Platinum Jubilee of Brahma Kumaris

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Platinum Jubilee of Brahma Kumaris

Post by fluffy bunny » 12 May 2010

Om Shanti - On the Eve of the Platinum Jubilee of Brahma Kumaris. Under the celebrating year ‘God's Plan for Golden Age’. New dimension and horizon in national and international services

Dedicated to most reverent, world laureate Dadi Prakashmani ji
Under the guidance of the chief administrator, most honorable Rajyogini Dadi Janki ji, Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is going to celebrate its platinum jubilee in year 2011. On the eve of this special occasion, Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is going to organize a lucrative programme titled ‘BILLION MINUTES OF GOOD WISHES BANK’ and this progamme lays the world wide respect.

The former Chief administrator of this institution Dr. Dadi Prakashmani ji has guided and led this Vishwa Vidyalaya for about four decades. Very efficiently she developed a sapling of this Vishwa Vidyalaya into a large/huge banyan tree. Her loving nature, compassionate attitude and brotherly feeling helped to encourage and gave momentum to many restless, ill and puzzled souls. With this devotion of Dadi ji all such souls got mental peace, satisfaction and understanding of all aspects of life. Her life has become an exemplary before the world. This bank is dedicated to her only.
  • Good wishes are that powerful medication which relieve person from worries, anxieties and tensions.
    Good wishes can be given to any person at any time. They are not bound to time and place dimension.
    Good wishes determine the sound inter personal relationship. Almighty God has himself told about the importance of good wishes
By saying this-

(Please pick from English Avyakt Murli) ...

Aim and objective:
  • 1. Centralization of positive energies/powers.
    2. To endeavor for enlightening world peace, world welfare through mutual harmony.
    3. To act as a catalyst through the process of wishing those people who are in clutch of physical, mental, economical, social problems.
    4. To boost up the morale of those persons who adversely affected by the natural calamities, so that they can face such circumstances with strong confidence.
    5. To make Nature peaceful and favorable by spreading positive vibration.
Slogan: “Give good wishes and receive mental peace”

Extension/Expansion :

This project will be undertaken and initiated globally together at the same time with same method. It is planned to consult and coordinate with United Nations to make this project a ‘Global Benevolent Project’.

Who can participate?
  • • All the members of divine/Brahmin family.
    • Varis and Mike Souls.
    • All brothers and sisters those who ever been at Madhuban.
    • Each and every person whom you come across/ interact.
    • In order to provide the benefits/advantages of this project to a large group/mass, following places can be approached to implement this project: Societies, Flats, Offices, Training Centre, Computer Classes, Bank, Temple, club, school, Hospital/clinic, shopping mall college,
How much is to be accumulated?
  • • At least 11 min of good wishes should be credited per day.
    • For accumulating more minutes it is mandatory to do special Yoga every day in morning from 7.00a.m to 7.10 a.m.
    • During any public program, by giving special aim, 10 min should be devoted for practicing meditation.
    • As far as possible try to accumulate more minutes of good wishes.
Duration of this project:

15 days (1 Aug 2010 to 15 Aug 2010)


In the whole July month:
  • • To conduct rigorous survey and list should be prepared.
    • Aim should be determined and energetic person should be made responsible and accountable.
    • Groups of Godly agents should be prepared.
    • Distribute the good wishes card to every person whom you interact so that he can start filling card.
Commentary for Good Wishes:

(Practice the following for few minutes in silence)

I am a point of light. I am a powerful Soul. Powerful rays are coming from Almighty God Shiva and leading me towards completeness. I am becoming healthy, I am becoming powerful Soul ... all Souls are very god. All are under the blessing of Supreme Soul. All are becoming healthy, becoming peaceful and becoming powerful. Life of all Souls are becoming happy ... Nature is also favoring by providing help. Nature is also becoming pure ... Whatever has happened to me is good for me, whatever is happening is also good and whatever will be happened, that is very good.

Om Shanti.

Song: Give blessing from your heart ,................

Literature and other material for promotion and campaigning: Pamphlets, Banners, Posters, Hoardings, SMS, Website, E-mail, Cable TV, Press Conference, Small Books, TV channels, Commentary on Mobile, announcements in Program, animation presentation.

Special information:
  • • On reading commentary for one time, 1 min will be credited.
    • By giving good wishes during Yoga practice on song , 3min will be credited.
    • Good wishes card will be filled up by all members on daily basis. For first 11 min tick ( ) sign in the given boxes on card want to accumulate more min, write min at empty space.
    • Good Wishes Card will also be available on website (
    • Interested people have this option to fill online Good Wishes Card.
    • To whomsoever you give this card, please give due regard and credit to him/her.
    • Submit this card to your centre up to 15 Aug. positively.
    • For the coordination of this project at Zone, Subzone, and Centre level, make any sister or brother a coordinator and inform about it to Madhuban.
    • Size and design of letter head, banner, poster, hoarding and good wishes card is under preparatory stage. You would be able to get it printed in local language.
    • Grand inauguration ceremony and valedictory session should be arranged.

Reporting through filled up card or through computer
  • • From Classes/Pathshalas to Centre- till 16 Aug. (Good Wishes Card)
    • From Centre to Subzone- till 17 Aug. (G W C /report through computer)
    • From Subzone to Zone and Madhuban till 18 Aug. (Through computer )
This bank is dedicated to most respected, world benefactor Dadi Prakashmani ji on her third ... in Shantivan at Prakash Stambh on

25 AUG 2010, ‘World Fraternity Day’.

• From Madhuban to UN - on 25 AUG 2010 (through computer).

Note: Only those will be included in report, whose data’s will be received till 19-AUG.

Special announcement:
  • • First 3 Zones, 5 Subzones, and 12 Service centers in India will be awarded.
    • First 3 Regions, first 12 Centre of world will be awarded.
    • A special book of result will be prepared at world level and it will be used for world peace.
    • This bank will be offered to world laureate our most lovable/adorable Dadi Prakashmani ji

In this reference your suggestions are invited. Kindly send it in written or through E-mail. BK Lalit, Madhuban
Mob.: 094133 73440

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