Bhaktiless and just plain intellectual understanding of Gyan

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Bhaktiless and just plain intellectual understanding of Gyan

Post by avyakt7 » 23 Sep 2010

To intellectually understand how everything started , to know where do I come from and to know where am I going and even to know, who am I; I need to understand a variable which even western scientists are not sure about how to define it but however, everyone knows what it is. It is called TIME.

Time is related with matter. If we believe that a “big explosion” created everything, then the question is: how the elements that created the explosion came into existence? If we believe that a supernatural power created everything, then we have 2 questions: Who created that supernatural being who is able to create and… what material elements “He” uses to create? He cannot create things “out of nothing” because if He existed then there was never “nothing”. Where did He existed? There was always “something”. As a matter of fact, there was always “all of it”. Matter cannot be created neither destroyed. For this reason, matter is eternal. If matter is eternal that means it was never created.

Therefore, there is no creator. Matter has existed for eternity, forever. Thus, time cannot be linear, because that means there was a beginning. The only model that fits the idea of eternity is a circle.

That circle of time changes matter to regenerate itself again and again, because a cycle means identical repetition. That is the answer as to how everything started. It never started. It was always there.

Because there is identical repetition in time, free will is out. There is predestination. Cause and effect. Matter changes due to a reason which will become a consequence for another incident to occur. It makes a big circle to get back to the same original starting point. (expansion to seed and seed to expansion again)

Because everything that exists have always existed , then every human being have always existed. We will always exist, but the body will change as the cycle turns to arrive to the same body again. Therefore, you are not really the body but that which continues despite changes in the body. You are something else. That something else is the soul.

Because time is cyclical, you are not going to a “final destination” except to become who you are now, one more time. That “now” changes every second.

What is the purpose of this repetition? Self preservation. This repetition assures that everything is eternal.

Actions that every human being perform are predestined. Those actions when looked at from a single, individual or group perspective are called karma. The totality of all karma at a certain point in time is called the Drama, life or the “Tao” for others. The “Drama” is repetitive, because there is predestination. Predestination exists because time is cyclical.

What is the purpose of life? To experience and to express. What do we experience? The experiences that we have in life. Good or bad. Beautiful or ugly. Highs and lows… and most importantly, we experience whatever is in between those extremes as well. We experience the whole range of duality.

Am I a puppet of destiny? No. You are the protagonist of destiny. No one can stop you from becoming who you are meant to be. Be happy about it!

Who am I meant to be? YOU. ;-) changing at every second.

How God fits on all of these? Guess…, where this explanation comes from?

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