The role of Shiva

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The role of Shiva

Post by avyakt7 » 23 Sep 2010

If I ever thought " I am knowledgeable" Knowledge is within me. It surely is the biggest Maya I can imagine. It is the role.The knowledge to act is within us, but it needs to come out without all those "I's" and "Mine's."
As the Murli today (6/3/10) pointed out: Shiva is the purifier. That is His role.
Without that role, I wouldn't be able to "clean up" my "spiritual dress" and continue on into the Golden Age. Because that "cleaning" entails emerged sanskaras, Golden Age sanskaras; through the Law of Karma, I should get the next role in the Golden Age. It is cause and effect.

God, Shiva needs to "act" by making Himself be known to us, so we can "clean up our act". The role does it numberwise. (predestination).

The 3 bodily relationships of a Father, teacher and Satguru were made so we can connect with something known to us;(The Satguru is 100% Indian tradition) although in body consciousness and to develop that love which will allow us to have "Yoga".
This is the method.
However, I am inquiring if there is a way to connect in soul consciousness without any of those bodily relationships. Just love, numberwise love.

Why do I need to develop love to Shiva? after all it is predestined that He should come?
Because only through love, you can remember Him accurately and emerge your Golden Age sanskaras. This is the "inheritance". Love appears with detachment from the role, being a detached observer. That is soul consciousness.

Natural love appears when you taste the connection and you feel that bliss, that nectar that you cannot find anywhere else.

That love appears when the role is forgotten. Soul to soul, feeling to feeling.

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Re: The role of Shiva

Post by howiemac » 30 Oct 2010

I agree with this. When in union with God, the experience is one of love filled bliss. The other roles and relationships then pale into insignificance, though they can play a very practical role for us at other times when our connection (remembrance) is less. The roles are just a yukti to help establish Yoga, and to direct us away from emotional dependence on others. The roles are helpful but not essential. The love is essential.. it is the essence :)

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