The silly game of predestination

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The silly game of predestination

Post by avyakt7 » 23 Sep 2010

"My" efforts are already predestined. Whatever "I" do, feel or say is predestined. I will become who I was before. Because life is a circle, a cycle, whatever efforts I do, will allow me to be me again. The only certainty that I truly have is that I will be… "Me" again. I cannot do more nor less to be "Me" again. I will do exactly what is right.

Is there something that you can do to get a better intellect, better than Brahma’s? Is there a formula that we can follow to have constant Yoga with God? (yeah, I hear “manmanabhav”. If I ask what is it, I hear “Be mine with your mind” OK? And what is that?) There isn’t. Nobody has defined “remembrance” or “Yoga” and if they did, they wouldn’t really know what it is. It is an experience, a solely numberwise experience. Just like no one can teach us to breathe. We have that in us. Numberwise. "I" repeat, Yoga /remembrance is a personal experience. Can you teach someone to ride a bicycle? The most you can do is to hold the bike straight and then let it go so the other person can find out for himself the meaning of "equilibrium". It is not the dictionary definition, that we find comfortably sitting on a chair. The real meaning of equilibrium we find out, when we hit the ground when riding the bike.

When the “children” realized that being #1 is not possible then Baba created the “first division” concept. That concept didn’t exist in the 1940’s 50’s or even 60’s that I can recall. The children are growing up, so realizations happen.

It is all predestined.

I can say: “I will be Narayan” a King in day 1, year 1. It feels good. People will congratulate me. The fact is: I am hallucinating. I cannot be number 1.

Am I being “negative”? Am I dropping the “cloud” of efforts to the ground?

It is good to think that “spiderman “exists. But reality is: he doesn’t… unless I am a child. Then I will need “spiderman” as a support to my child like dreams.

I recall an Avyakt Murli in this year when BapDada was asking “when are we going to grow up”?

Growing up means to me to take a new view on Gyan based on facts of knowledge, whether those points mingle with our likes or dislikes or not. This is the time to grow up. The children need to become well behaved teens or well groomed adults someday.

Everything takes effort. Even to lift a glass of water takes effort. However, that effort is predestined.

The soul does not create anything. My life or your life has a path to follow. A unique path.

The role plays as it needs to play. Certainly, we have challenges in a BK life. We can overcome those with honesty within. Like I mentioned before, pretending to be “elevated” when we are not there yet is detrimental to our well being… but it is predestined. Only second rated actors copy another one in hope to get the same attention…. Sure, it is predestined.

Only puppets move when someone pulls their strings. Predestination does not make us a “puppet of destiny” but assures us that we will arrive to the highest of our capacity….and the lowest as well. Anyone wants to defend that "destiny is in my hands"? the "hands of I" perhaps? the hands of ego? Funny that we want to get rid of "i" and "my".

Faith in the self, faith in Drama and faith and understanding of Baba’s teachings is what is required to ascend.

I cannot stop making effort. Which effort? I keep looking for that tiny tilak in the middle of my forehead. I cannot see it, I cannot touch it. I can only feel it. Therefore, that is where my effort resides... it is “me” finding “me”. Feeling me. It is the snake biting its own tail, just so it feels its head and its tail...

The Drama is about finding our own self so we can lose it again. It is a silly game. That is why we cannot take it so seriously. Games are meant to be fun.

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