The steps to attain the degree of perfection in our BK life

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The steps to attain the degree of perfection in our BK life

Post by avyakt7 » 25 Sep 2010

From Avyakt Murli (4/25/10) – (07/28/71)

Baba mentioned that there 3 steps to attain perfection (numberwise, of course) It is a ladder starting with the first step.

Seeing the soul whilst looking at the corporeal. Becoming the embodiment of this practice. Practice to stabilize in this stage.
We need to become victorious over the physical senses.
Become victorious over sinful and wasteful thoughts.
We need to go through every step in order before reaching the stage of becoming victorious over sinful and wasteful thoughts.

The vision and attitude always goes to the elevated seed.
This practice is essential to leave the body and avoid experiencing suffering.
This practice shouldn't be attained at the end of our lives but we should experience this as
soon as possible, to experience the bliss and happiness of the soul conscious stage. This should become our natural and practical form.
Stability of this stage of seeing the seed means that we have reached our stage of "retirement" otherwise, it is still our child stage, when we play the game of going "up and down the Ladder" (Not having a stable stage).

We need to remember both forms of being a BK and a soul.
The awareness of being a BK and ShivKumar will make us victorious over the attraction of the physical senses.

We need to make a determined thought for this practice.

Definition of a Brahma Kumar: Someone who has died alive.

Become a Bestower. Someone who gives with a generous heart. Become a server. Serve the soul. The requisite to be a server is to be have renunciation. (renounce the "I" of body consciousness).
By keeping ourselves constantly busy in thoughts and deeds, Maya will not get a chance to come.
We need to make a daily program where our intellect will be busy. Use will power to follow up with this practice.
The body is a "box" love and relationship is with the diamond inside it, the soul.

My own experience:
I truly feel that the practice of being stable in silence in a second is extremely necessary for me. I should be able to concentrate my mind in such a way that nothing around me should distract me, then loving remembrance of the Father should be all there is . Thus my mind and intellect have to work together to attain immovable concentration and the heart, the loving sanskaras should be emerged at the same time.
The Avyakt Murli from 3/16/86 explains this. Likewise, in this Murli (07/28/71) Baba mentions that the awareness of the soul is the first and foremost important practice in order to improve and go up the Ladder of spiritual perfection.
My own practice deals with being aware of this soul who I am, sitting in the middle of my forehead. I can repeat “ I am a soul” but it does not do anything for me. I can tell everyone, including myself that I have realized through meditation that I am soul, but that experience is not enough for me.
The other day I was running and I felt that I wanted to experience “I,” as I was running I experienced that all bodily discomforts (gasping, muscle aches, sweating, heat, etc) were out for a brief time (as long as I was able to concentrate) I thought it was a great discovery.. then I started going faster and faster increasing my physical discomfort and pain and concentrated as hard as I could on the feeling of the middle of the forehead... the body was moving effortlessly and I was relaxed; although having some breathing difficulties as I reached near maximum speed on that day and I was trying to keep that pace as much as I could. For me it was a great experience that I can use this in something practical. You will only "understand" this if you are a runner. Theoretical understanding does not bring an experience and one experience does not become "our truth" until we can recreate that experience at will.
As long as I am able to tune out from the body, I am able to feel something different which can be extended only if my concentration increases.

According to my role and my activities, I can put Baba's teaching in practice. I don't expect that Baba will say that everyone should run a mile and experience the soul in the middle of the forehead, but it is up to me and up to every BK to put that knowledge practical according to our roles.

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