Churning beyond the trap of "I know the truth."

For those involved with the Brahma Kumaris, to discuss issues about the BKWSU in a free and open manner.
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Churning beyond the trap of "I know the truth."

Post by avyakt7 » 09 Oct 2010

God Shiva has no favorites. This is a fact of Gyan.
The Drama has no favorites either. Another fact of Gyan. Cause and effect. Predestined.

The only difference between souls is their “capacity.” or their ability to go through entropy in a slower manner. The higher the capacity, the number of “lives” in the physical plane will be greater up to 84. A "higher capacity" soul will be able to hang out longer in this physical world.
Did any BK soul ever choose its own capacity? NO. It was the BK “fortune.” Please see that we are using the word “fortune” rather than “God gave me that capacity.” That statement is “pure” Bhakti.

BK “fortune” does not mean that “everyone should have that fortune.” Plain logic based on the difference of capacity of the souls.

Why are BKs chosen to be the “favorite” children then?
Why are BKs chosen to be the “only ones who know God”?
Why do BKs feel that we “need to change others” and to “make them fortunate”?

Have you ever asked these questions to anyone?

BKs are the souls with “greater capacity.” That is the only difference. According to that capacity, there is a “reality.” Until and unless we understand completely this point, any BK soul will be thinking in terms of “superiority.”
There is no "service" whatsoever, if I feel that “I am doing service and giving to others.” The thought of “giving” is the proof of ego. However, words are needed to explain this “natural” generous attitude of a soul; thus the word “to give” is used. If we think in our mind and act based on words, ego will be present.

Do you see this?

A Christian soul with its own reality, perceives God according to his/her capacity. In their capacity and thus in their “reality,” they know God. Why would God consider them “second class”? It is not their “mistake” to have the capacity they have. It is predestined in that way. Their capacity is perfect for the role they need to perform. To understand this, makes us “open minded” and respectful of others. Everyone has its own “reality.”

This paragraph applies to all groups, whether be it "Hindus," "PBKs," "Ex-BKs," "BKs" etc.
It is not the "words" that I am able to understand which makes my "religion" or lack of religion.Realities are different, so understandings and experiences. It is my attitude in life and my "generosity" to understand other view points, to "really" listen... what makes a difference in our own "chosen" ;-) path.

Food for thought.

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