Exploring the unlimited meaning of the "ladder"

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Exploring the unlimited meaning of the "ladder"

Post by avyakt7 » 23 Sep 2010

To go up and down the Ladder. What a silly job! Just like Sisyphus but with the blessing of forgetting and remembering at the right time. Thank the Drama for that!

Gyan understood from the devotional viewpoint will tell us that “Ravan makes us come down and Rama to go up”. Yes, it is the “old” trick of the “scape goat”. Let us blame it into some one else. As the children become teenagers, we can realize that if we experience going up, we must experience coming down. Just as we cannot blame Ravan for the existence of the night, similarly we cannot blame God for the existence of day.

The unlimited “deal meal” is to get both, supper and dinner... We eat our broccoli and taste our ice cream. No choice.

Bhakti tells us to be appreciative of God because “He” has come to purify me... this sinner, impure, tamopradhan, devilish being will be changed again into a deity... However, this change is not permanent. It is an eternal game of becoming a little “piggy” again or a little donkey (as Baba mentions) happily or not so happily revolving itself in dust, in dirt... and then all of the sudden, towards the "end" we realize about our own “piggy-ness” (numberwise) and want to become holy swans again.... See the game?

We cannot blame this game on anyone (as the Murli points out) it is predestined. The script is there. Feeling guilty, ugly, out of shape and “lower than...” is just a royal waste of time...

same with feeling self righteous, pretty, in good shape and “higher than...”. The game will make us feel those things which in all reality are not real. It is part of the game.

As I watch the whole Drama, comfortably sitting in my “confluence aged” chair, watching the movie with my pop corn in one hand and mango lassi in the other, I realize that the 4 seasons will go by: 2500 years of daylight and 2500 years of night time...There is sorrow, there is happiness...there is a ladder to climb up and to come down. Nothing to blame anyone about. Nothing to worry about. It is all about the experience, to express the role... after all I will be here, with you... in the same boat with the "Boatman."

There is a time for everything... but yet time, does not exist.

At one time the piggy was happy to be in the mud, at another time; the donkey was happy pulling the cart of attachments... at another time the monkey thought that lust and anger were a great thing...however, at this time I can be aware that I am at the bottom of the Ladder... ready to go up again. Animals are no longer needed in me...It is not the time. Their time is over. The soul is ready to become a Deity... but funny enough; I am not happy for that. Why?

I am happy because I know the truth, now.... and happy to know that I will forget it later... and happy to know that God will remind me that truth again. Everything will happen at the right time.

I am happy to know that I did not invite Baba to the Golden Age. Could I change that? No. It is predestined. Let us be happy then.

I am happy to know that "I lost my kingdom"... after all, I will get it again.

I am happy to know that I will be no one else but "me" again....Therefore, dare not to be "normal"...

I always wanted to know the truth, even if it hurts... Nothing but the truth... and now that I know it, that I have experienced I can be a spinner of my own discuss of self realization:

There is a time to be a piggy, there is a time to be a donkey and then a monkey... But...Thanks God; there is a time to be a Deity.

Thank God for that!

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