Food for thought and drink for feelings

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Food for thought and drink for feelings

Post by avyakt7 » 23 Sep 2010

1. A new beginning from the “new beginning”.

This is new. You probably never heard it before.

Baba’s knowledge is the most extraordinary philosophical treaty; I have ever been involved with.

His name is not even Baba. It is Shiva. There are plenty of Babas in India. The meaning of “daddy” or “Father” it is not enough for me now. I am a soul. I have existed as long as Shiva, therefore; Shiva cannot possible be my Father. As a matter of fact, as a soul, I do not have any fathers. I do not need one. I am eternal. Can I establish a relationship with Shiva without a bodily relationship? Yes, the Father, teacher and Satguru are out of my system now. Why?

As an eternal soul, I have knowledge within me. It is within my eternally predestined role. Today’s Murli (6/3/10) pointed out “the Drama inspires us to make effort”. Free will is out of the question. It is the role. The interesting aspect is that “I am not the role” the role plays through me, the same way it plays through all other souls in this unlimited play. I like that, “unlimited play”.

In that unlimited vision, I can clearly see that every soul has an act to do and even though we see ourselves as separated individuals, souls; the paradox is that we are unity. We depend on every single one of us, BK or not to “make” the Drama move. It is actually the role which is predestined which makes the Drama. Therefore, the words used by “New Age” individuals who speak about “we are all one” make complete sense now. The popular, “we are part of God” spoken by the same group is completely senseless. That is what Shiva’s knowledge allows me to see and to say with authority. Our roles are part of the Drama. Predestination is the way the Drama has to last for eternity.

Knowing these secrets with greater depth allows me to see that being a worshipper or a worshipped image is the same duality made up by our own roles. Nothing to be proud of. Nothing to be ashamed of. It is eternal after all. Here is when the true meaning of “detachment” comes.

Detachment is nothing else than being aware that I am not the role that is playing through me. Then, I can see love as that quality which unites souls that are aware that this is just a play, a movie, a tv program, a circus if you will. We are united by this thing called the Drama. Then, we can only experience love, when there is detachment. It is about putting the old “I” am the role and the body out of our awareness.

Can you see anyone without their role? Then I can see how soul consciousness is tied up to this. Even though Anand could be a royal maid in the Golden Age, because he is soul conscious, he is able to see Narayan as a soul and not a role (king) or a body and “play the game” at the same time. As souls everyone is equal (even though numberwise).

2. Body conscious vs. Soul conscious Gyan:

If a body conscious BK “interprets” detachment; that person will think: “ I am spending too much time with my “lokiks”, I need to be detached” For what I am concerned even the word “lokik” (wordly) is highly discriminatory. Non BKs is an option. This Drama depends on those “lokiks” as well, otherwise we wouldn’t have destruction and go “home”... ;-) Understanding the Drama means to see unity.

“That brother has many problems, I don’t want to deal with his karmic accounts.. I better be detached” Let us think first is we are detached from our own roles, ideas, ways, etc. before pretending to deal with others.

Today’s Murli (6/3/10) gave us a chance to interpret the Murli in a soul conscious way. The question was :”what is the essence of this study?” the answer was: “renounce all the things of this world”.

Let me put the answer in a soul conscious light. The essence of the study is to be become soul conscious from body conscious. Once in that soul conscious stage automatically the things of the physical world lose their meaning. It is natural. No need to “renounce”.

Now the “fine print”, disclaimer:

If these lines made you “uncomfortable” with so much “manmat”, I have to say 2 things: Logical premises out of Godly knowledge cannot be manmat. Highly praised Bhakti is not knowledge.

This is not “me” it is just this role playing through me…The children are growing up… a new beginning.

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