see the people; they could only see light. They would only see the angelic form. Similarly, while you have the practice of concentration, you will be sitting in front of them, but they will not be able to see you. They will see light and only light everywhere. This has to happen. However, practise this from now. Become an angel. Achcha. Now, practise concentrating your mind for three minutes. Perform this drill. Achcha.

It is the turn of Bhopal zone to serve:

Achcha, a good number has arrived here from Bhopal. What newness have those from Bhopal thought about? Everyone is doing whatever has already been done anyway, but what newness will you bring about? In the earlier turn too, BapDada had said: You have already served the VIPs. All zones and all wings have done that. However, BapDada now wants you to bring the VIPs who are in relationship with you closer, those who can become mikes and transform others through their sound. Whether they have come, here once in six months or 12 months, or whether they have come four to five times, have given lectures, been in relationship and connection with you, now make such mikes whose sound can benefit many others into heir-quality souls. They should also be well known. However, people of today are extroverted and so they also want to see external show. So, now create such a plan that continues for a long time and make such heir-quality souls emerge. It has been so many years since the wings started. It has been a long time, has it not? So, now bring those who are heir-quality very close. At present they are in the line of VIPs and co-operative; they also do service, but they are not heir-quality. So, they should become so co-operative, that whatever task needs to be accomplished at whatever time, they would say, "Ha ji" for any task with the qualifications they have._You have made good connections and BapDada is pleased with this aspect. However, they too should now become ever-ready servers. Bring together souls of such quality from all wings. Do not think, "We have to take them to BapDada!", but bring them together as a gathering to anyone place. You can do it anywhere, where it is easy for all of them to come, and continue to arrange one or another special programme for them. When they have a programme, you go to them and meet them and give your co¬operation, but they should now become a little homely so that they are able to be co-operative at a time of need. Those from Bhopal have done service from the beginning. They have made connections with the VIPs, but now demonstrate this by doing service using this method. They are becoming Brahmins, the number of Brahmins is increasing in all the classes. That is good. All the classes are good, but now serviceable people should emerge so that when their sound or their introduction is heard, service takes place. They should remain ready on time. You can do it. Now, show this by doing it. You give Baba a list of so many VIPs, but it will happen if you get a gathering together. That gathering should be visible. Seeing one another, they have that enthusiasm and think: "This one is coming here, this one is coming here" and they thereby become enthusiastic. So, now all the zones and wings that come here, first gather together some people from the main places. Let it not be that they just get together in Madhuban. Bring them together at any place and make them move forward in their love and co-operation. What will the teachers do? Teachers, you will demonstrate it by doing this, will you not? What can you not do? Each one of you - whether you are young or old, if you have the determined thought, then even the young ones can perform wonders. You just have to have the determined thought: I have to do this. You mustn't move forward with arrogance, but with self-respect. Whenever BapDada sees any children from any zone, He sees them with the vision that each child is one who is going to become something. Some children, by themselves in an incognito way, are performing very good wonders of service. Although BapDada does not receive the news, He knows. So, show wonders! You did very good service in the beginning. You began that; BapDada remembers that. Now, perform some wonders. You will do that, will you not? It is good. The numbers are increasing, but now also increase the quality. Achcha. Every zone receives a very good golden chance for service. The Father is pleased and all of you also take a chance with happiness. It is good. BapDada is pleased. He is pleased seeing the expansion.

Education and Administrators wings:

It is good that the Government also understands that education is necessary for life, and, nowadays, the majority has begun to understand that spirituality is necessary in education. The environment has now changed. Previously, people used to say that spirituality is to do with the Seniors and elders. Now, they understand that if there is not spirituality in education, transformation cannot take place. Therefore, the impression that the world has is now changing. As much as possible, those from each of the cities should now try to take part in the small or big schools, colleges or educational places. Many children can transform their parents. Service should take place in all the schools. Through the schools, both teachers and parents will come in connection with you. Today, children are a problem so, if the parents or teachers see a little difference in the children, they would feel that this is something good. This is happening in some places, but it should happen in all places. If someone wants the co-operation of someone giving a lecture or of arranging a programme, then they can take help from one another. You should check the departments as to where it can happen, where someone can help, where someone can help you to arrange it, spread this a little more. In some places, it is being spread, but let it spread to the villages too. Some are spreading this in villages. The Education Department can do a lot. In a worldly way too, if children are educated, it is beneficial for the world and you would accumulate charity. It is good, you are doing it too. BapDada hears about it all, but the sound should spread everywhere, the sound: "The spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris is essential" should spread everywhere. Prepare a group that will spread the sound. All the wings that have been created are all essential in their own way. You can spread the sound. Wherever you go, whether in education, medicine, ministry or anywhere or any wing, they should hear that spirituality is essential in that wing too, it is essential in that wing too. This sound should spread. It has begun a little to be heard that what the Brahma Kumaris can do, no one else can do". This has spread just a little. For management too, they understand that the management the Brahma Kumaris do cannot be done by anyone else. Spread this sound in every place in every wing. Wherever they go, they should hear that the work of the Brahma Kumaris is good; only then will they become good. It is good, but, otherwise, whatever you are doing, is good and continue to do more. Continue to spread it. Achcha.

Double foreigners:

All double foreigners, stand up! Youth, too, stand up! On behalf of everyone, Baba is congratulating the double effort-making children. All of you have become the decoration of Madhuban. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to the decoration of Madhuban. Now, all of you have had a good thought that someone or another is present in every turn. BapDada is pleased. Previously, when you used to hold big programmes in any country, VIP from abroad would come onto the stage. Now, the speakers are not VIPs, they are Brahmins. That too is a matter of happiness. The decoration of our home comes. However, BapDada has heard that you have made a programme for those from abroad to come to this land and do service. You have made such a programme, have you not? This one is standing in front (Nizarbhai). Have you made a plan? What you have done is good because BapDada's elevated versions of the beginning were that those from abroad will awaken the Kumbhakamas (sleeping giants) of India. So, now try to have speakers and VIPs from abroad for the big programmes you hold. There should also be VIPs. You have made a good plan. Brahmins come anyway, but VIPs should come and share their experience of what they have received. That will happen too. Now, there are many in connection with you.

You are double effort-makers, are you not? Those who feel that they are double effort-makers, raise your hands! Double effort-makers? Double? Are you double effort-makers? The majority of you are raising your hands; some of you are not. Do not become slack in this. You have now received the title of double effort-makers, have you not? Then you will receive the title "angelic effort-makers" because when you come here, you fly here. In the same way, in your stage, you are angels, that is, those who are in the flying stage. Not the ascending stage or the stage of walking along, but the flying stage. You pay attention and service is also increasing. Now, prepare such a group that is always steady and constant, stable. They should not be those who do everything "sometimes". Let them be that constantly. Prepare such a group. Let the word "sada" (all the time) be so firm that you are ignorant of what "sometimes" means in your effort. While you are moving along, the word "sada" should also be in a practical form, in every subject. Such a group can be prepared abroad and also in this land. You can race. A small group or a big group can be created, but such a group can be created anywhere. Will you prepare it? Double effort-making children have the habit of demonstrating something by doing practically whatever they think of. So, demonstrate this by doing it. Do you have this courage? Do you have courage? Teachers, speak! Janak, speak! Do you have it? You are still thinking. You may think about it. Try it out and then, on behalf of everyone, BapDada will give that group a gift. Anyone can prepare it, whether this land or those from abroad. Let there always be the sound of "No problem!" Achcha.

All the children from everywhere who send love and remembrance in different ways, BapDada definitely receives that. Merging those children in His heart, BapDada makes them emerge close to Him. Nowadays, some children are engaged in settling the karmic accounts of their past births. Their love and remembrance is also reaching BapDada. For example, Uncle, (Uncle Steve Naraine) he was the first VIP instrument. The sakaash from BapDada and the whole family that knows him is definitely reaching him. Everyone is giving remembrance from their heart. Similarly, many children are saying "Baba, Baba" and settling their accounts and moving along receiving sakaash. All those in this land or abroad who are engaged in settling the karmic accounts of their body, all those special children are receiving BapDada's love and blessings all the time and will continue to receive it. Together with that, letters from everywhere, and facilities even faster than letters have emerged. So, all those who have sent their remembrance, BapDada is giving each one love and remembrance personally by name and according to their speciality. Together with that, the sounds of the hearts of the gopikas in bondage are also reaching Baba, and BapDada is remembering such lovely children. It is a wonder that they are living in bondage, and yet they are free from bondage in their hearts. Even while being in great bondage, they are earning their income in an incognito way; their partner is sleeping and they are earning an income. These divine activities of those in bondage are unique. BapDada is giving love and remembrance to the true gopikas everywhere who are in bondage. They have a special time and BapDada gives them rays at that time. Achcha.

To all the lucky and lovely children from everywhere who have determined thoughts and who do something practically as soon as they think of it; they don't say, "I will do it, I will see about it", but they do it as soon as they think of it, to those who are constantly destroyers of attachment - they are free from attachment not just in their relationships, but there is also no attachment to the consciousness of the body or arrogance of the body, to such children who are destroyers of attachment and are ever-ready, to those who constantly put their hand in the Father's hand of Shrimat, those who fly with the Father and who will come into their kingdom with Father Brahma, to such fast effort-making children who have the flying stage, please accept lots and lots of blessings and love and remembrance from BapDada, and namaste to the children who are the masters.

Speaking to the Dadis: (Dadi Janki and Mohiniben hugged BapDada). These two are instruments, but everyone is embraced in this hug.

To Shantamani Dadi: It is good. Although you are bedridden, you are remembered in everyone's heart because you are an original jewel, are you not? The original jewels are invaluable jewels; they are only a few. Everyone remembers the Dadis a lot.

The Rural Development Wing is holding a campaign from 18 to 29th December 2008 called "Campaign for Awakening the Eternal Yogic Agriculture Awareness" and it was launched yesterday by the river at Abu Road.

BapDada heard the news that those serving the villages are showing a very good result. Instead of using different types of fertilizers on the fields, with the power of Yoga, they are able to grow very good fruits and vegetables without using fertilizer etc. This has been carried out practically and also tested out scientifically. The fruits, flowers and grains that have been grown with the power of Yoga do not create any diseases. The germs of any diseases are destroyed with the power of Yoga. This practical proof has been shown in many places and the instrumental VIPs have also accepted that if they try with the power of Yoga they can make it grow a lot more. That is very good practical proof. Everyone is ready to accept something when they see the practical proof. This is very good service by the Brahmin family which can show the proof. This has been carried out in many places. They have come here. Where are those who are serving the villages in this way? Those from the Rural wing, stand up! They are preparing such land here in Abu too. What have you grown on that land? What have you already grown there? (Papayas have been grown there, and chick peas and peas are still growing.) That is good. You earn an income for yourself, you have Yoga. No matter what the reason, you must have had continuous Yoga. So, that is benefit for you and also for the people. It is a good thing. Sometimes, show the practical results of what has been grown to the class. (Papayas and chick peas.) Show those to everyone. It is good. If the sound continues to spread in this way, then everyone will come without you having to call them. You won't need to print invitations. Congratulations. That is very good service.

Special homework till 18th January 2009

1. The return of the Avyakt sustenance and sustenance received through the corporeal form: Become free from royal laziness and carelessness.

2. Transform the attitude of trying to transform others and transform yourself instead. Imbibe soul-conscious feelings and good wishes.

3. Instead of looking at the weaknesses of others, see their specialities, see double Father.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

In this New Year, with the blessing of the power of transformation, transform the negative into positive; use your thoughts, breath and time in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success.

Today, the Father who gives new life is pleased to see His children everywhere who adopt a new life. This new life is to create the New Age. People celebrate the New Year whereas all of you children with a new life give greetings to all souls and, together with that, you also give the good news that the New Age is about to come. The Father has already given all of you children the gift of the golden world as an inheritance. In this golden world, there already are many golden gifts. All of you have the intoxication that the gift of the golden world is your birthright, do you not? In today's world, even if someone gives another person the biggest gift of all, what would he give that is the biggest of all? A crown or a throne. However, what is that compared to the gift of the golden world that you have? Is it anything great? In your heart you have the happiness that your Father has given you the highest gift of all of the New Age. You have faith and it is fixed. No one can prevent this destiny. You have this unshakeable faith in your awareness constantly. Do you have it all the time or does it become a little less sometimes? It is your birthright and so your birthright can never be taken away.

Today, all of you have come here from different places to celebrate the New Year. You are celebrating the New Year and so what is the aim you have kept for this New Year? What special thing are you going to do in this New Year? The speciality of this New Year is that you definitely have to become complete and perfect, equal to the Father. No matter what effort you have to make, it is fixed that you definitely have to become equal to the Father. Speak! All of you have this firm thought in your mind, do you not? You may nod in agreement. The Father also wants each child to become equal to the Father. The Father is the Father, but the children are higher than the Father. So, in order to fulfill the aim of becoming equal to the Father, you have to follow the Father. Just think about it: How did Father Brahma become perfect? What was his speciality? What was the special basis for his perfection? Father Brahma used his every moment in a worthwhile way. He used every breath and every second in a worthwhile way. So, in order to become equal to the Father, what aim will you keep for this year?

You have to use everything in a worthwhile way and definitely become an embodiment of success. Success is the garland around your neck. Success is your Father's inheritance. So, with this aim, check. Every day you have to check yourself: Did I become an embodiment of success and use my time, breath, treasures, powers and virtues in a worthwhile way? With the success of the present time, I also accumulate for the future. Whatever I use in a worthwhile way now, I will accumulate that for the future 21 births. You know and you were also told earlier, that if you use your time in a worthwhile way, then, in the future too, you will have the attainment of the fortune of the kingdom for the full duration. When you use your breath in a worthwhile way, you will remain healthy for 21 births. There won't be anything lacking in your health. Together with that, the treasures that you accumulate - and the greatest treasure is that of knowledge and knowledge means understanding - by using the treasure of knowledge in a worthwhile way, you become so sensible in the future that you don't need to seek advice from any advisor. You yourself rule the kingdom that is unshakeable and unbreakable and there are no obstacles in your kingdom; it is free from obstacles, unshakeable and unbreakable. That is the fruit of accumulating the treasure of knowledge. You use it in a worthwhile way for one birth and you eat the fruit of success for many births. In the same way, by using for yourself and for others the powers you have received you will have all powers in your future kingdom; no power will be any less; there won't be any power lacking. Similarly, if you are donating virtues, then, what is the praise that they sing to the images of your [mal, 84th birth till the final moment? That you are full of all virtues. So, by using each and every attainment in a worthwhile way, you claim a right to them for many births. So, what are you going to do this year? You have to keep the aim that not a single breath or a single second goes to waste. You have to accumulate. The time for accumulation is a very short birth whereas the period for receiving the fruit is 21 births. So, this year, do you have the aim of becoming equal to the Father? Do all of you have the aim that you definitely have to become equal to the Father? Not that you will become, but that you definitely do have to become. Underline: I do have to become that. Achcha, will the children also become that? The little children will also become that. The crowns of the children are good. (All the children are wearing crowns.) They look very good. So, you kept the aim for this year, and, together with that, the mantra to follow the Father is to use everything in a worthwhile way and to become an embodiment of success. BapDada is not giving you children a lot of difficulty to work hard for this. He is showing you a very easy method. What is that easy method? Whatever thought you have, first of all check: Was this the Father's thought? When you say anything, check them. You want to become equal to the Father, do you not? So; first of all think about your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections: check them to see if they are the same as the Father's and become the embodiment of that. Follow Father Brahma! It is remembered: Follow the Father. Some children show very good games. Do you know what games they show? They don't follow the Father, but what do they say? I did not want it to happen, but it happened. Do not just think about something first, but become the form. If you become the form, you will not then say: I did not think about it, but it just happened. The ones who are doing, the ones who are thinking are you elevated souls, the masters. To say, "It happened" means that you don't have control over your physical organs.

So, this year, remember the slogan: I have to do everything that is the same as the Father, I definitely have to become equal to the Father. That is not difficult, is it? All you have to do is what the Father did. It is easy to copy, is it not? There is no need to think at all. And it is guaranteed for all of you that just as Father Brahma became an angel and so it is guaranteed that he will definitely become a deity from an angel, so, you too will definitely become deities from angels. Some children say that, while moving along, they face a lot of opposition, and because of the opposition, they come down from their position. However, just remember that you have to become equal to the Father. At the beginning of establishment, how much opposition did Father Brahma transform into his position? Everything was new, a challenge. Now, the world has changed so much but how much did Father Brahma sit alone on the seat of self¬-respect and with his position face all opposition? Where there is position, opposition cannot do anything. What did people say before? That you used to create chaos. And what do they say now? That you are performing wonders. There is so much difference. What is the reason? Father Brahma himself finished all opposition with his seat of self-respect and the weapons of determined faith. So what will you do this year? You have to become equal, do you not? So, if you have to face constant opposition, then sit on the seat of self-respect and opposition will change into position. Do you have this courage? You raised your hand for definitely becoming equal to Father Brahma, but do you have that much courage? First there is self-transformation, then there are the many souls who come into relationship and connection, and then there are souls of the world. You have to transform all of them with the good wishes and pure feelings in your mind and with your determined thoughts.

So, this year, BapDada is giving the blessing of one particular power. When you say "My Baba" from your heart, then one power will become present. You mustn't say "My Baba" just like that, but if you say it from your heart and if you have a right that it is "My Baba" then the power will become present in front of you. What power is that? The power of transformation. With the power of transformation, especially change the negative into positive. While seeing negative thoughts and negative behaviour, change them into positive. Just see, speak and do everything positive. Simply with your good wishes and pure feelings, it will become easy because this opposition will come, but your power of transformation will easily bring you success. So, did you understand the special blessing for this year? Use the power of transformation with determined thoughts. You can bring about transformation, can you not? This is your challenge. You do remember it, do you not? You are world transformers, are you not? Since your title is a world transformer, then, is it difficult to transform yourself? When anything difficult arises in your heart - in fact, nothing is difficult but you make it difficult; what can be difficult in front of a master almighty authority? However, you make one mistake and make it difficult. For instance, if it suddenly becomes dark here, then, if by mistake someone tries to chase away the darkness, will the darkness go away? The correct method is for you to switch the light on and the darkness will go away in a second. So, you also make the mistake that when something has happened, you go into the queue of questions such as, "Why? What? When? How?" etc. You make a small thing big and something big is difficult. If you make it into a small thing, it will become easy. The Father has shown you an easy method to use any particular power. Sit on the seat of the awareness of being a master almighty authority. If you sit on this seat, you won't become upset. Without a seat, you become upset, but if you have your seat, you won't become upset. Your sanskars of 63 births will emerge. What were your sanskars for 63 births? One minute you would be set and the next minute you would become upset. So, always remain set on the seat of your self-¬respect. And what will you do this year? You will give everyone a gift in the New Year, will you not? So, what gift will you give them? You will give greetings and what gift will you give with that? You have many gifts. You can give as many as you want. The physical gifts will only last for a temporary period, but you who are becoming equal to the eternal Father should give an imperishable gift. Through your mind give the gift of powers, through your words give the gift of knowledge and through your actions, give the gift of virtues. All of you have these, do you not? If you do, nod! You have many treasures, do you not? They are not any less, are they? Whenever you interact with anyone, and you will have to interact then, this year, give them lots of gifts. However, give them imperishable gifts. You were told that you mustn't let anyone go away empty-handed, whether you give them the gifts of your mind, of words or of actions. For this, you will always have to pay attention to one thing. At every moment, you will have to keep a stock of powers in an emerged form. How many powers do you have? You have a list, do you not? Because of having to speak, you always have churning power in your mind - you will have to keep the power to chum knowledge in your awareness. In your behaviour, through your face and in your actions, you will have to become an embodiment of virtues. You will always have to keep yourself as an embodiment of virtues, an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of powers in an emerged form. Do not think that you have the powers anyway, that you have knowledge anyway, but you will have to become the embodiment. You will have to look at everyone with the vision and attitude of them being part of Godly' family. Since you have to become equal this year and you have raised your hands for that, everyone's hand will be visible in BapDada's Subtle Region. It is not this small TV there; it is a very big one there. Baba can see the results of all the centres in one second. BapDada is pleased to see your enthusiasm of definitely having to become equal to the Father. You have the fortune of happiness. You have a happy face, so never let your face become bossy. Always happy. No matter how busy you may be in doing something, even if you are rectifying a mistake, or if you are explaining to someone, your face and your words should not be bossy. This year, demonstrate this by bringing about this transformation. A prize will be given to those who are always smiling throughout the whole year no matter what situations come. Some brothers and sisters say - all of you have heart-to-heart conversations - that if you don't explain with bossiness, they won't understand or they won't change. You have already kept the feeling that the other person is not going to change, so that person has already received your vibrations. Therefore, this year, bid farewell to anger and its progeny. Is this possible? Not even to have bossiness. The Father is asking those who become angry from time to time in order for something to be done or in order to rectify something, but does the other person reform through that? Has anyone reformed by you getting angry with them? Show Baba that list! In fact, they become even more irritated; they don't reform themselves. They create opposition in their mind. If they are older, they create opposition in their mind because they cannot say anything and if they are young, they begin to cry. So, Baba is telling you all the things that you have to do this year. Do you like it? Are you going to do it? You may now raise your hands! Are you going to do it? Those with the TV camera, take their photograph! Raise your hands! Keep them high! The cameramen are taking a picture.

BapDada's desire is that everything Baba has told you to do this year, on the last day of every month, each one of you should write your chart on a small blessing-card sized paper and simply write "OK". In all the things that Baba told you about, if you were able to do a couple of things and not able to do a couple of things, if you weren't able to do something, then just put a line through "OK", Simply write this much as your result. Do not write a long letter. If you write a long letter, those who have to read it will take a long time. Therefore, if you simply write "OK" on a small piece of paper it will be easy to read. Simply write "OK" or put a line through it; it is easy, is it not? This year you especially have to chase away the evil spirit of anger. Do not have any bossiness either. Some become angry with their eyes. Have you seen this? They even get angry with their face. So, what will you do? You have to renounce something, do you not? Will you renounce this from yourself? Will those from Madhuban renounce this? Those from Madhuban, raise your hands. There are so many of you. Some of you are sitting here too. So, BapDada is first of all telling those from Madhuban: you have to be first in this. Those from Madhuban have to bid farewell to it first. That impact from Madhuban will automatically fall on other centres too. Madhuban is the seed; it is the trunk, but what is the permanent address of all of you? It is Madhuban, is it not? So, you may be thinking that only the Madhuban residents have to do this. All of you are Madhuban residents, are you not? Because your permanent address is Madhuban; it is for service that you have gone to different places. Do those who have gone abroad forget the villages and towns where they took birth? BapDada has seen that those who are living abroad but who took birth in the villages, towns or cities of India, have established a centre there. BapDada gives those children the title of: Very charitable souls. You have performed wonders. And then they even ask those people whether they have any difficulties or if everything is fine. This is the duty of a charitable soul. They are your family. You are one family. You are not two families, it is one family. If you were to go to London today for any reason, what would you say? Would you say that it is your centre or would you say that it is the centre of those from London? It is yours, is it not? To say "mine" does not mean that you go and live there. Baba has given each one of you your place of service. So, did you hear what you have to do? Those from Madhuban and everyone else have to claim your certificate. OK. Baba has given you a lot of work, but BapDada is your Companion. Whenever you feel something is difficult, say with your heart, "Baba, My Baba, My Companion, come and help me", and Baba is then bound to help. You' have to say it with your heart though, because you have to see the time and the self.. Time is challenging and you have to challenge Maya. What can she do then?

So, BapDada was seeing that according to the time, the speed of time is fast at present. So, who is going to oppose the time? You are going to do that. BapDada has seen that that you are not hearing the call of unhappy souls, the call of devotees and the call of time that much. The poor things do not have any courage, so give them wings so that at least they can fly. Give them wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm. Achcha.

BapDada has accepted and also seen here all the cards, e-mails and letters of greetings that have come from everywhere. BapDada has accepted the greetings from your heart as being multimillion times more valuable than diamonds. The children sitting far away are in front of the Father's heart. When BapDada is giving drishti, He is seeing not only the children sitting in this hall, but the children at all the places are in front of BapDada. They are present in front of His heart. And so multimillion-fold greetings and BapDada has already given all the children a right to the golden gift; many other gifts are merged in this golden gift. Whatever you think of, it becomes present. According to the time here, the New Year will begin at 12.00 midnight, but for you, what do you always remember with your eyes and in your heart? The golden world, it is about to come. It feels like that, does it not? Today, you are here and in just a short time you will go to your world. Achcha. You may now speak.

It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve: It is very good. This scene is very beautiful. By accumulating the charity of service, your mind continues to dance in happiness. There are many teachers too. Teachers, wave your hands! It is good. The gathering is good. What will Delhi do now? You were told earlier too, that to have melas and programmes has now become common. It has become a system. As soon as the season-ends, the programme of the Wings begins. However, BapDada has now signaled you about two things. You have served the VIPs well. They become co-operative at the time of need. They give good co-operation. Now, from being such co-operative souls, make them into heirs. In any case, many heir-quality souls have emerged from Delhi since a long time, but that was earlier. Now, they should be mikes and heir-quality. Not just co-operative. You will make them co-operative anyway, they are becoming co-operative, but now make heir-quality souls emerge. Now, souls that emerge from everywhere should be mikes and helpers, but they should be heir-quality. They may remain incognito, but heirs are visible even while remaining incognito. Such a group can emerge from anywhere, from any wing; it can even be from this land or abroad. They can be from anywhere, and so if not a necklace at least create a bracelet of such quality souls. In any case, heirs emerged so quickly in the early days. However, now, they have all other qualifications, but heir-quality are those who follow every Shrimat and every direction with their mind in an incognito way. BapDada's hope is that someone should become an instrument to create such groups at different places. Any centre or wing can demonstrate this by bringing about this newness. There are co-operative souls - BapDada knows this. They give their co-operation when there is a need, but they should become heirs; even if they are incognito. What will Delhi do? Will you prepare such a bracelet? BapDada is not asking for a necklace; you can just make a bracelet and bring that here. This year, show this by performing some wonders! It is possible, is it not, whether they emerge from abroad or from Bharat? Is it possible? Teachers, speak! Is it possible? Raise your hands! Those from Delhi. Wahl BapDada is congratulating you. You have maintained courage well. You are now being given congratulations for your courage. What congratulations will you receive when you do it in a practical form? Wah My specially beloved children! Wah! Anyone can do this! Bombay, Maharashtra, Andhra - anyone can do it. Madhuban can do it. Is that all right? It is good. Delhi is of Father Brahma. Together with Father Brahma, Shiv Baba is also there. Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta are all special places of Father Brahma and BapDada has had hopes in them from the beginning. Achcha. Now, when you come here next year, having performed wonders, come having made preparations. Is that all right? All Pandavas, raise your hands! Look how many Pandavas there are! So, the Pandavas of Delhi will come having performed wonders, will you not? Will you do it? BapDada repeatedly mentions the name of Delhi. And you will make a court in Delhi for all these Brahmins, will you not? You will rule there, will you not? The Parliament will be in Delhi, will it not? So, those from Delhi will have to prepare Delhi a great deal. You will give a palace to everyone, will you not? You will receive a palace in Delhi. OK, we shall see the wonders! At least show some newness! Everyone has now seen all the functions and melas that take place again and again. Achcha.

Jurist Wing, Cultural and Media Wing have come: First, the Jurist wing should stand up. The duty of jurists is to make law and order strong. While sitting in this old world, all of you are creating law and order for the new world. You have made good plans. However, now let there be such peace everywhere, because you have companions from many different places in this department. If people from everywhere work together, you can create such an atmosphere through your words and lectures that many other people can become your companions and give you their co-operation in that, at times of peacelessness, they will maintain peace. They should become founders of peace and become your companions. Make them sign this. Through your service at different places make them write that they will remain peaceful, that they will move along with law and order and make others move along with it too. Prepare such a list and show it to the Government, showing them what you are doing. Then, every now and then, check whether that group is following law and order in a practical way. Prepare such a group of co-operative souls, of the youth, of the elders or even children, but get a group of sensible children together. It is not a question of having a rally of those children, but continue to have their gatherings wherever you have a big place and prepare such a gathering in which people from all wings are present. Then the Government will see what work you are doing. The Government wants to do that, but is unable to do so, yet you can show it by doing it. It is good. The gathering is good and you continue to do it, but now let the sound be loud. Nevertheless, BapDada is congratulating from His heart those who are instruments. Continue to do it,. continue to move forward and continue to make others move forward. A little of the sound has now gone into the ears of the Government, now let them hear a bit more. However many wings there are, show them the practical proof through each one's own service. They remain busy with their own problems, and so awaken them a bit. However, whatever you are doing is good, but now do the best of all. This group has special love and remembrance and congratulations from BapDada.

Media Wing: The Media has opened the ears of people a little. Now, they enjoy listening. Some have even begun to become one of you, but what would happen if all those who listen to you also became one of you? In Sakar days too, BapDada used to say that the Media can perform wonders, but now, in the Avyakt form, He is seeing and yes, although you have started late, it is better late than never! It is only through the Media that you can spread the sound while sitting at home because now, although having time, people make an excuse that it is good but that they don't have time. So, the Media wing can [mish this excuse of theirs. They should not just say that they liked it, but now show this by making them become good. It has begun, the impact is good, and you have worked well, but now make the sound a little louder. Make new plans. Make such souls emerge who can help you in spreading your sound. Prepare such souls and, together with that, spread the sound from different (Radio and TV) stations. Prepare such companions. You can do that. You are spreading the sound, you have worked hard, and so congratulations for the efforts, but now, increase it. Make them your companions in every way. Some can be those who inspire others and some can be those who become instruments to do it. It is good. There are many types of service through the Media and so the sound can continue to spread in many different ways. Continue to bring them into connection and relationship. BapDada is giving congratulations to the Media department for whatever you have done so far because what you have done is good. Hearing and seeing this, BapDada is pleased because He feels mercy for the unhappy souls. After all, they are His children, whether they are real children or stepchildren, they are His children. Therefore, continue to make progress with this plan. Achcha.

Cultural Wing: Cultural and culture - both sound similar. So, your culture should be created from the cultural. This is the service you are doing. BapDada is seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of each wing. Everyone is making their service grow in their own way, but this cultural wing is now an instrument, so what do you really have to create? Culture. At present, you show cultural programmes, but when the culture of human beings changes, then while doing their own work, they will begin to dance in happiness. You demonstrate this by performing a dance. So, no matter where they may be staying or what they may be doing, they should be dancing in their mind with happiness. Let there be dancing in every home. The aim is good and you continue to increase service with this aim, but Baba wants to see who is going to prepare a bracelet and bring it here. Which wing will it be that will become number one or number one co-operative? Baba now wants some newness because the seed have been sown. All wings have sown good seeds, but the fruit should now be visible. Now, the number should at least increase to more than 900,000. It is good. Because of all the different wings, all the children have become responsible. Their attention has been drawn, and now let the growth take place quickly because time is calling a lot. Sorrow and peacelessness are increasing a great deal. Fear is increasing. You have to dance in happiness and save people from their fear. It is good. It is good that each one remains busy in the field of service. That is good. Therefore, continue to move forward. Find your companions of the previous cycle. Achcha. Very good. It is very good and it will remain good and will continue to increase.

International Youth and Children's Retreat: Let the children come to the front. BapDada heard the news of the children. It is good if the children are preparing to bring about world transformation through self-transformation. BapDada is pleased that the children are equal to Allah (God). However, you have made a promise and BapDada has seen what you have written. Show the lotus that you have created. The Government also wants the Youth to show them how to bring about transformation, because the Youth have the speciality that whatever thought they have in their mind, they are able to do it, whether they engage themselves in something wrong or something right. The Youth group can show wonders: not create chaos (dhamaal), but perform wonders (kamaal). The Government also likes the Youth group. And you have written very good promises to the Father in this lotus flower. Now, every day at Amrit Vela, when having a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada, continue to give Him the result of the promises of transformation and whichever service place you are at, continue to give your teacher the result of your promise and how much you have benefitted from it. The teachers themselves will continue to give these results to BapDada. BapDada has heard that the form of training you have created is very good and everyone did that with a lot of interest. BapDada is giving multimillion fold congratulations to the Youth group for this. Remain firm; do not be weak! If you remain weak (raw), the birds will eat you; if you are strong (ripe), they will not eat you. So, always continue to fly like angels. Do not let your feet be on the ground of that body, always continue to fly. It is good. The kumaris have courage. You are not those who just do a bhatthi, but you show it by doing practically what you heard in the bhatthi. You are like that, are you not? Those who will definitely do it, raise your hands! You are those who will do it practically. Good! It is very good. You are those who do it instantly. BapDada is pleased. He is pleased with the children. Children have given their time with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and also made a promise. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

Double foreigners: Double intense effort-makers. You are not double foreigners now, but double intense effort-makers. The speciality of the double foreigners is that they generally like to walk hand in hand. So, have all of you put your hand very firmly in BapDada's hand, that is, have you make Him your Companion, your Friend, your lovely Friend? So have you made Him your Friend? You remember the relationship with a friend very quickly. When any difficulty arises, you would not share it with your Father, but you would share it with your friend. So, you have made God your Friend. God is your Friend, is He not? It is good. BapDada is pleased to see the foreigners. What is the reason for that? Those from abroad have proved one name of the Father. That of the World Father and World Benefactor. Previously, He was just the Benefactor of Bharat, but those from abroad have revealed the Father's name of being the World Benefactor. Previously, you used to do world service just with your mind, but you have now become instruments to serve the world in all directions. And, just see how wonderful the children that have emerged from all comers of the world are! So, you would have the intoxication that you are the companions of every cycle. You were, you are and you will be. You are that, are you not? Do you have that intoxication? Look, the Father's vision recognised you even though you were in different comers. The Father recognised you and you also recognised Him. The poor people keep on saying that He will come, He will come, whereas what do you say? That He has come. You sing, do you not, "My Baba has come?" So, it is very good. The Father is especially giving everyone love and affection, remembrance and blessings from His heart. Achcha. The Sindhi group has also come. BapDada is especially giving you two congratulations that you have had a very good thought of becoming an instrument and moving fast. So, special congratulations. Congratulations. Now, remain fast. Do not become slack. Fly by helping one another. Yes, you may applaud. How many times have you come this year? You have come before, have you not? You liked it. Now make others instruments because BapDada has come in Sindh and so those from Sindh have to be in the front.

Achcha. Now, we have to continue till midnight, do we not? All of you are also waiting for midnight. It is good. It is so good for the children to meet and celebrate with the Father. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time, stand up! So congratulations to those who have come for the first time for celebrating your birthday. Just as you have come for the first time, so too, claim the first number. BapDada's promise is that, though you have come last and the board of "late " has been put up, the board of "too late" has not yet been put up. So, last is fast and fast is first and so anyone can claim the number. Do not think that you have come too late, but if you make your aim and qualifications equal of making double intense effort - if your aim is high but its qualifications are less, you cannot come first - if you continue to make your aim and its qualifications equal, you can become an example of those who have come last and come first. Therefore, keep the aim of making effort. If the board of "too late" is then put up, you won't be able to claim the first number. BapDada is pleased that you have maintained courage and have personally come with zeal and enthusiasm. Even now, wherever you stay, continue to move along according to the codes of conduct and remain close to the Father's heart, and you can have those experiences in a short time. You have a golden chance and anyone from Bharat or abroad can do it. So, do you understand? You will have to make double or triple effort. You will have to remain combined with the Father all the time. If you have any difficulty or burden, do you know how to give it to the Father? You will become a carefree emperor and continue to fly. Do not keep any burden in your heart. Some children say: It has now been one month or it has been 15 days, and everything is continuing fine. However, if death comes to you in those 15 days, what then? Give the Father your burden at that time. Do you know how to give it? Definitely learn how to give it to Him. You know how to take it, but also learn how to give it. So, what will you do? Have you learnt how to give it? Why has BapDada come? He has come to take away the children's burden. Who has that much courage? They should raise their hands! Are you raising your physical hands or the hands of your mind! Raise the hand of your mind. Achcha. BapDada is giving multimillion-fold congratulations to such children. Achcha.

BapDada has already given you homework for this year. Celebrate this year in that way. BapDada saw and heard about the homework that He had given for this date. Simply remain very determined with the thought you had. Do not let there be carelessness. BapDada had told you what the words of carelessness were. The language of procrastination and the language of making excuses. I have to do… Both of those are words of carelessness. You have signed your name for the thought that you just had, but also apply the stamp of determination from the Government so that no one can erase it. Consider determination to be the greatest gift for your birthday. Achcha.

Always keep determination, the key to success, very carefully because even Maya loves this key a lot. Therefore, keep this key carefully in the container of your heart. Determination is the key to success and success is a very easy way to become equal to the Father. You always have faith and the destiny is guaranteed. It is fixed for you to be a self-sovereign and a ruler of the kingdom of the world. Always continue to fly with such intoxication and pure pride. Just as you will celebrate the departure of the old year and give greetings for the New Year, in the same way, bid farewell to your weaknesses and defects everyday and claim special congratulations from BapDada:' This Confluence Age is of bidding farewell and giving greetings. So, continue to be worthy of congratulations on every day of the Confluence Age. BapDada loves every child with a lot of love in His heart. Even though you are numberwise, you are not number one, you are numberwise, but each child is BapDada's long-lost and now-found child of every cycle. Therefore, always remember your fortune of being a long-lost and now-found child. It is a small thing - whenever you face any difficulty, then, order from your heart, "My Baba". The Father is definitely bound to help but do not keep other things in your heart. If you say "My Baba" and you have weaknesses in your heart, the Father will not give His help. If your heart is clean, your desires will be fulfilled. The Father does not enter a heart that is filled with rubbish: and remember Him with love! Do not just remember Him on the basis of knowledge;, you were told that knowledge is the seed and love is water. If you simply know Him with knowledge, but do not experience Him with love in your heart, if you don't remember the Father with love, you won't receive the practical fruit, that is, you won't have that experience. The form of experience is the fruit, but if you don't water it, then it becomes like dry sugar cane. You may give courses, give lectures and even receive prizes, you may even give up to four lectures in a day, but there is not love in the heart. The sign of having love for the Father in your heart is to have love for the whole Brahmin family. If there is not love, you face more obstacles from Maya because if you haven't watered it, how can you receive any fruit? Some children say that they have understood knowledge, that they even have all relationships with Baba, but that they don't have any experiences. Experience is the fruit. Do not become dry knowledgeable souls. Be loving, be loving to the Father and you will easily become loving to the family because you are equal to the Father. The Father has love in His heart for even the last child. He sees each one with an attitude of love. So, do not just be knowledgeable, not just those who give lectures, but be an embodiment of giving that feeling of belonging. Ask yourself: Do I have love for the Father in my heart? Or, do I only have love for Him when there is a need? That is being a knowledgeable devotee. So, what will you do this year? Create an atmosphere of love. When you see each one, even if they are weak, at least they are effort-makers. They are part of your family, are they not? Do not make those who have already fallen fall further. Increase their zeal and enthusiasm and create an atmosphere of love. Achcha.

BapDada has already given all the children everywhere love and remembrance. All the children everywhere will now do the homework practically that BapDada has given and give the proof of it and show its impact by becoming worthy children. So, lots and lots of love and affection from the heart to all the children everywhere, and also accept multimillion-fold love and remembrance. BapDada's namaste to such worthy and elevated children.

BapDada meeting the Dadis: Baba has a lot of love for you and a lot of hopes in you. You can do what you want, just as the Dadi of all of you became an instrument. Whether anyone says it or not, she became an instrument to give sustenance and so she is automatically remembered. Let alone BapDada, Dadi was like all of you and she demonstrated it by doing it. Dadi took the hardest paper of all when Father Brahma became Avyakt: in suddenly having such an atmosphere and then having such courage and making everyone a helper. She performed a wonder, did she not? Although everyone gave their company, she became an instrument. What was Dadi's speciality? With a clean heart, all desires are fulfilled. She never kept anything in her heart. And when she saw carelessness in someone, she gave them enthusiasm. Not, "They are careless and so leave them alone!" She gave them courage. And so, "My Dadi" emerges from everyone's heart. All of you say "My Dadi" from your heart, do you not? Therefore, all of you should also create a group who has the aim. OK, we have to become equal to the Father anyway, but at least let us give the same feeling that Dadi did. Such a group is needed, not just one. Become one another's companion and show such a practical form. Then BapDada will give that group a special gift. Baba will not tell you what He will give, but He will give. You have to claim it. Have such a heart-to-¬heart conversation. The meetings that you have are essential, but also have such heart-to-heart conversations filled with zeal and enthusiasm and then it will be fine. Groups definitely have to be created. For example, these six to seven sisters made time and remained introverted, did they not? They made time, did they not? They demonstrated this by doing it practically. So what can not be achieved? And it creates an impact. There is the practical proof. So, this is essential. To Dadi Janki: You are clever in having heart-to-heart conversations. You are co-operative with one another. The main thing is that you have to show some newness. Not that it is fine to move along as we are doing. Through this (newness) time will come closer. Now, people are crying out in fear. Everything is being delayed. Do not think that you will continue to move along as you are doing. No. Something or other becomes a reason to make you cool down again. Therefore, you have to do this. Make plans when this year begins.

Dadi Janki gave BapDada love and remembrance of Uncle and Aunty: Just as BapDada said today, he should be a VIP, a mike and also an heir and so he became a practical instrument and also benefitted his family and also made such jewels emerge.

To the senior brothers: Father Brahma alone showed wonders, did he not? And how many of you are there? It will happen. It is already accomplished. Baba is just making you instruments. It is those who become instruments who receive special attainment. Everyone has ordinary attainment, but those who become instruments have special attainment. So, Baba has asked them (Dadis) to have special chit-chat among themselves. You may have meetings, but you also need to have conversations. You will have to make time for this, the other things will continue anyway. You will have to set your time for this. Achcha.

Farewell to 2008 and Welcome to 2009 - Greetings to all the children for the New Year at Midnight from BapDada:

Everyone celebrated the New Year. Continue to celebrate every day as the day for self-transformation and world-transformation. Each day is new for transformation every day of this year. Every day is for new service, every day is constantly for new zeal and enthusiasm. Not a single day is for worry or other thoughts. Let every day and night be spent in zeal and enthusiasm. In this New Year, you definitely have to do something new each day for the self, for the world and for service. Have such a determined thought, bring time close, become perfect and becoming equal to the Father, fly and continue to make others fly. Good night. Achcha.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

The return of 40 years of Avyakt Sustenance - "4" things: Be one who has pure and positive thoughts for others, one who has pure and positive thoughts for the self, one who creates a pure atmosphere through your pure attitude and one who stays in the awareness of zero "0" and hero.

Today, BapDada has come to meet all His serviceable companion children, the ones who have been companions for the service at the beginning, and together with that, the companions of other service too, you are expanding service very well. So, BapDada is pleased to see' His companions and is singing in His heart the song: Wah My companions of the service of world transformation! Wah! Today, from Amrit Vela, all the children were garlanding BapDada with garlands of love. There were three types of garlands. One garland was of the zeal and enthusiasm of becoming equal to the Father. The second garland was of the gopikas who have become separated from the Father and are in bondage - there were their garlands, but these were garlands of the extremely invaluable sparkling tears. Each teardrop was sparkling like a pearl. The third garland was of the complaints of some of the children.

Today, from Amrit Vela, love was especially visibly merged in all the children. Through the variety-form image of BapDada, it was as though Baba merged all the children in His arms. Today, in fact, together with love, it was also the day of willing all the powers. Baba put his hand in the hand of one daughter and willed her all the powers. Baba was seeing all the children, the Shakti Army and the Pandavas. BapDada saw that some children - the Pandavas and the Shaktis - were moving ahead in their efforts at a fast speed by being introverted in an incognito way. Externally, they are not visible, but they are good effort-makers. BapDada saw that in today's form, especially in the subject of love, everyone's face was sparkling. You are Gyani children, but the subject of love is also essential because those who have love have to work less hard and easily remain in the experience of love. No matter if the problem is as big as a mountain, with the power of love you are able to change the mountain into cotton wool. You are able to make the mountain as light as water. Love is a canopy of protection and because of that canopy of protection, you remain constantly safe. 1t becomes easy. With love you make the Supreme Soul and God your Friend and the memorial of this is Khuda-Dost (God, the Friend). By making God your Friend, because of the relationship of the Friend, you are able to make any problem easy. Love makes you make the Father your Companion. Knowledge is the seed and the water of love brings fruit from the seed; the fruit of attainment. The loving children of such a Father do not consider remembering the Father to be effort, but they consider it difficult to forget Him. One who loves cannot forget that love. When you say "My Baba" with you! heart and with love, you receive the key of all treasures. So, both Bap and Dada are so loving that they become present in front of those who love them as their Lord. Everyone remembers them, but some remember them with some effort whereas others remain constantly merged in the Ocean of Love. People of the world say that the soul merges with the Supreme Soul, whereas the soul actually remains merged in God's love; it doesn't become merged but remains merged in love.

So, today is the day to remain merged in love. Effort finishes and changes into the form of love. So, BapDada saw the result of all the children. The majority of you have done your homework. You have even repeatedly revised and realised the aim of becoming equal to the Father. The result of 75% of the children was good. However, you have to become equal to the Father. No matter what storms come in front of you, it is, after all, the time of the completion of the Iron Age, and so of course storms will come because this is the time of transformation. However, what are storms for you children? Storms (too fan) are not storms, but they are a gift (tohfa) because BapDada's hand of blessings is on the head of all the effort-making children. For those who have had a determined thought, that is, who have used the key of determination, according to their present result, they have attained success. However, now, for all time, make the storms into a gift and make the problems into solutions and continue to move forward. BapDada is pleased with the present result. You have kept a firm aim in the Yoga-tapasya you did: I have to become this.

40 years of Avyakt sustenance have now been completed. So, what comes first in the year "40"? It is the point - zero. So, the zero reminds you that you are a hero, (a real diamond) and a great hero and that you have to be a hero actor and perform every task as a hero. So, always remember zero and hero. And for the "4", you have to bring four things into your life in a natural way. You have to do that with determination. Will you do that? Are you ready? No matter what paper comes in front of you, you have to bring these four things into your life. Are you sure? Sure? Sure? Those sitting at the back, are you sure? Maya will eat those who are weak and this is why you have to remain strong. One thing - always have pure and positive thoughts for others (shubh chintak). Seeing or hearing about anyone's weakness, be merciful, have pure and positive thoughts for them and definitely give them your co-operation. You must not see their weakness, but you must definitely give them co-operation. This is known as having pure and positive thoughts for others. You will remain strong in this, will you not? Bestowers of support, be merciful and give your co-operation. Do not step away from them or have dislike for them, but instead, forgive them. One never has dislike for someone who is under an external influence; instead one gives them support. So, have pure and positive thoughts for others. The second is to have pure and positive thoughts for the self (shubh chintan). Nowadays, BapDada sees that the majority of the children sometimes have a lot of waste thoughts. By doing this, the powers you have accumulated are wasted. Therefore, give your mind the homework of having pure and positive thoughts for the self or of giving yourself a title of self-respect of one thing or another. Create a timetable for your mind. You make a timetable for actions anyway, but now create a timetable for your mind. After celebrating a meeting with BapDada at Amrit Vela, give your mind a point of self-respect. However, as Baba has told you earlier, each one definitely has some time 12 to 13 times a day and in that time, have realisation and also revise it. By keeping your mind busy, your time will not be spent in wasteful thoughts. You won't have to make effort. The Confluence Age is an age of pleasure and you will stay in that pleasure at every moment. Second thing was to have pure and positive thoughts for the self. Check and change. Third is a pure attitude. Through an impure attitude, you spread impurity into the atmosphere; therefore, have a pure attitude. The fourth is that each one has to take the responsibility: My duty is especially to create a pure atmosphere and not look at others. What do you do when there is a bad odour in the atmosphere? You spray a fragrance, do you not? You cannot tolerate the bad odour and so you use one or another fragrance. In the same way, you definitely have to change an ordinary or impure atmosphere. Whether someone is young or new, this is each one's responsibility. You have to have the determined thought: I definitely have to create a pure atmosphere. This promise will bring about revelation. You make a promise and BapDada is pleased, but, sometimes, there is not that determination in the promise and this is why there is not the success you want, as much as you want. Each one has to create such an atmosphere in the whole world, for matter and also souls and within souls - Brahmin souls are also included - each one has to create such an atmosphere at their service place with that determination. If you have to renounce something, then do that. Not: I will only renounce something if others renounce something; no. "If the system is fine, then..." Do not make conditions. I definitely have to do this. Being a world transformer is your self-respect, is it not? All of you are world transformers, are you not? Raise your hands! OK. World transformers. Very good. So, first of all, BapDada wants to see - it is there and it will also happen - but this year, if BapDada tours around at the little and big centres, what would the atmosphere be like? Just as today is the day of love and power, in the same way, the atmosphere at the centres in the villages and also in the big centres should be like a living temple. “In making the negative into positive" I have to be first in this. Do not say, "You first"; no. 'I have to be first in this', because BapDada, the advanced party, and nowadays, even nature are all waiting. You are the ones who are making all the preparations; you don't have to wait, but make the preparations.

Today, there is fear everywhere. In everyone's heart, the majority of people in the world has the one thought: What will happen tomorrow? You know what is going to happen tomorrow. So, who is having this thought: 'I will become the first instrument to bring about transformation'? Raise your hands for this. You will have to do it. You will have to do it. You will have to change. You will have to become a protector. You will have to renounce something and take love. Did you raise the hand of your mind or just your physical hand? Who raised the hand of their mind? When your mind changes, the world will change. So, what will be the slogan this year? What slogan will it be? "NO PROBLEM". The flag of victory will be hoisted in your heart, and everyone will perform the dance of happiness in their mind. The dance of the mind is happiness. So, you will perform the dance of happiness at every moment. And, you are children of the Bestower, and so whoever comes to you, definitely give each one the gift of one or another virtue. Then, in one second, that determined thought, the thought of the bestower will become a lift and, within a second, they will reach wherever they want - the supreme abode, the Subtle Region, physical Madhuban, or the corporeal world - without having to make any effort. Whoever comes in front of you, do not send them away empty-handed. Do not meet them without any virtue in your words, on your face or in your behaviour.

So, this year, keep the result of every month with yourself and send a card of OK to the Yagya through your teacher. Do not send a long letter, but just send a card of OK. Do not send a big card; do not send the cards of the world. Send the blessing card that you receive from your teacher. How many gifts of virtues and powers do you have? If you were to make a list, it would be a long list. And it is not that the more you give, the less you will have, but they will continue to increase. They speak of the magic mantra, and so this Shiva mantra is that whatever virtues you have, they will not decrease for you, but they will instead increase because it is said: When you give a donation, you become free from the eclipse of bad omens. Achcha.

Those who have come here the first time, stand up! It is good. (Governor of M.P. was sitting in the gathering.) It is good that you have come to this gathering. BapDada is giving all of you who have come this blessing: Definitely always say "Good morning" and "Good night" to the Father, because if you see the Father first thing in the morning when you open your eyes, then your whole day will be good. Multimillion-¬fold love, remembrance and greetings to the children who have come here for the first time. Achcha. Whose turn is it today?

It is Indore Zone's turn for service: Achcha, you have kept a good symbol. (Everyone was holding a paper lotus). This is Indore, what does Indore mean? "In door" means introverted. According to the symbol that you have kept, always remain detached like a lotus and remain loving to the Father. Those who are introverted are always happy. Those who are introverted are always seated on the Father's heart-throne. The introverted ones are always loved by everyone. More than the estimated numbers have come today. Congratulations! To receive a golden chance to serve the Yagya is to accumulate a lot of charity. To serve the Yagya at every step means to accumulate your charity. You did service at every step for these 10 to 15 days and so how many multimillions did you accumulate? Service of the Yagya is great service. BapDada has seen that whichever zone takes this golden chance; they serve with a lot of love from their heart. Their result is very good. The result of all of you is also good and it will remain the best of all. Now remember: Who am I? A lotus. A lotus lives in the water and yet is detached from it. In the same way, while living in the midst of any problem or any atmosphere, remain detached and loving, because the time is of sorrow and fear. However, for you, the drums of happiness are always beating in your mind. You remain happy all the time, do you not? Raise your hands! Never let go of your happiness. If you lose your happiness, your life is useless. A life that is dry is not good. Therefore, always remain happy. You will remain happy, will you not? And you have to distribute happiness. You should have so much happiness that you distribute it and also remain happy because to be a Brahmin child of the Father means to have the fortune of happiness and to be fortunate. Always remember your title of being fortunate, because having found the Father, you have found the treasure-store of all attainments. There is the saying: When your treasure-store is full, all sorrow is far away, and so what will you do now? Just that you will remain happy now, will you not? You are doing good service. To do service means to attain a blessing. So, you are embodiments of success in service, are you not? Nod, teachers! You are embodiments of success, are you not? Say, "Success is our birthright!" Say, "Success is the garland around our neck!" Achcha.

Medical Wing: Achcha this is the group of medical and meditation because you are double doctors: to meet the Father through meditation and to remove the suffering through medical. It is temporary, but you do do this, do you not? Just as the Father is the Remover of Sorrow, in the same way, doctors and a medical department remove the suffering of patients for a short time. However, you are the medical department that teaches them meditation and you thereby accumulate charity. All of you do double service. Those who do double service, raise your hands! You are double doctors. There are many single doctors but you double servers are those who do double work. BapDada likes this. Many will become happy and fortunate through this service. BapDada has seen that the hospital in Bombay is also instrumental for a lot of service. The hospital in Abu is already like that, but, because that one is in the middle of the city, it has a chance of doing a lot more service. You are doing well and will continue to move forward. You have both a chance and a blessing to move forward. It is good. You have now made a new plan, have you not? Have you made it? Continue to make it. Continue to transform the world, continue to fly and make others fly. Achcha.

Youth Group: The Government of today has a lot of enthusiasm for the Youth. They have this thought for the Youth because their speciality is that they will definitely show it by doing what they want and what they think. Youth have double power - physical and mental. Collectively, the Youth can do whatever they want. The Pandav Government is also seeing that the Youth everywhere are specially serving their school companions well. BapDada continues to receive the report of the Youth Wing. Now, make the addition that, this year, whatever the Brahmin codes of conduct are, you will all fully observe all of them through your mind, words, deeds, relationships and connections. You have to prepare such a group. This year, no code of conduct should be broken. Create such a group among yourselves. Those who take the initiative are Arjuna. Do you like this? Who will do it? Will you do it? Raise your hands! Will you do it? Will all the Youth do it? How many of you are there? (400.) Make this firm within your group and then we will show the Government that all of you are the ones who follow the highest codes of conduct. The Government also wants this, but is unable to do it. You can demonstrate by doing it practically. Show it by being an example. You have received your homework, have you not? BapDada wants all the Brahmin souls everywhere to perform wonders this year. There should not be the chaos of waste thoughts. Accumulate so many pure thoughts that you don't even have time to allow any waste thoughts to come. You have this many treasures, do you not? Have you accumulated so many treasures of pure thoughts? Have you? Raise your hands! There are Shaktis too. It is good. Shaktis should become examples and Pandavas should also become examples. Achcha. BapDada is pleased.

Security Wing: These are of the Security. You are also those who provide double security. Firstly, you keep security from those who create chaos. Secondly, you also have to provide security for those who want to be constantly happy and peaceful. Give them the mantra of Manmanabhav, the Shiva Mantra, and at least let them remain happy. Give them the security of happiness. Show them the path of this security so that they never lose their happiness. So, provide double security and you will receive so many blessings. When you make unhappy ones happy and sad ones happy, you will receive blessings. In this way, give every home a small mantra so that they never lose their happiness. Let there be happiness in every home. The more of this type of service you do, the more you will become those who provide double security. Spread this. Give this responsibility to every place. Everyone has a place. In your own country, first of all, provide this type of security. All the villages and all the big places, all of them will become happy. So, will you do this? Will you? Achcha.

Now, for the four things that Baba told you about, and the fifth one was to become a zero and a hero. Brahmins souls who are to become angels, who churn these things and stay in the stage of being merged, to become a deity is your birthright, you are angels who are to become deities. So always remain merged in love, be merged in love, those who constantly keep the key of thoughts of determination in their mind, intellect and awareness, because Maya chases after this key a great deal. To all the children everywhere who always remain powerful in their mind and intellect, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis: (to Dadi Janki): You came back having gone on a tour, very good. What you are doing is very good. Baba remembered the picture in which Jagadamba is standing in the middle, holding a flag, and all the Shaktis are standing behind her. BapDada now wishes to show that picture to the world. Out of all the Brahmins, prepare such a Shakti Army who becomes instrumental and, while touring around, make the atmosphere powerful. They should also have the determined thought: We are having the determined thought that we will demonstrate this by definitely changing this atmosphere. They should hoist this flag. Make such a group emerge who would tour around and make the atmosphere right with their stage, words and company. Demonstrate this by preparing such a group. BapDada remembered this picture and so it should happen practically. Do not say that you don't have time. None of you can say that you don't have time. You will find time if you have the good wishes. Prepare such a group and bring it to BapDada'

Speaking to Dadi Nirmal Shanta: You are doing service. You are giving a lot of sakaash by serving through your mind. You remain busy in service.

Those from Calcutta decorated Madhuban with flowers: It is good. You do it all the time.

To Dr Ashok Mehta and Yoginiben: Both of you have maintained courage well and you brought Dadi here on time. (They brought Dadi GuIzar to Madhuban from Bombay on the 17th.) Congratulations for this. You fulfilled the duty you were given.

Avyakt BapDada meeting the Governor of MP - Balram Jakhadji: Very good. Look, it is your fortune that you have reached such a gathering. BapDada is now saying, "learn the meditation that is taught in this gathering; this meditation is of three hours, and so definitely do. this." Look, you will have to give three hours separately. If you are busy, you can give time on your days off. It is good. You have come to the Father and so the Father would give you a gift, would He not? The blessings are that you will always remain happy through meditation. Never lose your happiness. Whenever any situation arises, just say, "Baba, Shiv Baba!" Give that situation to the Father and you just remain happy.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

Post by bansy » 22 Jan 2009

There's no mention of double foreigners in this last Murli (18 Jan 2009).

Well, double foreigners are in the process of being changed to "double effort makers" this season (2008-9). Look at the other Murlis.

But once a double foreigner, always a double foreigner, and just having another title does not mean the original title is dropped... or does it :shock:

Is something being swept under the carpet. Well, watch for further developments in future meetings folks, though you can have an expectation that Double Foreigners will/perhaps/should/maybe/couldbe/a chance of/a glimmer of/ be mentioned in the next meeting.... ;)

This forum is global so I would guess there are many Double Foreigners tuning in too.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

While doing service, stay in the angelic stage of being double-light; practise being bodiless.

Today, BapDada is seeing three forms of the children everywhere. Just as you know the three forms of the Father, in the same way, He was seeing three forms of the children which are the aim and qualifications of this Confluence Age. One is the Brahmin form, the second is the angelic form and the third is the deity form. Brahmins are to become angels and angels are to become deities. So, at present, what is the special aim that remains in front of you? You cannot become deities without becoming angels. So, according to the present time and your effort, your aim is to become an angel. The perfect form of the Confluence Age is an angel who will become a deity. You know the definition of an angel. An angel means one who is light in relationships, sanskars and thoughts in the old world, light even in the old sanskars. Not just to be light in your old sanskars, nature and the world, but an angel means one who has lightness while coming into relationship with everyone and with everyone's nature and sanskars. What is the sign of this lightness? Those angelic souls would have love for everyone, not just love for some, but love for all, just as for the Father. For Father Brahma, you all consider him to be your Father. You say, "My Baba!" Such an angel means one who is loved by everyone. Some children think that Brahma Baba was Brahma, but all of you have seen among Brahmin souls just like yourselves that your beloved Dadi was loved by everyone, and everyone said from their own experience with a lot of love, "My Dadi". In terms of nature, sanskars and while living in the old world she remained loving and detached. Everyone said with a right, "My Dadi!" So what was the reason? She herself was light in her nature and sanskars. She gave everyone the feeling of belonging. She was an example. You also saw Jagadamba. Some think that she was the World Mother. However, Dadi was a companion of your Brahmin family. Whenever you heard of her efforts or if you asked her about it, she would always say: We have to become karmateet. In the deep desire to become karmateet she would also repeatedly remind others of the same thing. So, for every Brahmin, this should be the special aim and qualification. .It is, but it is numberwise. There should only be this desire now: We definitely have to become angels. Angels means those who are detached from the physical body, those who always have a body of light. Angels means kings of the physical organs.

BapDada has also told you earlier that in the whole cycle there is only one BapDada who can say with that pure pride: Each child of Mine is a king-child, a master of the self. An angel is one who is a self-¬sovereign. Such a self-sovereign is one with a form of light. Whenever you meet anyone who is stable in the light of the double-light stage, then the awareness of the soul, the light, would be visible on that one's forehead. Now, always keep the aim and qualifications of intense effort in an emerged form. You saw what was visible in Father Brahma when anyone met him or took drishti from him. In the last stages, you experienced that even while talking Father Brahma would mostly remain stable in the sweet bodiless stage. No matter how much service news others had to share, Baba would give them the experience of being bodiless in a second. And, if you were to check in the Murlis, how many times Baba would remind you of the same lesson of the soul again and again, "I am a bodiless soul." So now, according to the time, the little things of detail, the things of nature and sanskars take you far from the bodiless stage. Now, there has to be transformation.

BapDada saw that the result of service is good. The majority of you have zeal and enthusiasm for service, and you also continue to make plans, but, together with doing service, it is also necessary to give the message. Today, too, BapDada saw the good result of the service of the different wings and different places. However, the atmosphere of being bodiless requires less effort and creates a greater impact. Of course, people enjoy what they hear, but they have an experience through the atmosphere and the drishti of being bodiless and an experience is never forgotten. So now, in service, let there be the addition of the concern for becoming angelic. Give one or other experience of peace, happiness, joy or spiritual love. Through the love in your behaviour and the hospitality you offer, through your relationships and family, they depart with an experience, but now specially pay attention to giving the feeling of super-sensuous joy and spiritual intoxication of peace through the atmosphere and vibrations. Give them a special experience of one thing or another. Just as they depart impressed with the systems they see here - they haven't found such a system of family love anywhere else - so they should depart also having experienced some such power or attainment from here. Now, 72 years are coming to an end. What did Baba see as a result at the present time? That you have worked hard, but up to now they have just been saying that the Brahma Kumaris are doing this work and that the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris is good. Who is the One who is giving it? Who is running all of this? Who is the Source? Hearing the word "Baba" from all of you, they say, "Their Baba", but for them to say, "My Baba is that same One", that revelation of the Father is still incognito. They say, "Baba, Baba", but it only emerges from a handful out of multimillions. "This is My Baba; I belong to Baba and Baba is mine".

So, what is the aim of the Confluence Age? That the Father of all of us has come. You are going to receive an inheritance from the Father, are you not? That influence will spread into the atmosphere through the angelic stage. They say they receive light through your drishti, that "the light of spirituality is visible in their drishti." So, now have the aim of making intense effort to become a double-light angel. While walking and moving around, increase the experience of the angelic form. Increase the experience of the bodiless stage. Be double-light in your nature and sanskars in order to finish any thoughts within a second. Some children say that they do remain light, but that others don't know them. However, the light of such double-light angels, those who are double-light, cannot remain hidden. Even a small torch light or a lit matchstick cannot remain hidden, whereas this is spiritual light, and so, through your atmosphere, give them the experience of who you are. Whether it was Jagadamba or Dadi, they did not say that no one knows them. Through their atmosphere, they remained loving to all. This is why the example of Dadi is given because, for Father Brahma, you think that Shiv Baba was in him. For Father Shiva, you think: "He is incorporeal anyway; He is detached and incorporeal whereas we are corporeal bodily beings. We are living in such a big gathering, we are living in the midst of everyone's sanskars." To harmonise the sanskars means to become an angel. Seeing the sanskars, some children become disheartened. Baba is very good, Father Brahma is very good, knowledge is very good, the attainment is very good. However, to harmonise your sanskars means to be loving to everyone, not loving to just some, because some children say that you develop love for some on seeing their speciality. "This one's lecture is very good. This one has this very good specialtiy. This one speaks very well." These obstacles come in your becoming angels. You may be loving, but you, the soul, are detached: be loving to all with your stage of detachment. Do not be loving because of the speciality. "I like this one's virtue very much." You may imbibe that, but to be loving just because of that is wrong. An angel loves everyone. Each one should say, "Mine". There should be the feeling of belonging. Two things create obstacles to such an angelic stage. One is the awareness (bhaan) of the body and everyone has the natural experience of that; the awareness of the body of 63 births arises naturally. The other is the ego (abhimaan) of the body. The awareness of the body and the ego of the body. The further you progress in knowledge, the more you sometimes have ego about your own self and that ego brings you down. Why is there ego of the body? Whatever speciality you have, there is arrogance because of that speciality. "Am I any less? Everyone loves my lectures. The service that I do creates an impact. My handling is very good. The way I give courses is good." As you make further progress in knowledge or in service, there is this arrogance of the self, or you have love for the virtue, talent or speciality of others. 'However, whom would you remember? You would only remember body consciousness. "So and so has a very good intellect. My handling is very good." Those who move forward in service or their efforts have this arrogance. So check this. The method to check whether those who have arrogance truly do have that arrogance is: Whenever someone insults (apmaan) them or their ideas, advice, talent or their handling even slightly, they will very quickly have feelings about that. And when they feel insulted, an even more subtle sign of that is that it will create anger in them; there is also bossiness. That will not allow you to become angels. So, according to the present time, BapDada is giving you a signal once again: Reveal in your life the angelic form, the last form of the Confluence Age. Bring it into the corporeal form. By becoming an angel, it will become very easy to become bodiless. Check yourself: There is not attachment even to your own speciality or to someone else's, even in a subtle way, is there? Is there any arrogance? Sometimes, even over a trivial matter, some children's stage fluctuates. Then, instead of having a happy heart and a happy face, either their face is full of thoughts or full of worry, and while moving along they become disheartened. Instead of being happy-hearted, you become disheartened. So, do you understand? Now, make the sanskars of the angelic stage, the last stage of the Confluence Age emerge. You saw Father Brahma. You have to follow the Father, do you not? Many children experienced in the last stages, when they came to relate their news, that Baba was beyond the news, beyond sound. They would come to relate news of situations, they would come having made many plans, thinking, "I will tell Baba about this and this. I will ask Baba this", but when they came in front of Baba, they would forget what they had to say. That is the angelic stage. So, what lesson did you make firm today? Who am I? An angel. Remain beyond situations, specialities, your own specialities and the awareness of the body. Be a double-light angel because without becoming an angel you cannot claim a high status of a deity. You will go to the Golden Age, because you have become the children, and you will receive the inheritance, but not an elevated status. You made the promise that you will always remain together, that you will rule together. You may not sit on the throne, but at least you would claim a right to the royal family. You have seen the royal court of that place, have you not? Those who have a right to the royal court also have a tilak and a crown; the tilak of the kingdom, and the sign of a kingdom is the crown. So, be a self-sovereign over a long period of time, not just every now and then. Although a self-sovereign over a long period of time may not sit on the throne, he would at least claim a right to become part of the royal family. Achcha.

Those who have come here for the first time, stand up! At least three-quarters of the gathering has got up. Birthday congratulations for meeting the Father in the corporeal form to those who have come here physically for the first time. BapDada gives all the children who have come here the blessing: You have come at the time of 'too Late', but there is a special blessing for the new children who have come. Never have the thought, "How can we go forward?" For those who have come 'Too Late' - at present, you have come at the time of being late, you are not too late, and BapDada and the brothers and sisters of the Brahmin family have special feelings of co-operation for all of you. In the short time left, use every second in a worthwhile way, because in a short time, you have to attain a lot. You must not waste even a second. Continue to move along as a karma yogi. Do not stop performing actions, but add Yoga to karma and keep a balance of karma and Yoga. So, those who keep a balance receive extra blessings. Those who have come late - it will be too late in the future - still have a chance. You can make a lot of effort in a short time. BapDada is giving the blessing: When you children maintain courage, you definitely receive help from the Father.

It is the turn of Gujarat to serve everyone: Achcha, the new ones who have come here for the first time from Gujarat, stand up! Those who have come here to meet the Father the first time from Gujarat, wave your hands! (6000 have come from Gujarat.) It is good that you have all come. You saw your Madhuban, BapDada's Madhuban, and so congratulations for that. Achcha, all those from Gujarat, stand up! From the beginning, BapDada has considered Gujarat to be a room of Madhuban. You are the closest of all, loving and co-operative. Now, at present, BapDada saw the result of the homework that BapDada had given, that each zone should have programmes to make the whole zone free from obstacles. BapDada saw that each of the zones must be doing this in its own way. However, Gujarat has shown their record every month. They had sent their topic and exchanged their news every month, and this brings zeal and enthusiasm into the gathering. Instead of making effort individually, if you have programmes in a gathering systematically it enables everyone to pay attention well. The result should now be given to Baba whether you have become free from obstacles or not, and who has changed through these programmes. Congratulations for the classes as well. Congratulations for having the topics. However, now the result should be given of what difference they have made in a practical way. BapDada is now congratulating you that you have made effort while keeping the homework in your intellect. Therefore, Baba is giving congratulations for the effort you made. Similarly, make such small groups, just as BapDada has seen the groups of the different wings. The groups continue to meet one another turn by turn, and because of being small groups they are able to have discussions among themselves. Many from the different wings have also come. BapDada is telling them too: Just as you make service plans, BapDada saw the result - He has received the result of three or four of them - you make plans for service and you put them into a practical form. Some have become co-operative in a practical way- they have become co-operative to a lesser extent, but they have become loving. Just as you give that result, in the same way, every wing should pay attention to the dharna of making their wing free from obstacles. Some of you do this; you keep in mind some points of dharna. However, you should also give the result of whether you did it or not, whether there was any progress or not and whether there was any transformation or not. What was the result? You should show Baba an example of such transformation. Because you have paid attention to service, service has grown. BapDada is pleased but now greater attention needs to be paid to dharna. At the end, even if you want to, you won't be able to do service. Whatever you have done up to now, that is all. At that time, the only thing that will be useful is your angelic life, being bodiless or putting a full-stop in a second; and everything is going to happen suddenly. Even if you have done service and not practised these things so much, and just remained engaged in service - you do have to remain engaged in service- a balance of both is required. BapDada is repeatedly giving the signal that everything is going to happen suddenly, and it will happen in such circumstances. Therefore, no one should complain to BapDada that He did not tell anyone. Again and again, Baba is giving different signals. You receive the fruit and marks for service. There are four subjects and so you will receive marks for service, but there are also three other subjects. If you claim marks .in one subject and less marks in the other three, what number will you receive? You should claim the first number in all four subjects. This is the pure desire that BapDada has for all the children. So, who are the stars of the Father's hopes? Raise your hands! You are the stars of the Father's hopes, and the greatest hope that BapDada has is: You should claim a good number in all four subjects. Otherwise, you will not be able to pass with honours. A maharathi is one who claims a good number in all four subjects. A maharathi may be called a maharathi, but if he doesn't claim a good number, then he is the star in whom there is hope, but not a star who fulfils Baba's hopes. So, what do you have to become? A star of hope, a star of success. So, Gujarat has kept a good aim. However, send your results to BapDada because others who see you will also have that enthusiasm and they will see what benefit there was from this gathering. The plan is good and congratulations for continuing with it regularly. It is fine. You have congratulations and you also have homework - you have both. Achcha.

Wings (this group has five different wings - Business, Women, Social Service, Transport and Rural): Each one has its own symbol. Whatever symbol each wing has, one person from that wing should come in front of Baba. Whether you are holding a board or the symbol, one or two of you should come in the front. All of you come in the front, that too is good. Now ,face everyone! Achcha. You have done well. This is also a means to fill everyone with extra zeal and enthusiasm. If someone hadn't seen an aeroplane, at least they have seen one now (The transport wing had created foam aeroplanes). You do climb in your planes, do you not? You have to spend money to buy a ticket for that, whereas your plane of the mind and intellect can reach anywhere in the Three Worlds in a second. You have worked hard. Achcha.

Everyone is happy. Which wings are there? Business Wing, raise your hands! Both forms of transport (road and air), raise your hands! Women's Wing, raise your hands! They are showing their symbol. One thing that Baba asked has still not been put into a practical form. Create that group anywhere. For instance, you can bring them together in one zone, or where two or three zones are close by - not the VIPs who are just loving and who come and go, but those who are loving and in connection and also have a relationship. And the relationship is that even though they don't come for the Murli class every day, they are at least hearing it by phone every day - they listen to the essence, blessing and slogan of the Murli everyday and stay in connection. It should not be that they come when you call them after six months. If they stay in connection, their relationship will be strong. The connection is such that it pulls them. If they only come once a year when you have a programme of the wings, then that is not called a relationship. There should be a close relationship and they should at least get their 'present' mark. They may do it by phone, but they should at least get their 'present' mark, "I am here". As much as possible, one zone individually or two or three zones together, where they may be close together, should at least have one gathering every three to six months. First of all, do this in your own zone. Two or three zones that are close together can do this together. Then, if you gather everyone together in one place, they will at least come to know one another. They should see who are experiencing this: when they see that doctors are coming, that such great doctors are practising this, then that will create an impact. Seeing all the others of the different wings in this way, it will create an impact on others - "This one is coming here; this one is also coming here" - and when they hear the experiences of one another, that too also influences them. So, show Baba this result in your next turn. Show the result of how many times you had such a gathering, where you had this gathering and how many attended that gathering. This is easy, is it not? Is it easy or difficult? All wings will do this, will you not? Others will also hear about it. Achcha.

Double-foreign brothers and sisters (from 80 countries): BapDada likes very much the programme you have made of everyone's gathering in Madhuban, because when you come to Madhuban you can see how big the family is, how much service is taking place everywhere, and the people of Bharat also take benefit from the service that is taking place abroad. The people abroad are doing this and so we should also do that. And those from abroad, when they hear the news of what is happening in Bharat, they take benefit from that wherever possible. It is difficult for the people from abroad to meet all the others from abroad, but there is double benefit in Madhuban. You are able to meet BapDada and also the family. Therefore, BapDada likes it very much when you hold these official meetings and small gatherings in Madhuban regularly and you have been making very good plans. You are also putting them into a practical form. Seeing the expansion of this every year, BapDada is congratulating the double foreigners everywhere. Congratulations! And by hearing the experiences of one another in the gatherings that have been taking place, many are able to receive power through those experiences. For instance, if someone becomes disheartened, then, hearing the experiences of one another - "this one always remains happy, his face is never wilted and is always happy in his heart" - hearing the experiences of one another, you are able to have enthusiasm. The experiences of one another are no less. According to the drama, each one has received one speciality or another from BapDada. So, when they hear the experiences, they have the enthusiasm: "If that one can do that, why cannot I?" Never become disheartened. Big heart, Big Baba! Is Baba small? Baba is the greatest of all. So, the children's hearts should always be big. BapDada's slogan is: Big heart, true heart, clean heart - then your every desire is fulfilled. (Badi dil, sachchi dil, saaf dil, toh har murad hasil.) This is the world of rubbish, and so the rubbish can fly into the atmosphere at any time. However, do not keep the rubbish with you. What happens physically when your bedroom becomes filled with rubbish? There would be insects there if you did not clean it, and then there would be illness. So, here, too, if you keep something in your mind and don't remove it, it will continue to grow. Simply say, "Baba, My Baba" and Baba will become present. Baba is bound to do that. A child, the Father's child, God's child, remembers, "My Baba" - then it is not possible for Baba not to become present. You have the string with which to tie the Father. What is that? The love in your heart. Some have love for the Father. You cannot say that they don't have love. However, there are two types of love. One is on the basis of knowledge, that I am a soul, I am not a body. And the Father of souls is the Supreme Father alone, and He cannot be God of anyone except souls, the lights. So, the, Father is the Father; He is the form of light. He gives His co-operation. However, it should automatically emerge from your heart at every moment - My Baba! You make someone a companion for the right time. A companion is useful at a time of need. So, you have kept the Father combined with you, you have made Him your Companion, and so take the benefit of His companionship at the right time. Remember Him with love. One is love on the basis of knowledge and the other is love from the heart. So, check whether you have love in your heart. It is difficult to forget someone you love. Generally, those who are diabetic are forbidden to have sugar, and yet they love sweet things. So, they would remember sweet things. Do they forget them? They would take the doctor's medicine and also eat sweet things. So, when they have such love for those things then, even if you asked them to, they would not renounce them. And, here, this One is the Father. He is the One who gives you the experience of all relationships. All of you are listening, are you not? Although Baba is speaking to the foreigners, everyone is listening. So, now check whether you have love in your heart. Have you made God your Friend? Why would you make someone your friend? There is greater love for a friend than for a Father. So, you have made God your Friend, have you not? Whenever anything comes in front of you, tell Baba, "Baba, You look after it." Become small children; do not become big. Then the Father will look after everything. Keep Him tied with the string of love in such a way that He cannot even move! Do you understand? Did all of you understand? Many times children say: Baba, today I forgot Baba! Hearing this, BapDada would be so amazed! You forgot! You have forgotten Him for 63 births; you forgot Him even now! This is just for one birth, and such a short birth at that. You forgot Him for 21 births. Are you still forgetting Him? Therefore, now understand the cleverness of Maya. Sometimes, you offer hospitality to Maya. You say: We will be ready on time. There is still some time left. The board of 'Too Late' has not yet been put up. We will be ready on time. And, giving her support and hospitality, Maya continues to drink tea and coffee. Instead of following the Father, you continue to follow Maya: "We are still effort-makers. We haven't yet become complete. This happens all the time." This is becoming Maya's followers. So, if BapDada comes to tour around and sees your faces, what type of faces should He see? Sometimes, the faces are not so good. You think a lot: What should I do? Should I do this or not? Will there be benefit in this or not? Will it be all right? Follow the Father! Father Brahma reached his destination, did he not? Why do you think too much? Simply follow the Father. You have waste thoughts; a whole wave of it comes. Baba is not speaking to just the foreigners, but to everyone.

Speaking to David Jelson (Publisher - Guest from abroad): BapDada saw and also knows that the child has a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Now, in order to put that zeal and enthusiasm into a practical form, if you are co-operative and continue to take and give co-operation, you will be able to go ahead. Do not let your zeal and enthusiasm become slack. Situations will come, but do not allow the wings of zeal and enthusiasm to become loose. Continue to fly. You have wings with which to fly. If your zeal and enthusiasm decrease even slightly, you won't be able to fly high. The situation will go away, but your happiness and your zeal and enthusiasm should not go. BapDada has seen that you have good enthusiasm. Now, always keep that with you. You can take a jump.

Speaking to Leticia Shahani from the Philippines and guest: This one is old. It is good. You have served her and brought her with you. You are good. You heard, did you not? Never let go of your zeal and enthusiasm. Continue to fly. If any situation comes, it will remain down below; you continue to fly high; you will remain up above. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who have a happy heart, a true heart and a clean heart every thought and every desire is therefore fulfilled. This means that whatever thought you have, you have success in that. So, seeing all the children from everywhere with all these three specialities - a big heart, a clean heart and a true heart - BapDada is pleased more than a multimillion times, so that the song automatically plays: Wah My children! wah! Children who are always worthy of receiving congratulations, Wah children! wah! The ones who always continue to move along making the Father their Companion, the ones who put their hand in His hand - the hand is Shrimat, and so for those who always put their hand in His hand and fly, - walking is now finished, but those who fly, those who follow Shrimat and Father Brahma at every step, do not think, "Should I do this or not? Will it be OK or not? I don't know if everyone will like it or not?" Just follow. What did Father Brahma do? Whatever the Father did was right and there is no need for you to think about anything. It is easy to follow, is it not? What need is there for you to think? Then your head becomes heavy. Then you say, "I don't know what has happened today, but my head feels heavy." It is because you begin to think about something or other.

To all the children from everywhere, congratulations from the heart and multimillion-fold greetings. To those who will be engaged in their service at Shiv Ratri, Baba is giving birthday greetings and. congratulations for Shiv Ratri from now. And to those who are going to come, and those who send their letters and e-mails - they all reach BapDada in less than a second - to all of them and also to the souls who are thirsty for BapDada, those who are in bondage who even make the beatings they get into a garland around their necks, love and remembrance to such souls too. And to the new loving souls that are emerging now, but who are not so many, they have to be loving and co-operative, they have to be double. To all the youth and old children from everywhere, the mothers, the Pandavas, greetings for your birthday in advance and the Father's birthday. Congratulations. Achcha.

To the Dadis: All of you are number one, are you not? Never become numberwise. Be number one. What is the big deal if you become numberwise after belonging to the Father? Be number one! However, become number one while being an instrument and being humble. (Mohiniben gave Baba love and remembrance from Dadi Nirmala Shanta).

Dadi Shantamani: You are number one in having courage. This is why BapDada is pleased. When the child has courage, the Father helps.

Rameshbhai: (His 75th birthday today): Birthday greetings. It is good. On this birthday, you definitely have to give something to BapDada. Whatever you feel. Achcha.

Senior sisters from abroad: Look, according to the drama, all of you who have become instruments are from Bharat. (Speaking to Jayantiben): This one was also born in Bharat. Your birth was directly through Father Brahma. It was Baba who first sent you on service. So, look, everyone! Your foundation is strong. You have all taken sustenance. Even though you may have come later, you have the fortune of having taken direct sustenance. You, Jayantiben and Rajni - also have fortune. She even used to listen to the murti over the phone. (Sister Gayatri has also sent remembrance.)

To all senior sisters: It is good. All of you together in the gathering bring beauty. And you all feel good when you all come, do you not? There are many benefits: meeting the Father, exchanging news with one another and bringing newness into service. This is very good because you do service at your own places. However, by hearing one another's experiences, you have enthusiasm. BapDada is pleased.

Sarla Didi: Are you all right? You have maintained courage well. You have worked hard and it will bear fruit. It is good.

Dr. Ashok Mehta and all sisters who served the Chariot of Dadi Gulzar: It is good. You have made the Chariot ready. Congratulations for that. Everyone is giving blessings from their heart to all of you. It is good and the doctors are also served through this. They too are coming close. Very good. All of these sisters do very good service. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

At the time of taking leave: Each child of the Father is very much loved by the Father. Not everyone can be made to sit on the stage, but all of you should consider yourselves to be on the stage. You are sitting in the heart, even closer than on the stage. Everything has to be considered, but each one of you is loved by the Father; each one is more loved than the other. BapDada's vision doesn't go to just those in the front; it goes to the very back. Each one of you should feel that you are sitting in front of Baba. BapDada is giving the drishti of personally sitting in front of Him. Achcha.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

In order to claim the gift of going fast and coming in the first division on your birthday, let your breath and thoughts be powerful. Let your heart be big and true and your every need will be fulfilled.

Today, the Zero Father has come to meet His hero children. On this day, all of you have come to celebrate the Father's birthday, and, together with that, you have also come to celebrate your own birthday. BapDada is giving all the children from everywhere - whether they are sitting personally in front of Him or far away but close to His heart - congratulations with all relationships. In that, there are congratulations from three relationships in particular: Baba is especially giving greetings from the Father, Teacher and Satguru in the form of sustenance, study and blessings to all the children from everywhere. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the children.

Devotees also celebrate this special birthday, but you children know that this birthday is the birthday of the imperishable love of the Father and the children. From the beginning, the Father and children have been together. Together with that, the Father has been with the children in the task of world transformation because there is a lot of love between the Father and the children. You are together now and you are also going to return home together. The Father cannot go without the children and the children cannot go without the Father because you are together with the love in your hearts. After going home, when you go to your kingdom, you will rule there with Father Brahma. So, out of all births, this birth is the loveliest and the most unique. No other birth out of the 84 births do has the same value as this birth in the whole cycle. Such a lovely birth in which you also have the company - this is the special birth as valuable as a diamond. So, have all of you come to celebrate your birthday or the Father's birthday? Or, has the Father come to celebrate the children's birthday or have the children come to celebrate the Father's birthday? Everywhere, devotees celebrate Shiv Jayanti or Shiv Ratri; they celebrate with a lot of love. Seeing the devotees, BapDada gives them the fruit of their devotion. However, there is a difference in the way that they celebrate and the way that you celebrate. They celebrate the night whereas you celebrate Amrit Vela. Amrit Vela is the most elevated period. It is at Amrit Vela that BapDada fills the aprons of all the children with blessings. The aprons of all of you are filled with blessings, are they not? Every day you receive a blessing from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings. Each one of you children has received so many blessings from BapDada. Your apron is filled with those blessings, is it not? So, all of you have arrived here with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada is very, very pleased to see all the children and continues to sing the song: Wah, children! Wah! Children say: Wah Baba! Wah! And the Father says: Wah children! Wahl All those who become the Father's children are the handful out of multimillions of souls. There are millions of souls in the world, whereas you are the handful of children out of those souls, whom the Father calls His lucky and lovely children. Do you have the intoxication that in every cycle you are the handful of children out of multimillions? No matter how many souls with such a great position there may be at present, there are only a handful out of multimillions children from all corners who have recognised the Father and are' celebrating His birthday. Do you have the happiness that you are a handful out of multimillions? Do you have that intoxication? Raise your hands! You have imperishable intoxication, do you not? It is not the intoxication that is there only sometimes, is it? It is always there and it will always remain. Maya does test you, and you have that experience, do you not? Maya also has a lot of love for God's children, but children know that Maya has had a relationship with God's children from the beginning until now. Maya and God's children have a connection with one another. Maya's duty is to come whereas what is the duty of you children? It is to chase Maya away from a distance. Do not let her come! Or, do you allow her to come? No. Chase her away from a distance! When you allow her to come, she develops the habit of coming. She also feels that you allow her to come and so comes. However, the Father sees that some children not only allow Maya to come, but they also offer her hospitality, and they offer her tea or coffee. Do you know what hospitality you offer her? You come under Maya's influence and think that the board of "too late" has not yet been put up, and that there is still time; that you are making effort and you will reach your destination. So Maya also feels that you allowed her to come, and, secondly, you also give her your company; you offer her hospitality. Some children are able to recognise Maya. Some children make a mistake in recognising Maya and wonder whether it is Maya's directions or the Father's directions. Because of not recognizing her, they come under the influence of Maya. BapDada is telling His lucky mahavir victorious children: Do not allow her to come! Now, do not spend your time in allowing Maya to come and then chase her away because there is little time left and the promise you have made of carrying out the task of becoming world transformers and world servers and giving souls of the world the Father's introduction and giving them their inheritance of liberation is not yet accomplished. Use your time in accomplishing that task. If you use your time in chasing Maya away, then how will you fulfil your promise of becoming world transformers? You are the Father's companions, are you not? You have promised Him from birth: We will remain with You now and return home together. Therefore, now chase Maya away from a distance on the basis of the powers you have received from the Father. Do not use your time for that. Look, you have been making effort for 70 years. Now is not the time for Maya to come and for you to chase her away because you know her. You are knowledge-full, are you not? You have the knowledge of the whole drama. Therefore, knowledge-full children, in what do you have to use your time? You have to accumulate two treasures a lot. Which two treasures? One is the treasure of thoughts and the other is of time. Both treasures are great and all of you know this because you are the knowledge-full children of the knowledge-full Father. You are master knowledge-full, are you not? Are you full? Some are knowledgeable, they are not knowledge-full. Who are you? Are you knowledge-full? Raise your hands! Are you knowledge-full or knowledgeable? All of you are knowledge-full? You raised your hands. Good! Wahl You have got full knowledge. Do you have the knowledge to chase Maya away? Do those sitting at the back have this? Achcha. You are all waving your flags. Do the mothers have it? Are the mothers knowledge-full? Double foreigners? Double foreigners are also waving their flags. Achcha. Just see how beautiful this scene is. The flags are looking very good. So, to be knowledge-full means to chase Maya away from a distance. So, are you like that? BapDada has already told you that it is only at this time of the Confluence Age that the bank exists in which to accumulate your treasures. Then, throughout the whole cycle, you will not have the bank in which you can accumulate. Whatever you have accumulated at this time, that will continue to be useful. However, the bank to accumulate it only opens now, at the Confluence Age. Therefore, what do you tell people? You tell everyone when giving this message: If not now, then never! So, do all of you remember this? If not now, then never? Do you always remember it? The birth of the Confluence Age is the smallest of all, but it is the invaluable birth. The value of this birth continues throughout the cycle. So, you do check how much you have accumulated, do you not? Are you accumulating as much as you want to? BapDada has already told you that the time for walking has now finished. It is now the time to fly. The time for making effort has finished and it is now the time for making intense effort. This too is a short time. This is why BapDada has given the double foreigners the title "double intense effort-makers". Speak, are you double intense effort-makers? Raise your hands! Double intense effort-makers, pass! Achcha. Together with birthday greetings, BapDada is also congratulating you. Multi, multimillion-fold congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

BapDada saw that some children have paid attention to the homework that He gave of being o.k. Only a few have claimed 100 marks. There are more with 50%. However, BapDada wants that… should Baba tells you what He wants? BapDada's hopes in each one who is a lamp of Baba's hopes, the mahavir children who fulfil BapDada's hopes, is that according to the time if you do not accumulate over a long period in the chart of intense effort from now, then BapDada reminds you of three expressions from time to time: Su4denly, ever-ready and accumulating in your account over a long period of time. BapDada wants that in your kingdom..., and you are happy that your kingdom is now about to come. At present you give the message that the Father has come, in the same way, you also give the good news that your divine kingdom, the kingdom of peace and happiness is about to come. When you give everyone this message, only those who have accumulated intense efforts in their account over a long period of time will claim a right to the fun fortune of the kingdom from the first birth to the 21st birth. Keep this account of "over a long period of time" in your awareness because there is pleasure in a new home. If you come after two to three births, if a building were to be two to three months old, then what would you say? Is it new or three months old? BapDada wants that each of His specially beloved children, the most wonderful children, the children seated on the Father's heart-throne should come in the first birth as Father Brahma's companions. Do you like this? Do you like it? Achcha. So, what will you have to do? You will have to do something, will you not? You like it, and the Father also likes it and so what will you have to do? From now, let the past be the past, BapDada will forgive you for that. That is the past. From now, what will you give BapDada as His birthday gift? You will give some gift, will you not? You have come to celebrate the Father's birthday and so what gift will you give Him? Baba's hope in each child is that even now, in the last period, you can go fast. Those who have come for the first time, raise your hands! Achcha.

To all the children who have come last, BapDada is giving multimillion-fold congratulations to those who have come here for the first time. Fortune is now showing that there is still a margin to create fortune because the board of "too late" has not yet been put up. If someone who has come last makes fast effort, then he can be "last so fast and fast so first" and come in the first division. Not the first number because that is already known, but he can come in the first division. Do you like this? Do the new children who have come like it? You have a chance. BapDada will give you a seat, but you will have to do something for it. Pay attention at every breath and in every thought. Every breath and every thought should be powerful. It should not be wasteful because what is the title of all of you, those who have come for the first time and those who have come many times? You are the powerful children, not the weak children. What is the love and remembrance that BapDada gives? The love and remembrance every day is: Beloved, long-lost and now-found children seated on the heart-throne. This is why BapDada is giving this golden chance but those who wish to take it can take it. The Father will give, He is bound to do that. Are there any intense effort-makers? You have a chance. Once the board of too late is put up, everything will be finished. However, what will you give BapDada as His birthday gift? You have come to celebrate the birthday, have you not? BapDada has given all of you children a special gift on your birthday and that is that if you make 90% intense effort from today till the end, then BapDada will increase it by 10%. Do you agree? Now, anything wasteful should finish. When the deities of the Golden Age come, they don't understand the language that you speak here. When you use the word "effort", they would ask, "What is effort?", because they are the ones who are experiencing the reward. In the same way, you intense effort ¬makers should have completely finished everything wasteful in your dreams, thoughts and practical actions. Do you have this courage? Baba will give you 10% grace marks. Do you agree? Raise your hands! By what percentage are you certain? 100%? No; 101% because BapDada does not like it without the children and their company. The Father believes that since you have said "My Baba" and Baba has said, "My child", you have to become equal to the Father. Now, there is a need for determined thought. You have had a book printed, have you not? "Determined thoughts are the key to success". Do not allow your thoughts to become common. Who are you? Would it look good if the President here were to act in an ordinary way? And who are you? You are the residents of three thrones. The biggest throne of all is BapDada's heart-throne. So, those who have the heart-throne will at least become the companions in the first birth. Although only one will sit on the throne, you can at least become the ones who have a right to become part of the royal family of the kingdom. So, those who fulfil the companionship, you will at least go together until you reach home. BapDada will take you somehow. Whether He takes you via somewhere or directly, He will definitely take you back! Then would you remain sitting in the home? Would it be good if Father Brahma goes away and you remain seated there? You are Raja Yogis, are you not? What title do you give yourselves? And what do you teach others? Raja Yoga or Praja Yoga (Yoga to become subjects)? Even if there are royal subjects, you are not the subject yogis. You are Raja Yogis.

So, will all of you remember the gift that the Father has given all of you? Till when? Till the end. BapDada has seen that you make a lot of effort, and when BapDada sees the children working very hard, He doesn't like to see the children labouring. Therefore, remain lost in love, and effort will then finish. When you say, "My Baba", then all other "mine" finish. When you say "My Baba", then "mine" for everything else finishes in that, does it not? You bring a toy in which you have so many, one inside another (Russian dolls). There are 10 to 12 merged in one. You show that toy, and you are those who say "My Baba, My Baba", are you not? He is my Baba, is He not? He is not the Baba of the maharathis. My Baba. Since He is "My Baba", then merge everything of "mine" that is limited in "Yours". Instead of mine, say "Yours", and there will be so much difference. How much difference is there between mine (mera) and "Yours" (tera)? Just the letters m and t. There is the difference of just one letter. So, it is firm, "My Baba", is it not? Is it firm? How much percentage? 100% or 101%? Show one finger for 1O1%. Those who are saying 101 %, raise your hands! BapDada is seeing it. It is also being shown on the TV.

When you celebrate Shiv Ratri or Shiv Jayanti, you specially celebrate three things. It is a wonder of those who have copied the methods for these festivals. BapDada is congratulating them too. They specially celebrate in three ways. Firstly, they observe a fast. They have copied you, but in a temporary way. You have also observed a fast in two things from the time that you belonged to the Father. One is purity and that is not just celibacy, but being Brahma-chari. What do some children do? They observe the fast of the main big vices, but they allow freedom to the little vices. However, the little ones will become a great sacrifice. The little ones are no less. It is the little ones that deceive you at that time; just like a mouse which is small, but is number one in biting. It blows and bites so that you are not even aware of it. For the little vices and for anger, some children think that that happens all the time and that they have to get angry. Would such a soul be called a perfect soul? You adopted the vow with the children and the progeny, with the small and big vices that you will always remain pure. You promised this, did you not? Or, have you just taken: the vow of observing celibacy? What is your title? "Completely viceless, the highest beings following the highest code of conduct". This is your title, is it not? Or, is it that a little less Maryadas are allowed? Those who believe that you have said, "My Baba"... All of you raised your hands for "My Baba", and since you said, "My Baba", you will have to become equal to the Father, will you not? Let there be the difference of just the one letter. Whenever there is the consciousness of "mine", then remember "Yours". By remembering the difference of just one letter, you will become residents of the three thrones. One fast and vow is to have purity for all time. You adopted the vow of following the highest code of conduct for all time whereas they observe this for just one day. They at least copied you, but it is like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. At least they copied you. They are wise, at least! And the other fast is of food and drink. All of you have also observed the vow of having pure food, have you not? They have at least copied you. You have also observed this fully. Or, do you sometimes feel like eating anything when you are a little tired? It is not like that, is it? Perhaps when you are tired or fed up? What do the Youth do? Those who are kumars, raise your hands! Kumars! Achcha. Very good. Kumaris, raise your hands? The foreign kumaris, the ones with the light (wearing a band with a small light bulb on their head.) Have the kumars observed this vow fully or do you sometimes become tired? The kumars who come and who even now observe this fast of food and drink in the right way, raise your hands! You have passed. Congratulations! Multimillion-fold congratulations to you. It does require some effort, but, because of love for the Father, this is not effort but love. So, at least they have copied you. They observe a fast for one day whereas you observe the fast for your life. This fast of one life will then automatically continue all the time. Then you won't have to make effort. There definitely is some effort required in the one short birth. There is renunciation. Renunciation creates fortune so what else do they do? Jagran (Staying awake through the night). In what way do you have jagran? They renounce their sleep and you also renounced the sleep of ignorance, that you will not allow the sleep of ignorance, the sleep that comes at the wrong time, to come. You will not doze off. You will not nod off, but always remain alert. You have taken this vow too, have you not? Some have a habit of dozing off. BapDada says: If you have renounced something and had a determined thought, then, why do you allow that thought to become a little lost again and again? Do you not know how to tighten a screw? The screwdriver with which to tighten it is a promise. What is the task that still remains now? Speak! That of revelation. This is what you are making effort for, is it not? Why do you hoist the flag, "My Baba has come"? Whenever you carry out any' task, you hoist a flag. Today too, you will hoist a flag. Whose flag will you hoist? Of BapDada, of service, of the birthday. When hoisting a flag, until it is completely opened, you will continue to open it. The flag hoisting finishes when the flowers shower from it. So, what is the revelation that you want? Revelation of the Father. The firmer your promise of staying awake and of observing the fast is, the sooner revelation will take place. You want revelation to take place, do you not? Who is going to bring the time close? It is all of you, is it not? All of you true servers are going to bring the time close. You are the world-transformer children. So, do you agree with the gift for the birthday? To give it and to receive it, Baba told you about both. You are not just going to give it, you are also going to receive it. Those who are going to do both, raise your hands! Those who are going to do both? Achcha. Very good. Achcha. Your photo is being taken by the T V. We will send this photo to those who fail even a little. Raise your hands once again! The photo is being taken here. Achcha. It is good. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Multimillion-fold congratulations from everywhere have reached BapDada. Each one says it from his or her heart, or writes through the letters or e-mails, "Give my greetings first of all!" BapDada says: BapDada has accepted each one's greetings first of all. He hasn't placed a number on it, but has accepted each one's greetings from the heart at the same time. Look, those who are sitting and watching from far away are clapping and in people's hearts everywhere, the song of "Congratulations, congratulations" is playing. This is not just a song, but a song from the heart which begins to play without any effort whenever you have happiness. Happiness is the key to the songs of the heart. "Wah Baba! Sweet Baba", to say this is the key. You do have this key, do you not? You don't have this key only sometimes, do you? Always happy. Whenever BapDada sees that any child's face, words or actions are filled with a little bit of concern or worry, with waste thoughts or of some type of problem, He doesn't like it. If the children of God are not able to remain constantly happy, then who will? It is only you who can, is it not? Your face should never be showing worry; pure thoughts. Whenever any type of worry comes, then remember, "The Father is combined with me." Hand the worry over to the Father. You become one with pure and positive thoughts because BapDada always remains happy. So, should the children be wilted? Whose children are you? You are the children of God! Your face should never be like that, even if a mountain comes, you can change the mountain into cotton-wool. What will happen if you keep yourself combined with the Father? The mountain will become cotton-wool because you have made the Almighty Authority your Companion. You may be weak, but when you have the Almighty Authority combined with you, then use Him at a time of need. Do not use Him just in name. Then your face will always be happy and your heart will also be happy. Should BapDada issue a challenge that if anyone wants to see a happy and fortunate face, they should come to God's centres? Should Baba make this challenge? In that case you should never wilt. Why should you wilt? You would wilt if you have something lacking. What do you lack? You have the nourishment of happiness. For example, if you lack something in terms of health or wealth, then what is said about happiness? "There is no treasure like that of happiness". So, that is health, is it not? So, you have wealth. Do you have happiness? Raise your hands! You have happiness, do you not? So you have wealth. There is no food like that of happiness, there is no nourishment like that of happiness. Even if you have 36 varieties of food, if you don't have happiness, then that is dry, whereas if you have happiness, then even dry chapatis will give you the happiness of 36 varieties of food, and the Father promises that those who have a true heart, a clean heart and a big heart - if you remember three things - a true heart, a clean heart and a big heart, if you remember these three things, then at any time, no matter what the conditions of the world may be like, if you have these three things, then the Father will feed you dal and roti. He will not feed you two to four varieties of vegetables, but He will definitely feed you dal and roti. "Eat dal and roti and sing God's praise!". You have experienced that, have you not? Those who came in the beginning have experienced this. Did you ever starve? In fact, BapDada used to make jaggery into "Bournvita" (melted jaggery with a little oil or ghee and some bicarbonate soda then set to make it crispy like toli) and feed the children with His own hands. And their stomachs would be full from eating chapatis made by BapDada. Do you know how to make "Bournvita"? You don't? No matter what the circumstances are like, if you don't have any vegetables etc, this "Bournvita" will give a lot of happiness. Learn how to make it. Everyone should learn it before you go from here. This "Bournvita" will be very useful at a time of need. However, remember four things. It should not be that if one thing is missing, you would have to look for it and won't be able to find it easily. Therefore, check these four things: Honesty, of the body, mind and wealth, of relationships and connections, honesty of the heart, a big heart. When you have a big heart, then, whatever desires and needs you have definitely become fulfilled. Try it and see. When you have a big heart, all desires are fulfilled. If you have a small heart, then all creations become small. If the Father is happy, then what would be lacking? So, just make effort! And then you can applaud for the congratulations.

It is the turn of Karnataka to serve; 8000 have come from Karnataka: Achcha. There are many teachers. BapDada is especially giving birthday greetings to all the teachers. Why is He giving special greetings? Why? Because you have been made so worthy (yogya) in order to be worthy for serving the Yagya. Whether it is 10 days or 11 days of serving the Yagya, you served the Yagya in the right way systematically and so serving the Yagya for 11 days enables you to attain 11 births. This is why the charity of serving the Yagya is happiness at the present time. You are experiencing happiness, are you not? You have extra happiness, do you not? To reach Madhuban means to receive extra treasures of happiness. So, you have brought them here having made them so worthy. You have been inspired to make effort. This is why Baba is congratulating the teachers. And mothers, mothers, raise your hands! All the mothers from this zone. There are many mothers. Why are even the mothers congratulated? Because mothers look after Madhuban and they also look after the centres. From the beginning, BapDada has always said: Where there are mothers at the centres, their bhandara (kitchen) and bhandari (Baba's box) are always flourishing. Achcha. Special congratulations to them. And Pandavas, those who are half kumars, raise your hands! Half-kumars, look, you have a speciality too. Just as the mothers have a speciality, in the same way, the half-kumars also have a speciality. Why? What is your speciality? When both come, they are one another's companions and so there are no obstacles and they are united. Otherwise, when there are two opinions, there is conflict. However, when both become united, then the half kumars can go ahead in service a great deal. You can then make time for this. Youth also make time, but half kumars do double the work. What double work do you do? Firstly, you can give more time to world service. Secondly, you can use your wealth in a worthwhile way as much as you want because both of you are willing to do this. Half kumars can accumulate as much as they want, you can use way as much as you want in a worthwhile. Why? What is the reason for this? There are no obstacles. Obstacles of your own mind are a different matter, but you don't have any obstacles in relationships. This is why you have a special part in the Yagya. When people see the half-kumars and kumaris, expansion takes place very quickly. Others see in a practical way that people from all professions come here, that they are living with their family, they are doing everything and are able to create their fortune. Previously, there was the atmosphere that we make them renounce their home and family, and they were afraid, whereas now they understand that they can do double work and that they receive help. Do you understand? Achcha.

1200 double foreigners have come from 80 countries: Do not say double foreigners, but double intense effort-makers. You like your title, do you not? Double foreigners is common, and there are many of those double foreigners. BapDada is pleased with the foreigners because the foreigners have become the decoration of Madhuban. Look, so many come from the different states of India and so why should the foreigners be any less? You have raced very well in this too. Children have come from 80 countries. BapDada is pleased about one thing on seeing the majority of the children: that all those who come have now become those of one culture. All now belong to the one Brahmin culture. Do you not? Raise your hands! Now, you are not those with a foreign culture, but all of you are those with the Brahmin culture. When you came, you were all with different cultures, but you have now gone beyond cultures. This was a big barrier. However, you have now crossed this big barrier. Now, it doesn't feel that you are different. Now, watch at the TV: all are those with the Brahmin culture. Just the one culture feels good, does it not? When the children came to Baba in the beginning, they were from the different branches of the tree. They had come from their different families with their family members. However, BapDada had said from the beginning: Although all of you who have come here are different branches of different trees, here, all of you will become merged in the one sandalwood tree. A sandalwood tree will be created here. The original jewels, the children who came in the beginning, became a sandalwood tree and that was how they spread the fragrance of sandalwood. It also reached abroad, did it not? This is why you all came. So, all those from abroad also came from different cultures, but you are all now with one culture. Do you like this? Do you like it? Raise your hands! You don't sometimes find this difficult, do you? Yes, you wear coloured clothes at work, and that is allowed. What is another thing about the foreigners that BapDada likes? It is a speciality of those who are instruments for service and are looking after centres. They prepare their own food, look after the classes and also look after the students and also have a job outside.What did the children from Bharat who went there in the beginning see? They saw the speciality: As soon as class finished, they would make dough and make bread enough for seven days. When the class finished, they would eat their cereals with milk and then rush off work. They did everything very actively and brought about expansion. Previously, there was just London; those from London, raise your hands! The Londoners have become many from just one. This is why BapDada has given you the title: Double effort-makers. And by serving abroad, they have prepared those' of other religions. There are the Christians anyway, but even in Muslim countries, so many children who were hidden have emerged and are moving forward. They are doing that in a different way. BapDada had remembered the child. What is her name? The one who is opening centres. (Wajeeha). Those from Nairobi are also doing good service. They are making people emerge. So, do you like the title: double effort-makers? Are you this? Double effort. Achcha. The instrument teachers have worked hard. This is why BapDada is giving special greetings to the instrument teachers. You are now eating the fruit of your efforts. You were told earlier too that BapDada's title of "The World Benefactor" is proved right by world service. To all the children who have specially come from the different countries, together with the Brahmin family including the people from your own countries, multimillion congratulations for your birthday. And BapDada specially likes it that all of you together have special meetings. The RCs and National Coordinators get together and make a plan for the whole year and you go back from the atmosphere of Madhuban carrying with you the good wishes and pure feelings of BapDada and the special Brahmin instruments. The result of this is very good. BapDada had hopes - at one time, He had the hopes, and He is now seeing the result of that. Congratulations for this too. BapDada is singing the song of "Wah! Wah! "Wah children! Wah! Wah, lovely children! Wah, lucky children! Wah!" and giving congratulations.

All those who have come here from the different wings, you are having meetings, are you not? You may have meetings and you should have meetings because you have not yet done what BapDada has asked you to do. This is why you should have meetings and just as BapDada has said: You should get everyone together at anyone place so that you can know how many loving and co-operative souls from the different wings have emerged, who have emerged and how many have emerged. It is good that everything is functioning well. Continue to do that. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who are seated on BapDada's heart-throne, to all the intense effort makers from everywhere, to all the children from everywhere who have accepted the gift that BapDada has given and to those who have given BapDada a gift through their thoughts, to the determined effort¬ makers who constantly make that thought determined, to all the children who make a promise and bring about revelation, lots and lots of love and affection from BapDada's heart. Please accept love and remembrance from the heart. To all the children again and again, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

BapDada meeting Dadis: All of you sat together and each one of you gave your own ideas. The ideas will be different, but understand those ideas, give regard and clarify them with one another. Do not keep it inside yourself without clarifying it. By keeping it inside, it becomes like rubbish. What would happen if you kept something inside and did not clean it? BapDada calls you instrument children the especially beloved children. There are the Pandavas too. However, those who are the instruments are the especially loved children, and the gathering of the specially loved children very quickly put zeal and enthusiasm into everyone. BapDada is seeing that you have all had very good thoughts, that you have to make everyone dance. You have to put into each one the four things that BapDada spoke about. If these four things are inculcated into the majority of children, you can understand that the time is almost here. So, you are instruments and everyone should understand that you are not 10 to 12, but just one. BapDada is seeing that you all have this thought in your heart. It is not that you don't have this thought, but continue to increase this thought. And all are your companions. Achcha. (Mohiniben and Munniben returned from their tour to Indore.) Whenever any maharathi goes somewhere, everyone becomes refreshed there, and they will continue to be refreshed. It is good.

(BapDada placed His hand on Dadi's head.) BapDada's hand is on everyone. This one is the main instrument, this group is the instrument and that is why it is special. (My head never becomes heavy.) Baba is combined with you. (We Ganges are on the head of Bhagirath.) The Pandavas are also the Ganges, for this is why they are doing service. Achcha.

Makhijhabhai (Vice President of Larsen&Toubro - India's largest engineering and construction conglomerate) and his family meeting BapDada: BapDada has seen that you maintained good courage to fulfil the thought that you had and those who have courage receive extra help from BapDada. Did you hear, you maintained good courage, did you not? It happened, did it not? Now, don't lose courage in any situation. Do not say, "What should I do?" No. You have to do it. When you say, "What should I do?", there are more obstacles, whereas if you say, "You definitely have to do this," then all obstacles will move away. When mosquitoes come, you light some incense and the mosquitoes flyaway. So these things of Maya come, but what would the mosquitoes do if you lit the incense sticks of courage? They would fly away. This one has courage and is worthy of receiving co-operation. So, it was your help and your courage (speaking to each of the couple). BapDada knows that you will move forward in your efforts. Each of you will give your support to one another. This speciality has brought you here. It is good. Achcha.

Munniben's brother and sister-in-law: It is good that you are Munniben's brother and sister, but BapDada says that you are lucky. You are lovely and also lucky. You have created your fortune. Look (seeing their son), this one is so good, take his photograph. Always remain like this. You have done well. To be Munniben's helper means to be a helper in the Father's task. To serve the Yagya is such great charity. So many receive that charity. You are very lucky. Very good.

Speaking to Dr. Ashok Mehta: BapDada saw, for and He also comes to tour the hospital. You instruments have very good courage. This is why you receive offers. Those who maintain automatically receive help. For you to receive offers is also a sign of courage. It is good. (Speaking to Shireenben, Ashokbhai's wife): The strength of your heart has made him move along. You have been the instrument. You have made the family move along, and you have never had obstacles in your effort. You are one who chases obstacles away. You have courage, you have a lot of courage. Even with a little courage, you receive offers. BapDada likes this very much. To receive offers by themselves is the fruit of courage. (Speaking to daughter and son-in-law.) And you are their companions. You are always doing something or other, are you not? They are companions. The whole family is lucky.

The sisters who were instruments to help look after the Chariot of Dadi Gulzar were called on to the stage: Congratulations to all those who stayed awake through the night and served the Chariot. You got the Chariot ready. Very good. You are incognito. Now reveal yourselves a little. Become companions.

BapDada hoisted the flag: BapDada has already given greetings for today's birthday. This flag should always remain high and be hoisted in the hearts of all souls. This is the thought in the hearts of all of you. And you give everyone the message. The Father has come and so come to the Father and claim your inheritance. By giving this message, the day will eventually come when everyone will say: Our Baba has come. He has come to give us the inheritance. And with the drishti of your courage, you will enable them to receive their inheritance of liberation and so the flag has to be hoisted in the hearts of all of you. That day is now almost here. Om Shanti.

BapDada meeting double foreign senior sisters: BapDada is pleased to see the gathering of all of you. (Dr. Nirmala has been appointed to take Manohar Dadi's place in Gyan Sarovar). This one has worn the crown of responsibility. You have maintained courage and so special congratulations for that. (BapDada placed His hand on her head.) You have maintained courage very well.

BapDada likes your system of meeting one another, and, seeing your gathering, BapDada also remembered Gayatri and Judy. Gayatri has shown good courage. She showed the example to the lokik family and the neighbours who hear how someone can be a help at a time of need. And the child (Uncle) is very yogyukt. BapDada is especially giving love and remembrances to the child while sending him rays of power. Love and remembrance to the whole family. (First time that they are not here for Shiv Jayanti.) This is why BapDada remembered them.

The form of meetings is changing. It is getting better and better. Those from India are also mixing and that is also very good. You all maintained courage and so they are becoming your helpers, and they will continue to be helpers and so continue to move along in the same way. BapDada is especially giving congratulations to those who have become instruments. Continue to move forward. You will continue to move forward.

Maheshbhai from London gave special remembrance: Those who use everything in a worthwhile way according to the directions received from time to time receive success. He has faith in the intellect, the family is good and they will continue to move forward. He has received such good sustenance. And so he is giving the return of sustenance. Send him some toli.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada


Every day, wear the angelic dress, the special gift of Holi every now and then and burn the Holi of old sanskars.

Today, the holiest Father has come to celebrate Holi with His holy children. All the children are holy children. All of yon have also come to celebrate Holi. Just think about which colour you holy souls are coloured with that you have become holy. There are many colours but which colour are you coloured with? What is the most elevated colour with which you have become holy? The greatest colour of all is the colour of God's company. You have easily become holy by being coloured with God's company because God's colour is the colour of imperishable company. Other colours are only for a short time, but, by being coloured with the colour of God's company, you have easily become holy, that is, pure. The colour of souls has become pure from impure because all of you have made God your Companion; you have sought His company and this is why you have become combined. You love this combined form, do you not? This combined form can never be separated. You have this experience, do you not? You remain constantly combined, do you not? Not alone. Maya tries to isolate you, but those who always remain combined can never be separated. Maya isolates you and then makes your old sanskars emerge and when the old sanskars emerge, the pure sanskars become merged. The old sanskars are of carelessness and laziness. When these emerge in various forms, the combined form becomes separated. So, each one of you should check yourself to see whether you always remain combined or whether you become separated. You now know the many forms of Maya, do you not? She cleverly colours you with her colour. To be separated means to be coloured with Maya's colour. This carelessness and laziness come in many forms. Maya attracts you towards herself through carelessness and laziness which are the treasures of Ravan. They are not the Father's treasures, but the children refer to Ravan's treasures with great intoxication and say: I did not wish to, but that is my sanskar. They begin to say that those are their sanskars. Are these God's treasures? Or are they Ravan's treasures? Just think about it: Is it right to say that they are your sanskars? To make them 'yours is Maya's cleverness. Are the Father's treasures lovely or are Ravan's treasures lovely? In a common way, in order to free themselves, children say, "My sanskars are like that. I did not wish to do that." Just think: Are they "mine"? The Father says that by making Ravan's treasures yours, your pure sanskars also gradually finish: the colour of God's company begins to fade away and Maya's colour begins to emerge. So, whilst moving along, you have to check yourself to see which colour you are coloured with. What do people do at Holi? They first burn away the bad things and then colour one another; they celebrate. BapDada has coloured you with the colour of His company, and, together with that, He also continues to colour you with the colours of knowledge, powers and virtues.

So, all of you are coloured with this spiritual colour, are you not? Raise your hands! You have been coloured with the spiritual colour. It will never fade away, will it? Those who are coloured with the imperishable spiritual colour cannot be co loured with any other colour. How holy have you become with this colour? You have become so holy that, throughout the whole cycle, no one can become as holy or pure as you. Your purity, the colour of God's company and the experience of being combined with God is most lovely and unique. For others, even though the soul becomes pure the body does not, whereas you become so holy and pure that both your soul and body are pure. Purity is said to be the mother of happiness, peace, love and bliss. Where there is purity, happiness and peace are with it because where the mother is, the children are also there. The Father comes and makes you so holy that, even in the last birth of the Iron Age, you can see your images - they are worshipped with such discipline. This is the speciality of purity and, no matter how many great souls and religious souls have become pure, none of them have temples built to them. No one else is worshipped with such discipline, and even until the last birth, your images continue to give blessings. They give the experience of peace and happiness for a short time. There is so much difference between your Holi and the Holi of the people of the world. Yes, for entertainment, you also celebrate a little, but you celebrate the true Holi of the colour of God's company and of the combined form. People also celebrate Holi in various ways. You know the meaning of the }word "Holi". Only you know this and you celebrate it in that way. Holi means ho Ii, that is, whatever has happened has happened. So, all of you have said, "Past is past" to the old life, old situations, old sanskars and old waste thoughts, have you not? To let the past be the past means ho li. So, have you done this? Or do the old sanskars emerge by mistake even now? Since your birth is a new birth - all of you have died alive, have you not? Have you? Have you died alive? Raise your hands! Achcha. This is your new birth. So, how come you remember your old birth? The past birth has become the past. What would you say if the things, thoughts or sanskars of the past emerge again? Is that having celebrated Holi? It means you haven't let that be the past. It means that you have not been coloured by God's company very well. To be coloured by God's company means to forget the past birth and the situations of the past. This is because you have died alive, have you not? When you physically die in one birth and take another birth, do you remember your past birth? So, all of you have now adopted the Brahmin birth. You say by mistake of the sanskars of the past birth, that they are your sanskars. Are they yours? Are they? Are they the sanskars of the Brahmin birth? Sometimes there is carelessness, sometimes a royal form of laziness. There are many different forms of laziness. Conduct a class on this at some point! There are so many types of laziness and they come in such royal forms!

So, Brahmin life is a new life and there cannot be anything old in it. So, today, you have come here to celebrate Holi, have you not? Holi means ho Ii; so, today, to celebrate Holi means to bum the Holi of old sanskars. It is only after burning these that you can celebrate. So, your form now is that of celebrating. You have already burnt the old and you will now celebrate. You are going to enjoy the colour of God's company. You are going to experience remaining combined. Why? The holiest Father has coloured you with the colour of becoming holy and pure.

So, what Holi are you celebrating today? Especially today, don't allow any old sanskars to come; this is celebrating Holi. Are you able to celebrate it in this way or will they sometimes come again? From today, with the method of determined thoughts, finish the royal words "I did want to do that, but those are my sanskars." Do you have- the courage to celebrate such a Holi today for all time? Or will you only celebrate it sometimes? You are those who feel that, from today, you have let the past be the past with your old sanskars, and that this is your new birth and the old birth is finished; you are the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children of the Father who have such courage, are you not? So, do you have the courage to have, not just this thought, but this determined thought? Raise your hands! Look, all of you have maintained courage. OK, some may have been left out, but all of you are companions, are you not? All of you are firm companions, raise both your hands! Take everyone's photo of this. Achcha. Double foreigners are also raising their hands!

BapDada is giving you multi-multimillion-fold congratulations for celebrating H6li by letting the past be the past. Now, do not let these words emerge from your mouth even by mistake: "My sanskars". For Ravan's sanskars you say, "My sanskars", it is a wonder! Ravan is said to be the enemy. It is a matter of amazement to make the treasures of your enemy your own. You also must be amazed at what you are saying! You say that by mistake. You say that, and your conscience then bites inside and you also realise that. You even speak to the Father about it and ask for forgiveness; "Baba, from tomorrow, I will not do that". And then you do just that! So, what should BapDada do now? Should He just continue to watch that? Now, bum the Holi of these words. In burning also, Baba will tell you something very good. A koki (sweet thick chapatti) is cooked with a thread around it and when it is cooked, the koki is cooked, but the thread doesn't get burnt. This is a sign of the first lesson you learnt of the soul being imperishable and the body being perishable. Those who have created these festivals and scriptures are also the Father's children, but you are the long-lost and now-found children. BapDada is seeing that their wonder is no less. It is like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour, but they have made it in a very entertaining way. If you look at it, they have made a memorial of every festival. However, they have given a physical form to some things that are subtle, but they have at least created a memorial. They haven't done any less in devotion. In devotion too, in the copper and iron ages, they have kept some things of your awareness. These have saved you from becoming extremely full of vices. So, BapDada definitely gives those who have created this paraphernalia, festivals and scriptures their fruit. At least they remember some things in devotion and they are saved from the vices for a short time.

So, which Holi did you celebrate today? Which Holi did you celebrate? Ho-li, everyone say, "Ho-li"! Do like this (pushing it away). This is firm, is it not? Have you celebrated? Have you? Good. Then, tomorrow, Maya will come because Maya is listening, but you must not welcome her. There is pleasure in this, is there not? Stay in this pleasure.

Remember the Father and see how He is colouring you with the spiritual colour with which you have become holy swans. Holy swans are the holy swans with the power to discern. Whenever you have to carry out any work, first fix a seat. Set yourself on that seat and then decide. You know that seat. It is the seat of being Trikaldarshi. First of all, set yourself on the seat of being Trikaldarshi and consider all three aspects of time. Do not consider just the present, but look at all three aspects of the beginning, middle and end. Is there benefit or loss in all three aspects of time? Some children are very clever. Should Baba tell you about their cleverness? What do they say? "I had to do that in that way, and so I made do with that. I feel that I should not do that, but I just did it." OK, you have done it and so you will definitely receive the fruit of action, will you not? So, do not be clever in that way. You try to charm the Father. You make a mistake and you then tell BapDada such things as: Baba, You are Merciful, are you not? You are the Ocean of Forgiveness, are you not? You remind the Father of who He is and tell Him: You have said to tell You about it and finish it. However, finish it by telling Baba about it with realisation. You make one word firm of telling Baba about it. But you have to first transform yourself with determined thought, and then tell Baba about it. You charm the Father a great deal, saying, "Baba, You have said this, have You not?" You remind the Father: You said this and You said this. You are very clever. Now, do not be clever in that way. Have courage. "I have to do this". Do not say, "I will do it, I will do it!"

Throughout the day, BapDada hears many songs of "I will do it, I will do it!" I will do it, I will show them, I will become", but at what speed? Will those who leave it to the future in this way be able to return with the Father? The Father is ever-ready and those who say they will do it are not ready. So, how will you return with the Father? You will be left watching how others are going back with the Father. The Father has multimillion-fold love for each child. The Father doesn't want His children not to return home with Him. Will you not return home now that the time has come for you to return home? You have to go home first and then come into the kingdom. If you don't return home together, you will not come into the kingdom with Father Brahma, you will come later. What is your promise? That you will return together or that you say that you will get there by yourself? Will you leave this to the future too? "I will reach there. Just see, Baba, I will definitely reach there." So now, finish this language.

Today, BapDada celebrated Holi in the Subtle Region too. With whom? You will celebrate it now. Baba has already celebrated it with the Advance Party. That is the advanced party; their name is the Advance Party. So, BapDada celebrated Holi in advance. Do you know what type of Holi Baba celebrated? There were all those of the Advance Party - the new and old - because you also remember the maharathis who have gone recently, do you not? Baba made them emerge too because those who have gone recently have also played their part of service from childhood till now, that is, for a long time. You also remember those companions, do you not? That space has to be filled, is it not? Today in the Subtle Region, the Trimurti of Mama, Didi and Dadi were specially asked to stand up. There were other companions too, but these three were asked to stand up because of their special part and they were reminded, and of course they remember. However, they have to serve in an incognito way. They too are made to emerge in the Subtle Region at Amrit Vela and they go on service. The special souls have not stopped serving. It is fixed for them to come to the Subtle Region at Amrit Vela, to emerge in their real Brahmin life and do one or another type of service everywhere through the mind. With their mind and intellect they do the special service of attracting the mind and intellect of souls.

So, today BapDada asked this Trimurti what they were doing. The Father knows anyway, but still He has to ask. So they replied that they are inspiring in two ways. One is inspiring those who are creating upheaval and the other is inspiring those who are going to be the instruments for the new world. So they are still waiting. Then Mama said: We have been waiting for a long time. So, ask our friends: Are you going to keep us waiting (intezar) even now or are you going to make some preparations (intezaam)? There are many friends of Mama, Dadi and Didi sitting here, brother-friends are also sitting here. There are brothers as well as sisters who lived with them, and so they have a question for you: It is our duty to wait, but what is your part, the part of those who have the advanced stage? We are waiting; your duty is to make the preparations. It is our duty to wait. So, when will you fix a date? When all of you Baba's children become equal and complete, the preparations will be made. Didi said: On my behalf, ask all of them one question. What did Didi ask? All of you know and you also speak about being ever-ready. Are you ever-ready in becoming equal and complete? And what did Dadi say? They were having this heart-¬to-heart conversation today. Dadi said: Whenever anyone was meeting me and everyone also used to say, that Dadi had only one concern and that was of becoming karmateet. We will also go home with you, will we not? So, even now, I tell my companions that you have to become karmateet. When? When will you change "kab" (at some point) into "ab" (now)? The Father continues to smile. So, today, this heart-to-¬heart conversation was going on and others were also with them saying: "Mama, what you said was very good. Didi, fill them with a little force ", and they were telling Dadi, "Dadi, you gave your support to everyone." All of us remember in our hearts this aspect of Dadi and how she played her part after Baba became Avyakt. All their other companions said: Dadi, now let us remember what you said. Brahma Baba is an Avyakt angel and Shiv Baba is Incorporeal, however, Dadi was in the corporeal form. At least we should try and demonstrate whatever you had thought. We should at least try and take the responsibility that Dadi had taken. So today all of them were having a heart-to-heart conversation to their heart's content. Did you hear? What do we have to do now?

You have now celebrated Holi, have you not? Even what happened yesterday is the past, so why should think of your previous birth? While everyone was having chit-chat, BapDada started to celebrate Holi. All of them were in their white dress, and in the Subtle Region, they were in their angelic form. Suddenly, without telling them that BapDada was celebrating Holi, all of them were sitting in a semi-circle, they were not standing, they were sitting in four to five rows. They were sitting in an organised manner from the small ones to those older then them and then those who were the oldest. What did BapDada do? BapDada crushed diamonds of seven different colours into powder. He sprinkled that powder over everyone; they were already in their sparkling angelic dress, and then the powder of the seven colours fell on them. Just picture this and see what the sparkling dress would look like when the powder of seven colours fell on it. You will not find such a dress even in the Golden Age. So, all of them were sparkling; and, when this dress was sparkling, Didi became so intoxicated that she began to dance as she used to when she was young. They danced holding one another. Then BapDada made ghevar (sweet like jalebi) that you prepare in Madhuban, emerge in the Subtle Region. This sweet hadn't come from Madhuban, and so Baba fed everyone ghevar. So, everyone celebrated with great pleasure. Just as you change your other dresses, in the same way, every now and then throughout the day, change into your angelic dress and have that experience. Make yourself emerge in the angelic form for five minutes or ten minutes. Visualise changing your costume from ordinary into a dress of the angelic form with BapDada throwing the colours of knowledge, powers and virtues on you. In the angelic dress, be an angel and have that experience for 5 to 10 minutes and then change your costume again. You are karma yogis, are you not? So, whenever you find time during the day, wear the dress of an angel and experience that you are being coloured by the Father. And if you start practicing from now onwards wearing the angelic dress, you will be intoxicated and also receive help to become an angel. So, BapDada is giving all the children from everywhere this gift for Holi. Continue trying to wear the dress of an angel; do not forget! You are being given the dress of an angel as a gift for Holi. So, every now and then, practise this. It is easy, is it not? You know how to change your dress, do you not? Do you know how to do that? You know how to do that, do you not? Just as you change the physical dress every day, in the same way, try changing into the dress of an angel and see. It is so beautiful and sparkling. Achcha. Did you hear?

Today, Baba related news of the Subtle Region. All of you also remember those who belong to you and have gone to the Advance Party, as different souls have gone from one place or another. You do remember all those who have gone, do you not? BapDada too also gets the Advance Party to do service at Amrit Vela because, at that time, the whole world is sleeping and they (Advance Party) come to the Subtle Region after having changed into this dress. Did you hear? What will we do now? Do not forget this drill. Change your dress; for however many times you are able to sit in the angelic dress throughout the day, even if it is only for three minutes, but definitely sit! Definitely change into that dress! Instil those sanskars from now as you cannot become a deity without becoming an angel. Achcha.

BapDada is seeing all the children from everywhere and even while sitting far away, at the majority of places, at the centres, they continue to watch BapDada. As you eat toli here, there too, they distribute toli. BapDada is watching everyone how they are sitting far away and experiencing themselves to be close. To all the children everywhere who have imbibed constantly determined thought to become equal and complete like the Father, and from time to time, they continue to give the power of determination to that thought. To all such children everywhere who have imbibed pure thoughts; together with that, to the stars of hope who are going to fulfil the Father's hopes; as well as those who remember Dadi's words: "I have to become karmateet, I have to become that, I have to become that"; and Mama's words which she always spoke: "Whatever you want to do, do it today, do not leave it for tomorrow", and Didi's words: "We now have to return home" - these words should echo in your ears again and again. Simply have this one concern: I have to become karmateet and return home now. To the powerful souls who bring these words into their awareness again and again, congratulations for Holi to BapDada's holy children. Together with this, before getting the ghevar of Madhuban - everyone open your mouth and eat ghevar. Did you eat it? So, lots and lots of multimillion fold love and remembrance to all the children from BapDada and the Advance Party souls and namaste from the Father.

It is the turn of UP, Benares and Western Nepal to serve: Together with UP, Mohiniben, stand up! It is good. What is the speciality of UP? When the centres first opened, the centre in UP was special. BapDada and Mama first stayed at the centre in UP. There is also the confluence of the rivers of knowledge in UP. The biggest rivers - the Ganges and Jamuna - Jamuna is in Delhi and Ganges is in UP. What is the praise of the River Ganges? It is the purifier. So, those in UP must always have this concern of becoming purifiers and giving a drop of one thing or another to impure souls. Now, centres are increasing in UP, are they not? Have they increased? In the beginning, there was great splendour there. The surrendered couples first came from UP. So, even now, UP should demonstrate by doing something new. The functions and conferences will all continue, they will continue to take place, but you now have to demonstrate this by doing something new. All the Zones are thinking that they should definitely demonstrate this by doing something. Those of you from Delhi are also thinking this, are you not? It is good. Continue to do something or other so that one or another piece of news continues to be printed in the Brahmin world. You also have the news magazines, do you not? There should be some new news printed in the papers. UP is no less in serving the Yagya. A good number have come. BapDada is pleased. There are many teachers too, but which teachers? You know that BapDada wants teachers who show everyone their future through their face and activity. What is the future of the present time? Angel. And the deities are the future of the future. So all the teachers - the future of the present time is the angel, and you will become deities in the future, but the angelic form of the last moment, those features, that is, it should be very clearly visible in your face and activity. When you went out on service in the beginning, you took with you the support of your 14 years of tapasya and also the sustenance of BapDada and Maa, so when you first went on service, some students were able to see on the forehead of some of you server souls a crown of light or a sparkling light in the centre of the forehead. You had a very sharp power of discrimination so that when anyone with an impure nature came to you, because you were kumaris, they were not able to do anything. You had so much power that they themselves fell at your feet and said: What did we think about you and who are you! This sparkle of purity that you had was in your practical activity and even in your dreams. There wasn't the slightest impurity, not even in your dreams. It was like that; it is not like that now, it was like that. Now, once again, continue to put this determination of light and might in your companions. Do not be slack. All of you understand that you teachers are instruments on behalf of Baba. And BapDada has a lot of love for all the teachers, whether they are young or old because you are co-operative in the Father's task. You are instruments and co-operative. You teachers are in front of the students in the corporeal form everywhere. In the Avyakt form, there is BapDada and the Advance Party continues to give you sakaash. When they come to the Subtle Region at Amrit Vela, they remember their friends and also the centres. So, UP has to become number one. You are becoming that. You will perform wonders. You definitely have to do this.

SPARC and Scientists & Engineering Wings meeting: You continue to have meetings and you do that with good zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada continues to see and hear about this. You also continue to make plans for imbibing this. BapDada heard the news. All of you continue to make new plans for your self-¬progress and also for service. Now, you have to keep the aim that there is a need to give assurance to the people of the world. Seeing the circumstances, the poor people are afraid and fear is spreading. At such a time, you have to give assurance to all souls, but especially to the people of your wing, that if they do the meditation course, their fear and tension will finish. Do not give them knowledge first, but invite them to learn meditation first. Have more programmes of giving them an experience of a tension-free life. You do do this, but now do it more. Give them an experience of spiritual power. Let it not just be lectures, but give them an experience. You may do this with small groups or big groups, but definitely give them an experience. A person who has had an experience can never stay without sharing that experience. And the authority of experience is number one. Someone who has experienced something cannot be influenced by others. He cannot be afraid in such situations because through meditation, he experiences power. So, give them greater experiences of the temptation of meditation. You continue to have programmes anyway. They will continue and you have to make them continue, but also pay special attention to this. Anyone who came and did the course, together with that course, did he also have an experience or did he just take the knowledge? Definitely give an experience of anything. It could be any experience. In terms of knowledge, let them experience that this is God's knowledge. Through Yoga, let them experience powers in them. Let them have courage. Enable them to have the courage to find a solution to any problem and also have the courage to imbibe this. Otherwise, when they hear of having to imbibe these things, they become afraid. First of all, tell them about the attainment and what that attainment is. With the attraction of the attainment, they will all begin to come. When you give God's introduction, first tell them what attainments they will have and, on the basis of the attainment, they will be attracted. Tell them the things of the experiences of what they will receive, what they will become and how they' will easily find solutions to problems. BapDada receives the report of how you all meet one another. BapDada is pleased that there is this harmony in these gatherings and that the Brahmins receive refreshment. You all meet one another and you give one or another form of advice to one another. Both wings are doing well and will continue to do so in the future too. BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

Double foreign brothers and sisters have come from 80 countries: This time double foreigners have had programmes of different groups such as couples, teachers etc. Those couples who have come here, raise your hands! BapDada has seen that very good couples are ready, but you have still not fulfilled Baba's hope. What is that hope? To make a Mahamandleshwar (a guru) bow down at your feet because you people can easily fail them. Tell them: You people say that that is not possible whereas we have achieved that easily. You can make them bow down with the authority of your experience for only then will the God of the Gita also be revealed. Couples have this power. When those people become weak, they will begin to accept everything. BapDada likes it that the couples can perform great wonders. Why? You have already done that. You couples have been following this path, and you have now become old, and the numbers have increased so much from seeing and hearing about this. You have at least done one thing. You have increased zeal and enthusiasm in people that they too can do this; that they will not have to renounce anything, because people are afraid of having to renounce every things. However, you did not renounce anything, you made yourselves. Did you renounce anything? You wore a white dress. You are not forbidden to wear coloured clothes, but a school does have a uniform. You are not forbidden anything. The couples can perform great wonders and issue a challenge. Make such a programme. We shall see which couples become ready. First of all try this. Try it on someone with whom you have some connection. If one -person is willing to accept this then others will do the same. So, BapDada likes the gathering of the couples. Achcha.

Centres Co-ordinator teachers, stand up! Do you teachers feel that it is good to receive this training? Those who feel that this is essential and good, raise your hands! Congratulations to the instrument teachers (Seniors) because you have worked hard. These teachers will do the service directly and you instruments will receive the charity of it. This is good. New ones continue to become teachers and that is also a part in the drama. Look how so many new centres continue to open abroad and it is a matter of great happiness that you take training and become instruments to make the ones who come now fly quickly. BapDada gives congratulations for one thing to all the foreigners which is that you have a job and you also look after a centre. Everyone may applaud. In fact, to be a teacher and to run a centre is very great fortune. It is not a common thing because to become a teacher means to become a master of the Father's gaddi at the present time, and that is to read the Murli and to refresh souls through the Murli. BapDada calls the teachers "guru-Bhai" (next in line to the guru) because you claim a right to the throne to read the Murli; you become instruments. There are the benefits (faida) and also the laws (kayda): there are both. However, BapDada is pleased that all of you have made the time to come here from your own interest. BapDada loves everyone to receive training. So, it is very good that so many of you had the training. You are instruments and the fruit of being an instrument is to accumulate hugely in your account of charity. Do not let go of the feeling of being an instrument. Do not have the consciousness of "I". "I" is a snake, it is an ugly snake. It will swallow you. I am an instrument and Karavanhar (One who makes everyone perform) is making me do it. The One who is making everyone move is making me move. And remain combined. Do not remain alone. When you become alone, you open the door to Maya. Baba is pleased and giving you congratulations. Achcha. All double foreigners continue to do something or other every year. It is good. You also continue to make service plans. To continue to increase the zeal and enthusiasm of one another is the greatest service of all. The instrument teachers who conducted the training, stand up! This one is also good. (Speaking to brother Charlie.) Brothers take a change in everything and that is very good. BapDada is pleased to see the result of your service. Zeal and enthusiasm are visible on everyone's face and that is very good.

Achcha, now does everyone remember what gift you have to give for Holi? Do you remember it?

BapDada has special love for each child. It is not that He has love for only those who are instruments, but each child is one of the lucky handful out of multimillions. Even the last number is one out of multimillions. So, those who are a handful out of multimillions are great, are they not? No matter what someone, even the last one, is like, always look at one another with a vision of respect in order to make him move forward. Each one has self-respect, even the last number has his self-respect, he is one out of multimillions. He is better than the President. He has at least had recognition and says, "My Baba". So, maintain your self-respect and give respect. Unity. Even the last number is child of Baba. Bring Baba in front of you, do not bring that one's mistake in front of you. He belongs to this family. Give him zeal and enthusiasm. Yes, they do make mistakes and BapDada knows what mistakes they make, these cannot be hidden, but each one of you should ask yourself: Why did I become a Brahma Kumar or Kumari? What was my aim? The aim that you kept, not that of just saving yourself, that you are receiving dal and roti and that this gathering is good and in Brahmin life, you have been saved from conflict. You have not come here with that aim. You brought a very good aim with you, but, at present, in some cases, there is a difference in the aim and its qualifications. BapDada knows everything, still He is not mentioning any names. But that time will also come. Whoever does something - BapDada has seen that the majority is influenced by company and their conscience also bites them. They feel that they should not do something, but they are coloured by the company. They are not so much coloured with the colour of the Father's company and this is why they are coloured with another colour. Nevertheless, BapDada still gives love to all the children and says to them: Make your present and future free from obstacles. Do not be influenced by company. You become influenced by company because there is temptation. Do not be influenced by company. Do not be attracted by limited attainment because BapDada feels mercy: You say, "My Baba". You say "My Baba", and what do you do? So today is Holi and, therefore, be sensible and bum such things. Change before the board of "too late" is put up. BapDada will help, but only those who have a true heart. When your heart is clean, your hopes will be fulfilled. Try this with your heart and see. It is not possible when you have a true heart that your hopes are not fulfilled. At Holi, they colour everyone and even in a wrong way. So, today, celebrate Holi. Colour the wrong way of colouring with the Father's colour. Achcha. Today is Holi and so BapDada has said what He wanted. He feels mercy. Achcha. Om Shanti.

Speaking to the Dadis: Today, the Advance Party made the ghevar emerge (sweet toli, similar to jalebi). You were also fed that. Didi was very enthusiastic. Dadi too. They were responsible ones and so they remember their responsibilities even now. It is good.

To Dadi Nirmal Shanta: You continue to show the Father's image through your face. Seeing you, everyone remembers Father Brahma. It is good. You are looking after your health carefully. Very good. (Par Dadi' s alokik birthday is on the day of Holi.) It is your birthday. You have accumulated so much charity. Achcha, it is Par Dadi's birthday. (BapDada garlanded her with a garland of flowers. She remains very happy.) This is the speciality of the old ones. They are the original jewels, and so they are not afraid. They remain happy.

To Dadi Shantamani: Continue to do one or another service - whether of reading the Murli or meeting everyone. You are doing it and will continue to do it. They are all idols.

To Brother BrijMohan: The programme you made for Delhi is good and will be good.

To Rameshbhai: The meeting that you have amongst yourselves is very good because there is attention paid to your own efforts and also to service. The points that you extract are good and BapDada is pleased.

Speaking to a VIP group: All of you are loving. You are also co-operative. You have love for the Father, do you not? And, from time to time, you are also co-operative. What do you now have to become? You are loving and co-operative and so what do you have to become now? (To become a child of Baba) Achcha, do you want to become a child or are you that already? Are you a child or do you want to become one? What would you say? Are you a child? So, you have to become equal to the Father. So, it is good that it emerges from your heart, "Mera Baba". Now, gradually, increase your part in this service a little more. You have to do your own work and that is good. It is also good that you have recognised the Father. Now, in service, whether in serving the Yagya or in serving people outside, increase your part of doing this service a little more. You will have to give a little more time because when others see you and hear your experience, they feel enthusiastic and their fear is removed. So you should do service. (Kanupriya - sister-who interviews people on Astha Channel on TV.) This one has received fortune; you have received fortune while sitting at home. You show the path to so many souls. You serve through words anyway. That is good.

Achcha, no matter what, you belong to Baba. Continue to move forward with this awareness and day by day, check whether you are moving forward or stuck in the same place, because there has to be progress. So day by day, check how much you moved forward and what addition there was. Achcha.

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Re: Bap-Dada's fresh Murlis (2008/2009)

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Avyakt BapDada

Merge the treasures you have received from BapDada into yourself, use them and become an authority of experience.

Today, Baba is seeing all the children everywhere who have accumulated all treasures and have become fulL As well as this, Baba is also seeing the result as to what extent each child has accumulated all treasures. You have received many imperishable treasures from BapDada. The first and foremost greatest treasure of all is the treasure of the wealth of knowledge through which you have received liberation and liberation-in:-life. All the children have received liberation from the old body and the old world and the stage of liberation-in-life, and the way to go to the land of liberation. There is not just the treasure of knowledge, but, together with that, there is also the treasure of Yoga through which you attain all powers. Together with those is the treasure to imbibe, through which you attain all virtues. And with this is the treasure of service through which you receive the treasure of blessings and the treasure of happiness. And together with all these is the greatest treasure of all - the time of the Confluence Age because, throughout the whole cycle, the time of the Confluence Age is the most valuable time. Every thought and every moment of the period of the Confluence Age is very invaluable because it is only at the Confluence Age that the sweet meeting of BapDada and the children takes place. In no other age does the meeting of God, the Father, and the Godly children take place. As well as this, it is only at the time of the Confluence Age that you attain all treasures from BapDada. It is only at the Confluence Age that you are able to accumulate the treasures; in no other age is there an account in which to accumulate them or a bank in which to credit them. There is just the one Confluence Age in which you can accumulate as much as you want, and the importance of this confluence period is that you can accumulate for many births in just one birth. This is why this small age has so much importance and all the children attain the treasures from BapDada. The Father who gives is One and He gives equally to all, but, in accumulating these treasures, every child accumulates them according to his effort. The Father, the Bestower, is One and gives equally to all at the same time, but what did He see in the children imbibing them. That, although the Father gave equally to all, in imbibing them, each one made his own individual effort because, to imbibe the treasures, firstly, you can create your reward through your own effort, secondly, you constantly have to remain content and make everyone content. With the speciality of contentment you can accumulate the treasures and thirdly, with service, because, through service, all souls attain happiness and so you can accumulate the treasure of happiness. Your own effort, the effort to make everyone content and the third is the effort in service: you can accumulate the treasures in these three ways. In order to accumulate the treasures, specially when coming in connection and relationship with others, have the consciousness of being an instrument, have humility, with altruistic motives. There is the need to have good wishes and pure feelings for all souls. If you have all these things in service and in relationships and connections, then you can very easily accumulate in your account of charity and account of blessings.

BapDada was seeing everyone's chart: what did He see? He saw that all the children everywhere were numberwise. The Father is One, He gives to everyone at the same time, but, in them accumulating these, He saw three types of children. One are those who accumulate the treasures and use them up immediately. They do accumulate, but then use them and finish them. The second are those who use them, they accumulate and they also increase them by paying attention to their accumulation. What is the method to increase the treasures? The method to increase the treasures is to use the treasures that you have received in any adverse situation that comes up, according to the time. Those who use these treasures and change their situation through their stage are able to accumulate. Those who do not use these treasures do not accumulate them. So, each one of you should ask yourself: Am I using the treasures for myself and for others at the right time? The more you use them, the more they will increase because, by using them, you continue to become experienced. So, you continue to add to the authority of experience. So check and ask yourself: Have I accumulated all these treasures? Am I using the method to increase these treasures at the right time? Is my authority of experience increasing? Out of all the authorities, it is the authority of experience that is remembered the most. So, each one of you has to increase your account. You have to check because now is the time to check and you are still able to increase the treasures. You still have a chance and then this chance will finish. You will not then be able to increase them even if you want to.

BapDada has seen that you take the treasures, and you happily even try to absorb them into yourself, but when you receive the treasures - you only receive the treasures through the Murli - there are two types of children. One are those who simply listen and the others are those who merge it into themselves. Some children become very happy on hearing it, but there is a lot of difference between just hearing and merging it into yourself. Those-who merge it into themselves continue to become experienced because at the right time they use what they have merged and so continue to increase the treasures. Those who simply listen to it speak about it, and they relate it very well, and they even say that what Baba said was very good. However, without merging it in themselves, they are unable to use it at the right time. So, all of you have to check: Am I one who has merged it in the self? If there is even a little less, if it is not full, there will be fluctuation, but someone who has merged it in himself will be full and so there won't be any fluctuation. This is why BapDada checked everyone's treasures today. You were told that there are three types of children. Now check yourself to see: Who am I? To increase the treasures means to use them at the right time. The more you continue to use the treasures, the more they increase because whatever treasures there are, it is the master of the treasures who uses the treasures. The treasures themselves do not use themselves. The Father has given all of you all the treasures as an inheritance. Each one of you has to pay attention to make the Father's treasures your own because the fuller you are in an overflowing state, the more you will remain unshakeable and immovable.

BapDada wants each child to become full, not to be any less because it is only now that you have a chance to accumulate in the imperishable account through the Father. This is why it is said: If not now, then never! This is the praise of the time of the Confluence Age. In the future you will attain the fruit of whatever you have accumulated, but the time to attain it is just now. So, each one of you has to check your account. To whatever extent each one's treasure-store is full is visible through their eyes, their activity and their face. Their face and activity will be like a rose in bloom. BapDada continues to see from each one's activity and face how cheerful and happy they remain. Spirituality through the eyes, a smile on the face and from their actions, everyone experiences all the virtues. So each of you should check yourself.

BapDada has the pure hope in all the children that each child should make all other souls full of such treasures. Today, souls of the world want to receive some spiritual power, and it is only you Brahmin souls who are bestowers of spiritual power because you souls are the holiest, highest and richest souls. Out of all souls, you are the holiest of all. No other souls are worshipped with discipline in the same way as you souls are worshipped. Even now in the last birth, you souls are worshipped; no founder Father or great souls who are instruments are worshipped like you are. Although their memorials are made, they are not worshipped with discipline in the same way as you are. And your treasures are - you are the richest in the world. The treasures of this one birth of you Brahmin souls are guaranteed to continue for 21 births because you have received Baba's inheritance from the Father. So, just as the Father is imperishable, in the same way, the treasures that you receive from the Father also become imperishable. This is why you are richest in the world, the holiest in the world.

All of you consider yourselves to be such special servers, do you not? According to today's time, do you know what souls of the world need at the present time? Today, the world needs happiness, power and love. They want spiritual love and so, according to the time, you Brahmin souls have to become bestowers. Through your mind give them powers, through your words give them knowledge and through your actions, give them the donation of virtues. At the end, Father Brahma gave all the children three words as a gift. You remember these three words, do you not? If you use these three words for service, you can make many souls content. These three words are: incorporeal, egoless and viceless. Be incorporeal through your mind, be egoless through your words and viceless through your actions. Use these three words in service. Now, the world has to receive a little bliss in their hearts and a little happiness through the power of you souls. All are disheartened whereas you are the stars of hope for the world, and BapDada sees all of you children as the stars of the Father's hopes. You are not just the stars in whom there is hope, but you are the stars of hope who will fulfil all hopes.

The children's love constantly reaches BapDada. What is the easiest effort of all? There is a variety of effort, but the easiest effort is love. In love, even labour changes into a form of love. So, to be loving to the Father means to make easy effort. In terms of love, do all of you consider yourselves to be constantly loving? Not loving only sometimes, but constantly loving? Constantly? Not those who just take a dip, but those who remain merged. Those who feel that they are always merged in the Ocean of Love? Are you always merged in the Ocean of Love? Those who think that they are constantly merged in the Ocean of Love, those who consider themselves to be like this, constantly, raise your hands! Underline the word "Constantly"! Raise your hands! Constantly? Constantly? You have raised your hands very well. BapDada is pleased to see the hands because you are maintaining courage. If there is even a little less, you will remember that you had raised your hand, because BapDada has deep love for each and every child. Why? Because BapDada knows that each and every soul has become loving many times, that you are loving now and that it is you same souls who will be loving every cycle. Do you have the intoxication and happiness that you are the souls who claim this right every cycle?

Seeing the souls who have claimed such a right, BapDada is giving them blessings from His heart: Constantly be tireless and continue to fly! If any adverse situation arises, then do not let your original stage fluctuate. The adverse situation cannot do anything in front of your original stage. Achcha. Those who have come for the first time, raise your hands! Many have come. Seeing each child, BapDada is proud of them: Wah My children! Wah! You sing the song from your heart automatically: Wah Baba! wah! My Baba, wah! In the same way, the Father sings the same song for the children: Wah each child of Mine! wah! The Father finds you children only after a cycle and each one of you is great in front of the world. So, the Father also sings the songs: Wah children! wah! You are wah, wah, are you not? You are the wah wah children, are you not? Wah, wah children, raise your hands!

So always remember that you are wah, wah children. Even if you are effort-makers, you are wah, wah children. You are Baba's wah wah children who will return home with the Father. You will not be left behind, will you? The Father says that: He will take each child with Him in the lap of love. So, are you ready? Are you ready? You will not stop on the way somewhere, will you? You will return with the Father because you have promised this, you are the ones who will fulfil your promise, are you not?

So, now, BapDada wants you to make your angelic form emerge. While moving and walking around, give the experience of your angelic dress. BapDada has told you about the drill, has He not? You have the habit of changing your clothes, do you not? Just as you change the dress of your body, in the same way, the form of the soul is angelic. Experience this again and again. You like the angelic dress, do you not? Just as Father Brahma is sitting in the Subtle Region in the angelic form, in the same way, all of you should also experience the angelic form while walking and moving along, the same as the Father because it is only when you have the angelic form that you will become a deity. You remember the three forms of the Father, do you not? The Father, Teacher and Satguru. In the same way, remember these three forms of yours - Brahmins to angels, angels to deities. These three forms are firm, are they not? Sometimes, wear your Brahmin dress, sometimes, the angelic dress and sometimes the deity dress. In these three forms, you can automatically be seated on the seat of being Trikaldarshi and continue to carry out every task as a detached observer. So BapDada wants everyone to remain constantly with the Father and not to become alone. It is only when you stay with the Father that you will return with Him. If you are with the Father only sometimes, then how would you return with Him? One who loves someone cannot forget the person one loves. Continue to practise this throughout the day. One moment a Brahmin, one moment an angel and one moment a deity. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who are constantly full of the treasures, those who are constant servers through their activity and their face, because all of you have promised that you will become world transformers and transform the world, and so servers remain engaged in service while walking and moving around, such world servers and world transformers who make everyone full with the Father's treasures, to all of BapDada's children from everywhere, BapDada's love, remembrance, blessings from the heart and namaste. Achcha.

It is Maharashtra Zone's turn to serve: (Everyone from the Maharashtra Zone was wearing a crown with "No Problem" written on it. It is good that all of you have crowned yourselves. Just as you are crowned with "No Problem", so, on behalf of everyone, BapDada is giving the blessing: May you always be one with no problem. In the same way, all of you should always remain those who have "No Problem" in your thoughts, words, actions and gathering. Problems should be transformed in a second. They may come as problems, but let them change into your complete form. It is good. Look how beautiful the scene is! Let there be "No Problem" in your thoughts and breath. So, on behalf of everyone, everyone should applaud for those who are crowned. So congratulations to you all. You may all applaud. Look on the big screen, see how beautiful they look! To each of the children who have had the thought that they will remain those who have "No Problem", that is, that they will always remain like the Father; BapDada is therefore giving multimillion-fold blessings. Achcha. The name itself is Maharashtra. So, Maharashtra means those who are going to serve through their great form and do great service. Now, for a long time Maharashtra has not done any big programme. It has been a long time since you created a special invention and played a great part in service. BapDada remembers that Maharashtra played a very good part in inventing the exhibitions and, even today, service is taking place through the exhibitions. This special brother child Ramesh was an instrument, and, having become an instrument, that memorial exists even today. So, now, Maharashtra has to create some invention. You have to do this, do you not? Now do something new! Just as_ those from Delhi have maintained courage to give everyone the message, at least let us give the message to everyone on a big field; you have to give the message through the newspapers, TV, Media etc. so that no complaint remains. Continue to do something or other like that because the poor souls believe that spirituality is essential. They want peace but they haven't found the method for it. They haven't found anyone to give them zeal and enthusiasm and this is why each zone has to continue to do something or other. Just as one or another thing continues to take place in Madhuban, in the same way, continue to have one or another programme. It can be a programme of Brahmins, of giving a message, or a new programme for your own progress because when a new programme has been made, BapDada has seen that this land and the foreign lands do that with great interest.

It is good. You continue to do it and so continue further. Achcha. You will now make a new plan, will you not? In how much time? How many months do you need for preparation? Have a meeting among yourselves and fix a date because in both places, Delhi and Bombay, there are good maharathi serviceable children. Baba has seen that in every zone, serviceable children are continually increasing. There are many authorities that continue to carry out service plans. Whether it is a small zone or a big one, you have become serviceable and this is why you must now create this wave. Now create such a programme that it takes place in all the zones at the same time, and it is announced through the Media that the same programme is taking place at such and such places in aU the zones. It should be printed in the newspapers that this programme is taking place at such and such places. The address of all the places and it should be the same topic everywhere. At the same time, there should be the same topic so that wherever they go, they see the same topic. This is possible, is it not? Is it possible? Abroad too, there should be this same programme on the same date. It should be the same programme everywhere. (This year's theme is: Receiving God's blessings.) This topic is good, you may finalise any topic among yourselves. Discuss among yourselves and fix a date, topic and method of advertisement. Whatever topic you decide on, BapDada already likes it in advance. It is good because they now have an interest. Earlier, whenever they heard anything, they used to run away whereas now they want to hear something. Even the VIPs are taking an interest. Now, the same sound should spread everywhere. Wherever they go, they should hear the same sound everywhere. Achcha. It is good. Everywhere, it has been seen that there is good growth and that Brahmins have increased. It is numberwise at present, but BapDada wants everyone to be number one. Not numberwise, but number one. It is good. Maharashtra will create a new invention and spread the sound of newness. It is good. BapDada can see many very good maharathi serviceable children. A good number of teachers too are looking after their centres and BapDada is giving congratulations and multimillion fold blessings. Achcha.

Religious and Sports Wing: Achcha, they are waving their flags. It is good. Now, those of the Sports Wing should invent such a game that, just in playing this game they receive the message. Nowadays, India is claiming number one in games, in the same way, invent a spiritual game, just as it was in the news that very good service took place in America with the excuse of flying kites so that even now, the Government wants people to receive a message through this method. In the same way, invent a game through which people everywhere can receive a message. Do you understand? Prepare such a game.

Nowadays, the situation with transport in India is very bad. Accidents continue to take place every day and so how can accidents be prevented by those who have the accidents. For this, make such a plan that those who drive remain careful. Create such a method that, by your teaching the drivers this and giving them this knowledge, their minds become cool and concentrated. You can do this with a little expansion and you will have to serve them because there is a need for it nowadays; it continues to increase. Show the Government the practical form of transformation of something that is getting worse; how there has been a difference by doing this particular thing. Nowadays, they want to see things practically. Only then will everyone's attention be drawn. You give courses and have programmes, but now, prepare such a group of drivers who do something that they become an example in front of the Government in that those who create accidents have changed. Just as you show alcoholics being transformed, in the same way, bring in front of the Government a group of those who have accidents and been transformed. BapDada has seen that the vegetables that are grown in some places are grown without chemicals etc. They treat the vegetables with the power of Yoga and show samples of those vegetables to the Government. BapDada has heard that this is practised in Abu itself, and so you should show such evidence to the Government. The Government should receive some co-operation in their problem. They should see some benefit. In this way, each Wing should prepare the practical proof. We hear that such things are happening, but bring in front of the Government a group of those who have given the practical proof Each Wing has done good service, there has been growth in service and everyone has become busy, but BapDada now wants to show each department of the Government the proof In each Ministry, there should be one or another form of proof You have the proof of the heart (CAD). Without an operation and without any medicine, some people's hearts have become all right. In this way, each Wing should show its proof Achcha. Prepare such a game and BapDada will also see it.

BapDada will see which Wing will prepare such a group and give the Father a report. It should be there in each of the ministries. If each of the ministries receives this proof, then this news will automatically reach one another. The Government does have money for each of the departments, but it is not being used in a practical way. You can give them your co-operation. However, proof is needed. Just as the Government helped the villagers and gave them salvation, so each Wing should show such results. Two to four villages have been prepared in this way. Achcha.

Double foreigners: Youth Group too, raise your hands! Achcha. Double foreigners have created a good programme in Madhuban for progress of the self and for the companions and BapDada has also heard the result. Everyone goes back from the atmosphere of Madhuban very well refreshed and the teachers are also making a lot of effort with a lot of love. Double foreigners themselves are taking benefit and also giving this benefit to others. BapDada has heard this news and also the result. It is good. BapDada heard of the service taking place through the double foreigners, whether it is the Youth, the teachers or the children. However, there should now be such a programme by the double foreigners in Bharat to serve the VIPs of all the cities in Bharat, specially those who are in connection and relationship. There should be this programme in Bharat to serve the VIPs. In each country/state, there is one or another VIP, and so in the main states, invite the IPs and VIPs, not the Brahmins, because you have had a programme of the Brahmins. That is also good. On one side a programme for the Brahmins and on the other side a programme for the VIPs., and it should be covered by the Media showing that the contact souls of this land and abroad are faking benefit. You are making service grow very well. To have Brahmins gathered together from many countries in every turn is also the beauty of the Brahmin family. This proves that the souls of the world have an interest. For example, the sound is spreading very well in the Middle East. Even though they are from a different religion, they are interested. In the same way, bring a group of VIPs for that would be very good. Is that all right? It is good. This one has taken the responsibility. Come. (BapDada called Dr. Nirmala Didi onto the stage and put His hand on her head.) Very good. You have paid attention to this land and abroad, in India and also abroad and looked after your responsibilities and this is why BapDada is proud of the Brahmins from abroad. You have looked after the responsibilities of this land and abroad. BapDada is pleased. Achcha. Now, those from abroad should have a programme with the same topic on the same day in all the main cities and the news should spread, that a programme by the Brahma Kumaris is taking place at the same time in every country. Get together and create such a programme in this land and abroad too. Do you like it? Achcha. BapDada likes those from abroad for one thing: in which one thing do the majority - it is mixed, but still, in the majority, if they do something that is against the disciplines, then they tell the Seniors about it very clearly. They do not hold it in their heart for a long time; they remove it from their heart. Therefore, whatever it is, do not keep it in your heart for a long time. If you hold onto any weakness in your heart for a long time, then that becomes a sanskar; it becomes your nature. This is why this sanskar is good: whatever weakness emerges, then quickly tell the Seniors about it and transform it. In doing this, some are very good that they tell about their condition very clearly. So, this is something very good. Of course the children are mixed, but the majority do this. Progress is taking place and it will continue to take place. Achcha. BapDada is pleased. Achcha.

Speaking to Dadis: Everything is going well and it will continue to be fine. Continue to meet among yourselves and, knowing one another's sanskars, take help from them and continue to fly ahead because each of you has your own speciality. Continue to use that speciality. There is not a single person who has become an instrument and does not have any speciality, but, according to their specialities, give co¬operation to one another and continue to move forward yourself and also make the gathering move forward. Is that all right? It is good. You know each one's specialities and everyone should use their own speciality for service. There is not anyone who doesn't have a speciality, but take help from others keeping their speciality in front of you. You have to move along, and success is guaranteed for all time. Each one's own individual part is fixed, and success is fixed. You have become instruments, but all these too (speaking to the gathering), each one has received a blessing for success. Use your speciality collectively in the gathering. Give your co-operation to one another and continue to spread success into the atmosphere. It is good. BapDada is pleased. Baba is pleased, but now strengthen the gathering. All of you are fine, but make the gathering a little more strong, and so make a plan for that. Now, make time for this because it is necessary. Jus as it is necessary to refresh everyone, in the same way, this gathering is also necessary. Fix a date such that all those instruments who are coming or going are aware of that, and no other programme should be fixed for that day, and only then will this work. At least do it twice in a month. If you keep the aim, whether the sisters do it amongst themselves or whether you hold a big meeting, but definitely fix this. Create a programme with this method. When you fix your own programmes for going or coming from somewhere, this is then missed out. Now create your programmes for going to other places with this method. Then everything will be fine.

To the Senior Brothers: All of you who are instruments, whether brothers or sisters, those who are instruments, fix a time for the family to remain free from obstacles. You give your time at Amrit Vela to the Father, and you also give time for service, and now, for the progress of the family and for the activities of the Yagya to move forward, so that everything is free from obstacles in terms of the Government and among yourselves, each one has to give ten minutes for that at Amrit Vela. No matter what the circumstances are, with everyone's Yoga and everyone giving their time, everything will work out fine. This will only happen when everyone has the same thought. It is good. Have a big heart. Things will come. If you think whether you should do this or not do it, then time will be wasted in that. Do not waste your time in that. Nowadays, it is the time and if you all have one thought of good wishes, that this has to happen, it can happen. This is a blessing. Do everything lawfully and also with a big heart. Do not just look at the law, but also have a big heart and then look at the law. Everyone should have the one thought: It has to happen. Do not ask, "Why?" or "What?" No. It has to happen. With this method everything will become easy. Simply ten minutes. All of you instrument souls have especially to give ten minutes so that the family remains free from obstacles. If you have ten minutes of Yoga, everything will become easy. There is still time and it can become easy. Simply have the thought, "It will happen, it will happen."

Ashaben related to BapDada news about the programme that is going to take place in Delhi: You have maintained good courage well. BapDada is pleased. At the time of the programme, those from Delhi should understand that they have to give their co-operation through their thoughts and spread the vibrations. Even if they are at the centre, they should think that they are on service, so that no matter where they are during that hour, they should think that it is their service and everything will work out well. (Everyone is saying that it is Your vision of mercy.) All of you should have a vision of mercy.

To Sister Gayatri: The love and remembrance of BapDada and everyone continued to reach you. Her heart was here and her body was there. Creating a retreat place in Germany: It is good. Show it to someone. If it happens, it is good.

Meeting the Guests: Are you guests (mehmaan) or have you become great (mahaan)? You don't consider yourselves to be guests, do you? You are those who have become great. You have to become great. To come here and to come int9 relationship means you will continue to move forward. You already have blessings.

Look, you have all reached here and so who sent you here? It is drama that made you reach here. Now, you saw everything here and so what emerges in your heart? "We have to do service". You are companions of the whole family, are you not? Or, are you detached observers? Not detached observers, but companions. So what do companions do? They give their co-operation. So, who are all of you? Loving, co-operative and lucky. BapDada is happy to see all of you. What happiness does Baba have? That He has found the children who were separated. Now, do not forget. This is your home. Do you feel that you have come to your home? Can you ever forget your home? You will not forget, you will continue to come. You cannot stay without distributing what you have received. Are you all right? It is good that you continue to do service.

You are like that, are you not? You can prepare such a group in your own town. It has to happen, you just have to be an instrument. Each of you is luckier than the other. To come here means to receive blessings. Continue to do whatever service you can.

You continue to do service every now and then, and that is good. Eventually, the message will reach everyone. Someone will become an instrument. You have done very well. You have come here and that is very good.

Speaking to the Sisters and Brother from the Middle East: (This one gives courses in the Arabic language). Very good. You continue to receive blessings from BapDada's heart. This one has also given very good proof of service. You have used your specialities, continue to use them. This is a blessing. Let such souls become ready and the sound will continue to spread. Very good. (Speaking to a little kumar). This one also remembers Baba. Do you remember Baba? This one is a companion. She is a very good hand. You are a soul who is capable of giving BapDada’s message. You can do a lot. You can do a lot more. This companion is also very good. Continue to give company to one another.

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