Request to OM BKs.

For those involved with the Brahma Kumaris, to discuss issues about the BKWSU in a free and open manner.
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Request to OM BKs.

Post by sachkhand » 08 May 2009

AUM Shanti.
Dear BKs,
Although I am not a staunch BK or hard core supporter of BKs, I beleive in Murlis and in ShivBaba. In my efforts to understand Murlis and ShivBaba, I have raised many questions mostly for PBKs to answer because they give more stress to knowledge. And PBKs are thinking that I am a staunch BK. Which I am not. I am OM, meaning Open Minded and request BKs too to be open minded if they want to take part in the discussions in this forum. I think you are the Lucky ones who wre not bothered much about knowledge but give more stress for Dharana and Rememberance of Baba in Love. I too was like you once. But more than a decade back when I came to know about PBK's knowledge, I decided that if that knowledge is True then it should be made known to the world and if it is false then that should be unmasked. And I am in the process. I do not know the end.

Although I have experienced humiliation and insult by BK's after I came back from Kampil and was really angry about the behaviour of BK's towards me, now I can understand the reason. Anyway, you are having The Guide and you are having His directions through Avyakt Vanis. But in the last season, BapDada has cautioned that there is to happen sudden changes and circumstances are to change suddenly. And BapDada has said,

Avyakt Vani 9-3-2009: have still not fulfilled Baba's hope. What is that hope? To make a Mahamandleshwar (a guru) bow down at your feet because you people can easily fail them. Tell them: You people say that that is not possible whereas we have achieved that easily. You can make them bow down with the authority of your experience for only then will the God of the Gita also be revealed. Couples have this power. When those people become weak, they will begin to accept everything.

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