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Post by mbbhat » 26 Sep 2019

Kaal wrote:
26 Sep 2019
However, Baba says - Krishna's lokik parents will be a King and a Queen, but he (Krishna) will receive the kingdom as an inheritance from his Guru (that time the emperor of world). This is then followed in Bhakti marg - children are made disciples of guru at young age.
1)A doubt. Are children really made disciples of a Guru in Bhaktimarg, or is it just in books/scriptures?
In whose Kingdom, children at young age had got Gurus? Do history(not just scriptures) books say anything about this?

2)In Hindu scriptures, it is said- "Maatr-Devo bhava, pitr-devo bhava, aachaarya devo bhava."
That is- the first position (in holy books) is said to be of Maatr (mothers).
But, in Bhakti, at any time did it happen? Had mothers got such a high respect in Bhakti? If yes, in whose Kingdom, or which century?

During most of the time, the tradition in Bhaktimarg, in India/Bharat had been like- "Pati hee parameshwar hai (husband is God)". is it not?

So- there is a doubt here.

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