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Post by avyakt7 » 25 Sep 2010

(I will share this class by BK Patricia from Peru).

How is the Supreme Soul turning the old world in the new world?. Some wonder why is it that Delhi is the capital of Paradise (Pharistan)?

Have you ever wondered how rainbows are formed? Perhaps the answer to this question can give us some clues about the other 2 questions. Rainbows are not very common. For them to appear, it is necessary the reflection of the sunlight through the raindrops. The light passing through the drops breaks into multiple beams or spots of light, which correspond to the different colors of the rainbow.

Likewise when the Sun of Knowledge and Rain of knowledge encounter each other, the magic occurs. At this meeting (mela) many souls are born and they begin to show their specialties or virtues just like the colors of a rainbow.

Everything depends on the angle at which we find ourselves in front of a rainbow, our position will give us a completely different view of the shape and intensity of colors.

The full form of a rainbow is a semi circle, which we can see from outside or by flying over the rainbow. Similarly, when our consciousness fluctuates by placing itself in different positions, our view of something, which apparently is the same in the eyes of all; that vision acquires many different forms. The interpretation of the situation will depend on the cleanliness and skill of the intellect. .

When light is reflected into a wall, its ability to show different colors decreases because the reflected light is absorbed by the wall. Similarly, when the Supreme Soul speaks about a “stone intellect” that is because we become like a wall, meaning we take from the Father but we are not able to reflect or donate divine virtues.

To listen to knowledge is a great fortune, but for this knowledge to manifest in our daily behavior, it depends on the cleanliness of our mind and intellect, especially the intellect. This is a double fortune.

Baba tells us that in the Golden Age the walls are made of bricks of gold. Now we know that it is necessary for that Gold to be combined with some silver to give it firmness, but mostly that brick is made of gold thereby, it has the necessary energetic malleability to reflect the light coming in at the palace which reflects in the pure jewels and the resident souls of the palace; then this energetic field conveys an experience of total well being.
Likewise when the soul through the intellect becomes malleable, in that moment the light of the Supreme Father is available in the physical plane through a humble instrument and then the colors (virtues) begin to reflect to others and these souls will observe depending on their position and be inspired to do the same.
To mold the intellect, the rain of knowledge is necessary, but also the fire of Yoga is needed.
During Holi, Baba mentioned that it was important to burn the old sanskaras and after that fire (tapasya) the refreshing rain will arrive, avoiding in this way being suffocated (bad mood).
The experience of the spiritual rainbow, is the highest experience which the Father refers to. It is the vision in soul consciousness which will allow us to observe quietness, calmness, beauty and to enjoy divine virtues (gopes and gopis).

By enjoying the light emerging from each soul that is in this heightened awareness, this experience shows us two sides:
1 - The impact of that light over matter.
2 - The impact of that light on human behavior.

The attitude of a Brahmin soul, his behavior, gestures and smile; show the Father. This is the spiritual rainbow, while the physical rainbow is seen only by human eyes and this definitely depends on different factors.

Baba has given us the third eye, He has given us the beauty of a divine vision. When the soul is not just absorbing but it is reflecting those 7 colors or 7 basic qualities of the soul; through this power, the old world begins to transform and some people can already see this. The accomplishment of this depends on our practice of the exercises of Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav. Along with these, zeal and enthusiasm to maintain an elevated stage of consciousness will help us to see. That is, to see ourselves and to reflect divine virtues.

Om Shanti

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