The law of neutral action, action and sinful action

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The law of neutral action, action and sinful action

Post by avyakt7 » 02 Oct 2010

Predestination is in itself pure justice. Predestination enacts the story about myself. It is about “Me” the soul enacting roles according to a predestined capacity. That capacity is what is predestined. The role is according to that capacity and it changes according to time. Nothing new here... the rest may be...

If according to time, it is the Golden Age, then the role will perform neutral activities. They are neutral because there is no consciousness of “I”. The moment there is “I” as in “I am the Emperor Narayan, I deserve many subjects” the give and take becomes based on “I” the role or “I” the body.
That “I” is very important to understand. In the Copper Age, our actions are based on the consciousness of the “I” of body /role consciousness: I am old, I am pretty, I am smart, I am rich, I am a judge... those roles sustain the “I”. Therefore, whenever there is a threat to dissolve those supports, we will act with a sinful action because all that matters is to sustain that “I” which gives meaning to “my” existence.
Sakar Murlis do not go into the role as a support of the “I” of body consciousness, but as we can see anything that gives any type of life to that “I” will be there in our exchanges with others.

An “action” on the other hand, is based on the consciousness of the role/body as well but it is meant to give benefit to others because there is no threat on the self. Such as : “I am rich, let me feed the poor paupers.”

All actions have a return, because there is cause and effect but the difference between an “action” and a “sinful action” depends on our own perceived survival of the “I”.
For example: “ if I say that it was me who did it, I will be punished”. If survival of that “I” is the interest, the action will be sinful.

Therefore, Neutral actions are soul conscious actions. There is absence of that “I” of role/body consciousness.
Elevated actions are activities in body consciousness with the awareness of Godly knowledge, which have the aim of giving spiritual benefit to the self and others.

In the unlimited there is no such a thing as “good or bad”. Because the Drama is predestined nothing can be “bad” nor “good” because the Drama eventually will return where it was before. It does not matter what we “do”... No one can die, things will go back to the way they were before. In the limited, we see things as “good or bad” because we think in what is convenient according to our own agenda. To follow Shrimat at this time is “good” if your aim is to get a good position in the Golden Age. For someone else it may be “bad” because it implies that the “I” will be restricted in many “body conscious” aspects. In the unlimited, either opinion (good/bad) is meaningless because of predestination. Both roles are necessary.

Many times I hear: “all I need to do is what is right”. The question is: What is right? According to who? If we analyze and dissect this word “right” to death, we will come up with a list full of “points” to follow. Then we will think that “I” have figured out what is “right”. However, life will present with different scenarios which will not fit our pretty little list of memorized “good points”... then what do we do?

We need to learn to act without thinking ...meaning, without giving life to the “I”. In that way we could be detached and see the whole scenario without personal interests. Then we can “hear” someone else's needs or understand someone else's issues. Without this realization, we will only act with perceived “laws” or “dogmas” which in the beginning of our spiritual life are beneficial, but as we progress, they become a burden to be open to experience new things.

Can we change our thoughts?
Have you ever taken a “positive” thinking class? They will say: “Be positive”. If you are about to lose your job.. think : “I am not” or “I will get one soon”, etc. I can expect this explanation from people without knowledge. “Think that you are a millionaire and you will be” “ I thought that and here I am.. a millionaire, that is why I made this movie or I wrote this “popular” book”. With Gyan we know that “newer” souls could experience that since their karmic accounts are not in “deficit” as “older” ones.

If we look at knowledge alone and we see that we have the mind, the intellect and the sanskaras as authors of a particular role, we can see that the mind and the intellect belong to one role only. In other words, I could have the most subtle intellect in this lifetime, but not a sharp one in a past life.
Therefore, the mind and intellect are part of the role.... and the sanskaras are part of a role as well, but not totally. As we know, Baba frequently asks us to “emerge sanskaras” from the Golden Age. My role now is not a Golden Age role, but if I emerge those sanskaras which are already in “me” through remembrance of who I will be, then it is like opening the “back door” to our own futuristic elevated life. This is a secret who no one else, except BKs know about.

If I think: “a royal person only eats with a golden spoon and sits straight and eats little at the time”.
After thinking enough about this, perhaps I will be able to eat like that, but still I will not be royal. Why? Because being royal is not dictated by following a “thought” made script. There is much more about being royal than eating properly in a table. We will be trapped in thoughts which create another thought to get rid of a previous thought. This is something that many spiritual leaders have realized already. Living in a world of thoughts, even though we think is “positive”is just another “made believe” solution which is unable to create a transformation in such a way as : This person is positive. The alternative is :this person thinks positive things.
The ingredient that all so called “spiritual leaders” forget but Baba reminds us, is that we are souls. We are not the mind, the intellect or the sanskaras. The soul originally has the qualities that we are trying to figure out through thought alone.

Souls relate through feelings. A thought can be changed with another thought, but there will be an ongoing fight to change thoughts. If I experience lust with someone, there is no “positive thought” that will “cure” me. The “bad” thought will keep on coming every now and then.... but if I change my feelings, then my thoughts automatically change. Spirituality is about emerging our original feelings which are free from negativity. Those feelings have been secluded in a box for many lives and in body consciousness they were only able to be expressed through emotions.

Next time you are in a meeting with people that are difficult in your experience, work on changing your feelings. Do not use your thoughts, but make your feelings pure for those individuals. Once you change those feelings the way you express your ideas will completely change as long as those feelings are pure, elevated, etc. There is no thought such as “I must be nice with them”.. you will soon forget that thought specially if the meeting becomes a bit heated. If you just keep your feelings right, watch how the role automatically switches. The only thought is to use your feelings.

The same principle could be applied to the word “royal” or any other “positive” word. Switch the awareness to your feelings and see how the magic happens. Many times we are stuck in “positive words” when the reality of transformation lies solely in the depth and purity of our feelings.

"Positive thoughts" perhaps should be changed to "Pure feelings" class?
To paraphrase yesterday's Avyakt Murli: Let the frogs jump in happiness of "positive thoughts"...and the masters in pure feelings.

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