Experiencing God in a subtle way

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Experiencing God in a subtle way

Post by avyakt7 » 30 Oct 2011

As I left the gym I started looking for my sunglasses. I couldn't find them. I gave up. I left the gym and looked at the glass doors on my exit from the gym, I saw my sunglasses in top of my head...

Then I remembered.... Baba, how can I see my true self? Once I do that I will realize the self...Please show me how....!!!

The next day in the Avyakt Murli, Baba spoke about looking at the self through the mirror of knowledge.
Then I asked: “ What that means? I know Gyan. Right?” Baba replied in the blessing of another subsequent Murli: “To know is to have the experience of it.”
Experience. Experience. Experience.

A few weeks later, I left the USA for Madhuban, I had many questions for Baba. Even though intellectual Gyan was flowing ceaselessly in my mind more than ever, the child inside was disappearing.
That child who is at awe of the “magic” of the Drama and Baba's Gyani tricks was being replaced little by little by an analyzing boring intellect with a mechanistic view of the movie: It is just a movie and everyone does their part according to a role. Where is love? Where is the Father? Where is that relationship with God? Just a movie part. Tickets must be sold. It is just business after all....

When the child disappears, the Father is gone. Without the Father, there is no longer a need for a family, and without the family; the “has been a BK” label appears in the horizon. Baba calls that state, “Maya.” Others, see that as “independence.” The rebel teenager appears longing for doing its own thing, the word which describes that feeling is “freedom.”

I have always pursued freedom. Freedom in my views, freedom in my understanding, freedom in my practice. Even though someone may learn something useful from a particular spiritual/religious path or individual, there is the element of uniqueness of every human being which needs to be respected for our path at the end, is a personal path. Ultimately our own truth will be according to our experiences and unique understanding.

How can I be unique and at the same time being part of something bigger such as religious group or spiritual group tinted with common practices and ideologies?
That was my first issue. Can I wear an earring, blue jeans, have tattoos, dress the way I feel more comfortable and still be accepted as a “full fledged” BK? (funny enough a BK asked me that question there in Madhuban once she looked at me)

That question of being unique among individuals practicing my faith was answered when I received a blessing by Dadi Janki; after her first talk to us, double foreigners: “You are a unique soul who speaks with peace, walks with humility and understands with love.”
Uniqueness then is not related with wearing the same uniform or the same or different clothes than others; uniqueness is not related with repeating the same or different sacred words or mantras, songs and poetry. Uniqueness doesn’t even reside in following the traditions of a particular culture, but uniqueness resides in expressing the practical experience of those values/energies which are recognized and cherished by all human beings as being worthwhile to pursue, that is; Peace, Humility and Love. Our way to express those is unique and through those we appear unique to others.
Socrates and other wise men in history have proclaimed that "to live is to learn to die." In my experience now, to live is to express love, humility and peace. Without the expression of those qualities there could be only the experience of a shallow existence: a needy, dependent life without inner fulfillment, a life seeking approval and acceptance from everyone else; that is a life, which is ignorant of completeness and contentment.
To me, religious practices do not relate with spiritual values at a deeper level, but merely at the surface. Spirituality is more than devotional practices and traditions. My clothes, my physical body and the way it is arranged, does not matter. Respect to the self and others is the key element to understand love.

My second issue was related with the common understanding of being a child of God. What does that mean? How is that possible? Isn’t everyone after all a child of God? In which way am I different, unique? In which way can God express his uniqueness to me?
How am I supposed to follow the Father if I did not know Brahma Baba in this life?

These are simple questions. Since every believer believes to be a child of God, what is the proof of that? Is believing just enough?

My answer came there, the day after placing my question to a BK sister. The experience of bliss is the proof of being a child of God at this time as the Murli from 10/18/11 explained.
It is no longer about philosophies and stories about the truth of how the world began or how evil conquered good, or about the real name of God, but rather the practical experience of spiritual bliss in my life. Many know what is pleasure and even exquisite pleasure, but few have experienced spiritual bliss.
However, just an answer is not what I wanted. Words and more words to think about is not what this soul needed. I wanted an experience. Voiced that wish to a couple of BK sisters that I happened to be sharing my thoughts.
That wish was granted on October 19th in that auditorium in Shantivan. In that place among other people from different countries, I experienced that fulfilling bliss again for a few seconds when Baba came to the auditorium and then I was able to see and experience that personification of bliss in front of me when I took Drishti from Baba, in front of him.
It was just 3 seconds, but what I saw and experienced taught me exactly what to “follow the Father” means. Be like Him.
No more questions. My path is there. I just have to follow it. Follow the Father, that is.
Every child is unique for a loving Father, but that love is the same for all.

Cherishing that moment.

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