Golden Age is for those who have conquered attachment

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Golden Age is for those who have conquered attachment

Post by andrey » 03 Dec 2006

In the Murli it is said that the Golden Age is the world of those who has conquered attachment. If we were to conquer attachment whilst leaving the body, then all souls would go to the Golden Age. If we conquer attachment whilst being in the body then why not go to the Golden Age straight away?

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Post by mitra » 06 Dec 2006

:D Om Shanti,

Everybody can get rid of attachment by strong meditation. But i think 100% achievement is possible only at the last moment. But if you can win against the 5 vices, then you can enjoy total freedom, i.e. MUKTHI in your life even before leaving the present body. And you can go straight away to the Golden Age as well.

Like any study, this Godly study also do have numberwise students. So transfer of a soul to the Golden Age depends on the quality of ones study.


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